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  1. We know for a fact that GR is an incomplete theory in the context of a plausible GUT but I would say that there will never be an alternative theory to GR, it hopefuly will be broadened and supplemented with new insight enabling understanding of quantum gravity but there can be no alternative, its there and it works, it just doesn’t explain things beyond it. Having said that, I have to confess I haven’t read the wired and the arxiv articles yet
  2. What is faith?

    Bot mode again. This is becoming boring.
  3. What is faith?

    You do realise that you’re not making any sense again right? Why not stop the childish semantical game play, have you no shame? Don’t you realise there are trained scientists, philosophers and other academics here who read your incoherent BS?
  4. What is faith?

    A great one I suppose? I suggest you start listening and comprehending what is being layed out in front of you and only then use that knowledge to think and develop rational conclusions. So far you’re failing at that so your thinking is getting you nowhere.
  5. What is faith?

    Apperently I wasn’t far off saying that one of his comments is worthy of a cult leader few posts back. So your self is not your own?
  6. What is faith?

    Your version of faith is particularly nasty. A mixture of ignorance to rational thought and grandiose ideas about own self.
  7. What is faith?

    Faith also leads one to believe that he/she is somehow special in nature. Its a recuring theme in people of faith - little knowledge about anything and being convinced they’re special because their ignorant, empty inner self demands respect for being „special”
  8. What is faith?

    Yeah but what about before that beecee? Ha! You don’t know do you... therefore higher power! There you have the delusion of faith in a nut shell.
  9. What if the thing is very tiny but very heavy at the same time?
  10. What is faith?

    I wonder if it plays chess too.
  11. What is faith?

    There are dozens of posts by me and others explaining where you are failing in this thread and how your reasoning is fallacious, try actually comprehending something from those posts, read Phi’s comments for example. But wait...you’re too deluded to do so, you conflate basic axioms like the one that faith is baseless and not supported by anything other than FAITH itself. @Strange has been pounding this into you a few times in this thread and you still don’t get it. Guess what, posting incoherent bs for 5 pages which everyone in this thread is politely pointing out to be unreasonable and then demand explanations after they have already been given to you multiple times is shifting the burden of proof which is yet another logical fallacy. You don’t make any sense and you are moving in circles but hey, I’m not surprised as religious faith in baseless fairy tales tends to do that to a person.
  12. What is faith?

    What a wonderful display of fallacy uppon a fallacy - circular reasoning being the most aparent in your last few posts. This is getting ridiculous.
  13. What is faith?

    Your line of thinking is worthy of a cult leader. Good luck with that.
  14. What is faith?

    It’s ironic that with each post you write you confirm faith being delusional instead of defending against it - cliché.
  15. What is faith?

    No they can’t. They can co-exist as separate entities in ones mind but they cannot work together hand in hand unless you want to promote bad science. There is no reasoning in religious faith. Faith and logical evidence based reasoning are contradictions. Maybe not clinical but certainly a set of incoherent delusions.