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  1. Hi, I want to understand the purpose of tags in EVM assembly and their relationship with Solidity function. pragma solidity ^0.5.1; import './Mod.sol'; contract MOFTest{ ModifiedBank mb; constructor(address payable addressOfBank, uint amount) public {} function deposit (uint amount ) payable public { } } I found that if I have a constructor then Remix IDE will have only 2 tags but now I have 2 functions and I found that there are 5 tags. Kindly explain me what is the purpose of tags and what is their relationship with Solidity functions?
  2. Hi, <Did you not post on the forum about solidity before?> Yes, I posted about this also but no reply. <Did you not study it back then and take notes so you can write it now? > Never. But sorry why are you asking these questions? Are you against forums? You know this is the advantage of forums that we can learn from each other. I can't understand why are you feeling bad about this. If you don't know no problem. I am not pressing you to tell me. <I feel like you are spending way too much time on something that would be a lot easier if you got a cheap cour
  3. Maian Tool Repository: How to store contract retrieved from etherscan.io and what is ‘test.sol’ Hi, Hi, I am to execute the MAIAN tool from its repository on docker. The link at : GITHub Maian tool Issue The above link provided details of how to execute the MAIAN tool from docker. I am in the MAIAN tool repository on docker. They have first tried to access a smart contract from docker using Etherscan.io: Accessing smart contract using Etherscan.io The name of the contract is KaratBankCoin. They have not told where to
  4. Hi @fiveworlds, Thanks a lot for solving my problem. God blesses you. You are right, it was related to Python: I pressed Alt-F12, to go into the terminal mode and then installed the web3.py using the following command. python3 -m pip install web3 Zulfi.
  5. Hi, @Ghideon very good link. This can be useful for object oriented programming. @fiveworlds: Thanks, you have solved my problem. Actually it was related to python. When I installed web3.py using pip command the "no web3 module error" went away. Zulfi.
  6. Hi, Sorry I don't mean web3.py. <That is a CDN for downloading JavaScript to run web3 on a webpage. Similar to jQuery you just need to use the <script> tag. But it won't be available to Python or NodeJS.> This is what I am talking about. By web3 I mean web3.nodejs. Its a javascript stuff. Kindly look at my following are posts: reddit web_js installation reddit_Ubuntu ethereum_stack exchange Sorry nobody is able to solve my 1 severe vulnerability problem related web3.nodejs Zulfi.
  7. Hi, Can you please show me your results for "npm install web3"? They say that 'g' is used for global installation. I got following: $ nvm install node Downloading and installing node v15.5.0... Downloading https://nodejs.org/dist/v15.5.0/node-v15.5.0-linux-x64.tar.xz... ######################################################################### 100.0% Computing checksum with sha256sum Checksums matched! Now using node v15.5.0 (npm v7.3.0) zulfi@lc2530hz:~$ npm install web3 removed 1 package, and audited 353 packages in 1s 1 low severity vulnerability Some i
  8. Hi Sensi, Thanks for your response. I am using PyCharm under ubuntu 18.04. I would try to install anaconda and then report back. Zulfi.
  9. Hi, Thanks for your response. I can't install web3.js on my ubuntu machine. I am getting "1 severe vulnerability problem". Is there any way to solve this problem by directing the link of web3 to a python repository? What is the meaning of the post in my first message? Zulfi.
  10. Hi, I am trying to compile a python code on ubuntu 18.04: from __future__ import print_function from web3 import Web3, KeepAliveRPCProvider, IPCProvider import argparse,subprocess,sys At the end I am getting the error: I found one post which says: Can the above hint help me to solve the web3 module not found error? Please guide me how I can implement the above technique? Zulfi.
  11. Hi, Thanks for your response. I followed that link but I cant see Tensorflow in the list of packages: Somebody please guide me. Zulfi.
  12. Hi, I have installed nodejs on my ubuntu machine. I am trying to install web3 on my ubuntu 18.04 system. I am using the following command: @lc2530hz:~$ sudo npm install -g web3 but I am getting the error: sudo: npm: command not found But when I am typing: @lc2530hz:~$ npm --version 6.14.6 Kindly guide me how to install web3. I have got some solution here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1301489/problem-with-installing-web3-using-npm But I don't know how to implement it. Somebody please guide me. Zulfi.
  13. Hi, Thanks for your response. The link is related to my post. I was able to install on the terminal. But I am using PyCharm. If I install anything on Terminal it will not become part of Pycharm. So I have to install the package within the Pycharm environment. Please guide me. Zulfi.
  14. Hi, I am getting "Tensor Flow" package problem. I am running the code on PyCharm community version3: I installed the package on the terminal: But still I am getting error, somebody please guide me. Zulfi.
  15. Hi my friends- thanks a lot. Right now I am struggling with Maian tool. Get back with you people soon. If I can't execute it we have to adopt a different approach. Possibly I have to look at other papers, @The Mule has posted. Zulfi.
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