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  1. You have no means of measuring that so you either have to comply with my ridiculous request or face consequences of not adhering to your own rules. I got it from iNow from this thread. And I agree that we're done. I was not refering to me leaving the site, I was refering to this site eventually leaving the internet if things keep going the curent direction. It’s really astonishing how far away we are on simple concepts.
  2. Horseshit. Also Arete, @hypervalent_iodine - SFN is becoming unbearable due to increased amounts of adds. Literally half of my iphone is flooded with google adds crap when I launch SFN on my phone. It's either go back to Science or bye bye for this politically and ideology driven site.
  3. Deeply enough to know that my personal mental health is in danger here, please adress me per „thou” instead of „you”
  4. Soothing and spot on as usual Phi. I like reading what you write, especially that you have a very light way of typing things in between the lines. Whats happening in this thread is not about what you wrote above though and you know it. It’s about people making other people on internet forums type in 16th century English for their sick fun and enabled by horribly formulated artificial rules which however childish and ridiculous will serve the clown because by definition, you have no means of measuring the clowns sincerity.
  5. Please use „thou” instead of „you” when refering to me from now on. We’ll see how many posts it takes you to adress me in 16th century Shakesperaean language. It’s „thou” from now on please.
  6. In my opinion, youre like a 2 dimentional ant living on a 2 dimentional plane incapable of seing the 3rd dimention which causes you to behave like a dick above. But thats ok, we can coexist that way. Just be sure to tread carefuly when using pronouns towards me, I can assure you they will change and I expect you to honor this. Afterall you have no means of measuring my sincerity so you will comply.
  7. Note the above comment by TheVat. One can take a line of thinking that America is a nation built on slavery, murder and bigotry. The constant strive towards cleaning the nations conscience for the past 50 or so years has accelerated in the last 10 years or so towards rodiculous incidents - a multi convicted fellon junkie strangled to death by a degenerate murderer cop being elevated to a saint like figure with statues of him being erected. I really wouldn’t be surprised if Netlix releases a remake of „The Sound of Music” with afroamerican cast this Christmas. We have the same shitshow in Poland only the circumstanes are different - instead of having a nationwide crippled conscience because of slavery we have it with the killings of Jews, Germany is bad Nazis because theyre German, etc. but fundamentally its the same thing everywhere. This collectivly screwed up conscience in the US is becoming grotesque to a point which surely will lead to some kind of a war because it polarizes people beyond anyones capabilities to behave in a civilised way. Caitlyn Jenner became ‚Woman of The Year’ in the first year „she” has became a „woman” I mean let that sink in.
  8. Youre right on the tribe part, very much so. Your cry about millions in the trans community is either blindness on your part of failing to recognise what this is all about or hypocrisy or possibly both. The ideological agendas which ade being built in society as a remedy for prior humanity mistakes are both a joke and a recipie for disaster. Now without charades and agendas I really need to go back to playing „rushing turtles” with my kid and my PhD wife who thinks I’m an idiot for wasting my time on a pollitical internet forum - and shes right.
  9. Not everyone thinks like you Phi. In fact there are very little people around with your kind of decency and intelligence combined. I assume you know very well that sincerity cannot be a factor by default in the charade I'm playing here.
  10. Please just stick to adressing me in the manner which I’m asking you to. I will let you know in the hours/days to come if anything has changed.
  11. Thank you Phi, I appreciate your quick adherence to my wishes. Lets just hope @iNow will do the same in the next posts he directs at me as I wouldn't want to leap into depression. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
  12. I’ve changed my mind since yesterday, you will adress me as „Ze” from now on, „He” is insulting and unacceptable for me, please adhere to my wish as my mental well being is at stake here.
  13. I joined because I wanted to broaden my amateur Physics knowledge, people in this forum have done a tremendously good job at doing so over the years. I only wish I could have avoided the pollitics and religion parts of the forum, I've lost significant amount of time in those.
  14. Was this a 5 set match or a 3 set match in your case TheVat?
  15. I apologize but thats it for me in this thread. Good to see you again zapatos, it was good to find all you folks in good health here. I miss "Strange" though, I dropped him a message a few months ago and he hasn't replied - he always did.
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