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  1. I usually watch Udemy/YouTube videos. There is a general rule of thumb to do well (in college) Invest in a fast computer and internet connection. It should have be able to boot Windows, Mac, and Linux at least (3TB hard drive) Comment every function. Try to follow standards like JavaDoc. Use design patterns. (download cheatsheets) Use private variables with getters/setters everywhere. StackOverflow is your friend. When asked to code a function it will generally be one the lecturer copied from a website somewhere. Use a good IDE, some examples are Intellij idea. This guy makes a joke about it but it "should" get a good mark.
  2. A test is necessary to determine if the person is immune.There is no reason to assume that he has immunity after getting the virus once. Medicine likes to put prefixes on things. "A" in front of a word means logical negation of the following word so "Asymptomatic" means not symptomatic. The person is sick but a third party would never be able to tell they were sick by looking at them. They may also think that they aren't sick or that their symptoms are normal. Take an imaginary person Jim. He has hayfever and is always sneezing. He acquires the coronavirus infection and sneezes but thinks nothing of it because it is normal for him to be sneezing in the summer. Other people living with Jim know he has hayfever and think nothing of his sneezing.
  3. Historically there was the idea of the enigma machine. This allowed you to make simple string replacements using a particular setting or key. If you had the key then you could decrypt the message encrypted by enigma. This was a bit insecure, at the time character -> character mappings worked relatively well eg A = C, D=K and so on as computers became more powerful they could easily decrypt such messages therefore a more powerful method of encryption was required. The new method involved using complex maths/pseudo-random number generators to create a set of replacements based on a key which was called the keystream. Instead of single character -> character replacements it instead made replacements based on an array index (determined by some algorithm) in the set of replacements so given the keystream { A, F, G, I, K } . The first letter in the message would undergo some operation with the some letter in the keystream and so on until you have an encrypted message. So if you and I had the key and the generator we could send encrypted messages to each other. This was still insecure, if for instance you were attacked by an enemy they could send encrypted messages pretending to be me. Modern generators will use the idea of a public and private key. The public key can generate the keystream to decrypt messages. The private key can generate the keystream to encrypt messages. One thing to note is that the keysteam + generator/function must always create 1-1 mappings between characters for encryption e.g. A->G, B -> D. If you have anything greater than 1-1 mappings e.g. AK -> G and BG->G you have what is known as a hash which isn't easily reversible. Hashing is usually used for passwords to ensure that a hacker cannot get access to login information if they manage to hack a database somehow.
  4. The error is caused by an outdated Truffle and inconsistent Solidity version not returning the expected JSON result to putBalance. The tests themselves are not written in JavaScript. You are better off learning the latest versions of Truffle and Solidity . $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install nodejs $ sudo apt-get install ethereum $ sudo apt-get install geth $ sudo npm install -g truffle $ mkdir MetaCoin $ cd MetaCoin $ truffle unbox metacoin //Open a seperate terminal and run $ cd MetaCoin $ testrpc //Back in the original terminal $ truffle test
  5. I am assuming it is the tutorial to ping google and get the interfaces shown, you didn't apply the filter for google. It is highly unlikely to be the same as what is in the tutorial but you look to be doing the correct thing.
  6. I assume you aren't making the final decision so don't take that responsibility. You should create a PowerPoint presentation referencing the various options that are available and present that to the other members of your team so an informed decision can be made. If you are uncomfortable doing so yourself I'm sure you can recruit a consultant on a temporary basis to do so.
  7. A drone for footing turf.
  8. An FYP should be about independent research. I assume you have a topic so use Google, YouTube, Udemy and various books to learn. Be sure to reference all the information you used in your FYP including any design patterns you think are appropriate.
  9. The greedy approach is bad because it doesn't find the optimum solution. Once a site has been selected it cannot be changed. It can lead to situations where one site is responsible for a large area in comparison to other selected sites.
  10. In python you must use either tabs or spaces for indentation not both. It is an annoying feature of python if you are using notepad++ you can "view>show symbol>show white space and tabs"
  11. You can selectively ignore sounds using ai too. For example you can filter out background noise from traffic or other people in a restaurant. You can also separate the lyrics sung by a singer in real-time translated to another language and the background music. You can even focus on specific instruments.
  12. If you want to show that, you'd have to start by disproving that a universal Turing machine with no internal states need only be slower by a logarithmic time factor compared to the machine it simulates. Since logarithmic time < polynomial time it holds that since a then b. Their is a draft of the book where that was shown here http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download;jsessionid=EE1010E9E59F8CAA143C55745A49BD9A?doi=
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