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  1. Publicly disclosing a new product on the internet...

    "first to file" is definitely a thing even if there is a post on a website that is not proof enough that you were the original inventor if somebody else files a patent application. Unfortunately this is very true not many people can afford an international patent. Applying for a patent in the US only protects that patent in the US an international patent can cost thousands more and still won't be respected in some countries. There is a website that files international patents but it is very expensive.
  2. Publicly disclosing a new product on the internet...

    No all patents must be filed with the relevant authority. For yourself that is You must then pay the subsequent fees. It is possible to fill out the application yourself if you feel confident or don't have the money to pay a lawyer. Note that not all countries will respect your patent. So it is not always the best route to patent things as people in countries such as china can still copy your patent and sell your product without your consent. Sometimes you are better keeping the design a trade secret (like the coca cola recipe) if possible.
  3. Yeah it is everything is practice this kid is book smart and probably thinks the other kids are stupid so he won't learn to play and he won't learn to care about others. His mom is good at these things and can teach him.
  4. Kids like that tend be bad with emotional intelligence and sports. If you want to challenge the kid maybe you should teach him sports and get him teach him to care about other people.
  5. Comp Sci in the RAF or as a civilian?

    Yes I have heard that too. They pay for your accommodation, food, training etc. Working in computer science as a civilian has advantages too. Most of the larger companies Apple, Microsoft etc own (or part own) eLearning platforms (linkedin, udemy etc) which allows you and your family to learn anything for free. They will also contribute to your internet bills if you choose to work from home and you will be allowed to travel all of the time. My brother spends all his time travelling the world and working remotely. They will also pay for your food in you work on campus and provide uniforms. The RAF won't allow you to travel unless it is to war etc so if you want to travel being a civilian is the way to go. The RAF will ensure you keep yourself fit though and might be more interesting since you have access to military tech and might teach you to fly. You should look into GCHQ/Navy too I would imagine they have some cool tech to keep you interested. In terms of money the only real benefit of the RAF is the accommodation which you probably won't use if you ever get married.
  6. Networks

    Web 2.0 is just useless jargon it isn't a specification of anything and it doesn't add anything new. You could always use cgi to make an interactive website like facebook.
  7. Magnet-Based artificial gravity

    Well yeah because the repulsion is really weak. You'd need a magnet even stronger again and I want to figure out how strong it would actually need to be.
  8. Networking settings for an idiot...

    No they aren't. Most people in the US and Europe have a dynamic ip address basically when you connect to the ISP's router you get an ip address automatically and when they reset their router you get a new ip. Companies have a static ip address this means that the ISP's always gives the same ip address to the company every time they connect to the internet. Dns is how a domain name is converted to an ip address Dynamic Dns is a paid service in which companies update the ipadress that the domain name is pointing to. They do this through the use of software. Dynamic Dns can be free but is unreliable. The benefit of the static ip is that if you have a camera watching your garden and the ISP resets their router you still have internet access. With a dynamic ip you could be offline for half an hour or more each time.
  9. Magnet-Based artificial gravity

    Magnets weakly repel organic tissue. How strong an electromagnet would be required to simulate artificial gravity and would a magnetic field that strong be harmful to a person?
  10. Networking settings for an idiot...

    For dynamic dns if you don't want to get a static ip you could use (free) and an android app to update your ip to their server
  11. Networking settings for an idiot...

    Okay so that router should be okay. *(It doesn't support static routing but hopefully your internet company doesn't require that for the static ip. Note that most cisco routers don't use coax so you might need to switch to an Ethernet wall plate instead of the coax one.) All internet providers give a dynamic ip address by default. It changes every few hours which isn't okay if you want to access your camera and need to know the ip address of your home network. They will tell you exactly the configuration details required. To port forward with your current device follow this. To assign a static private IP address to your two phones follow this. That should work fine.
  12. Networking settings for an idiot...

    You'll need A gateway that supports static routing if your current gateway does not like A static ip from your internet company or pay for a dynamic dns resolution service and a domain name. Then you will need to. Set a static private ip address for your android phone and then install a camera streaming app such as or (rtp steams can be played with vlc) Portforward your static private ip address to a port on your static public ip address.
  13. I would imagine it is an antenna transmitting signals at 800 MHz
  14. Can you create more memory from memory

    That refers the wires that run into the computer processor or ALU. Space is a consideration there was a time when a 64-bit computer would be very heavy and therefore no good for laptops etc.
  15. Can you create more memory from memory

    1 bit is a unit which quantifies exactly one on/off state. Early magnetic core memory used rings which could hold a single charge in the on/off state. The magnetic ring would change the output current in the wire if it was charged or not.