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  1. Creating a dual Server

    That already exists and sounds like a good homework project for you. Why don't you try making an ftp client and server with a javafx frontend and post how you get on with it. Feel free to ask me any questions.
  2. Smart Band Battery Problem

    Do you have a voltmeter to check that the battery is still holding charge?
  3. Breathing at high altitude flights...

    The same compression used in the engine forces air through the cabin while the engine is running. If the engine is not running a chemical is used in the masks that drop from overhead.
  4. Hotel Room Occupancy Optimization Problem

    It is plenty interesting for me I am making a website for a real travel agency which takes bookings for many hotels and flights. All bookings require approval from the hotel and I don't want to force guests to move too much.
  5. Disable a bullet gun with magnetic fields?

    There was a gun for cops that used an electromagnetic field to stop the firing mechanism with finger recognition. So if the cop was disarmed by an attacker the gun would be useless. You could also stop the firing mechanism remotely. The design was flawed though because a strong magnet could get it to fire again. A better idea would be to use a small motor to stop the firing mechanism that way a magnet would be of no help to an attacker.
  6. Disable a bullet gun with magnetic fields?

    Yes put the gun with bullets in an oven. I doubt it. You could do it to a missile though.
  7. Hotel Room Occupancy Optimization Problem

    Yeah we have them here too. It would be cool to get that to work for hotels but it would also be a lot more difficult. Cinemas tend to follow a very tabular seating arrangement therefore you can just use a table to map all the seats. A hotel is different because the general layout is generally not as tabular you would be looking at using image maps which involve actual people working coordinates out for the map so it wouldn't scale as easily.
  8. Hotel Room Occupancy Optimization Problem

    So this is the database entity relationship diagram that I have at the moment. A user can log into the wordpress site fill in a few details the size of the room etc. and a booking reference is generated for that customer pending approval. Customers that have already been approved a place have to be given a room but I can assign any room to customers that have yet to be approved. It is difficult because while I don't want customers waiting too long for approval I also want to fill as many rooms as possible limiting the amount customers have to change rooms. It is easy to just fill the hotel until all spots are occupied since I know the number of rooms available in total.
  9. Given a list of customers, dates, and requested room types. How to find the most optimal hotel room allocation where hotel patrons would have to move rooms the least and maximize the total number of customers.
  10. free energy?

    Definitely, I seriously doubt he managed to get a bulb as large as that to light that way.
  11. free energy?

    Magnet causes electrons in the copper plate to move in a certain direction. This causes electromagnetic induction in the two coils which in turn causes electromagnetic induction in the bulb.
  12. Table management excel help

    Would it not be better to use a server for that so people can simply load the website and mark whether they are working from home? You could use an excel macro for it.
  13. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    That everyone gets it obviously. But that doesn't stop the government putting conditions on it like you either have to be working or in school or something. There would be nothing to stop the government not paying you because you protested something etc. Take the welfare system here you have to be actively looking for work in order to get it. If you go protest something then the government can stop your payment because on that particular day you were not actively looking for work.
  14. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    Pro Everybody gets a small amount of money so they can survive even if they don't have a job. Everybody should at a minimum have access to education. Guaranteed income for non-working parents and caregivers. (such as those with disabled children or parents with Alzheimer's) Con Rent prices could increase due to people having more disposable income therefore there is no guarantee homelessness will be eliminated. (eg. rent allowance here is 300 a month max. There was no houses here to rent in 2018 for anything less than 320) Less Incentive to work. Genuine poor may receive less targeted support since everyone gets money. Gives the government unprecedented control over people. (eg. If you want to keep you BUI you must attend course a or b and achieve minimum grade y) Cost of living in different areas could be higher which people in politics often forget. (eg. A family lives in the countryside they have to travel to pick up the BUI, get groceries etc which is more expensive than somebody living in the city who doesn't have to travel)
  15. Mixing Washing Powder

    I generally buy whatever washing powder is cheapest in the supermarket which means I wind up with a load of different brands. Is it safe to mix the end of one box of washing powder with washing powder from a different brand?