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  1. What could possibly go wrong.
  2. They won't. A neutron will collide elasticity with a nucleus and not destroy or otherwise 'damage' the nucleus. Don't go on belief, you should go on facts. Edit: As Sensi said in rare cases some emissions from the nucleus is possible. That is not typical.
  3. Have you ever considered finishing some of your open threads before starting new ones?
  4. It depends on the nuclei. Uranium 235 will undergo fission from a thermal (slow) neutron but Uranium 238 will undergo fission from a fast neutron.
  5. I can do the same thing, I guess. It is like you are tensing a muscle in your inner ear. The noise is loud enough to drowned out conversation. I don't think I could do that for a minute though, maybe 15 seconds. It's like rolling your tongue or wiggling your ears some can do it and others can't. It's not a very useful talent...
  6. You have a misconception about space weather. If a huge solar storm hit the space station, they would not feel anything! They would, however get a big dose of radiation.
  7. Yes, that is what I said. Solar flares are what causes radiation storms. It could if the shuttles were still flying.
  8. I assume if there was a large CME there may be a delay in the launch to minimize radiation exposure. I don't believe there is such a thing as space turbulence. edit: Space weather has to do with the solar wind, which is about the amount of charge particles from the sun. This has nothing to do with an actual wind or turbulence in space.
  9. Interesting plan, assume you are immune.
  10. So the second step would be not to get burned?
  11. I find this thread deeply offensive. There seem to be several members who's general feeling about rape is "we have to protect men". I won't be returning to this abomination of a thread...
  12. If you know more than a Veterinarian, I doubt you would learn much from a science forum, but I hope you do and I hope your rat feels better. I think rats make great pets.
  13. Here's a crazy thought, take him to a veterinarian.
  14. Some person invented something and the only other clue is that this person lives in a city on earth that has a city flag with black yellow in it? Wow, seems like not enough info....
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