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  1. People who are very emotional and have hard time controlling emotions, impulse and desires so on. Example some one who got fired from work and got so mad he or she assaulted the boss. Some one who has gone shopping and have no money and cannot control the urge to steal. Some one cannot control impulse and desires and sleep with 10 people a day and increase risk of HIV and some one who cannot control emotions and yell and scream. Some people are better at controlling emotions, impulse and desires than other people. Why is that? If people who score really really low on emotional IQ and this has nothing to do with controlling emotions, impulse and desires than what is it? Why do some people like to link IQ with crime and impulse and desires control problem? Unless this is some other IQ thing that has nothing to do with low emotional IQ?
  2. What I'm trying to say is if we cannot make self-sufficient city or country on earth with protectionism no trade than how are we going to make a self-sufficient mars colony. I'm surprised NASA has not ran any numbers on how big the colony would have to be to support it self with out trade?
  3. Globalization vs Protectionism? Germany and China in the past practice protectionism with grate wall of China and did not pan out that well for them!! They where less industrialized and more primitive. US of 330 million people cannot support it self with a population of 330 million people and thus need trade to support it self today. We trade with other countries because of a shortage of goods and people and are not self-sufficient. I know of no country on earth that is self-sufficient or come close to being self-sufficient today. When countries practice protectionism and anti-trade they normally have a economy of third world country and are dirt poor and massive shortage of goods and supplies. And these are countries with way more people than 500,000 people or million people you want to send to mars. So if you cannot do it on earth how are you going to do it on mars? Germany was the only country on earth that did not trade and made every thing in the country. But not sure what the population was at that time.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean? Are you saying people that score low on emotional IQ have hard time controlling his or her own emotions where by people that score high on emotional IQ can control his or own emotions better? People are more emotional when they score low on emotional IQ and less emotional and when they score high on emotional IQ?
  5. It depends how many people is needed to support a self system with out trade. Germany was the only country on earth that did not trade and made every thing in the country. Not sure what the population was. The US doing the 50's and 60's was the only other country at that time that came close to making every thing it its own country with almost no trade. Not sure what the population was. Most other countries need trade to survive because of lack of people. Using these population numbers to see what mars may need.
  6. Why do schools not test for high emotional IQ. A high emotional IQ is bad. A high emotional IQ can lead to crime and killing becuase the person is too emotional and fines he or she cannot control his or her emotional outpust. Say your girlfread left you or you lost your job some one may feel sad or angry where people that score high on emotional IQ have a outpust and cannot control them self thus can lead to crime, killing or assault. Can lead to unpretective sex thus could get HIV, sleeping around with 10 people a day, and robbery, assault and break ins so on. People with high emotional IQ have harder time in school and drop out of school more and get stress out easy becuase they have very hard time with their emotions. They get stress out easy and do not do well with lot of work. They are too emotional.
  7. That say for example we had the technology to get to mars in hour and the cost of plane ticket!! A mars colony of 500,000 people or million people may not be enough to support it self on mars!! Why? You need. doctors and surgeons nurses dentist construction workers maintenance workers office workers factory workers electrician plumper engineer of all types of fields buildings, bridges, electrical so on water and road workers drug companies people skilled in biology people skinned in chemistry people skilled in physics people skilled in computers and technology teachers professors cop firefighter EMT court system government system transportation system on land and air stores and shops every where goods and supplies other skilled people and blue collar workers office workers factory workers industry Engineering supplies and Medical supplies farmers miners to work in the mines for gold, ore, coal and other mineral you will need steel, aluminum, alloy so on how are you going to get this? A colony of 500,000 people or million people may not be enough!! You may need 2 million people or more?
  8. To join the military or be a doctor how high of IQ do you need? To go to medical school and do well in medical school how high of an IQ do you need? An IQ of at least 90? Any IQ lower than 90 and you will do really bad in school and have a really hard time in medical school at learning . In the military if you IQ is too low you may cause problems than be a help. As the case in the Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War.
  9. (International Business Times) Chocolate could reportedly vanish as early as 2050. This revelation has led scientists from the University of California at Berkeley to work with Virginia-based manufacturer Mars, Incorporated to save the cacao plant from disappearing. Warmer temperatures and drier weather conditions are expected to be the root of the cacao plants' potential disappearance, according to Business Insider. New technology, known as CRISPR, is being used by UC Berkeley scientists to modify the DNA of the plants. The crop's tiny seedlings would be able to survive in different climates if the experiment is proven successful. Cacao plants originated millions of years ago in South America. The crop is only capable of growing in the lower story of the evergreen rainforest, where warm temperatures and rainfall are plentiful. It's also frequently victim to fungal disease and climate change. More than half of the world's chocolate now comes from two countries in West Africa, being Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. However, these regions will soon become an unsuitable host environment for the cacao plant. Joseph Boahen Aidoo, chief executive of Ghana's cocoa board COCOBOD, specifically addressed the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSVD) infesting farms throughout the country in addition to ongoing pest problems wreaking havoc on the cocoa farms. Speaking with GhanaWeb Saturday, Aidoo detailed his recent tours of the country's Western South and North cocoa growing fields. Aidoo called upon Ghana health officials and accompanying government economic directors to collect samples of the current diseased pods for study on how to rehabilitate the country's infestation issues. Other sad one. New Study: Eat Your Strawberries Before Climate Change Wipes Them Out (Mother Jones) With its year-round sunshine and vast tracts of fertile land, California is one of the jewels of US food production, providing a third of the nation’s vegetables and two-thirds of our fruits and nuts. As the climate warms, can we continue to take this $50.5 billion bounty for granted? That’s the question posed by a team of University of California researchers in an eye-opening new paper published in the journal Agronomy, in which they digest recent research to “document the most current understanding on California’s climate change trends in terms of temperature, precipitation, snowpack, and extreme events such as heat waves, drought, and flooding, and their relative impacts” on the state’s agriculture. They address these topics one by one, and the results are hardly comforting to US eaters For one thing, the scientists found, a temperature change of just a few degrees is “closely related to yield reductions” in some of the most cherished California crops: almonds, wine grapes, strawberries, walnuts, freestone peaches, and cherries. Avocado production could plummet by the middle of the century. Because of fewer winter chill hours, by the end of the century, the paper suggests, only 10 percent of the Central Valley will remain viable to grow fruits like apricots, kiwis, peaches, and nectarines
  10. My understanding is a microscope uses light to see really small things and a photon is bigger than an atom so a photon would just move the atom around not allowing you to see it.
  11. What is best book or web site that may explain the best theories how electricity may work. What I got so far. While the exact nature of electricity is not fully known, theories have been developed that enable us to understand its characteristics and thus developed means to make it do useful work. studying electron theory is the major key. The atom is a minute particle and cannot be seen even by a powerful microscope. However, the presence of atoms may be detected by sensitive electrical instruments. Seems to be off topic talking about Matter, Molecule and Atoms. I'm looking for how electricity may work not theories or quantum mechanics talk.
  12. What I mean by storytelling is when I read books and papers on biology, psychology, medicine, science and computers so on. Or when I watch the news or see other people talk about it and so on I cannot put it into story!!! Like my own words. Where you can express thoughts and explain it in your own words so it does not sound like I got it from a Google definition. The other day I watched a 8 hour political debate and friend of mine ask me. I could not talk for more than 10 minutes. The other day I read a chapter from a book and I could not put it into words to explain it or talk about it for no more than 5 minutes. I'm not sure if this is short term memory problem or I'm having hard time extracting the information from my brain.
  13. nec209

    Deputy arrests ex-wife

    Thing is if cop did that in the UK or Canada the other cops would arrest that cop and take him to the hospital for 48 hour hold. Just other thing the US is light years behind other first world countries. What people that don't live in the US do not understand is the cops in the US can arrest you even if you broke no law.
  14. nec209

    Arming Teachers

    And the U.S. The only country in world with teachers armed.
  15. nec209

    Looking for science web sites

    That hyperphysics site is better than Wikipedia as some of information on Wikipedia may not be 100% true. It also seem bit more simplified on the hyperphysics for high school person.