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  1. Hillary Clinton Paradox

    Quote the line right prior to that as well. I mentioned starting with state legislatures, then Congress, then some governors, and eventually the president.
  2. Hillary Clinton Paradox

    After Trump, I believe anything is possible.
  3. Hillary Clinton Paradox

    Not the right time. The first major area to go to independents will not be president. Bernie Sanders stood no chance because in the court of public opinion he wasn't a viable candidate for president. Only party politicians are so far. It won't be long before state legislatures begin going to independent candidates. It only takes 1 or 2 candidates from those to make it seem a lot more viable, and those elections are much easier to win. There are thousands of them every year. Once the state legislatures begin to go to the Independents people will see independents as a viable "party" if you will. Then comes Congress. Then some governors. Then the President. Bernie Sanders couldn't win not because he wasn't the right person, but because it was the wrong time.
  4. Hillary Clinton Paradox

    42.5% of people didn't vote. I suspect if a promising candidate showed up, they could win. It wouldn't be a single election cycle, or even within a decade, but independents would get control of state legislatures, then Congress, some governors, and eventually the president. Once a viable third option arises, people will leave their respective party. At the moment, the only other option is voting for the "sworn enemy". When the other options become "sworn enemy" and "better behaving person" people from both parties will switch. From there, with independents voting for them, they could win an election. I doubt it'd be a landslide victory, but one day it will be a victory.
  5. Hillary Clinton Paradox

    This is true however I don't know for how long. In July 2004, the number of people who considered themselves independent was 27%. In April 2018, the number of people who considered themselves independent was 45%. And it's continuing to grow steadily. It won't be long before it hits a tipping point and independents begin to take over state legislatures, then Congress, and eventually the president. If the Democrats ran a man, and the Republicans ran a woman, I highly doubt that suddenly the whole thing where people vote by the party would disappear. Republicans would vote for the woman, and the Democrats would vote for the man. It's not that conservatives simply refused to vote for Hillary because she was a woman. She was a self-proclaimed liberal. They weren't going to back her up no matter who, what, or where she came from. That's the problem with party politics.
  6. Hillary Clinton Paradox

    I pray to god that'd be the case. To be fair, if a Republican candidate had gotten money set aside for Native Americans because he was 1/1024th Native American, I'm pretty sure you'd be ripping into him as well. I don't think she should run for President again. I truly believe she'd lose by bigger margins then she did last time. If the Democrats want to win they should be running someone else. There was plenty of character assassination from both sides. Additionally, there has almost always been character assassination, and as long as we have a two party system, we will continue to have character assassination on both sides.
  7. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    They don't. They don't.
  8. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    Luckily that law is in place because we don't have the military guarding our border. Neither. It's tax evasion. Hence illegal.
  9. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    The National Guard originally fought in the United State's Revolutionary War, and have kept guns since then. It represents a state militia, so as to be able to deal with domestic matters without having to deploy federal armies in the U.S.A mainland because of the Posse Comitatus Act. It's purpose was to prevent the acting federal government from using federal troops to police the country. The National Guard is loyal to the State legislature first, and the federal government second. Not even the president can activate the National Guard without that state governors permission. Additionally, as @Ten oz rightfully pointed out, they do participate in international wars. Hence, guns.
  10. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    The majority of what it does domestically. If we're talking about wars now then it's an entirely different matter. Alright then. If that's a logical argument. In the U.S. Liberals support and encourage removing laws restricting individuals while simultaneously ideologically opposing the same for corporations.
  11. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    Surely you can see past the fact that just because they support some laws restricting individuals doesn't mean they have to support every law restricting corporations. Please tell me you are not that ignorant to the conservative position.
  12. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    You brought up the curfews. I'm confused as to what you're implying. What did I say that you considered unfair? They haven't been federally deployed for riots for more than 25 years, and that was in California. Last time they killed someone while deployed in the U.S. was 48 years ago.
  13. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    What did any of this have to do with curfews? I didn't mention prison. The majority of what the national guard does is disaster relief. I don't see why that's a problem.
  14. A Question for Trump or "Ford and the Chicken Tax"

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but you live in England. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but England imposes curfews as well after the passage of the crime and disorders act. While it's True England doesn't impose them nearly as often, England has 54 million people. The United States of American has 330 million. There's an obvious difference in population.
  15. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    The Palestinians voted the Hamas party into power during their elections.