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  1. Aren't those usually of "registered/likely" voters?
  2. What if they have kids? What if they can't put food on the table now because they don't have a job, and you want them to go take tests in order to be worthy to get money? Yet, they can't study for said tests because they have kids? And they were able to have a job before, because their kids were in school, but can't study now, because their kids aren't? Also, $30-$50 a day? That's less then minimum wage.
  3. If I'm not wrong, this only applies to the reporting and monitoring obligations, correct? I.E, A company doesn't have to hire an independent assessment contractor to evaluate their processes every 90 some days, and report to the EPA that everything is good, due to a lot of these companies temporarily suspending operations. Which makes it hard to abide by said rules. Additionally, when things return to normal, they need to prove that the virus caused aforementioned environmental breaches if there are any. Which seems like it'd be hard to do.
  4. I didn't think so. I thought Influenza was the name of the virus that causes the flu.
  5. Yeah, tell me about it. My brother got back from Egypt and everyone was freaking out he had the corona since he started getting sick. Turns out it was just Influenza.
  6. Agreed we're off topic, and I agree with the point you made here. I didn't say whether I agreed with our military, I commented on what seemed like a misunderstanding as to the power of the American Military. Anyways, back on topic, it appears that Biden is likely to win South Carolina. If that happens, then at least 3 individual candidates won a primary state. During super Tuesday, it's predicted that both Mike and Amy are likely to pick up a state as well, putting that number at 5 individual candidates.
  7. Protect you from whom? The American military isn't about defense. It's mostly about deterrence. A lot of nations know that the USA is unlikely to just randomly unleash nuclear weapons.(Even Trump didn't, despite listening to hours and hours of doom and gloom predictions from my more liberal friends, who at this point likely owe me millions of dollars from saying "I'd bet a thousand dollars....."). They're less sure of the idea of us Americans showing up with a hundred million pounds of explosives and rendering their military a smoking pile of garbage in a matter of weeks. A
  8. And an alleged rapist apparently. https://www.inquirer.com/news/kobe-bryant-death-basketball-helicopter-alleged-rape-20200130.html
  9. I can agree that many Trump supporters hold double standards.
  10. This is a ridiculous accusation to level at JC. JC Macswell pointed out that Democrats and Republicans are lobbing insults at each other during the impeachment trial. The Senators are doing it via twitter and news conferences, the house managers and the white house lawyers are doing it during the impeachment trial. You however, in the same breath, dismiss what Democrat's are saying as not insults and prejudice, but take what the Republicans are saying as insults and prejudice. However upon examining what's being said by both sides, I find that JC Macswell is correct. Both sides
  11. Maybe I'm not understanding you, but it seems like you're saying that tuition would not go up since enrollment is declining. Is this correct? I explained why I think tuition would go up as well. " the incentive to take more student debt in exchange for a better college degree would be massive. Younger students would say "Well. My parents got lucky and got their debt forgiven, maybe I will too." and will be willing to take larger loans. Colleges, in exchange, would raise their tuition dramatically to meet that new demand. " In capitalism, there is supply and demand. Demand fo
  12. Hey, I've met that guy! I'd agree to statement one. For statement 2, it can mean other things. If you don't want a fair trial, it could be because you know the person is not guilty. (To Kill a Mockingbird comes to mind.)
  13. No, but I will argue to kill the idea because I believe it'll cause more harm then good.
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