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  1. To live forever. Never. You can't. No.
  2. Geeze, I misread the post, I thought the question was which pH meter to use. In my defense NY just legalized pot...
  3. It depends on your needs, but it is much less expensive to buy kits for testing pH than to buy a pH meter.
  4. I don't see how dark energy could cause an attractive force in some areas of space and cause a repelling force in other areas of space. Why would the attractive force only be seen where there is matter? The edit button is in a pull down located at the 3 dots in the upper right corner of you post.
  5. If I got a sigma of 4.1 on an experiment I would be willing to bet money that it was a real effect. Very exciting stuff!
  6. That's absurd. 3d printing is done by fusing little bits of metal or plastic. What you're describing is science fiction.
  7. There is no purpose of life general, but my purpose is to be happy, which it turns out is a very complicated thing, and to avoid tragedy.
  8. I was asking what the profile was, not what it's name was. It doesn't matter at this point I suppose. How were the lengths measured? Were the neck lengths normalized for age, height, gender, etc. What is the average normalized neck length? How much does the neck length for profile 35 deviate from the average?
  9. Be sure and eat your Ovaltine?!
  10. It was. No ETs, just fun fantasies to talk about. Things that go bump in the night and all that jazz.
  11. Your lack of understanding of the world is quite astounding. I hope you are around 12 years old, then your thinking would make a little more sense.
  12. Interesting. Kill all the whales, dolphins and porpoises? Kill all the tuna, bluefish and about 90% of all sea life since they are predators? Kill all peguins? Don't forget to wipe out those predatory sea turtles. You really are an evil doer! I'm glad you don't have any power to actually carry out your evil plans. You plans are quite simply heinous and would destroy the earth as we know it!
  13. Killing a predator simply because it is trying to survive makes you an evil doer in my opinion, so you are worth less than a chicken???
  14. Who decides which of these billion people you want to murder is a villian. I'll bet their mothers won't agree with you. Edit: cross posted with iNow.
  15. I simply gave you a possible experiment to try to text your idea. It is a simple experiment, why not try it?
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