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  1. I have a few questions. What is the epigenetic profile they share? What is that physical feature? What is their common profile and physical feature?
  2. All these ideas are useless. If it impossible for idea to be physically accomplished, then it is little more than fantasy.
  3. Apparently you have some hypothesis. Would you care to share it so it could be discussed?
  4. In general when someone says, here is the truth about race, whatever follows is not truth. Just like when someone says, I'm not racist - but..., whatever follows is racist.
  5. Please supply a source for this claim. I suspect that the genetics you are citing are about the indigenous people's of the Americas and not the European colonizers.
  6. The electrons in current carrying conductor do not move very fast but the electromagnetic waves in the conducter move at the speed of light through the conductor. So a light may turn on almost instantly when switched on but the electrons from the source will take a while to reach the light.
  7. If you want discuss your idea then you need to present it here. That is kinda a rule...
  8. Yeah that's always the problem. I've got an idea where we can build a starship that can move at 90% the speed of light to travel to other stars, the problem is I have not thought of a way to produce the energy and convert it to thrust...
  9. I see from your graphic that you are showing that the gas giant planets are in fact larger than the earth, so that is good. Was your OP actually trying to say the earth is the largest solid body in the solar system?
  10. The earth is not the largest object in the universe. There are 5 objects larger than the earth in our own solar system.
  11. That presents a major problem. If you assume something that defies physics then any conclusions based on that false assumption is meaningless. OTOH, clouds are liquid water, they are made of tiny water droplets, so we could discuss that approach. A bubble of liquid water around the earth is about as likely as a shell of rock in the atmosphere.
  12. It sounds like you are asking about a scenario where there are 20 meters of liquid water suspended in the atmosphere. Since that would make no sense, I assume I am misreading what you are saying, could you rephrase your question?
  13. Hopefully you now understand you don't need a presentation. All you need to do is present one piece of supporting evidence, just one piece. It should take one paragraph of less. That should kick off a discussion, which is kind of the point of this forum.
  14. I don't know what you mean by the same person. I think the same person just means a continuum of memories. You are clearly different than you were when you were 7 years old, essentially a different person, it just seems like you weren't that different because of your continuum of memories.
  15. I already know the answer, I don't need to prove to myself that rest mass is rest mass.
  16. No, that is normal weight. No, that also is normal weight. Sorry to hear that.
  17. How about any evidence on one of the 27? I mean clearly for you to proclaim you have made this discovery you have some level of evidence at the ready.
  18. Why do you keep hijacking your own thread? If you are done with the flood stuff, then start a new thread for your other questions or thoughts.
  19. That would indeed cause a large tsunami. A large meteorite striking land would cause cooling not heating of the earth. Inland water is due to rain. The flood myth is based on fears of the catastrophic effects of large floods and ancient people inability to understand how or why they happen. You bring up a good point about tsunamis, they would be particularly terrifying and unexplainable.
  20. That's good, you aren't crazy you are just deluding yourself. This is pretty common for people who want a belief to be true. Leviticus 11:13-19
  21. Really? You have seen a human being grow a limb with your own eyes? Do you honestly think any sane person believes you? I think that you should seek help. Take care and good luck.
  22. This is the speculations section of a science forum, this is not bible school. Please discuss science in your replys. Cayce is not science either.
  23. So you are saying a 8kg force (80N) can lift a 60 kg mass. Absurd. This is based on your incorrect belief that you can only produce 80N of force when you raise your heels off the ground so your weight is on the balls of your feet. You have been making this silly claim for a while. Why don't you just go to the gym and use the calf press equipment to see how much your calves can actually lift?
  24. Space is expanding, however, I don't believe time is expanding.
  25. I don't think that would be correct. The universe is not expanding into anything, it is just expanding.
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