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  1. I did go to number of news websites and they are posting covid case average not case count by day. The US news websites seem to have stop posting covid cases by day. They seem to be posting covid cases average only. The news websites posting cases in Europe post covid cases by day not covid case average where it seems US news web sites are doing now in the US are posting cases in the US the covid case average only not daily covid count.
  2. I did. I typed USA covid cases in google search than tried U.S covid cases and got no hits. I even looked at the google news section and did search there. The CNN, Bloomberg news, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo news,Reuters so on did not say. They where talking about covid they did not post the case count. Well Johns Hopkins and some news web sites just posted the average case count not the case count by day like Europe news web sites are doing. The US news web sites stop posting daily case count now it seems from what I can see leading up to Christmas.
  3. I have been reading about the omicron and cases going up very high in the UK and Europe and lock downs in some of those countries. So I wanted to see what the case count is in the US. And I’m shocked that none of the news web site even CNN or Fox news are posting the case count like they where before. It is almost like they want to keep people in the dark that there is title wave coming to not derail Christmas. Any of the other news web site post daily covid case count in their country but the US stop posting this now it seems leading up to Christmas.
  4. It not science it is a break down of faith in government. The US has a very strong libertarian movement and the conservatives are far right in the US compared to say Europe or Canada. The idea of anti big government is government agencies cannot be trusted. This why things like universal healthcare, welfare state, science or NASA is treated like they cannot be trusted. Out side of the far right wanting only a very strong police force and strong military they are paranoid of any big government cannot be trusted. Where liberals and conservatives are more trusting of government but the far right and libertarian do not trust the government. This why you have flat earthers, space is not real, or we don’t have technology to go to space and they are lying, there is a middle earth so on. All these conspiracy theories because people don’t trust government. It just the US going back long time ago was always anti government and very decentralized. Where as Europe being smaller population and more centralized government people had more faith. There was conspiracy called the deep state where Trump was fighting democratic party and republican party and the FBI trying to take down the US well they are sleeping with kids. Yes not two or three people but hundreds and hundreds of people in Hollywood, schools, government and police and all political parties trying to take down the US well they sleep with kids. And many far right became the foot soldiers for this huge conspiracy movement.
  5. So he thinks it okay for violence in movies and TV shows that it is okay for guys to be violent and if guys get too soft and feminize that society will collapse. That he believes liberals and feminists are trying to make guys to soft and feminize and this will lead to society collapse?
  6. Jordan Peterson like many others will say over and over that men and Western culture are under siege by the left and feminism but will not elaborate. Part of that could be that many feminism argue with other feminism over views what does feminism ever mean. Like say the take on violence or sexuality or getting jobs or going to school. The liberals have different view on history than conservatives and that may be where Jordan Peterson is getting some of his views. And when it cones to the men and western culture are under siege he is making reference to.
  7. A new attempt to find the universe's age revealed troubling flaws. https://futurism.com/hubble-broke-understanding-universe
  8. I wad thinking about Ion lifters today as those youtube videos show it only going up like 10 feet in the air with hardly any weight. That if a craft was to lift 400 pounds or 1000 pounds the power requirements would be huge. And that probably why NASA and companies stop doing research into it. Also there is no air in space so it would not work in space.
  9. There are some other similar ion lifters and some that are really big like 10 feet by 10 feet. 😨 But I guess thrust is too low for it to be any use? If I remember there was an article on some research into this in the past. But most of those youtube videos on ion lifters have power cable hooked up to this. I have not seen youtube video of this ion lifter having its own power source on it they have a power cable hooked up to it like lot of those videos. So not sure but power may be problem?
  10. From what I understand when the ionocraft or ion lifter is turned on, the corona wire becomes charged with high voltage. When the corona wire reaches approximately 30 kV, it causes the air molecules nearby to become ionised by stripping their electrons from them. As this happens, the ions are repelled from the anode and attracted towards the collector, causing the majority of the ions to accelerate toward the collector. The current is carried by a corona discharge (and not a tightly-confined arc) means that the moving particles diffuse into an expanding ion cloud, and collide frequently with neutral air molecules. It is these collisions that create thrust. My question are there different types of ionocraft that operate similar like this one? And is power a big problem the reason this cannot be scaled up? I’m thinking aircraft big like a airplane would need gigawatts of power. But it is very simple anyone can buy parts in store and make model Ion-propelled craft in their home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nM2u2FDWsQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LMTVq7PJkE Also keep mind the power source is on the ground not the craft. And to scale this up may need gigawatts of power. May be reason companies like Boeing or Lockheed so on are not building a craft like this.
  11. Well from what I understand quantum computers operate on 0s and 1s and both and being both at the same time. So this opens up big problem how could data be both there and not there? From what I understand computers today use 1s and 0s , but quantum computers use 1s, 0s and can be both 1 and 0 at the same time? So how can data be both 1 and 0 at the same time so data is there and not there?
  12. Well I don’t think people should be obsessing over it and people should get on with their life but people who have billions of dollars and governments that start wars and stop spending trillions of dollars on the wars and put it in say education, healthcare, research and building hospitals and stuff. The problem is the human brain is wired to be way too optimistic. Some of that is good as we don’t want people panicking. But If I was Bill Gates having billions of money and now his age putting 98% of his money into schools, education, healthcare, research, labs and building hospitals and stuff will not save him and probably not his kids but his grate grand kids may live to 120 If all the billionaires had this attitude But I realize it hard to do it because people are drawn to entertainment and pleasure. And money is really powerful addicting thing that changes people.
  13. Well I think part of the problem is the world we are in today people are hooked on watching TV, watching movies , playing video games, sports and more entertainment and pleasure. This keeps people so busy they have little time to say oh I may die from this or that. It also some thing you can’t see or touch like you see in news like a house fire, crime, car crash or plane crash or building exploding. But cancer or heard disease would not make news. We spend billions of dollars on entertainment and buying things. And rich people that have billions are drown in on the way too optimistic I will be alive for long time. Well they hooked on lifestyles and money high. When comes to healthcare it is less sexy in the public eye than entertainment, money and pleasure. Well if the public was panicking and freaking out they would be huge hardship of giving up most all this entertainment and pleasure and really limiting this at all. And people who have billions of dollars would not be thinking of running this addicting money high of keeping this money and wanting more and more money but be panicking and giving this money to scientists. So the way the human brain is built is design to make people way too optimistic I will be alive and will not be dying any time soon. And governments around the world love to spend billions of dollars on wars and people like to spend billions of dollars on entertainment. But spending money on cancer research and heart disease research and building hospitals and treatment places is less sexy in the public eye than entertainment. One of shocking things I read when a scientist in a lab thinks this new drug may work or this new treatment may work can take any where from 5 to 10 years of testing to see if it will work or not. As they have to test it on slides first under a microscope than test It on mice that take long time than test it on people that take very long time. Than people get mad at them they moving too slow. And society can spend billions of dollars on entertainment and along with government spending billions dollars on war. Also could be in the past fires and wars where more common than today. And also factoring in the human body was not built to last to your 80th or 90th birth day. Where most people in the old days would not live to their late 30s. So in a way people are living longer now and are getting cancer where in the old days these people would be dead. The human body was not built to last this long.
  14. So I was looking at this web site today showing odds in person life time some one dying. I’m shocked most people fear fire, Motor-vehicle crash and airplane crash , yet people do not show the same fear over cancer and heart disease and they have a way higher chance of dying. Looking at the table. Motor-vehicle crash 1 in 106 So if you have 106 people that live on your street one person will die in car crash in their life time. Fire or smoke 1 in 1,399 Well if there is 1,399 people that live on your street one person will die in their life time. Choking on food 1 in 2,618 Well if there is 2,618 on your street one person will die in their life time But looking at this Cancer 1 in 7 So if you have 7 people that live in your house one person will die. And hear disease is 1 in 6 Web site data source I got it from.. https://injuryfacts.nsc.org/all-injuries/preventable-death-overview/odds-of-dying/
  15. Well it was the poster above who said politicians should be an intellectual. I said they could well love to read lots and lots of books on many subjects like biology, medicine, physics, law and economics so on and still be risk taker or do stupid things. That just because you a intellectual does not mean you good at understanding cause and effect and analysis risk.
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