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  1. Yes it's genuinely too cold. But of course 90% of the US is too cold.
  2. I completely agree. I answered the question assuming the poster was not asking about factoring out the observers motion. That is the danger of asking a yes or no question about a nuanced situation.
  3. Absolutely not. You always travel into the future. The reason that stars far from earth are seen as they were in the past is because the light that is just now reaching us left the star long ago. The light from the sun shows us what the sun looked like 8 minutes in the past.
  4. I would really like to see an example to see what is confusing you.
  5. Everyone agreed you would see the moon as it was 8 minutes ago. Why did you bring up 16 minutes?
  6. You probably didn't notice but this is an English language site. Since your immortal couldn't you spare a little time to learn English? Its not like your pressed for time, sheesh!
  7. You are the one that has the 'new' idea, it is up to you to show evidence for your idea, we do not need to refute it. You have not supplied anything close to compelling evidence, you have just made unsubstantiated pronouncements.
  8. Since we are talking about God which is by definition supernatural, he can make any rule he wants, such as, "my knowledge of the state of the system has no effect". Using an analogy is not a good idea to make your point. At no time in reality, is a cat alive and dead at the same time. We won't know if the cat is alive or dead until we open the box, but the cat is either dead or alive we just don't know.
  9. - Delusion - Drug induced stupor - Ignorance - Trolling
  10. Very small changes can have a big effect on a substance. For instance salt which is NaCl, is the ionic form of sodium and chlorine that must be consumed to some level to stay alive. But if the Cl- ion which is vital to life were to lose 1 electron (go from 18 to 17 electrons) the ion would become a deadly gas. If the Na+ ion which is vital for life were to gain 1 electron (go from 10 to 11 electrons) the ion would become a metal that burns when it come in contact with water.
  11. LOL, your a hoot! If you assume something is supernatural, then since this thing exists that is evidence of the supernatural? Really? Let me play this game. There is no exact mechanism that explains red sprites, so I think they are supernatural. Red sprits exist, therefore they are evidence of the supernatural! Cool.🙄
  12. This is just an unevidenced conjuncture. If we say at this point that we don't know that simply means we don't know at this time, it does not mean we will never know, or something is unknowable. Ok, so you think supernatural stuff is real, well when you get some great evidence of supernatural stuff let me know. That is simply bovine feces. You can infer whatever you like, don't include me in your little inferences.
  13. Well then proclaiming that you exist to the world seems sort of stupid, don't you think? I think the best thing for you to do to protect yourself is to stop posting on this forum. PS, are all 6 of you guys in the same ward?
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