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  1. I'm typing this from a point of view of someone who had a spine injury that had to be operated due to too much heavy weight lifting at 42 years of age. My advice is whatever path in your fitness quests you choose, do it in such a way that you will be capable of sustaining your plan for years...in fact shoot for doing fitness training until the day you die. The rest is technical stuff which has to suit your body type, lifestyle, mental state, etc. It will be easy to figure out what suits you best and it always changes....one year you're into calisthenics, the next you prefer crossfit - you generally need to change things around to be able to achieve new goals and have fun while doing it. The most important part in any physical fitness endevour (or any other for that matter) is to stick to it and the best way to achieve that is to have fun while doing it.
  2. B Kavanough and MeToo

    But I want iNow to hold my hand and empower me to pull through these difficult times. Who knows, maybe I'll record a song of my own when I break the chains of my trauma.
  3. B Kavanough and MeToo

    Me, me, I can answer that one for ya. I'm all with you on this one buddy, I will start telling my two and a half year old starting tomorrow that it's bad to rape women. Gosh I hope when my little Peter grows up he will make the lady from the video feel safer. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
  4. B Kavanough and MeToo

    Unfortunately I haven't had anything to drink tonight.
  5. B Kavanough and MeToo

    Hell maybe I'll ask MigL for help in finding her and press charges...afterall its only been a quarter of century and my trauma haunts me to this day. My life has been a living hell. Do you think it has a chance to stand in Canadian court? I have witnesses, her sister who lived here back then was all over me for a month after this that I took advantage of her little sister (she wasn't so little actually)
  6. B Kavanough and MeToo

    What about the morning in 1994 when I woke up besides somebody I totally didn't want to have sex with and I felt used and afraid. She deliberately got me drunk the night before, she was an exchange student from Canada and she was a predator - she haunts me in my dreams sometimes. I hope you will be taking my side too in this iNow, it is possible I will be needing some very expensive professional help to cope with my trauma. Don't you dare to laugh, this is a serious thing.
  7. B Kavanough and MeToo

    Obviously I don't have any other insight on the Ronaldo case other than what the media pitches so I can't dismiss the allegations. In a spot where she clutches to her drink at the bar with both hands all night so nobody drops a roofie in it. It’s like I’d need a gun at a bar to defend myself against a potencial shooter. Wait... Never mind.
  8. B Kavanough and MeToo

    In my opinion there is nothing you or anyone else can do to make her feel less worried becasue she likes to be in that spot.
  9. B Kavanough and MeToo

    I'm saying what I said which is exactly what I said. Nowhere I stated the allegations in the Kavanaugh case are false. I don't feel I'm in a position to guess what percentage of women lie or fabricate rape allegations but I'm sure the majority of these cases do not involve hundreds of millions of dollars. I can relate to that.
  10. B Kavanough and MeToo

    You can't seriously believe that money, power, pollitics are not a factor in these high profile rape allegations?
  11. B Kavanough and MeToo

    Sure, lets cover the part where she sings: „Yeah Gentlemen band together make some noize, its really tough when your reputation is on the line and any woman you’ve assulted could turn up any time” I say she’s got some screws missing or at least some are very loose.
  12. B Kavanough and MeToo

    I think we can all agree that rape is a horrible thing and the ones guilty of it are the worst kind of men possible. Having said that, when reading those numbers you posted I can’t get an image out of my mind of reading about Christiano Ronaldo recently being charged with rape by some woman who he allegedly raped 8 years ago.
  13. B Kavanough and MeToo

    I think the reality which we find ourselves in right now requires less need for the girl from the video to have a chaperone or a companion compared say, to NYC in the 80’s or the middle ages or any previous era. Plus theres really nothing condenscending or diminishing about a woman requiring a companion or a chaperone and her complaining about it in the song is just only a level short of pouring bleach on men spreading their legs on the subway.
  14. B Kavanough and MeToo

    I don’t know man...is it all that bad for a woman to have a chaperone walking her to her car after 7pm? I mean, when I was 18 I felt really manly when my Grandma used to ask me to walk with her to her car at night. Later in life literally all the women I engaged with whether or not it was relationship wise or on a proffesional or friends level always felt good about having a man by their side in these kind of situations. Kavanough being „trialed” based on zero evidence with something he allegedly did 36 years ago to some woman is pollitically driven surrealism in my opinion and its straight up injust. Should he be given a very powerful position for life? No...he’s a lying bastard, he lied so much and so badly that it would be a horrible mistake if he was given the position. There, I said it.
  15. Very informative, thank you Janus. I can’t back up my claim by any research or evidence but I’m willing to bet that body builders loose some part of their fine motor skills as a tradeoff to muscle mass.