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  1. Thanks you Sensei and Fiveworlds. I appreciate your replies. I will definitely take a look at the links you posted, Sensei. No doubt a good place for me to start getting smart on this subject.
  2. Greetings! Thank you in advance for reading my post. If you are willing/able to provide any assistance it would be greatly appreciated. Request: I am seeking a point of contact with expertise in video image processing to provide insight and guidance on appropriate data formatting for follow on neural network analytics. Background: I am a physician who is developing a research project that uses video data to derive diagnostic indicators. I have a deep understanding of the medical problem sets and a sense of what is possible using various emerging AI capabilities. However, I have significant technical knowledge gaps regarding the bridge between data collection and data analytics. I am trying to avoid the scenario where extensive funding and resources have been applied to collect the data and it is not optimized or feasible for analysis. Other: There are potential avenues for compensation and/or collaboration related to assistance with this project. Thank you!
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