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  1. You can have your own beliefs, but not your own facts.
  2. A completely deranged statement. Let me add my -1 to make it an even -10....
  3. Agreed, if that brings you comfort. Nor can I. Do you think believing that when you die, you're... dead, is doom and gloom? What biblical promises have come true?
  4. No. Because the claim is just a 2000 year old story with absolutely no evidence to back up the claim.
  5. That is correct. I'm not sure how the method that yeast use to reproduce is related to the OP.
  6. No. The vaccines for Covid do not have dead viruses, but regardless the answer is no.
  7. The way to do that is to go to university. Good luck!
  8. This quote seems like it could have been plagiarized from Popeye.
  9. No thanks. Why don't you try following the rules of this website and present your information here?
  10. Balderdash, or in the ancient language, nuh-uh.
  11. That is a terrible assumption since all evidence indicates light has no mass.
  12. The earth didn't exist 5 billion years ago, so I am not sure what common origin you are talking about.
  13. Well that is too bad because that is clearly wrong. There is matter in the universe, that due to the expansion of the universe, has a recession velocity greater than the speed of light therefore that matter cannot be exerting any gravitational effect on our region of space. IOW matter that has a recession velocity greater than c cannot transmit any signal we could detect.
  14. So you refuse to discuss this here. Why is that? One obvious reason is that there is no classified information. You seem to think there is. Why do you think that? How can anyone help with your idea if you refuse to share it!?
  15. What information do you think was classified?
  16. Try describing the event here and the we can discuss it.
  17. Please present you idea here, I don't want to go to your website. This site is for discussion not advertising.
  18. None of the models describe the "true" form of gravity. The models are useful approximations of what is "really" happening.
  19. Because the water is much more dense than the steam. In other words there are many more high temperature molecules in contact with your skin in water than in steam, therefore much more heat is transferred to your skin from the water.
  20. In your other thread you said the aether was heat. I guess you just make this stuff up as you go along? In any rate neither of these OPs are physics.
  21. When the yeast is added to the wort there are around 3 billion yeast cells per liter after 2 days there are about 35 billion yeast cells per liter.
  22. No, there still is no free energy.
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