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  1. Georg Cantor (the inventor of set theory) thought infinite sets didn't exist. He even made up the word transfinite to describe sets that which were enormous but not necessarily infinite.
  2. WebRtc is the new standard for video capture from a users camera. So similar to like facebook video chat/ google hangouts. The gets streamed to a <video> element normally and video data can then be drawn to canvas. The problem would be that sometimes the canvas can prevent access to the pixels data due to CORS. So something like this only multiplayer.
  3. Well I wanted to make some multiplayer games that make use of motion capture by drawing a video stream to a canvas in html. WebRtc is fairly new though so there isn't many tutorials on it. It also seems hard to do and might not work if CORS prevents me from getting the video stream pixel data.
  4. Does anybody know if a WebRtc stream drawn to html canvas is blocked by CORS?
  5. I seriously doubt they would release 5G if it was dangerous. There has been people living off the wifi is dangerous bandwagon for years. Buy product x to protect you from wifi. If you are worried about it just use ethernet.
  6. Yeah I have one of those already but there is huge amounts of data This was the actual code that was causing an error If IsEmpty("F29") = False And Round(Range("F29").Value, 2) >= 0.05 Then content = content & vbCrLf & "- Display Time (Seconds) " & WorksheetFunction.Round(Range("'Chart Data'!P34") * 100, 0) & "% worse" End If where F29 = 0.121043590973107
  7. That always worked that is the function version and not the vba version. I have to use vba because my function is >8124 characters. I found how to use it in vba though, it is iif not if confusing.
  8. There is none I just want it to do one thing if the number is larger than the other and it doesn't execute. The numbers are negative to as in -2.3553456E23 > -4.3527892E21. It is also an old Excel version (2013)
  9. How do I write an if statement in excel vba to compare two numbers from worksheet cells that are in scientific notation? I thought it would be as simple as comparing the cell.value but that didn't work.
  10. I am not sure if you are right about that. It just isn't a conventional use case. There is some applications available on GitHub that do stuff similar to this for example You can assume that you have complete access to the client. For example you could start a service to listen for the download on all clients. As for lost packets surely the client can keep track of where it loses packets and ask the sender to resend? Or the sender can loop through the download several times.
  11. I would like to use existing software if possible. If not I could write it. I am using windows server 2012 as the switch which will be connected to many machines (not necessarily windows) on the same network. There are no users. It is an automated process involving downloading a large (12GB) zip file containing windows driver tests to about 40 computers a process which normally would take several hours from the windows assessment services server rig. Since the server is also the switch I would like to try using or But most usages of these tend to be for things other than downloading a file such as sms/video emergency broadcasting
  12. Is there an existing application/hardware that will allow a single computer to send duplicate network traffic to multiple computers. For example, say I want many computers to download the same update file?
  13. Yeah I did. My dad had all the books at home.
  14. I liked the books written by Robert Jordan but thought that Brandon Sanderson's continuation was hard to follow. I can't help thinking what Jordan would have written.
  15. 3-Sat is basically a Boolean expression written as an and of 3 or statements. (a!bc) and (!a!bc) and (!ab!c) and (!cde) and (!bc!d) 010**** 110**** 101**** **100** *010*** (aaa) and (!a!a!a) 0******* 1******* It can be solved in deterministic polynomial time by performing a bitwise unique match on FALSE values stored in an array. For example (a or !b or c) is only false for (010). We add the false values to an ordered array so a,b,c etc and simply do a bitwise check to see if the opposite already exists in the array, so for 010 that would be 101. If the opposite already exists then the Boolean expression is unsatisfiable. This would need to iterate over O(n) values in the worst case on a Single Tape Deterministic Turing machine. The expression is also unsatisfiable if the length of the array is >= 2n/2. Therefore the worst case runtime can never reach the exponential 2n I am unsure whether there is any exceptions to the rule that would make this not work?