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  1. There really aren't any 'verified' NDEs. That is to say there is no verified occurrence of someone's consciousness leaving their body. That would be rather big news...
  2. "Do you believe in God?" All of them?
  3. What does this have to do with quantum theory?
  4. Just because something is complex that does not mean you can't know anything definite about it! How could there be an end goal in evolution? If there was there was then there would need to be a plan, if there was a plan then there would need to be a planner. There is no evidence of a plan or a planner, so the default position is there is no end goal.
  5. You drink between 1/2 to a full gallon of coffee a day?! I think your post may be a side effect of that much caffeine.
  6. I think the biggest change is the internet. 20 years ago if you said the earth was flat your friends and family would laugh and say, "no that's not right" and you would find no one to agree with you. Now you can go on the internet and find hundreds or thousands of people who will agree with whatever batshit crazy idea you have.
  7. He is going to get points off since his homework is 6 years late.
  8. I think that statement is about 180 degrees out of whack.
  9. Define what you mean be 'slag'. Is cooled lava 'slag'? Is granite slag? Is basalt slag?
  10. Why would a large population imply inbreeding? That makes no logical sense.
  11. Just out of curiosity, what is that supposed to mean?
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