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  1. koti

    Trigger happy mods?

    Phi for all is one of those mods who is extremely observant and thinks things through before he moderates. I think you either have him confused with someone else or you have no idea what you are talking about.
  2. koti


    It is also worth mentioning for @CJWilli1 that the metric tensor is the mathematical object that explains the structure of spacetime under General Relativity: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_tensor_(general_relativity)
  3. Because they're pu**ies.
  4. koti

    How to disprove these creationist claims?

    I would add that it is a futile task to prove or disprove an assertion to someone who is strongly bound emotionally. Lack of knowledge driven by primitve fear is such a strong motivator that attemtps at coherent discussion are useless in most cases.
  5. koti

    Today I Learned

    All 14 short episodes take about 1 hour to watch, the first one is really short, takes only 2 minutes. I'm learning a lot from these: Edit: These series deal with PHD level math knowledge which correlates directly in this case to modern physics, I find this series digestable having no background in math or physics and having no academic background. I recommend this to anyone who's a math semi-moron like me who wants to learn.
  6. koti

    The Fifth Force

    Thanks for the example Janus, I must have had a momentary lapse of reason.
  7. koti

    The Fifth Force

    I must say that you Sir are an expert on complex thought patterns. I’m reading the above for the 5th time and I’m still having problems with absorbing it.
  8. koti

    The Fifth Force

    I'm afraid that your nophysicsknowledge 5th force can be explained by simple Newtonian physics. Do you care to learn?
  9. koti

    How to legalize caning

    Yes. The lashes went over each other in his post and I can't see sh**.
  10. I think what Sensei means is that volume is measured in liters, mass is measured in kilograms or pounds. A liter of oil will weigh more than a liter of water.
  11. koti

    solutions to overpopulation

    Burn it. Burn it all.
  12. koti

    so I am interested in "systems security"

    I would suggest you start by learning how TCPIP works. Learn the basics of networking first then go into learning what makes modern routing switches tick. All the modern protocols and technologies that go into the modern networking infrastructure. Then go into learning how to code, it won’t help you much with „hacking” if you don’t know the networking basics first. Please note that „hacking” is nothing more than breaking in and steeling, it doesn’t matter if you do it in real life or in the virtual world, its against the law all the same and you will suffer the consequences if you break the law.
  13. Up untill now I was treating this with humour, not anymore. Sory to hear that man.