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  1. If you want to learn quantum mechanics you have to understand the an·harmonic oscillator. We can say that our universe is then an an·harmonic oscillator. It is the future.
  2. It's still weird as a novice to get there ... So how is it that starting from a simple oscillator I arrive at the foundations of quantum mechanics? I never said it works with a single particle for fun. It is a practicality deduction. Always and with the an·harmonic oscillator I will post something in relativistic physics related to time dilation.
  3. But we can see some correspondence between a wave function and the probability distribution for one particle in quantum mechanics, no? I found that: Definition (one spinless particle in one dimension) Position-space wave functions If the particle's position is measured, its location cannot be determined from the wave function, but is described by a probability distribution. ################################### I would like to know if there is a link between the harmonic oscillator, and the time translation symmetry?
  4. I saw something related to thermodynamics and black holes with the backward in time. New law implies thermodynamic time runs backwards inside black holes
  5. I deduced from this that matter only appears when we look at it. The rest is only a wave of probability of presence of the particle. The quantum system is suddenly lazy.
  6. There are no particles, there are only fields
  7. Hello. I see that this paper is relevant in the context of the imaginary part of the ground state of the harmonic oscillator in relation to the coupling constant. The power of the method is illustrated by calculating the imaginary parts of the partition function of the anharmonic oscillator in zero spacetime dimensions and of the ground state energy of the anharmonic oscillator for all negative values of the coupling constant g and show that they are in excellent agreement with the exactly known values. How important is this publication, if there is one? Thank you.
  8. You also meant spin 1, right? Or did you specify that the scalar boson of spin 0 is the Higgs boson? I understand that there can be as many bosons as wanted in the same state in the same space, because it does not respect the Pauli exclusion. This means that the QFT gets to explain it better and differently?
  9. This means that the Dirac Sea has as much antielectron as there is room in the negative energy (problematic). Since there were infinitely many negative energy states available, and thanks to the Pauli exclusion principle, we can fill the negative energy space with all possible antielectron states. If an electron appears on the surface (positive energy) then it creates a hole in negative energy which is identified as positron. However for the bosons I do not know how it works with the antimatter.
  10. Theory before the Higgs find. Source: Will the LHC Look into the Fate of the Universe? http://inspirehep.net/record/790889 https://arxiv.org/abs/0807.2601
  11. I only found that of the four forces. Where to find others? Can I define the true vacuum as the graph below if The Higgs vacuum expectation value is 246 Gev? It is certain that if the system were at zero fluctuation of the particle at zero point energy, then we could not exist.
  12. It's 114 different kinds? Or so that means that the coupling constant does not follow a function? Does this mean that the ground state cannot be in the true vacuum? A potential with two false vacua, φ = φ A , φ B , and one true vacuum, φ = φ C Where φA is Higgs' false vacuum. But how to incorporate the true vacuum into the Higgs field?
  13. I found these two explanations: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukawa_potential https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/False_vacuum Back to previous graph:
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