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  1. Voyager II reaches Inter-Stellar Space.

    Wow, it was lunched in the 70’s, I can barely remember it. That puts the cosmic scale into persoective doesn’t it.
  2. It might be the light bulbs too. Think about it, it's pretty bright in hospitals and pediatrician offices. Which just after a couple of steps brings us to an inevitable conclusion that Acetaminophen causes homosexuality.
  3. No it is not: "Dietary exposure to aluminum (usually as the citrate) results in small amounts of aluminum being absorbed from the gut (<1%) and reaching the bloodstream [4]. Following enteral absorption, aluminum is transported mainly in the plasma in association with the iron-binding protein transferrin [8]. Aluminum is distributed well throughout the body with the skeleton and lungs (due to inhalation exposures) containing the highest mass of aluminum (approximately 50% and 25% of the body burden, respectively). As for many divalent and polyvalent metals,the skeleton can be a longterm storage depot for aluminum, with the half-life of aluminum in bone being on the order of years [5]. It is anticipated that bone will serve as a stable depot for aluminum in infants, as well as adults, due to the increase in bone mass and volume that takes place during an infant’s rapid growth and development. With regard to the non-skeletal compartment, the half-life of aluminum in soft tissues such as the liver is short (<2 days), which indicates very little accumulation in these organs. The majority of bioavailable aluminum is excreted shortly after exposure, primarily in the urine [5], and there appears to be little difference in the renal clearance of aluminum in infants and adults at low exposures [9]. Although aluminum accumulates in the brain as well as bone over time, the concentration of aluminum in brain is lower than that in many other tissues of the body (e.g., liver, spleen), and only 1% of whole-body aluminum is present in the brain or central nervous system at any given time [8,5]" "Assuming slow release of aluminum adjuvant from the site of injection into the systemic circulation, we have demonstrated that aluminum levels in infants are well below the minimal risk level curves for either median or low-birth weight babies. We also compared the body burden of aluminum contributed by vaccines with that contributed by diet. The body burden of aluminum from vaccines is not more than 2-fold higher than that received in the diet. While the contribution of vaccines to an infant’s aluminum body burden can be slightly higher than that of the dietary contribution in our model, the fact that the primary pool where the aluminum is residing, as a long-term storage depot, is likely to be skeletal and not a more sensitive soft organ system is reassuring [5]. Although aluminum toxicosis is known to occur in humans, it is found exclusively in individuals suffering from kidney disease or in those exposed to high levels of aluminum via occupational inhalation" Source: http://vaccinepapers.org/wp-content/uploads/FDA-aluminum-paper.pdf I'm not even going to comment on this nonsense, I have too much respect for this site and I don't want to go off topic any further.
  4. 0,125mg to 0,85mg in a single dose of a vaccine. In 1 liter of a milk mix for newborns you will find 0,225mg. There is Al in breast milk, in water and in all foods you buy or grow. The numbers you heard are wrong by a a few orders of magnitude. The „injection route” argument used by all antivax crackpots is complete nonsense too and has been debunked countless times. I’m surprised that someone with a degree falls for this rhetoric. Then again, a title is lingering in my mind which makes things pretty clear: ”Rita Strakosha Links Gayness to Light Bulbs and Sleep Deprivation, Suggests Nap as Cure”
  5. Are you aware that Aluminium is the 3rd most common element on earth? Do you realize that the dosages of aluminium adjuvant present in vaccines are orders of magnitude lower than lethal dosage? Are you aware that you ingest more aluminium by drinking coke from a can than from a vaccine? Or when you breathe, or use aluminium foil for packing food. Frankly, I’m stunned to see you imply a link between vaccines and autism, it has been debunked countless times. Unbelievable.
  6. Today I Learned

    I’m picturing a bad 80’s b type scifi horror movie with trademark grotesque special effects. This larva face reminds of those.
  7. Today I Learned

    Those are fangs Stringy and they are beautiful...just look at it again. You heartless Mammal.
  8. Today I Learned

    I think I’m in love. Larva of a bluebottle fly (Calliphora vomitoria), under electron microscope:
  9. Undoubtedly there are certain similarities but I wouldn’t go all the way in comparing the two. For all our sake. Edit: Besides, the curent POTUS wouldn’t know how to start a camp fire let alone a war. I think we can sleep safely.
  10. Hitler was a multiple drug junkie, full of insecurities which drove his sociopathic agendas but you can’t take away from him the way he was able to capture the crowds. Its probably some form of well developed emotional intelligence which let him play people into his hate driven plans. He wasn’t an idiot that Im fairly sure of.
  11. I agree, someone else could have taken advantage of the same mechanisms back in the 30s. I think Peterson accurately noticed that the Germans were in a very bad place after WW1 and Hitler took advantage of this by leading them into the „shiny bright future” Mussolinini and Stalin have obviously been contributors. I read a paper somewhere that communism took ~100 million lives globaly invluding Stalin, Polpot an others. Btw, Stalin invaded Poland 16 days after Hitler did.
  12. I'm not a particular fan of Jordan Peterson's rhetoric in general but I think this time he perfectly grasped the psychological mechanisms of how Hitler came into power. It's like cancer and it I can't stop noticing that it takes a tiny little mutation for it to spread again into unstoppable proportions:
  13. Men/Women suicide and life span.

    Right now I can only throw „where is your objectivity and your empathy?” at you and „why does an ideaology is taking your voice and speaking for you?” I havent ran your post through a word count but theres at least 5 or six patriarchy references in your post either direct or context wise. CharonY, I am momentarily indisposed right now and out of respect for the subject and the forum I will refrain from answering further untill I have a more suitable moment and a free half hour to compile a post.
  14. I can't relate to the thread topic as I have too little insight on both Einstein and Hawking to try to conclude what was in their heads religion wise. I just realized I lost those completely somewhere along the way so I no longer can relate.
  15. I'm appologise for being so blunt Eise but: "Religious3: Coping with your existence as individual in a far greater world" is word salad to me. Words have meaning and my command of the English language is more than sufficient to understand the word "religious" I must agree. If you start changing the meaning of words you can then draw any conclusion from any assertion.