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  1. Sorry, but your trifecta of pseudoscience (numerology, astrology and religion) does not rise to the level of science. Reposting a closed thread is against the rules. If you have a problem with a moderated report them, don't start a thread to whine about a moderator. This is not a good start for you.
  2. Ah, Cardassian Big Big Butt Ale. I don't mean to hijack, please continue
  3. Yes the future will be just glorious. In 1968 when 2001 A Space Odyssey was written most people (I sure did) believed that by 2001 we would have space liners taking tourists to the moon, like the book. I mean it made sense; in less than 10 years we were on the cusp of people landing on the moon, imagine what would happen in the next 30 years. Well not much happened. It is now almost 50 years since anyone has been on the moon. Why? The public lost interest and funding dried up. That's reality. Frankly, at this point I think we should stop human space travel and instead of pouring money into human space flight use that money to concentrate on robots and ai to explore. By the way 'pour in money' in this case is about 0.2% of the federal budget. NASA budget is 0.47% of the federal budget and human space flight is 48% of NASA budget I hope I'm wrong and we colonize the galaxy. I would really like to have drink in a bar on Tatooine.😃
  4. Yes I have heard of them. Did you know that generation ships don't exist, except in science fiction, like Star Trek. I think that may be possible, but it course there would be no astronauts involved. Except they don't exist and the cost is so prohibitive Yep, just invent something that doesn't exist and we are on way. Of course it would still be too expensive and too slow. If interstellar space travel existed maybe, but there isn't any. There has literally been billions of years for an alien species to have colonized the galaxy, it hasn't happened because unfortunately it simply appears, you can't get there from here... There is nobody that would love to have interstellar space travel more than me, but the physics and the economics at this point and in the foreseeable future make it essentially impossible. I will have to enjoy going to other stars in the pages of sci-fi books.☹️
  5. Well let's look at the speed of space craft first. The fastest manned spacecraft flew at about 25,000 mph, back in the 1960's. The fastest space craft ever attained a speed of about 150,000 mph. That is an increase of about 5X, not bad. To get to 10% the speed of light we would need an additional increase of about 4000x. Where would we go? The chances of finding a planet that has an environment that we could survive in with out some sort of protective suit is nil. Think Mars or Venus. In all likelihood the trip would take hundreds of years so the ship would be absurdly huge. Even if we assume that the closest extra solar system to earth had a planet to land on, that would be a trip of more than 45 years. The cost would be staggering and the benefit (other than feeling good) to the people footing the bill would be nothing. We have trouble funding space flight now, think of trying to convince the public that every family should pay several thousand dollars a year to the government to send a few people out into space with a reasonable chance of utter failure. There are radiation issues and others the list of problems is huge. Personally, I think the world should start realizing that there is no new frontier outside of a few individuals being sent on missions to the moon, mars and some asteroids. We ain't getting off of this rock and we should start treating the Earth based on that realization.
  6. With what we currently know about physics, it seems to me at least, that any sustained interstellar space travel with living beings is so unlikely as to be essentially impossible.
  7. It is just anecdotal, so pretty useless at this point, we will have to wait for the actual study to see if there is anything to it.
  8. You have pointed out that materials on earth have been in contact with water to some extent. I agree. Your statement that all materials were made from water is clearly false.
  9. If you measure the temperature of your breath coming out of an open mouth vs pursed lips right at your mouth the temperature will be the same. When you blow out of pursed lips the higher velocity breath entrains the surrounding air so it is much cooler even a couple inches from your mouth. The temperature of the air from a fan is the same temperature as the surrounding air. The reason that moving air cools you is 2 fold. First the moving air will increase evaporation of any sweat on your skin, cooling you. Secondly, if the ambient air temperature is less than your skin temperature the high mass flow of air will transfer more heat away from your skin due to more cool air molecules per second hitting your skin than stagnant air, cooling you. If the ambient air temperature is above your skin temperature and there is no sweat or moisture on your skin, then a fan will heat your skin making you hotter. This is because the higher mass flow of air means more hot air molecules per second are hitting your skin than stagnant air, transferring more heat to you. Heat transfer is always from hot to cold.
  10. Bufofrog

    Latex test

    \[ \dot{Q} = \dot{m} c_p(T_b - T_o)\]
  11. The Orion nebula is not a planetary body, it's a nebula. The Orion nebula is over 1000 ly away. I think the web site is probably written by a 10 year old.
  12. I was not aware of that method but it definitely makes sense.
  13. Well distillation is the only reasonable way to get to 70% alcohol that I know of. Ethyl alcohol % from fermentation is going to max out at in the high teens.
  14. Just looking at the density and assuming that the mixture is just water and ethyl alcohol and if the temperature is 20C, then the concentration is 77.3%. Here is a calculator for you. Since you obviously distilled this, I have a couple of watchouts. 1. If this is being distilled for consumption and you do not have a license then you are breaking the law. 2. If you collect the alcohol before the proper distillation temperature is reached then you will have contaminated your ethyl alcohol with poisonous methyl alcohol. Be careful!
  15. Maybe someone just threw a rock at you and they missed and it hit in front of you. Seems more logical than your hypothesis that magic space diamond fell to earth and gave birth to a walnut (possibly a pecan).
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