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  1. What I mean by storytelling is when I read books and papers on biology, psychology, medicine, science and computers so on. Or when I watch the news or see other people talk about it and so on I cannot put it into story!!! Like my own words. Where you can express thoughts and explain it in your own words so it does not sound like I got it from a Google definition. The other day I watched a 8 hour political debate and friend of mine ask me. I could not talk for more than 10 minutes. The other day I read a chapter from a book and I could not put it into words to explain it or talk about it for no more than 5 minutes. I'm not sure if this is short term memory problem or I'm having hard time extracting the information from my brain.
  2. Deputy arrests ex-wife

    Thing is if cop did that in the UK or Canada the other cops would arrest that cop and take him to the hospital for 48 hour hold. Just other thing the US is light years behind other first world countries. What people that don't live in the US do not understand is the cops in the US can arrest you even if you broke no law.
  3. Arming Teachers

    And the U.S. The only country in world with teachers armed.
  4. Looking for science web sites

    That hyperphysics site is better than Wikipedia as some of information on Wikipedia may not be 100% true. It also seem bit more simplified on the hyperphysics for high school person.
  5. I'm Looking for some science web sites. Some thing where you can look up fun facts like how the heart works or liver works. Or look up electricity or magnetism. Or understand basic biology, chemistry or physics. some thing like how stuff has some science stuff but lot of it too fringe science.
  6. The article does not say what they are mining. Like is it calculations the math calculations processing they are processing for the transactions?
  7. So the math calculations are processing the transactions? Why is this GPU intessive?
  8. What is crypto currency mining? what are they using these video cards for?
  9. No I'm not good at remembering word and letters. Even made up letters say example like TRCFTR or DFRTD why Is that? Does this sound like short term memory problem or visual memory problem I may have?
  10. Why are video cards so costly now and every year they are going up and up? It is the worse year for gamers or anyone buying video card now because of the high cost and every year they getting more and costly. what is causing the high skyrocketing price of video cards?
  11. Why do people say Quantum Mechanics is strange or weird? Is it matter being two places at once? Matter being in state of not knowing. Object is affected by the Observer looking at it.
  12. How can one go about improving visual memory. Some people seem to have really good visual memory and other people terrible visual memory. Some people can look at image or object and it like the image is well burn into their memory remembering every detail vividly!! Other people look at image or object and forget. I did a visual memory test and did terrible on the test. I had to look at image for about 10 seconds and recall detail and well I did bad. Take look at the bird look at it for 5 to 10 seconds and recall as much detail!! Take image like this bird light blue, dark blue, really dark blue and red so on. What happen to me was I was looking at image and not sure if it was light blue, dark blue or really dark blue and I forgot pink and yellow and other detail I forgot. Not sure how big it was at the back and side not sure on one of the shapes. This was terrible for me. This got me thinking why are some people really good at visual memory and other people terrible at visual memory? Why do people have to stare at image to burn it into memory or look at it over and over to go into long term memory. What can be done to improve visual memory?
  13. As long as the person memory, person character, person personality, person emotions and behavior is not destroyed other wise you right it would theseus's paradox a copy of person that was alive.
  14. The psychological need of sleep

    No one knows why people dream or why people need to sleep. Others say your dreams are your memories being filing away. The memories in your brain being filing away or organized. Or some kind of auto immune system repair or memory organizing. Others like Freud think dreams are one way of the unconscious to talk to the conscious......
  15. The article should read human brain linked to computer not the internet. There was no internet of information. The brain was linked to local computer not the internet.