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  1. New Theoretical Process for Manufacturing Qubit-type Quantum Memory Quantum Memory of the Proton Electron The idea is to have an isolated proton without an electron, and to ionize an electron entangled with the proton. The conservation of the quantum number remains. The magnetic quantum number mℓseems to be the best candidate. After having defined a value of the quantum number to a pair of entangled electrons, the idea is that of ionizing one of the two electrons to an isolated proton. After acquisition of the electron by the proton, the value ofthe quantum number is kept by the prot
  2. I used 'meditation' and not 'mediation'. ? No. Between 'meditation' and 'mediation'? I made a big mistake. Therefore I am definitely withdrawing from this forum. I apologize for everything. Kartazion.
  3. Which last line of text? Can you clarify it? Which arguments? Not me. I confess. If my minds is it weak I have no excuse. We can't all be smart like you.
  4. It's intellectual dishonesty coming from you. Only you mentioned the word mediation and you wrote it in your post. Prove me wrong. Try to be more careful with the terms and with the logic when you're trying to make fine points.
  5. @Area54 Sorry, I was wrong. That was not what I meant as a sentence. I will answer you correctly. Thank you Ok.
  6. Simply It's because I never call anything mediation. Where did you get that word from? Have you confused it with the word premeditated? Indeed the word was badly chosen.
  7. A creator. Some call him/her/it God. Are you confused a bit there? Can you give me a source of your claim, namely the fact that evolution depends on hazard? It is indeed the aim of my main question to find out; if we can determine it by science or not. The chemical bond? What does it make of the chemical bond its particularity if it is not that particles bound or agglomerated as I indicated above? That's what I'm saying. It is not our choices that make the universe work this way. The same. It is indeed the origin of these laws of immutable physic
  8. Simply because some of these photons reach us here on earth to interact with the electron of matter encountered. Yes the famous fluid mechanics. Can you give me the relevant example which adds the more? It is not our choices that make the universe work this way. I want to make it clear that the universe follows the rules that it owns, and AFAIK only living beings are endowed with this free will. The universe does not give itself the choice and follows the stages of evolution until us. It is these stages of evolution that I suspect to be not hazardous.
  9. But the emitted photon can arrive at a final destination location in a premeditated manner. But just a random gas expansion. They are neither more nor less than elementary particles agglomerated in motion. I didn't mean to say that we can defy the laws of physics. But just that we are arbitrary in our decisions. We have the choice to run or not.
  10. We agree that when the sun shines, and by its nuclear fusion, photons are released and are distributed in space. Do you think for a moment that such and such a photon goes in such and such a direction how? Randomly? Or in a controlled way? Biology structures particles according to the genetic code of DNA and cannot do otherwise. Yet the result in the form of living or organism beings is however endowed with intelligence and can decide what he wants to do as he wishes and without there being any rules and laws. How do you explain that?
  11. But during a nuclear fusion for example, the distribution is done, and in terms of radiation, in a random or structured way? Intelligence is being able to choose between several results where each of these paths are of course subject to the same laws. Erratum. I spoke of radiation. I should rather speak of particle emission like the neutron for example.
  12. I answer as a novice. I do not see any constraint in this request. Just the part 'Science should be able to determine' in 'Science is able to determine'. Because science could, and this in my opinion, determine whether the underlying and canonical functioning of the universe is randomly distributed or not. I saw that we were talking about a God particle linked to a book related to the Higgs boson.
  13. I didn't do it on purpose. No evidence. But it is because of what you said that there are : Zero candies in the Standard Model. Did I answer correctly?
  14. I suspected it a little. That's why I found it a little strange this jelly story. No. Not too much. On the other hand as swansont puts it, we don't need a balls of jelly to make the Standard Model of our universe work. So I gave you the number n°* for this balls of jello story. It's because I'm used to talking about quantum or nuclear physics. That why. * guess . I will surely say nonsense, but would that not be there a form of 'intelligence' in the behavior of the Higgs boson?
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