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  1. koti

    What are you listening to right now?

    I know that its screwed up that I noticed.
  2. koti

    Spacetime is doomed.

    I don’t know but it sure would be interesting. Comon, everyone is taking swings at quantizing everything. I’m ready to be moved into speculations or the trash
  3. koti

    Spacetime is doomed.

    I'm not sure what you mean by the 2 higlighted "can & and" words beecee and I think both you and Odenwald don't want to admit it - we know jack sh** about time (no shame, every physicist does that in some way when trying to digg into time) Every theory in physics I know of and every prediction in physics I know of does not elaborate on time in any useful way. I don't think its accurate to say that we have the same problem with time as with space...we have a bunch of working theories on how matter/energy behaves in different manners within space, we even have hypotheses that pockets of distant universe can behave differently with matter from what we see here. Time is just so bizzare that as far as I know, we got nothing remotely concrete on it. The origin of anything is not predicted by the BB theory. We know really a lot about what happened after but nothing about what was at t=0 or before. The before part is in my opinion not a valid question at all...I think time has to be a „thing” of some sort describable in some way and not just a wigi board or an ectoplasma or a some other mindless explanation like - its what it is.
  4. koti

    What are you listening to right now?

    It is isn’t it. I did have some second thoughts posting this video on SFN though. After all there are 3 backup singer girls outside in the video doing the greek dance thingy on the porch and only one girl inside the house playing the flute. Seems like discrimination if you ask me. (SFN does that to you after a while)
  5. We are at wonderous times right now (yeah right, every generation before us said the same thing), we’ve managed to advance in physics and math tools an incredible amount since we’ve come into existence 160K years ago (or 2mln depending how we look at it) We’ve reached energies at LHC probing distances a million times smaller than the atomic nucleous, we’ve managed to build machines that land on other moons & planets thanks to physics, material and software advancements and various other branches of science. We can clone organisms, develop software that wins at „Go” with humans and we’ve managed to achieve thousands of other awesome things in science. Yet we have no idea what time is or what gravity is in its true nature...we have tools that describe virtually everything around us including black holes, first nanoseconds after the BB but we can’t predict where the smoke from my cigarette will go when I light it up and let several seconds pass. We are also sure to a point of absolute certainty that GR is not giving us the underlying view of nature, its a a gem in physics which gave us so much insight into where/how we and stuff exists but its still just an aproximation like Newton before it and the Greeks before him. We also know a few other things...when we used to sail the seas before we knew that the north pole exists - it existed. Then we discovered it and we charted every centimeter of Earth with satellite technology. Why would the Universe be different from our Earth, is there a rational reason to believe that we can’t discover everything one day? Why is there such a dissonance between us knowing the underlying laws governing satellite orbits or alleles in cells and not knowing seemingly simple stuff like cigarette smoke and other fluid turbulance? Every profound theory seems simple and beautiful when it gets discovered and tested, the beauty is in the fact that its not falsifable whatever complex experiment we throw at it. The fact that we are not doing any mainstream experiments that I know of, trying to experiment and make out what makes ‚time’ tick is a disappointment to me. Every physicist I read and listened to that had something predictive to say about the nature of gravity, said that it either „disolves” or „leaks” in a way we only detect part of its a action. As I see it, we know jack s*** about time besides that its got an arrow and its glued to space by GR. Are there any theories and/or experiments we can run on „time” that could help us get at least some idea of what makes it tick?
  6. koti

    What are you listening to right now?

    Heres something to turn you head, this guy rocks, hes like the Dr Evil and Professor Moriarty of funk in one person. I followed him since 2 years ago, theyre on tour right now selling big concerts, it didn’t take long - good stuff sticks right away.
  7. I quickly browsed through the Neil D T thread and what was sensless in it were Polinski’s posts, certainly not closure of the thread. I mean you can argue in some ways to keep the OP’s line of thinking open in that thread for reasons but it was in no way sensless to close that thread. I suggest you look up what „sensless” means...what is sensless is you using this word in this particular context.
  8. Oh stop it ya’ll. Its Saturday ffs.
  9. koti

    Youtube channels on science?

    „PBS Spacetime” „3 blue 1 brown”
  10. koti

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    We've sent first probes into space in the 1950's, I don't see Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or other capable people pursuing your scenario - distance will always be the main factor and a single planet resource will never cope with it (I know, it sucks) Isotopes, what a surprise! Plus apparently there’s one of aluminum with 13 protons and 14 protons, thats some serious alien sh** right there.
  11. koti

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    I think that distance is the limiting factor. The vastness is the main factor, there are hundreds of millions of non Earth lifefoms out there but we are just too far away to make contact (yet).
  12. koti

    UFO evidence and aliens.

    I remember reading my Dad’s „Project Blue Book” when I was around 15 years old (I’m 46 now), It was breathtaking. I was overwhelmed untill I was around 20, thats when I first came across with statistics and probability in an entirely other context than UFO’s (it was related to me and my friend smuggling Dr Martens boots from the UK to PL, the London guy was an interesting person) I started to dig down into where I am as a human, on earth, in the solar system, in the galaxy, in the observable universe. I kept my fascination untill I was around 28 when I got interested in politics when I started to work for an add egancy, I think thats when I lost my interest in the UFO phenomena. When I got around Relativity (more or less) around my mid 30’s I completely lost interest in the idea that aliens are visiting Earth. Youre asking what it would take - I’d say some good old juicy evidence. I know, Im boring...stuff that I slipped on in my life made me that way.
  13. koti

    Cold welding, could a person fuse with metal?

    This quote by Richard Feynman explains it straight forward: ”The reason for this unexpected behavior is that when the atoms in contact are all of the same kind, there is no way for the atoms to “know” that they are in different pieces of copper. When there are other atoms, in the oxides and greases and more complicated thin surface layers of contaminants in between, the atoms “know” when they are not on the same part. — Richard Feynman, The Feynman Lectures, 12–2 Friction”
  14. koti

    Aloe Vera Juice State

    Thats some impressive persistence from the semen.
  15. koti

    Aloe Vera Juice State

    @Strange, I appologize for steering this into science fiction instead of sticking to science.