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  1. I work from home too, very ignorant about the whole ordeal because I've never opened my blinds or even went down for the mail when this first happened and was tired of seeing all the political warfare used in mainstream media to distract us from real issues. Reading more and more about what it could mean if I didn't get vaccinated or simply believing the government is testing to see whom could survive this vaccination as a means to spread fear on those whom didn't is way out there in the solar system and so fourth lol. People whom have no data to present to me tell me all sorts of things I try to understand where the logic comes from and to my surprise its motivated reasoning... Get the vaccination as a means to fight off future mutations at least if you want to survive.
  2. there were people that did a tone of reverse engineering on PS2 mips architecture, i don't know too much about this topic let alone translating but its interesting to hear about these topics and usages.. hopefully someone follows through...!
  3. honestly python is rather the easiest among languages to learn given its similarities to java and c++, good luck
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