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  1. Well that is some pretty convincing evidence.🙄
  2. In the above scenario it would seem that the choice of lubricants should be the least of your of your worries.
  3. Nope, personally I could care less, I was just pointing out what was in the bible that refuted your earlier statement. Where did you get that from?? I think it is pretty clearly stated he was drunk and asleep.
  4. The story of Noah and his son Ham seems weirdly over the top against nudity.
  5. I would think not since they red shifted for distant objects. I have no idea how that could happen, so it doesn't seem likely. I believe that is correct.
  6. You said, "All we have are measurements of spectral emission lines from type 1a supernovae". The spectral emission lines are from the galaxy not the supernova. The type 1a supernova have the same absolute magnitude. By comparing the apparent magnitude to the absolute magnitude you can calculate the distance to the galaxy. So therefore you can then relate the redshift (recession speed) of the galaxy to the distance of the galaxy calculated from the supernova.
  7. That is imprecise and incorrect. It would seem to me that you should have a good understanding of a theory before you dismiss it.
  8. So this is "The Problem"? It doesn't seem to be a big problem at all...
  9. Here us an easy to understand explanation.
  10. No, I would however, assume that the more unstable an isotope is the shorter the half life is.
  11. Nope. (And you don't have a model)
  12. Great, I hope you got an 'A' on your paper.
  13. It's easy if you try... Personally, I am living because I enjoy living. If believing in God brings meaning to your life, that's great, just leave me out of it.
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