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  1. No. He said that humas are the only ones with the "opposable appendage" and do "recursive rational thinking" It's a twitch not noticable to anyone remotely familiar with his stance on technology/religion/science which you insist to keep grabing onto for I don't know what reason since Kuzweil is an established persona in the science and tech world. Two seconds later he talks about "humans passing knowledge to next generations, humans creating technology" but you for some reason are grasping to some artificial thought that Kurzweil doesn't have basic biology knowledge. I realy didn't want to bring this up but you studiot have kept on discussing laser measuring crap in the "Lake Balaton" thread with flat earthers here on the forum for f***ing weeks so I don't think you get to tell me (or Ray) that he is in the wrong here, okay?
  2. What does bears having opposible wrists have to do with Ray Kurzweil saying what he said in that clip? I assure you that Kurzweil knows that we are not the only species with opposable thumbs and I assure you he is not a puffed up self imporant guy. He might have phrased that sentence a bit poorly I admit but I'm pretty sure he isn't who you think he is.
  3. What I liked is what you liked - he takes a down to Earth stance. I think youre over reacting with labeling him wrong on opposable thumbs, learning and reasoning. The context of the sentence where he speaks about this doesn't seem remotely dodgy to me. In fact, I think youre just picking on him or me perhaps? I apologize for a late answer, I was working.
  4. I thought this insight by Ray Kurzweil was interesting:
  5. Seems theyre claiming they can do it on existing LiOn batteries but I would be cautious with conclusions before extensive tests are made - soounds too good to be true. Heating up gets rid of Li plating I get it but theyre not mentioning if they made any stability tests over time like doing multiple cycles. BTW: https://www.quantamagazine.org/chemistry-nobel-goes-to-lithium-battery-innovators-20191009/
  6. Why? Its a great way of bonding and building relationships.
  7. koti

    Sports Talk

    Its magnesium hydroxocarbonate Its called „chalk” colloquially but it isnt, it gives you loads of grip through friction, you should try it some time LoL, watching snooker can be boring but poker? Common Yep, Nascar is a nightmare to watch, I’d rather watch paint dry Although I dont like the killing part I can sure dig the being in the woods part, especially in the beautiful US nature.
  8. koti

    Sports Talk

    Armwrestling is a combat sport like boxing or MMA with loads of technique and very specific training. It's better in many ways than any other combat sport because you don't get your head punched all the time but hey, I get it why youre making fun of it, literally everyone does
  9. koti

    Sports Talk

    I like to watch Poker and Snooker. And armwrestling.
  10. koti

    Sports Talk

    I love sports and I love watching some, I agree with most of what you wrote but drag racing = good, rally/F1/DTM = bad? Gee, I have it completely the other way around Plus there is less frames in that pole vault video than hprse power in my RIP Subaru Impreza STI Spec C which I took to the track quite a few times back in the day
  11. So we decided to relax a little after a busy month...baught new tires, we drove 490km one way to the seaside today (300 miles for the impared) to an airBnB place which is awesome, 300m form the seaside right at the main street at a resort (Sopot). Our 3 year old had a mild caugh when we were leaving, we consulted our pediatritian before we left and he said its a great idea to get him seaside air. So Peter decided to throw up all over the goddamn apartment a couple times and dance around after that. No fever, just a nasty caugh (I’ve had the same thing when I was a kid) Hes falling asleep right now and Im having whiskey. We also just found out that we cant stay the second planned night here so Im off to drive the 300 miles tomorow when I get sober. Wifey is pissed because she got her bra all over in vomit.

    1. MigL


      Ahh, family bliss...

  12. I'm far from being an expert on anything biology but I don't know man...not more than 30 seconds into the clip and he managed to mention Glyphosate, Roundup and GMO in one sentence. Thats kind of a red light for me.
  13. Couple things; sparkling drinks like coke can have itritating effect on your throat. Notice how youre avoiding anything with gass when youre throat is killing you. Secondly, 20ml of coke will have no effect sugar wise on anyone, I presume your daughter weighs more than 5-6kg’s. Thirdly, parents tend to blame various things which are happening to their child on no causal corelations, like mothers with children with autism blame it on vaccines, or a more sane example from my own life - I took my 3,5 year old for swimming (which I actually didnt because the pool was closed but my wife didnt know about it) and she blamed his ear infection on the swimming. I assure you, she could have bet anything that the cause of the infection was the swimming. Lastely, I say skip on the sugar drinks all together, we managed to have a 3,5 year old who doesnt even like coke, he preffers water or fruit. Also let your Missus nurture your kid even to the extreme as mothers tend to have that embeded very deeply into their minds and you - do your thing as a father.
  14. Not many people can fit so much in so little words. You must have been told this a million times here on the forums Phi but I love you man and I hope I can keep you in my online forum life forever man. You have that wormth combined with intelligence which doesn’t impose anything to anyone in any situation. And I don’t throw praise around lightly, you keep that in mind.
  15. Thats the second time today something isn’t funny to me at all.
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