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  1. Rotation - is it absolute?

    Could you elaborate on this with an example?
  2. From what you write I agree that it does look like it's the tap water but always keep a sharp mind and remember that correlation does not imply causation. I hope your Mrs will be ok, be sure get her to an MD.
  3. I get that. And I get that you get that its sarcasm. I don’t get the inability to spell „colour” part.
  4. The definition of nothingness exactly

    I like their clips, especially the ones interviewing physicists, I watched most of them if not all of them. I am a little dissapointed that they interview Leonard Susskind and a couple weeks later Deepak Chopra pops up (havent watched that one) There was always something, there was never nothing. I like that notion.
  5. Greatest Possible Beings and Posets

    Oh it is shiny...and its got Isaac with the cool long hair on it: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Newton_Medal
  6. Perhaps contaminated plumbing like fungus or bacteria from some organic residue in the pipes.
  7. Oh thats just wonderful isn’t it. In my search for data on vaccines (especially MMR) in the last year or so I spoke to quite a few mothers of autistic children between the ages of 8 and 15. All of them went through a 180 degree shift from initial anger and lobbying against vaccines to getting the knowledge and lobbying against the anti-vaccine movement. The psychological mechanisms of this conspiracy theory are equally astonishing as they are dangerous.
  8. Greatest Possible Beings and Posets

    On top of this being the most productive thread in religion since I came here, the proof is flawless...well almost flawless because its missing the GPB coolness ordering but that is always zero so it may be left out. Nevertheless, I think this is ready for the Newton Medal award.
  9. Light: visible or invisible? I presume the heat evolved is not in the water (in that equation) but I have no idea how to answer what are the "dimensions" of HCL in this scenario, I don;t understand the question. I'll stick to reading in this thread.
  10. I might be talking crap here because I'm horrible at chemistry but isn't the heat in the water a property therefore the two are consistent dimensionally because they don't have to be compared? God I think I know where this is going (what MigL mentioned about the other thread) and this time thankfully I will be able to shut up because I suck at chemistry (and math)
  11. But isn’t the 16.61 kcal consistent dimensionally with the 10H2O?
  12. I’m not sure I understand...if we start comparing quantities of different dimensions like say time and mass or length and velocity we end up straight in cuckoo land like a lot of the crackpots posting in the relativity threads. So in that sense, science has to be consistent dimensionally... but I’m a rookie so I might not be getting the nuances of the question (not like that other thread though )
  13. Today I Learned

    Today I learned that the country of Bhutan produces only 5% of its potential hydroenergy production and sells 70% of that.