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  1. Well, a rotating magnetic field is very useful.
  2. I am sure everyone on this forum would encourage you to ask questions and learn more.
  3. F=ma An increase in the force means that the acceleration increased or the mass increased or both increased. A decrease in the force means that the acceleration decreased or the mass decreased or both decreased.
  4. What is frition? Fiction? Don't worry about which section you are in, just hurry up and reveal how to time travel. I want to go back in time to see if a hadrosaur taste like chicken. Thanks!
  5. It is hard to believe that we are going see a realistic way to time travel in a day or two!
  6. Why are you yelling? The setup that you have shown should be very easy to make. I assume you have not made it though, since you would know it won't work. I also assume you have no math to support your idea so you should build the setup to prove to yourself that it won't work.
  7. If you do it too much I heard that you will go blind! So be careful!
  8. Galaxies are not moving through space faster than light. The distance between two galaxies can increase faster than the speed of light because space is expanding, without violating relativity. Do you have any evidence of that?
  9. Is it your proposal that if you confine a series of bar together a magnet placed on top of the series will move down the length of series of magnets?
  10. Is it required to yell the question? Why are you repeating stuff? When you are yelling stairs do you mean steps instead of stairs?
  11. Sorry, but math is the language of science. You can read and learn about science in general without math, but you will never achieve an understand to the depth where you can develop a new hypothesis without math. If you really want to be left alone don't present bullshit. Very simple.
  12. You can submit what you call an idea but it ain't science, it is uniformed idle speculation.
  13. He doesn't seem to understand science or copyrights but his post are pretty humorous.
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