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  1. Do you find this at least a little funny? Clown/Clownself as pronouns considering the context has to be a little funny no?
  2. He’d be welcome to try. Whatever the outcome I can guarantee that the paramedics would have to check up on two people instead of only one poor Chris Rock.
  3. Haven’t been here for a while but came in to pay my condolences to most of the regulars who will have to pay the 16 bucks to stay around on twitter 😂
  4. In case the moderators do decide to lock this thread and I would like to stick to what I said earlier about this thread being my last one, I’d like to say something as I feel its not healthy to leave on a bad note; I learned a lot from this forum back in the day before Trump when pollitics weren’t creeping in so much and bias didn’t have so much impact on the forums. I certainly got a lot of knowledge on physics and math, the ones who shared that knowledge with me you know who you are and I thank you for your time (many are gone from the forum) I will also remember with a smile our mutual efforts back when I was a regular on trying to enlighten the religious nuts, conspiracy theorists, racists, anti vaxers and other crack pots, both scientific merit and humour were a great thing for me in those discussions 🙂
  5. Gotcha. I'm sure you have a well informed and well developed insight and opinion on this (as on everything) but I ask you to save it, put in in a file somewehere on your drive and paste it instead of one of your woke rants in a police brutality or rape thread when it comes up. The abuse which JD suffered was psychological, the physical part was I'm sure irrelevant to him.
  6. Could you explain? Has JD been abused outside of his home hence it's not domestic abuse hence it makes it ok somehow? Whats your issue?
  7. We clearly have a different idea what abuse is because I think every second of this clip is illustrating abuse JD suffered.
  8. So she admited in court to hitting him, failed to prove that he hit her and Johny Depp needs a seperate trial to prove to you that he was abused? How does that work exactly Phi or what am I missing here?
  9. She admitted herself in court to hitting him. She also lied about him hitting her alongside lying about a specific type of makup she used trying to fabricate evidence of Johny Depp hitting her.
  10. So if your wife would engage in manipulation and lies over a period of time which would result in you loosing your job and your good name, preventing you from finding a job in the future - if not abuse, what would you call this type of behaviour by Amber Heard? Johny Depp stated that he's grateful for getting his life back, why is it so hard to accept that he speaks the truth? She hit him (on record in court), she played long term games aimed at destroying his good name, his carier and propelling her own carrier, Disney droppped him from Pirates of the Caribean, the media stigmatized him for years. Now he is finding justice in court and you need a seperate trial and jury to tell you that he was abused? What would you call what has happened to JD then Phi, a "Misfortunate series of behaviours towards a man by a troubled woman" ? FFS...
  11. I guess so. On the contrary, I know that no amount of evidence will convince a mind which is already made up. The verdict in itself is the only evidence needed but it still eludes you.
  12. I said I will finish up with this thread I started. The evidence is clear, the verdict says it all. Thousands of pages of testimonys are available for you and the People to access.
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