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  1. Powerful flashlight (10K+ lumen) Powerful blue/green laser (above 1W) Decent microscope with WiFi. Leatherman/Gerber multitool Tiny projector
  2. Sounds like your safe space might have been breached and crossing fingers might not be enough. Enforcing real measures could be the only hope.
  3. Where would you say I am deraling an already split thread on politics iNow? Would you say its more towards testical taze or political bias?
  4. Okay. I presume I will have to take that as an answer.
  5. I can't find it, might be my faulty memory but it's irrelevant. MigL's comment about many examples on this forum of excusing, turning a blind eye or rationalizing actions when they agree with a certain cause and you defending against this is the reason I commented. Can you say with a clear conscience that SFN is not biased towards any political views?
  6. That right there imo is a perfect example of what MigL was talking about. Also the word „majority” was definitely not part of that post but „all” was. Cute and would be funny but considering the context (raid on the Capitol) it's a little awkward.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, I would have never guessed that. Again, thank you for the insightful summary. Now I got two not one complaining about sentence order.
  8. Dim got it and thats the important part.
  9. Funny you mentioned arrogance, isn’t it.
  10. I remember you saying in one of the threads a couple years ago in a context related to rape that we should believe all women to provide them safety. It was something along those lines, I can’t find it in the search function, might have been longer than 2 years. I think that was the moment when I decided its better for me to keep my distance. Let me ask again, where did I use personal aspersions towards yourself? It would be much more effective if you could this time type some more paragraphs but this time containing an answer to my question.
  11. Salik mentioned he has lots of homework which does not contain any science. I assumed that it’s religion that it contains but it might be some other bias too. What arrogance needs to be adjusted and what bias towards what am I showing? Preferably in analogy-free-which-no-one-understands plain English please.
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