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  1. What is the long term effect of wind energy on the planet? Is it really as sustainable as it is made out to be? We see videos about dams in china that supposedly slowed down the rotation of the earth. If wind power was to be scaled out what would the effect be? How sustainable are the parts used in wind farms. There are various articles about them winding up in landfills after a few years what are the challenges around recycling them and how many years do they need to operate to recoup the energy costs associated with building and recycling them?
  2. I think it is more a question of ethics here. Lets say a person makes a new type of vaccine. We know that the person has put a lot of work into developing the vaccine so we reward them with a patent for their contribution to cover the expense of the developing the product. This is in a lot of ways relatively fair. But when we allow AI to be an inventor there are other issues that arise. For example if I use AI to generate every possible version of vaccine that could ever exist then it unfairly eliminates competition from people. This is no different than a totalitarian regime having control over what you can do and would stifle further innovation from others that don't have access to this AI. I think cost is also a major factor to take into consideration. If it takes a lot of money for an AI to generate the new vaccine then it may necessitate awarding a patent to the company that created it otherwise there is no incentive to do so. But if the price is low then there will be an influx of frivolous patents.
  3. An NFA allows a Turing Machine to have transition from having n internal states to n + x internal states to any number of internal states. An input tape is accepted if any of the currently active internal states of the non-deterministic automaton result in an accepting state. A person doesn't have a finite number of cells in the body we can easily generate new cells to combat viruses etc. A DFA cannot create new internal states. It has a fixed number of internal states. It has been shown that there will always exist a theoretical DFA that can be constructed from an NFA with a known number of internal states. There is probably a scientific answer. One could argue that the body's ability to defend against infection qualifies as something non-deterministic that is probably not possible for a DFA. You could say that your body has learned to recognize a new tape called a virus. So we could assume that there are some things a DFA cannot do but we can't easily prove because it lies outside our understanding of science.
  4. It is possible, if we restrict ourselves to prime factorization we know that the distribution of primes is strictly increasing (if looking at the largest and second largest primes we know of the gap is fairly large). We can assume that after some point x the number of primes to test should be small enough to run in polynomial time using known algorithms. We just use a hashmap for the ones before that and we have an algorithm that has a polynomial runtime.
  5. You still use a mobile phone?? I survive perfectly fine with just a laptop. When would you ever need a phone now? You can't use one in the car unless it is handsfree and I would assume that car manufacturers will catch on to the fact that having built in internet for calls, voice recognition, etc. is a good idea. At home you have WIFI and smart devices like Alexa to answer the phone for you.
  6. They are hard to get a hold of over here and are usually over 1000 pounds. Twice the price of the gaming chair plus I am not sure if I am getting the value out of it. An office would make use of the adjustability of it for many people but I can get the gaming chair specific for my size?
  7. I want to buy a good chair as I spend most of the day sitting for work and had some pain in my arm because my current chair is just a wooden one from the kitchen. I have no idea what is a good chair to buy and there is so many brands I have never even heard of. The local furniture store has one that looks like this for 160. One person I know has a secret labs chair and he says it is very comfortable but they are very pricey so am not sure about it. Work uses IKEA chairs but am not sure whether I would be more comfortable in something that wasn't mesh. https://www.ikea.com/ie/en/p/jaervfjaellet-office-chair-gunnared-dark-grey-80363596/
  8. Did you not post on the forum about solidity before? Did you not study it back then and take notes so you can write it now? I feel like you are spending way too much time on something that would be a lot easier if you got a cheap course. I am not an expert in all this blockchain stuff. Surely there is one on Udemy etc but you will have to wait for a sale.
  9. Strange I didn't get any error when installing with python3 and pip. That is a CDN for downloading JavaScript to run web3 on a webpage. Similar to jQuery you just need to use the <script> tag. But it won't be available to Python or NodeJS.
  10. You should be using the latest ubuntu for a start as 18.04 is unsupported. NVM can be used to install the latest npm which will be able to install web3. curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nvm-sh/nvm/v0.35.3/install.sh | bash export NVM_DIR="$HOME/.nvm" [ -s "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh" && \. "$NVM_DIR/bash_completion" nvm install node npm install -g web3
  11. We have limited idea of what the content of the videos will be. We had a previous example where we can easily count individual birds but would have difficulty counting a flock of birds with touching wings. The resolution of the images is very important if you need to distinguish specific things. To give a medical example you could have a slide under the microscope of patient blood. But if the cells are too clumped together it can be difficult for the computer to match the shapes of the cells against known illnesses.
  12. That is something I would not have thought to do. It was BuyItDirect that sold it to me. I asked them about it and they just fobbed it off as not their problem and to contact Samsung. Well that would be the last resort. The promotion https://www.samsung.com/uk/qled-tv-free-galaxy-z-flip-phone-package/ is over now so if I bought a new TV after returning it I still wouldn't get the phone.
  13. Who do I contact about consumer complaints in the UK. Samsung recently offered a free phone with my purchase but are refusing to give me the phone even though the terms and conditions said it was ok to order from Ireland and their staff reiterated that to me after purchasing the product they changed their tune to haha you aren't in the UK.
  14. Hello, the right data format would entirely depend on the data that is being collected.
  15. Yeah that is basically it. Two American academics came up with some new idea for his phd and then has to defend it. What is so special about these non-deterministic machines when my normal computer does everything I want? The question is there precisely because he didn't have a proper answer to that and nobody else seems to either even after offering a million dollars it. Heck he even went so far as to say if we prove the wrong thing we break banking security. Which is ridiculous really even if one or two encryption algorithms such as RSA won't work anymore there are other ways banks use to secure your data such as passwords and multi-factor authentication. It doesn't actually say that. There are plenty of hard problems that simply aren't in NP computing a factorial being an example. We are always looking for ways to make computers faster, more ram, better CPU etc. Why? because it is worth big money, forget about the fact that it is a stupid question and think about what better algorithms mean for people. Some guy comes up with a faster algorithm for drawing light to a screen and now we have new graphics cards that are worth billions to the companies that develop them advertising "ray tracing". Lots of computing stuff is just opposite to how we actually think. The guys who have a vested interest in wanting P!=NP say it isn't and the guys who don't care either way such as Donald Knuth say P=NP. Bear in mind Donald Knuth literally wrote the book on computer programming.
  16. You can build a Linux distribution easily enough and then make a custom Desktop for it.
  17. Okay this went weird fast. Look this is the code I have. It is more of a proof of concept than anything at the moment and is way messier than I would like since I don't really have time to look at it after work. As I said instead of a DPLL algorithm which randomly assigns values to literals and can take exponential time. I create a custom hashmap that works like a template and as a result can run in n^2 time or less while still getting a correct result. https://github.com/davidmather/3SatSolver
  18. It is unlikely the problem is because of HTTPS. Facebook and youtube have lots of content so it is harder for your computer to load them which suggests a CPU or GPU problem possibly causing a short circuit somewhere. A short circuit could possibly be caused by moisture but could also be a manufacturer fault. I would recommend the following: Check to see if you got a driver update recently and if so then downgrade the driver to the ones provided by your manufacturer. Open your computer and check that there is no corrosion/dust/moisture in your machine. (Note if you have a warranty on your machine you may prefer to just return it to the manufacturer) Reinstall your operating system to ensure you don't have any malware. If the computer is very old it may be worth replacing it at this point but if it was bought recently you can. Return the computer to the manufacturer for repair. Take it to a competent professional who does PCB repair. Note the vast majority of computer repair shops don't have the equipment for PCB repair.
  19. Something like that? https://linuxhint.com/play_sound_python/#:~:text=Play Sound Using playsound,the audio filename for playing.
  20. I did that for my FYP https://github.com/davidmather/fourthYearProjectImplementation It is supposed to be a multilingual videocalling service e.g. I talk to you in English and you hear French, German etc. and you should be able to specify commands to the other end of the call by talking like show me the kitchen for a call linked to your house. I have code in the frontend javascript for a download which sends a file to the person on the other end of the call via WebRTC. That should be what you are looking for?
  21. You are correct. You could modify it to have a final state somewhere that transitions on some other letter like c? A DFA must end on a final state e.g. the 2 circles. Starting from q3 you can accept aa as it will transition to q0 then q1. Starting from q1 you can accept bb as it will transition to q0 them q3. You can read more than one letter at a time and make all final states lead to an exit state if it reads them. You can use anything that fits in combinatorial logic including don't care terms to read a regex e.g. BxBxxxB. ***** Challenge Question ***** A DFA is a part of a Turing machine. Show that a 3 head Turing Machine can accept the regex B*B*B without changing state by creating a table of moves. Hint. You may stop moving a read head if you read a letter.
  22. I saw that and ordered an adapter in the hope that it works.
  23. I have a HDTV for a few years but now my tv box isn't working and I get an error about not having HDCP? Does anyone know about this?
  24. I am joking, I cannot afford to go to college because my family is poor. I also work long hours most days so I don't have time to write an academic paper. But I have read basically everybody else's notes on P vs NP. Look at the table I provided again what happens if I replace A-F with the numbers 0-6? For P vs NP we are asked to create a Turing machine with a deterministic finite automaton. A DFA just maps symbols to other symbols. Once we have the table from before everything else is just how to we convert the input into the format of the table which is basic maths. Say I give you the clause 123, 167, 253 I need that in the form 0-6 so what do I take away to get it into that format? The exact number provided right? Now when I match that against another clause say 145,169,267 well then I do basic subtraction (145-123=22, 169-167=2, 253-267=-14). We can easily see that 22 is not between 0 and 6 so the clause has no bearing on the satisfiability of the initial clause. If the number after subtraction is between 0 - 6 then we follow the table and transition to a state where we save the answer to the 8 bit memory and check if it is unsatisfiable. The for loop is basically instructions about how to move the Turing Machine's read head. In my case I am using 2 read heads. An actual proof of P vs NP would have all the necessary transition tables and circuit diagrams to make that work. Simply having a working java class isn't sufficient.
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