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  1. I do not think there are women that can compete with men in a professional sport that relies on speed and/or strength. For instance the record for a 100 meter race by a women was 10.49 seconds by Florence Griffith-Joyner. The top 10 high school boys 100 meter times were 10.15 seconds or less, which is more than 1/2 second faster. If Caitlyn Jenner had competed as a women in the Olympics she would have probably won 10 gold metals while setting world records. IMO it is simply unfair to women born as a women to allow transgender women to compete against them.
  2. I do understand. Mass is not energy. Mass can directly be converter to photons, but photons are not energy. It is along the lines of graphite and diamond, graphite can be converted into diamonds but graphite is not diamond
  3. You do know that Pelosi doesn't drink alcohol, right?
  4. Society is only allowed to use the drug that you prefer?
  5. You first have to have evidence that God created life, before moving to your question.
  6. The greatest risk with pot is being arrested. That is a risk that is easily fixed by making it legal.
  7. That harm analysis is fine but to consider LSD as a "lite drug" on par with marijuana is still crazy talk. Have you ever taken LSD? There is a world of difference between the effects of LSD as opposed to smoking pot.
  8. You consider LSD a 'lite drug' like pot. That is crazy talk...
  9. If a God exists, then it apparently does not consider those things a problem.
  10. It doesn't change my opinion on how dangerous a dog breed is. Sure any dog can be aggressive but I would much rather get attacked by a Pekingese than a Pit Bull.
  11. Well, it seems like we have free will so that's good enough for me.
  12. That doesn't sound like a big problem, you should mention it to your Dr. on your next visit. Hallucinations are a bit more concerning. If this is a one off thing, I would not be too concerned, if this happens with any regularity you should definitely consult your Dr.
  13. No, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger that said that,
  14. This is the conclusion at the end of the of the 2 introductory paragraphs from your source. Those who believe in the reality of NDE assert that the patient remembers what happened during the flat-EEG period, but this is not conclusively scientifically verifiable. So your source does not support your assertion. From this same site this was said: "A believer, when evaluating cases of NDE, cannot exclude the intervention of the devil during the final stage of recovering from a state of coma. The devil, as theology tells us, is able to induce dreams or visions." This a religious site and not a scientific site. As such it is not exactly a good source to cite for a scientific discussion.
  15. No I wasn't kidding. Unfortunately, this citation does not seem to support your claim. You claim: "I still can't figure out how someone can experiment perceptions with a flat electrical brain activity signal, which is what most of the cases describe anyway." I am still wondering if you have a citation for this claim or is it something you just believe without evidence.
  16. Am I to assume that you do not have a citation for this claim of yours?
  17. Thanks for the heads up. I typically don't watch these videos, but based on your description I watched this one. It is pretty hilarious!😄
  18. I have heard theist say this often. I don't see how the lack of belief or faith is a religion. The lack of belief is not essential. I never really think about it. The only time I really think about is if somebody asks or I see a post like this. It is like if someone asks me if I believe bigfoot exists, I would say no, but it certainly is not some belief that is important or somehow defines who I am.
  19. Observation and experimentation show that the curvature involves spacetime not just space.
  20. Well for almost 200 years that is exactly what white men have done in US, so I am not sweating this particular "injustice". She is also clearly qualified so, what the hey...
  21. Please supply a citation for this claim.
  22. Seems like we are getting off into the weeds. The point is there is no evidence that a dead person has ever come back to life.
  23. I know this is just a simple typing error (which I do all the time) but it really cracked me up.
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