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  1. If an algorithm runs say SAT runs in polynomial time on a deterministic multi-track Turing machine through the use of parallelization with 2^n tapes is the algorithm in P?
  2. fiveworlds

    Windproof Umbrella

    They aren't cheap but then I must have bought at least 1 umbrella a month this year so if it lasts then it would pay for itself. If not... then it is a waste of money. All weather gear is always an option but I need it for my work commute and it is not always appropriate for an office job (I suppose I could change when I get to work)
  3. fiveworlds

    Windproof Umbrella

    There are really strong winds where I am from and they tend to destroy basically every umbrella I have bought including some from amazon that were supposedly rated for 60mph winds. All the big supermarket umbrellas Tesco/Dunnes etc don't last me a day. Is there anywhere I can buy an exceptionally windproof umbrella?
  4. fiveworlds

    How do I improve my reputation?

    I should add not asking too many questions, religious topics tend to get bad rep (since they tend to be opinionated) and I'm sure some of the questions you just posted can easily be googled.
  5. fiveworlds

    How do I improve my reputation?

    I find a lot of people here tend to be older so see simple questions as trolling, before asking a question see if you can google it first. Also try not having a strong opinion on things and keep your answers relevant to the topic question and not just reply to somebody else's comment.
  6. Alternatively he could be 90 and suffering from dementia etc? Repeating things heard when young is common in older people.
  7. fiveworlds

    Windows assessment and deployment toolkit tutorials

    Still not finding anything except videos to download it. Looking for this specifically Okay I found a video for the windows assessment client It still doesn't cover windows assessment services though but it is the most helpful video I have found so far.
  8. I am looking for windows assessment and deployment toolkit video tutorials. I have been able to find some videos on installing it but none that show how to use it.
  9. fiveworlds

    Monte-Carlo package EGSnrc

    What have you found so far?
  10. fiveworlds

    Neural network question

    Lol. Neural network documentation is so overcomplicated. Let's imagine you want to make a computer that can play chess. You want to get from the computer not knowing how to play to playing very well but you don't know how to get there. What you can do is simply record the moves people make and record which moves result in a win. Then the computer can figure out the probability of winning based on how frequently a set of moves results in a win. Now we can use algorithms to simulate the people knowing all the possible moves and let the computer pick random moves instead. This is the basic idea of Neural Networks. You have many threads/processes dedicated to running simulations and working out probabilities of success which have been called neurons. You can use either people to input the data (like was used for ocr) or just generate it randomly both are neurons. Where this stuff gets interesting is say you have a patient with certain symptoms you could train an AI to read those symptoms and give probable diagnoses based on previous patients with similar symptoms etc.
  11. fiveworlds

    Simple Drive power supply

    It is 12V.
  12. fiveworlds

    Dropping out of highschool

    If it is really what you want to do then I can't stop you but maybe talk to your parent and teachers about it first before making a decision.
  13. fiveworlds

    Dropping out of highschool

    How will that make you stand out when somebody has to decide between you and another candidate with equally high grades and references from lecturers, sport coaches, and music teachers? Sure you have the job but it will be hard to do a GED and a full-time job and if you leave the job or the employer dislikes you then you lose any references you might have.
  14. fiveworlds

    Dropping out of highschool

    Then you aren't in highschool so you have no teachers and your parents will expect you to work. No it definitely isn't. A high school can provide you with a reference as they will have information from continuous assessment of you including your behaviour etc which will make a you a less risky choice to employers and colleges who would otherwise have little information other than an exam result.
  15. fiveworlds

    Dropping out of highschool

    Awful idea then you are beholden to your employer and they can pay you peanuts. You could just try to graduate with a high GPA which will stand to you in the future. If you are really bored take an online course (most of which are only like $10 max) or take an interesting hobby like art or music, both of which are great assets for making diagrams and presentations useful for any career.