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  1. I am not aware of this, could you supply a citation? No that is evidence that an ancient ocean basin was uplifted due to plate tectonics.
  2. Since 2 observers in different inertial frames won't agree on the rate that time passes, I don't think time can be called linear. I think sequential is a better term since observers will agree in the order that related events occur
  3. As an athiest, I have to say I don't believe that. Ironical, ain't it?
  4. What do you mean by a sector? The area of a quadrant of the unit circle is Pi/4 and the area of the unit circle is Pi. What are these 2 sectors and why the relationship between the 2?
  5. It sounds like you are confusing yourself on this point. Look at it like gravity is trying to accelerate you towards the center of the earth but the earths surface is holding you back. IOW your weight is the force you are exerting on the surface of the earth which is your mass times the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s^2). Hope that helps.
  6. So the area in question is 1/2 of the circle? So that would mean that Pi/4 is the total area 'a'. Since Pi r^2 = area of a circle, Pi r^2 = Pi/4 or r = 0.5. Is that correct? Or are these areas small circles in the larger circle?
  7. If two people are in the same reference frame, the only way they can develop relative motion is for at least one of the people to accelerate. I am trying to answer in a way that does not get into semantics and have the answer to a simple question become confusing.
  8. Yes Both clocks tick at the same rate if they are at rest relative to each other. IOW for an observer a moving clock ticks slower. I assume when you say acceleration you are referring to a gravitational potential since one clock accelerating would mean that the clocks were in relative motion. If 2 clocks are not in relative motion to each other but are in 2 different gravitational potentials then the clocks will also tick at different rates. So there are 2 kinds of time dilation, relative motion time dilation (SR) and gravitational time dilation (GR).
  9. Tell him to read if he wants to. If he reads it he'll be fine. If he doesn't read it he'll be fine.
  10. You may make money you may lose money. The stock market is a chaotic system and as such it is not able to be modelled to the point that making money in the short term is a sure bet. Good luck.
  11. Yes, there all different types of people. Most of the stereotypical nerd types in my company usually worked in research or modelling, most people who are good at math and science have high paying jobs in my experience.
  12. Really, the mainstream silenced Tesla? It seems like the mainstream honoured Tesla by naming the unit of the magnetic field density a tesla.
  13. You are not a martian. We are discussing science here not truth. No one who understands science thinks that theories are truth. A theory is the best description of some aspect of the universe. Newton's theory of gravity and the theory of general relativity both describe gravity in a coherent and accurate way (one is a bit more accurate), neither one is truth, they theories.
  14. I don't think there is a natural substitution, evidence to the contrary would be welcomed. A healthy lifestyle promotes a strong immune system, but that does not come even remotely close to the benefits of vaccinations.
  15. There is a place, it is called Speculations. Because you speculated that CBC would protect against covid like a vaccine.
  16. It seems, you are missing the point, CBD is not an alternative to vaccines.
  17. His good ideas were accepted, his bad ideas were rejected [shrug].
  18. I have to disagree, I see people judging the merits of your ideas, not you. No one here knows you, how could we possibly judge you. We can judge your ideas because these are presented here.
  19. Glad your not complaining since theories are neither finite nor dogma, so that would be a waste of time!
  20. This is just a forum, this is not the home seat of the scientific method, empirical checks of the mainstream are done in academia. It makes sense to keep the speculations, musings and guesses in one area. The rest of the forum can be devoted to the discussion of actual science, this is after all a science forum. If you feel that discussing science on a science forum is elitist then I suggest you go to other forums that are primarily for alternative science.
  21. Is this homework? Or possibly one of my reoccurring nightmares? https://www.robotshop.com/community/tutorials/show/how-to-make-a-drone-uav-lesson-4-flight-controller
  22. I asked what PNP was and your reply was: PNP = N = p * j = x * y. So based on that I stopped reading any more of your post. I am not sure about your math knowledge, but your english knowledge leaves a lot to be desired.
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