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  1. I am from Nepal and instead of asking us code, these are types of questions that are asked in our country examination system. IDK what's their purpose. But some of them are badly hard as there are not many examples about it in textbook(In Nepal we can't get the textbook reference that the syllabus is made upon, we can of course get international writers textbook but our syllabus and exam paper is based on Indian author textbooks and we don't get that here in Nepal) So I was studying about hopfield network and got badly confused. I have listed my confusions with annonations. It is not like I don't understand anything, I do understand the gist, but I am not very clear about each and every concepts. And I didn't even find proper resources to study this topics in reference to our exam in internet as well. https://imgur.com/a/bWzz011 Source-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqyqBKFk7HM&t=383s
  2. I am really confused by this question as there are multiple possible answers of this question, so I am asking this. There is very minimum role of GFS master in writing and reading operations.. You can either go through these or just tell me what is the correct answer if you are bored to go through all of these. links offsite removed by moderator, per rule 2.7
  3. hotspot-: region of computer program where a high proportion of executed instructions occur Lazy space allocation-:https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18109582/what-is-lazy-space-allocation-in-google-file-system With lazy space allocation, the physical allocation of space is delayed as long as possible, until data at the size of the chunk size (in GFS's case, 64 MB according the 2003 paper) is accumulated. Large chunk size in GFS-: =>A large chunk size, even with lazy space allocation has its disadvantages. => A small file consists of a small number of chunks, perhaps just one. => The chunkservers storing those chunks may become hot spots if many clients are accessing the same file. => In practice hotspots haven't been a major issue because our applications mostly read large multi chunk files sequentially. I don't understand how hotspots are no issue when we read large multi chunk files sequentially. They say hotspots are issue if clients are accessing same small file(file of just 1 chunk). I will represent scenario where small file=small no. of chunks is being accesed by multiple clients. https://imgur.com/a/B2F4VLh it makes sense why chunkservers will be hotspot in this case as they will be active if they are being accessed by multiple clients. but it absolutely doesn't make sense when the research paper say " In practice hotspots haven't been a major issue because our applications mostly read large multi chunk files sequentially." What's the difference. If I imagine a scenario like above, here file is made up of multiple chunks and rest is same, what difference is made here?
  4. I can read less text content easily. my way of reading it is to make slides of all those texts and learn from the slides. But I have issue with reading huge huge texts as you know in this case it will require too much time when I do this. Is there way to simplify this reading style? eg-: of sth that I want to read is this. https://static.googleusercontent.com/media/research.google.com/en//archive/gfs-sosp2003.pdf It takes me 45 minutes to read 3 paragraph and comprehend it at least. If I go that way, you can imagine, how long it takes me to read a research paper. Probably a week to read a research paper lol. Even reading articles in internet is a hassle for me if they are longer. If I just read what I need to learn it is easy as it will be few paragraphs but if I have to learn sth else long it is pain to me as I can't do it timely manner. Are there any udemy courses that teach how to read textbooks for university students that you are aware of?
  5. TLDR-: student who feels like doing nothing eg not like to even read a page during some days. Used to happen a lot during exams. Is happening since 15 days, visited doctor, started taking meds. Meds might be doing their work. I need some guidance and advice that I might be missing. 1) I am Computer Engineering student and burnout is really a huge issue for me. I keep getting burn out(IDK the exact word for this tbh). I feel exhausted. I feel fed up studying. It feels like a brain fog. I don't feel like opening my textbook or watching video. I don't want to do anything at all. I instead browse reddit, watch youtube videos to pass my time. I feel so resistant to studying I don't have a word for that man. This has been happening to me since last 15 days. I am simply idle. It is not like I don't feel fear. Even if I feel fear, I feel like doing nth. I have already consulted doctor and doctor just gives me medicines and nth more. So hope people here will be considerate and give tips independent or dependent my medical conditions. My life really sucks due to this. 2) Even now I have been feeling this thing for around 15 days. I went to Psychiatrist and he added proate medicine. Hope that works. But even though it works I still need some advices and guidances as medicines can't fix everything. 3) It is not like I study 10 hrs everyday. I study 3-5 hrs everyday normally. I even had a vacation where I travelled a lot and had lots of fun. So it is not due to lack of entertainment NOW. but I agree entertainment lacks in my life a lot. I don't have any ways to relax my mind as most ways to relax would be expensive like guitar. And it is winter it is really boring to do yoga, stretching and meditation. (I used to do it as well in the past but still got burn out so this is not the reason why I am getting burn out.). 4) My medical conditions-: The medicines that I am using are-: 1) Proate 500 2) Zosert 50 3) Sizodon 2 5) In the past when I used to get burnout only during exams-: We have 3 days gaps to study during each exam. Our exams last 1 month long And I would finish studying 40% of topics before exams and during exams at least during 2 exams(we would have 5-6-7 exams depending on semester). I would get burnout and fail to do anything during those exams..And I keep failing exams that I have already studied 40% because I can't focus during exams. The culture here in Nepal is most students study during those 3 days and pass the exam comfortably. I have improved here as well. In the past, I used to finish studying once and I would not make revision notes so I had to re-read what I have studied all again. But nowadays I make summaries while studying and just revise it. So it is a bit better in this case. But I still get burnout. 6) What are hobbies,activities that are not very expensive that I can do in order to prevent myself from being burnout very frequently. I won't mind a burnout every 3 month.
  6. THE HALTING PROBLEM - PROOF. Review  What makes a problem decidable?  3 properties of an efficient algorithm?  What is the meaning of “complete”, “mechanistic”, - ppt download This is the context I am talking about. What contradiction occur here? We begin by telling that there is a Turing machine H that solves the halting problem. So how does this contradicts? Can you tell me about that?
  7. I haven't understood this at all. Can you please guide me how we reached to this answer. I want to improve my problem solving here. I don't want to memorize this.
  8. This dfa accepts abba as well. I know this is correct as this is from reputed source, but I can't wrap my head around how is this correct. Please guide me.
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