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  1. Bufofrog


    Still dodging and obfuscating. Why change tactics, right?
  2. Bufofrog


    I can make an animation of a person flying by flapping his arms, the animation does not mean it is possible in reality!
  3. Bufofrog


    You did not answer what m(liquid) is in your animation. And a guess what, your next reply won't answer it either. I don't know why you won't answer, I only you won't. Very odd...
  4. Bufofrog


    It seems clear to me that you are unable to answer the questions put to you. You simply have an animation that shows a physically impossible situation and then hand wave and dodge questions about the animation since it is indefensible. This thread is due to be tossed in to the trash can soon. It certainly has my vote for the trash!
  5. Bufofrog


    Is the above seriously supposed to be an answer to my question?
  6. Bufofrog


    Oh good. One of the questions you didn't answer was from Swansont, he asked what is the m(liquid) in your equation since your diagram doesn't seem to have a liquid component.
  7. Bufofrog


    Bustvov, why do you refuse to answer questions asked of you? Do you not want to reveal too much about your diagrams? But then what would be the point of the thread? Maybe you don't know the answers?
  8. Bufofrog


    Yes. Agreed, you should do that. Velocity for one.
  9. You can believe whatever you want, but your beliefs are not science.
  10. So you are saying spacetime or the maker of spacetime is nice to living things??? That does not seem like anything in the realm of science.