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  1. Think we learn from others are cultural constructs as opposed to instinctive/instinctual???? All that to say they are a question of nurture as opposed to nature.
  2. Is more than zero because there are a percentage of people with DSD?
  3. Statistically speaking, How common is it for the doctor/midwife, whoever genders the baby, to misassign the person's biological sex at birth?
  4. I am no expert, but I would imagine that if you were left without human contact kept healthy and as happy as possible, you wouldn't know what gender was. Happy to be shown evidence to the contrary
  5. Is there any research on habitual, compulsive drives toward bigotry/bias, and could this be a reason why it so prevelant in public life?
  6. Are there any good applications of research regarding spam/fake review detection?
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