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  1. It looks like you have misinterpreted what the term dark matter halo means. Your idea that a halo of dark matter is pushing toward the center of the galaxy assumes that the dark matter halo is denser around the outside of the galaxy. That is not what is meant by halo in this case, in this case the density of dark matter increases as you move towards the center of the galaxy. So if dark matter actually pushes things away that would mean that the dark matter would be pushing the galaxy apart, not pushing it together.
  2. So what is this source-sink theory about?
  3. This has been answered. The miners pay the electric bills. You can mine for bitcoin, buy an expensive computer, with an expensive (powerful) video card and run your algorithm to guess the number that will allow you to claim some bitcoin. To increase your chance of guessing correctly you could run 10 computers 24/7 at full capacity. At the end of the month you have to pay the electric bill for your energy usage. As has also been mentioned that because the miners are eating up all this energy it can cause energy prices to increase.
  4. Or I might be horrified. I guess it is not worth the risk. Maybe you could just discuss the idea here since this is a discussion forum...
  5. My understanding is the really large consumption of power comes from mining cryptocurrency, so the person doing the mining pays for the energy.
  6. You have asked a form of this question multiple times in this thread and have received the answer of 'yes' multiple times. Are you looking for a different answer or not reading the answers?
  7. A coherent, testable and logical theory along with experimental evidence supporting the theory.
  8. There is no fabric of space, you seem to be confusing an analogy with the real thing. Space is a volume so saying it is made of particles makes no sense. Since your idea is based on this idea of a nonexistent fabric the rest does not make sense either.
  9. It makes no sense. It is the same as saying length is attracted to gravity.
  10. No. When I hired someone for a technical job I didn't care if they were a classic nerd or if they looked like leading man actor, what I cared about is did they seem like they would do the best job.
  11. No matter how small the distance is to something if you only go half way you won't get there, right? Say you are 10 ft from your goal and you go half way, now you are 5 ft away. Now you go half way to your goal and you are only 2.5 ft away. You never will reach your goal because no matter what the distance is you only go half way there, never all the way.
  12. The flat earthers are at their core just more conspiracy theorists who believe all the worlds governments have gotten together and decided to hide the truth that the earth is flat. Why they think that truth is being hidden is beyond me.
  13. The speed of light is c in all inertial frames as you seem to know. That means an observer would 'see' both beams moving at c. That further means the closing speed would be 2c. In other words, if the 2 beams were 2 Ls apart, after 1 second they would pass each other, but of course nothing is actually exceeding c.
  14. There is a reasonable chance that doing so would be the last experiment the scientist ever did.
  15. There is really no way to economically and safely travel to other stars. I wonder how many planets would have a mix of gases that would allow humans to breath, I would wager that it is very few. So the aliens aren't here because you can't get here from there.
  16. Some radiation is good for you, EM radiation in the ultraviolet wavelength helps your body produce vitamin D.
  17. Have you talked to a health professional about this? As you stated this seems fantastical. There could be any number of reasons for you to misinterpreting what is going on. I highly recommend that you consult with your doctor. Maybe you are experiencing a prescription drug side effect or having an allergic reaction to something. Good luck.
  18. I think everyone has there own way of thinking about and remembering things. I use to remember trig by just knowing sine. Sine A = opp/hyp, the other one is the other hyp. one and the weird one doesn't have a hyp. in it but it is kinda like sine. Not really useful to anyone but me and why that sticks in my mind, I don't know....
  19. So heavy people get tired more easily than lighter people because for a given unit of 'ego in the human psyche' they have less energy? I believe your analogy between social space-time and physical space-time has been stretched way beyond the breaking point!
  20. The surroundings were speeded up? That sounds like an experiment that should be pretty well known! I don't recall ever reading about a method to speed up someone's surrounding, I don't even know what that means. Perhaps you could zero in on which year in the 50's this happened and in which university it was done? Maybe like an actual citation?
  21. Sorry, but it seems like all you would need to finish that would be some feta cheese and a nice balsamic vinaigrette.🙂
  22. Predicting future technology is a fools errand. So I think I am up to the task, I predict in 7 - 10 years there will be cars that do not require a driver. That does not mean they will never crash, it means they will be significantly safer than having human drivers.
  23. No informed person thinks we are there yet. The self driving mode on the car clearly points out that you are not even supposed to take your hands off the wheel. These poor people that died did not even have anyone in the driver's seat!
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