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  1. Absolutely, I agree. But the fact that the parents failed at being receptive enough to their childs feelings and it all resulting in a spectacular sht storm has nothing to do with the fact that in this case, the child not transgender and is not going to transition because shes just playing a game.
  2. Last Saturday we went to a barbeque at my buddies house, lots of old faces from highschool/college there and some new ones. Me and my partner ended up talking to new wife of my firend, shes 33 hes 48. After a while she opened up when she heard I knew her husband since 1990, apparently her step daughter and his daughter is now "Ariel" (17) who sued "his" parents (unfortunately this is the ridiculous law here) in order to transition from a she into a him. The 33 year old step Mom was telling us stories which are really hard to repeat - mind games, emails sent to her and lawyers on CC, extreme manipulation in order to get attention and gain financial and/or emotional gains. The transition according to this 33 year old step Mom is a complete hoax and it is brining extreme pain both emotionally and financially to at least 3 families and this step Mom, my friends new wife is on the verge of calling it quits. So who do we believe iNow, a 33 year old woman on a virge of mental breakdown needing therapy on a daily basis or a 17 year old spoilt, manipulative brat? I think I remember you said in one of the threads few years back that we should believe all women.
  3. So this someone took offence that you did not take offence to someone not offending you? Thats some next level stuff.
  4. Comments like CharonY’s are ridiculous and grotesque, borderline same level of ridiculousness that comes from the extreme right entourage. But the fact that this political brainwash dressed in science comes from a bilogy PhD is just plain scary.
  5. My pleasure. Watching the bias train for too long makes me want to comment, I gotta work on that.
  6. Sure, because evolution, climate change and religion subjects equate to lesbian feminist activist professors of philosophy geting driven out of universities through witch hunts led by disturbed red haired morons who want to destroy peoples lives because they feel offended. Or young african american women who stigmatize Ketanji Brown nomination for being racist from the begining. Oh, and if anything uncomfortable will be left on the site after all the discussions run their course we can sweep it under the carpet by deleteing it right? BTW, I wonder how Sirona is doing, is she already a single Mom or is she still working on her way to becoming one?
  7. Oh boo hoo, leave him alone, let him incriminate himself. swansont isn’t helping either by deleteing sensei’s posts. Its a good thing that the forum has a backup which can always be accessed through a lawyer.
  8. That’ll not be enough, when you post my PESEL number which you said you have, this will be when the fun starts for you.
  9. I’m really looking forward to you elaborating on this along with publishing more of my personal info on the forum. I really do.
  10. Gotcha. I don’t know why I expected more than the ususal dishonesty when dealing with political subjects on this forum, I’m gullible in this case.
  11. The point of this thread are concerns that a young black woman expresses towards the affirmative action involved in nominating another black woman to supre court. Shes concerned that all people involved are essencially striped og their dignity through the actions taken. With all due respect swansont but you don’t give a s..t about these points she’s raising which I’m showing here so don’t expect me to follow your deviation from the core subject here.
  12. I find it scary. It’s one thing when a bunch of undereducated morons support Trump with dangerous views and actions but when the educated „elite” closes its eyes and ears while doing backflips to justify something which is not possible to justify, it’s a whole different ball game.
  13. Right. I'd say that closing your eyes, covering your ears and yelling "I don't wanna see it!" will not cure cancer either.
  14. I agree but this is not the point. The point is that curing cancer with burning someone alive is not a good cure, the afro american woman in the video understands this.
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