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  1. In the news today major breakthrough of faster than light travel. This changes every thing. Quantum Tunnels Show How Particles Can Break the Speed of Light Recent experiments show that particles should be able to go faster than light when they quantum mechanically “tunnel” through walls. https://www.quantamagazine.org/quantum-tunnel-shows-particles-can-break-the-speed-of-light-20201020/ “Quantum tunneling” shows how profoundly particles such as electrons differ from bigger things. Throw a ball at the wall and it bounces backward; let it roll to the bottom of a valley and it stays there. But a particle will occasionally hop through the wall. It has a chance of “slipping through the mountain and escaping from the valley,” as two physicists wrote in Nature in 1928, in one of the earliest descriptions of tunneling. Physicists quickly saw that particles’ ability to tunnel through barriers solved many mysteries. It explained various chemical bonds and radioactive decays and how hydrogen nuclei in the sun are able to overcome their mutual repulsion and fuse, producing sunlight.
  2. I believe it is use for treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID but I hear there some controversy of the drug.
  3. Can some one here explain how chemical compounds make up billions of chemicals? And why only 1% have been found and it takes a very long time to find new chemicals? Only 1% of chemicals in the universe have been discovered. Here's how scientists are hunting for the rest. The universe is flooded with billions of chemicals, each a tiny pinprick of potential. And we've only identified 1% of them. Scientists believe undiscovered chemical compounds could help remove greenhouse gases, or trigger a medical breakthrough much like penicillin did. But let’s just get this out there first: it's not that chemists aren't curious. Since Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev invented the periodic table of elements in 1869, which is basically a chemist's box of Lego, scientists have been discovering the chemicals that helped define the modern world. We needed nuclear fusion (firing atoms at each other at the speed of light) to make the last handful of elements. Element 117, tennessine, was synthesised in 2010 in this way. But to understand the full scale of the chemical universe, you need to understand chemical compounds too. Some occur naturally — water, of course, is made of hydrogen and oxygen. Others, such as nylon, were discovered in lab experiments and are manufactured in factories https://www.livescience.com/chemistry/only-1-of-chemicals-in-the-universe-have-been-discovered-heres-how-scientists-are-hunting-for-the-rest
  4. I'm wondering if there will ever be anti-viral drug or treatment for Covid or the flu? I hear one of the problems with Covid or the flu is it keeps changing all the time so I don’t know if a anti-viral drug or treatment would work with different variants.
  5. Well they say by figuring out the exact structure of a protein could sometimes take years and millions of dollars. Why does it take so long to study proteins or the exact structure of a protein? They also say it takes millions of dollars and very long time and meaning scientists were only able to study a tiny fraction of them. This slowed down research to tackle disease and find new medicines. Why does it take so long to find the exact structure of a protein?
  6. Not sure how having access to more news is making the news not balanced as I don’t think there even been balanced new is always been liberal and conservative.
  7. What causes food intolerance and food poisoning? It seems food poisoning is more common in developing countries for some reason. I guess other suffering is food intolerance and food poisoning as some people can get really bad food poisoning.
  8. I think some people wanting to go back to the 90s mean the way LGBT and abortion was in the 90s than the way it is today. Well the more extreme religious folks want the 50s. Not sure what you mean by news as in the 90s you did not have social media like today. Was there ever time CNN and Fox news was balanced?
  9. Also is there also some medical problems that are just really cruel and terrible? I can think of parkinson's disease or Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Also dementia and alzheimer's seem to be suffering. So is the sun? You can’t look at the sun it is bad for your eyes, you need sunglasses, you can get a sun burn and very much so people when it is very hot and in hot countries can get really bad sub burns, sun seems way too strong, sun UV is bad for you as you can get cancer, The weather on earth is not the best as people complain of heat waves or it too cold. Well people get too hot if it is above 27C or 80F and people complain it too cold with out putting on a jacket and long pants when it gets below 18C nor 64F and people complain of bitter cold when it is 2C or 35F and some people have even worse intolerance. It seems the planet is too alien for people and better planet would be better.
  10. Is it just an interpretation that it has probability area, it could be some where here but you cannot measure it or sure where it is, only a general areas where it is? What evidence do they have it shows it is probability area than say it being every where and when you measured it than it breaks down to point? I guess the idea you learn in school that particles are like small little Christmas balls are not really true and particles are more like cloud spread out. BUT the interpretation how cloud is spread out or how big of area is the problem.
  11. I’m not sure what they want may be they just want to go back to the way things where in the 90s and the extreme groups want to go back to the way things where in the 50s.
  12. The world seems to be set up as you are born and get eaten by some thing than die and you only alive for short time. Well going back to what you are saying a virus or bacteria killing a human being or big animal or if they are just lucky get really sick. But then a poisonous plants could kill human being, your dog or any large animal. So the world is in state of being born and dying. And than many fruits and vegetables are only alive for short time the same with plants
  13. I assume you talking about animals killing other animals or people killing animals.
  14. I have not read all of the thread but I hear on talk radio some people saying if Trump gets in that will be the last election the US has and others say a civil war could happen. But it seems the GOP has been moving more to the right every year. I also don’t know if things like abortion and LGBT is really the problem or some thing else? I don’t know if the democratic party took a more centrist or right view on LGBT and abortion if that will help or if there are some other driving factors at play here.
  15. I'm wondering why there is so much pain and suffering in the world and how do you define it as one person may experience pain and suffering but the other person not even with out people looking at animals there is pain and suffering there.
  16. What do you mean by how neurons analyze them self?
  17. Did not see this post. But how different is it than Bush? The only difference is the GOP and Trump is embracing it with QAnon and deep state conspiracy.
  18. The problem is in the UK, Canada and Europe with neoliberalism now and when they are in power and have put little money into the healthcare with there neoliberalism goals and when the conservatives get in power it is still very bad as they put in well even less. There some more left groups but they are mostly don’t get enough votes at lest in Canada and the UK on a federal level. At the time when the healthcare system was set up there was lot more younger people and now there is problem of aging population. The Fox News and the republicans keep pointing jabs at Canada and the UK but do not understand the problem of aging population there and when neoliberalism took roots With out left workers party fixing the healthcare system or people having more kids and younger immigrants the healthcare system will most likely be privatized with some state run healthcare in Canada and the UK and Europe may be not the Nordic countries at the way things are going. Well both parties have shifted more to the right. Can you point me to cite where a government has done away of homeless population in a city? And you right in terms the US homeless problem is more noticeable in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego and specific areas and other areas not so noticeable but at the same time if a city, county and state votes liberal party in power is it even okay for the federal government to come in and clean up the mess the city, county and state government can’t fix. AND that if one believes in top town approach from strong centralized government.Well libertarians, anarchist and some people on left appose a very strong centralized government. Believe in strong centralized government over state. Other thing is it okay with sky high out of control small middle class home costing million dollars now and going up every year in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego with very little land to build, than how do you fix that problem. With only than two options of taking down homes and building high rise apartments or option two building new cities across the other side of the mountain.
  19. When it comes to homeless the government has given up you have states like California that has large tent city populations like in San Francisco, Los Angeles San Diego. Not only would it cost billions of say billions of dollars but San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego are running out of land to build because of the water and mountains. Well place like Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoman being less populated and still lots of land to build are still enjoying cheaper housing cost for now even though the government is doing nothing there it seems. If I was poor person or someone from China or Mexico why would I vote for any party it not like any thing is going to get better. If Biden wants to build houses for the poor in the Sacramento area I’m all intrested but no I have not heard any thing. Well in 40 years from now the average price of house will be 2 million or more in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego because they are running out of land to build because of the mountains in the way. Not sure about Boston, New York or New Jersey but it big on sprawl now not sure how much more they can sprawl out to. And Philadelphian is strange one.
  20. I’m talking in terms of social programs and economics is very conservative policies. What Americans don’t understand if the Democratic Party ran in Europe it would be Conservative Party. In the UK and Canada you have a conservative party that supports universal health care and more regulations of businesses and banks than the US. The Democratic Party is not supporting universal health care at all or even more medicare and medicaid, minimum wage increase at all, regulations of businesses and banks. When it comes to taxes and regulations of businesses and banks it is very conservative compared to Europe. The US has homeless and tent cities that are nothing compared to UK and west Europe in size None of the parties red or blue are talking about out of control price of homes. From what I understand does that not have any thing to do with Venezuela and Argentina communist that caused currency crisis and massive inflation? Would South America not be better off if they did something like the euro?
  21. The Church and priests where more anti capitalism before and anti rich and could of been use to help unite the left and centrist parties today But the evil USSR, North Korea and China left soul taste in one mouth and the Churchs and priests started to support conservative because of how evil they where and the fact lot of communists where non religious did not help. Christian socialism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_socialis When Christian Evangelicals Loved Socialism https://daily.jstor.org/when-christian-evangelicals-loved-socialism/ WHEN AMERICAN CHRISTIANS WERE SOCIALISTS https://sojo.net/articles/when-american-christians-were-socialists — But it seems to the church and priests support class hierarchy today and the rich and wealthy. So I don’t know how a proper left and centrist can unite the church and religion today.
  22. The problem is the liberals are not pushing for economic improvements and base on the polling Trump is leading over Biden now. The liberals have shifted to a more centrist right party on economic policy well the conservatives have shifted from far right to even more extreme far right and embracing conspiracies like QAnon and deep state conspiracies.
  23. There was a video I will have to see if I can find it, they are printing 3D organs like a liver or kidneys so on. This got me thinking like how long before doctors and scientists can use 3D printed organs to replace bad or dying organs in the body? Is this some thing 10 to 15 years out before they have 3D printed organs? What are the problems holding them back? I thought one of major problems they had is how to connect every thing and supplying the blood and nutrients to the organ.
  24. At one time many religion where very anti wealthy, rich and big businesses but now it seems so many religions support the ultra rich and big businesses? I believe at one time there where lot of priests and Church’s very anti capitalism and supporting communism because of the class hierarchy of homeless, poor, low income, middle income, upper middle income, upper income, rich, really rich and supper rich and so on and also hoarding of large very large amounts of money. But when the USSR, North Korea and China became evil and anti religion many priests and Church’s started supporting conservative as only way to preserve religion as even liberals well preserve capitalism today seemed beyond the Church and that scared many priests and Church’s around.
  25. It seems there are still cells they are discovering in the human body today. The ambitious quest to map every cell in our body https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20220727-the-ambitious-quest-to-map-every-cell-in-our-body
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