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  1. Not sure what they mean by this quote below looking at https://www.politicalcompass.org/ — This is almost exclusively an American response, overlooking the undoubtedly libertarian tradition of European anarcho-syndicalism. It was, after all, the important French anarchist thinker Proudhon who declared that property is theft. On the other side of the Atlantic, the likes of Emma Goldman were identified as libertarians long before the term was adopted by some economic rightwingers. And what about the libertarian collectives of the mid-late 1800s and 1960s? Americans like Noam Chomsky can claim the label “libertarian socialist” with the same validity that Milton Friedman can be considered a “libertarian capitalist”. —
  2. When the human body organs go bad or have trouble working say in heart failure, heart disease, kidney failure, bladder problems, cancer, lung problems so on, does it have type of protein marker that is released in the blood? What are these protein markers? Why does Irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, leaky gut, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) ,Inflammatory bowel disease, and colon cancer not have protein markers? Also how are these protein markers analyzed?
  3. But looking at that there seems to be conservative libertarian and liberal libertarian from what it seems not really explaining the two.
  4. How does the political compass work? So I gone to the political compass web site to see how Biden compares to Obama and it is saying Biden is bit more to the left than than Obama and bit more libertarian. https://politicalcompass.org/images/uscandidates2008.png But looking at this it is also saying Ronald Reagar is more to right than Trump but two or three points more libertarian than Trump. https://i.imgflip.com/3wuzn9.jpg But the other web site is showing Bush more the right than Trump. So how does this political compass work? It seems broken down where libertarian at the bottom and dictatorship at the top and right and left government.
  5. I think it's that if you try to measure the location of an electron, it will change to a different location. To measure the location you need photons but the photon will bounce off the electron and the electron will be in a different location and so the measurement is not correct anymore.
  6. The Heisenberg's uncertainty is saying if you are trying to measure something on quantum level the measurement process itself interferes with the object you are measuring and increasing the error in the measurement.
  7. Here is a new study on quantum tunneling Physicists watch quantum particles tunnel through solid barriers. Here's what they found. https://www.livescience.com/quantum-tunneling-observed-and-measured.html
  8. So any exposure to violence is bad? Seeing people fight, parents fighting, neighbor fighting, people fighting at school, violence in movies or TV or violence in video games. And exposure to this the person is more likely to be violent and get in trouble with violent crimes.
  9. I think in the context of this thread we are talking about bigger crimes than crimes that just may be social taboo crimes. Crimes like robbery, burglary, assault, rape, car jacking, stealing, theft or shoplifting is very universal and these crime can be put into two groups like property crime and violent crimes. Crimes like public loitering, drinking in public, littering , parking in no parking zone, gambling, sex and drugs so on are more social taboo crimes that may be legal or not legal in some areas. But property crimes and violent crimes are universal crimes and are the biggest factor in large prison population and repeat offenders. One of the posters above said when kid growing up has exposure to family fights, domestic violence and people fighting the kid grows up being violent. Be it the kid learns and thinks this is okay to do or some how it has an effect on the brain and the kid that grows up the brain cannot understand right from wrong. So not sure what is going on here on the brain.
  10. Wow I did not know that. But is most of the public and court system going to have the knowledge about these studies? Or are they just going to say they are bad person or devil person? That is problem when courts are made up of non doctors and Scientists. So How can this be fixed? I’m not sure if they would made up 1% of people in jail or 70% of people in jail. Unless one can map the person brain to see if there is any brain abnormalities or the brain is just wired different. If it confirmed these people may have very hard time not doing crime or it may be impossible not to do crime. And again not sure if they would make up 1% or 70% of people in jail. Same thing with chemical imbalance.
  11. Have a look at the experiments carried out when particles are fired at a card with 2 slits , even when just 1 particle is fired at a time you STILL build up an interference pattern on the other side and this can ONLY happen when 1 particle interferes with another!! BUT you only fired 1 particle at the card - so where did the other particle come from? Problem is- when you try to see what happened you do NOT get the interference pattern😲
  12. Well the start of the thread was what can cause crime and the topic of free will well came up. Members talked about factors growing up and poverty. Like if you got rapped than you more likely to rape some one, you being abused as a kid than you more likely to abuse your kids or being poor more likely to steal. The problem with US politics is conservative vs liberal. Where in the US conservatives will down play this. The problem with sociology and psychology is there is no tool to measure free will and it is not well understood. So the US conservatives just downplay it has junk science. As there no tool that can measure factors like if you got raped has kid you more likely to rape some one and how that plays part on free will. Or if you grow up being abused as kid than you more likely to abuse your kids. There is no tools or tests so US conservatives just down play all this. And brain injuries, brain problems or chemical imbalance is even more looked down among US conservatives as just junk science. That with out tools like MRI, CT scan or blood work the US conservatives will just keep down playing it as junk science.
  13. Not good , the US is facing a doctor shortage. Base on this article the US has now less than million doctors https://www.statista.com/topics/1244/physicians/ With all the schools closed for the virus it looks like things are going to get much worse with shortage of doctors. To make things worse they now are sayIng there is less physicists and engineer in the world now. And now they are saying with out cure or vaccine life will not get back to normal. Well does this mean there is going to be massive shortage of skilled people with the schools being closed?
  14. Not sure what you mean that the court will look into if the bad guy that raped some one was raped has a kid him self? And if so spend less jail time than bad guy that raped some one that was not raped him self? Or poor person that does shoplift spend less jail time than some on that is not poor and done shoplift?
  15. not sure what you mean by communal living. Are you saying most people from India live in communal living? Some parts of India lack water so that may explain the lack of hygiene.
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