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  1. I don't think there is alien life involved with UAPs. I don't think time travel is possible. I don't think interstellar space travel is feasible. I am curious to see if UAPs are anything more than glitches and misidentification, I don't know what it could be though.
  2. Because everybody is different. Some people like chocolate others like vanilla. Some people like routines others don't.
  3. I didn't want to watch a video, I wondered what you thought there being bias
  4. It seems to me that almost no life forms try to learn all they can, so that can't be the purpose of life. It sounds like "learning all you can" makes you happy, which is good, it is just not the purpose of life.
  5. True but that is a purpose that a human would attribute to there own life. On a cosmological scale it is meaningless to say what is the purpose of life. It is like asking what is the purpose of Feldspar or what is the purpose of electrons.
  6. Holy crap, I forgot that abomination was your thread! Taking credit for that thread is not going to make people think, "Gee, that guy is way smarter than Einstein!" My advice is not to draw attention to that thread, or actually this one either...
  7. That's weird, when I click the link it takes me to the imdb site for the episode titled "The Neutral Zone" The one line description is: "While assigned to investigate missing outposts in the Neutral Zone, the Enterprise revives three cryogenically frozen people found aboard a wayward derelict Earth vessel."
  8. I don't know how good they are, but there are lots of them. Here is Star Treks take.
  9. Over 3,000 unvaccinated people have died in the US in the last 7 days. Their concerns about the safety of vaccines and/or their political position on the vaccine appears to have been a bad choice. It certainly looks like the anti-vaxer and Trumpian population in the US is dropping. Sad and ironic....
  10. Sure they can, but I still don't think jday believes what he wrote.
  11. It seems to me that some level of prejudice is actually something people are born with, however racism is a conscious decision to embrace and act on that unreasonable instinctual prejudice.
  12. Yes you are. The light is blue shifted but the speed is still c.
  13. If time was standing still right now, I wouldn't have to wait. Gosh this is an interesting thread!
  14. Evil is a human construct, and I don't think it has too much impact. I think humans do have a big impact on evolution due to the level of extinctions that we are causing and will cause. But evil such as wars don't have the impact that the general human population does in habitat destruction and pollution to the worlds animal populations. Looking at the big extinction events of the past I don't know if humans can top those, but time will tell.
  15. Somebody accidentally gave Exchemist down votes for 2 of his reasonable posts, don't worry I fixed them.😉
  16. I still do not see why a material that has anti-gravity characteristics would be drawn to a galaxy. It should be repelled by a mass and therefore should be no where near a large concentration of normal mass. Well again thinking in terms or Occams Razor, it would make more sense to posit a normal mass that simply does not interact with light (much like a neutrino) instead of invoking a material with properties never seen and having it form a halo which would be a counter intuitive thing to happen.
  17. Oh, ok I see. If dark matter is anti-gravity, why would it be pulled in by the gravity of the galaxy? It seems to me if I had a hand full of material that exhibited anti-gravity and I released it that it would shoot away from earth and not be attracted to earth. There is no need for a counter force of gravity to keep the galaxy from collapsing in on itself, just as there is no need for a counter force in the solar system to keep it from collapsing.
  18. I cannot explain why it is true, because unfortunately it isn't true. I have seen the profits rise in my old factory as workers were replaced by robots.
  19. You need to discuss your paper here and not direct people to another site.
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