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  1. you are not crazy to dream of making a pair of real life working AT's, i want to achieve that dream as well. all we have to do is get like three more people and start brain storming. let me know what you think asap k? ttfn {ta ta for now]

  2. i like poetry and i've written some poems in the past. but i would like to enter a contest. any suggestion? also, any good book sugestions?
  3. Jon13

    Air Trecks

    to my good friend the Capt. thank you, as for Mr.skeptic, yes they would be all of those things, but, i believe that the people who might be interested in using them would be able to over come all these things, as for safety, wear a helmet and good luck!
  4. you need a strong base. that's all i know sorry i couldn't help much
  5. try using mirrors for a better halo, you can use a small tint to help the halo.
  6. you know, if you made a helmet with that new voice typing sofware from microsoft you type letters, and if you needed a stealthy way of talking just put moldable ear phones in the helmet, as for the other options, i'll get back to to you oh i got the tageting recktical figured out. build a mounting device that can be adapted to any barrel and attach a small webcam and put a crosshairs in the middle of the helmet face plate then, have the webcam feed shown on your helmet face plate but do it so that you can still see your normal head vision. i'll get back to you with other details, later.
  7. wait, i thought that black holes were just super dense gravity wells, so dense that not even light could escape. so, how can there be micro-black holes? i thought they needed alot of mass to colapse onto itself?
  8. Jon13

    Air Trecks

    thanks, ok i'll try being more specific. there's a video on youtube that shows hoe to build one, but it's part of an episode, so i need to know how to cut that out and loop it so i can see the designs more clearly. then i can design some. search "air gear episode 1" and the plans are at 1:30 to 1:45 i think, it's a piece by piece clip.
  9. Jon13

    Air Trecks

    also, if anyone could tell me how to cut and loop a video on you tube then, i would greatly apriciate it.
  10. Jon13

    Air Trecks

    Hello I'm trying to make a motorized rollerskate. if you've seen the show Air Gear, then, you know what i'm trying to make i don't know if their is some sort out in the market today but i would like to own a pair. or make a pair. doesn't matter. if anyone could help with this i would greatly apriciate it.
  11. if mass cannot be created or destroyed, then does that mean that there has always been mass in the 'verse? even before the big bang? also, when does mass become energy by accelerating the subatomic particles?
  12. Jon13

    Egg Launcher

    we can't use hard boiled eggs that's cheating like sceptilance said. thanks for the ideas guys. wish me luck.
  13. Jon13

    Egg Launcher

    we need to launch it 30 ft. but i already have a plan for the launcher. i just need to know how much the usual "Project" cost. my plan is to bend a plank of wood on some springs but make plank not able to move so that the surface tension, along with the springs launch the egg. it's a bit more complicated than that but that's the basic stuff.
  14. Listen, I've never made a build-it-yourself-at-home project before i need to build an egg launcher. does anyone know how much it will cost? money's a little tight.
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