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  1. You could have somebody else carry the weights for you. If you want something that has weight in water but not out, I think your out of luck....
  2. I agree. A quote from the first article: The scientists posit that ADHD symptoms and traits, including failure to give close attention to detail, impulsivity, forgetfulness, risk-taking behaviors, and more might explain the elevated probability of exposure to Sars-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in this group.
  3. Orion should be visible from London. Your sky chart may not be for your location or the right time of the year.
  4. You should have named this thread "Things I didn't know about God". These stories are in the part of the bible that was before the invention of Heaven so death was a bigger deal in those days.
  5. This headline isn't science. Edited to add "headline".
  6. We have theorized dark matter based on it's gravitational attraction, so saying dark matter might have negative mass effects makes no sense.
  7. I do not know of any description of angels in the old testament. I only recall writings along the lines of, "an angel of the lord appeared to him...", with no description at all.
  8. Angels were invented in the old testament and were never described physically.
  9. The maximum theoretical efficiency of photosynthesis is 26% and the actual utilization is less than that. The average human has a surface area of a bit under 2 m^2 so that means the you would get less than 2 megajoules per day. You would also need thin translucent thin skin and spend most your time in the sunshine. You would also have to find some method to obtain the nutrients that are necessary. I still do not think a photosynthesizing large mobile animal makes sense.
  10. It seems to me that there is not enough energy from sunlight to sustain a large mobile creature. I base that on the fact that there has been life that is sustained by sunlight only for billions of years and yet there have never been (AFAIK) any photosynthesizing life larger than microscopic that was mobile.
  11. Magnetic fields don't warp space. You can't move faster than light. No thanks, seems like not that great sci fi.
  12. Anti-5G bracelets? Oh, for the love of...🙄
  13. Yes you are correct heavy water has some slightly different properties than normal water due to the higher mass of the heavy water molecule. These are subtilties that I don't think the OP is asking about, he does not seem to understand that the chemical properties of the elements are to the most part due to the electrons configurations in the elemental atoms.
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