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  1. Starting to wonder if Russia is paying people to join the Democratic Primary Race......
  2. Definitely not. In real life, I ask about 10 times as many questions, I observe and analyze people's behaviors which I don't do online, and I also answer questions a lot more online then I do offline due to my ability to quickly google something if I'm online.
  3. These videos give some good overviews of emergence and levels of consciousness.
  4. Wait, would you still be able to bend it then? Or would the hexagons break/bend or something? And if they break/bend, doesn't that make graphite ridiculously weak?
  5. Minor correction, It had to do with rates. Yes, 90% of African Americans who are murdered are murdered by other African Americans. Yes, 85% of Caucasians who are murdered are murdered by other Caucasians. However, in total, African Americans makeup just under 14% of the population and commit 50% of the murders, which is where the "black and black" stereotype comes from. Ultimately however it comes down to culture more than anything. The overwhelming vast majority of homicides happen in cities, and it's not just because they're more populated. The rate of homicides are much higher in cities. But regardless, this is kinda off topic. Just figured I'd throw in the correction there.
  6. If only that worked with the Hillary investigations. "We've found no evidence that she's guilty." "What that really means is that she covered her tracks!" My favorite part of today was reading on Facebook about how many people were "disappointed in the results of the Muller investigation." Okay...... Perhaps you'd rather the report tell you your president committed treason? Because that's a good thing? And Republicans changing their mind saying "Muller is a great honest guy" when just a few weeks ago he was "the lowest piece of shit on earth", while my more liberal friends change their mind about him in the complete opposite direction.
  7. The issue with what you're thinking of is that the laser isn't perfectly straight. As a result, it will slowly expand. Except, this is light, and it moves at 300 million meters per second. So "slowly" turns into virtually instantly. So the loop your thinking of, won't "hold" the light after you turn the laser off. It'll simply expand too wide. Also, each time it hits the mirrors, the light will also be absorbed just a little bit. Not enough for you to notice when holding a laser to a mirror, but enough that any form of a loop would almost instantly disappear to the human eye. Then there's also the fact that the protons will occasionally collide when they go to the mirrors which are adjusting their trajectory (when you think about it, it's pretty obvious some protons will have to cross paths, increasing the likely hood they'll collide.) which will then in turn further degrade the purity of the laser.
  8. He means he wants the light to go from through a system similar to this:
  9. If it was in their genes, wouldn't it be in their elbow as well?
  10. It could just be in their head. There's no particular reason we need to prove that same-sex people are somehow a different type of human then we are.
  11. If your objective is to obtain a partner, then the obvious answer is no. At least no initially. If you walk up to someone and just randomly start talking about quantum mechanics, then it's going to seem like you think you're a genius or something. Arrogance, real or percieved, isn't the ideal quality for long-lasting relationships. After you know them, it really depends. Do they know about quantum mechanics? Does it interest them? Can you do it in a way that doesn't sound condescending? Same rules apply. Also, as a side note, this applies to literally any social situation.
  12. I read a paper on someone supposedly finding a "gay" gene which was referenced by numerous politicians, etc. However, it didn't pass peer review for reasons I forget. Something to do with confirmation bias, not so much actually proving it to be a gay gene. As for genetic structures, that's yet to be proven/disproven.
  13. WWE changed their name because of a trademark lawsuit with the World Wide Fund for Nature(WWF). And I don't think they should be forced to drop their News label. The ability to decide what is and isn't news is not a power I want in the hands of the government. That might as well be Trump's wet dream. "You get a fake news label, and you get a fake news label, and you get a fake news label....."
  14. Raider5678

    Shamima Begum

    I never said that's what I wanted. Dimreeper is in the habit of saying some random statement that ultimately means nothing. I was replying in turn. If you're gonna call me out for it being irrelevant, then call him out on it too.