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  1. So you are saying the International community should spend billions of dollars sending not hundreds and not thousands but millions of people!!! Yes not one million!! But hundreds of millions of people into space? Because it would take hundreds of millions of people going into space to keep earth population from going up. Yes numbers in the hundreds of millions of people going into space. The International community is going to subsidize space cost to bring space cost down so the average person can pay for ticket yes a one way ticket to mars or the moon? What would ticket cost? A million dollar ticket? Oh that go with major subsidize a $500,000 space ticket Or you some how thing there is going to be technology breakthroughs to bring space cost down to say $500,000 space ticket per person to mars or the moon?
  2. I will have to as my friend to elaborate as he was making reference to some mental issue in the the DSM book. Also lack of public awareness probably does not help.
  3. If the private sector can bring space cost down to million dollars one way ticket to the moon or mars than it will look more realistic for the upper middle class. But it will NOT solve the problem of overpopulation. Well a $500,0000 ticket to the moon or mars is beyond laughable!!! It would be better to pass laws of one child policy or jail time to lower overpopulation than hope the private sector is going to lower space cost. A city underwater, water city, underground city or dome tower would be more realistic if they running out of land to build or one child policy or jail time to lower overpopulation. Canada and Russia has lot of land but it is too cold. And the Antarctica would be like living in freezer.
  4. There is not a day that goes by with out the media going on and on about going to the moon or mars!!! Well it serious not going to solve problems of colonization of the moon or mars. It not going to solve overpopulation problem. It not some thing the middle class can have enough money on one way ticket to the moon or mars. Even the upper class will not have the money for a one way ticket to the moon or mars. So it not going to solve the overpopulation problem. What is with the government and private sector pushing this trip to the moon or mars in 10 to 15 years. When there is no spacecraft that cost effective? Any spacecraft they have and in the research and development is not cost effective for the upper class that alone the middle class!! It cost way to much money going into space. Why such a push for space colonization?
  5. I hear there are machines in the hospital so called artificial heart machines and artificial breathing machines to keep the person alive in the hospital!! But the person will be hooked up to the machine and laying in bed!! What a terrible life. No portable machines and no emergency machines the EMT can use on you before taking you to the hospital. So the EMT must get your heart beating and lungs working before taking you to the hospital.
  6. What do they mean when they say psychology cannot explain the cause of it and no diagnosed test like blood work, CT scan , MRI scan so on. What mental illness are they making reference to? And cannot explain the cause of it?
  7. Okay but do they not say if you have no blood flow to the brain after 6 minutes your brain cells start to die? If so how long can it go on before too may brain cells die and you are a vegetable 30 minutes or hour?
  8. So you are saying if some one in cardiac arrest for that say hour or two hours than CPR can bring them back? But more than two hours it is highly unlikely? So normally if person been like that for over two hours they will not try CPR?
  9. The problem with cryopreservation or cryogenics is the freezing. When they try to freeze the body their is ice crystals this damage the cells, organs and brain so on. They are trying to do research and development into chemicals that do not cause ice crystals!! But have not found any chemicals yet. May be in 10 to 15 years from now they may find chemicals that may not cause ice crystals when freezing.
  10. I'm not sure where you going with this post above it sounds like some reincarnation theory. There no stockpiling of consciousness being assigned to living things being bored. And when death the consciousness dies the consciousness does not get assigned to other living thing.
  11. How much have changed or advance over the years when it comes to cardiac arrest the person heart stop beating. How long can person be in cardiac arrest before the paramedics or doctors say person is gone at this point. With out the defibrillator how else could they start the person heart again and get the heart beating again? With out the defibrillator people in cardiac arrest would be dying lot more. Are some of the new defibrillator better now at starting the person heart again than the old defibrillators?
  12. I'm not sure what infinite number of atoms have to do with afterlife here. If you mean soul or spirit that has unfortunately not been detected by science. If there no soul or spirit how can person go on living if every thing else in body dies and rots away. If you mean there some life force energy that leaves the body with death? Again unfortunately that not been detected by science. So all these is nothing more but a belief systems be it old religion or new religion. With out soul, spirit or life force energy how can person live after death? And where does this soul, spirit or life force energy go heaven, other dimension or new body? None of these hypothesis have been detected by science. So this nothing more but belief system be it old religion or new religion.
  13. And some can say Africa was never free the British they came and exploited them, took resources and kept them in poverty. Say if it was not for the British they would not be in mess they are today.
  14. Not only how silly question would be but because even if it was true how do you define stress, what kind of stress, how long the stress, what level of stress, than do same for foods what foods are lacking in your diet, how much food you need, what type food having too much of, what hormones and preserves are being put in foods, what food you must eat and food you must not eat, so on for the study. So many variables where do you start to do such study. Than you have people complaining of GMO foods and preserves and chemicals in food.
  15. Tar I'm not sure what your question is here? Why some people have better character and why some people have weaker character? Tar have you ever worked at some of the jails and group homes? Some of these people come from baggage of life problems. Now take drive to upper community neighborhood where mommy and daddy are paying for the kids collage. And they have a comfortable house. Or jobs that will not hire you because of xx and than what do you do. It nice to have laws and rules when every one can be on the same playing field to say yap that follow those laws and rules. Not everyone will be the same. How can people with medical problems, mental problems, family problems, broken family, financial problems, ill health be on the same playing field
  16. I guess it depends how the unification starts and how it happens. Only reason China would support billions of dollars for unification would not have US ally so close. Hank, if North Korea gets too cray and China does not want the US to go to war with North Korea and have North Korea be pro US than China may jut invade North Korea. But there is also a problem lot of people from North Korea would have a hard time fitting in with China than South Korea. People may try to cross border and protest in China causing more problems than having a US ally so close to China. The US paid for all other wars and rebuilding. The US paid in Iraq and Afghanistan and else where. I could see if the US was never involved in Korea war to start with. But they where.
  17. The US government gave money and help South Korea.
  18. I was watching some documentaries talking about the hardships of North Korea life and unification. And got me thinking if there was to be unification how will this work? Will the US have to cough of billions and billion of dollars? For many of the North Korean people. Talking about the hardships of North Korea life. What North Korean Defectors Think Of North Korea ‪North Korean Defector tells what life is really like in North Korea. With Trump in power and conservatives that hate to spend money on social programs what will happen? Where would money go for unification? Where unification cannot be done with out money? Will where the US cough of billions and billion of dollars?
  19. You did not say if this is physics textbook for high school, college or university. And quote universe was adjusted very precisely!! In reference to what? Does he or she believe laws physics okay? Could be harder to understand with no God or easier to understand with a God. As God made the laws physics and nature more simplified and just right. Is he or she trying to explain there are loop holes and break down with physics and nature that have scientists scratching their head to understand. That the laws physics and nature are not simplified and not just right but some what messy saying God be more order, less messy , simple and just right.
  20. I think the big reason is corruption the government and warlords live like king an people are poor. Always fighting over land and resources so on. Other part is Africa is made up of way too many countries decentralize wealth and resources. It will be like if the US all 50 states where countries and fighting for land, money, wealth and resources. The US would be lot worse of and poor. In Africa not having less than 5 countries and way too many countries fighting for land, money, wealth and resources. The decentralize wealth and resources. I'm sure OP not aware of Ethnic group. Even in India and Mexico there different groups. Some people from India and Mexico are light skin and some people from India and Mexico dark skin than you have other groups, mixed and natives. Like country Brazil it has large diversity of so many different Ethnic group. I'm sure there probably different different Ethnic group in Africa. Just like native indigenous people and white people there many Ethnic group.
  21. Well science still cannot explain why some people are more prone to drug use than other people. Is it bad crowd they hang out with that turn them to drugs and they try it and do it because the exposure stem to it ? It is body chemically they crave it but never tried drugs. The nature vs nurture what cause people to try drugs for the first time. They grow up in home or neighborhood where drugs are culture norm and the person is more tempted to try it because so many people re doing it . Than other family where home and neighborhood where drugs not there and hardly no one if anyone do drugs. Or nature the person body chemically they crave it but never tried drugs. Or people just make bad choice and weak and make wrong choice and nature vs nurture don't play apart why person did drugs.
  22. The US ,UK and Canada also have more part time jobs than any country in the world. But now days in the US ,UK and Canada people are working longer hours and even weakens are not strange then that was one before.
  23. Doing the dark age Europe lost science it learn from Greek, Rome,Egyptians and Arabs . Most science came from Greek, Rome, Egyptians and Arabs. Doing the middle age people where society base on working on the land and going to church and fighting of enemies. There was no time for science learning and church had answers where medical illness , medical disorders and physiology being sinners or evil spirits in the person body. Pray and go to church and problem gone or get a church exorcism or cut hole and allow evil spirits out . And the earth was flat and the center of the world and universe. It was not to the renaissance people got interested in science and had to relearn every thing and progress. And say the church was wrong. Now in the US we going from renaissance to dark age base on the government dumbing down education and anti-science.
  24. Yes but what is the driving force? Why does metabolic processes of sleep need byproduct of dreaming? What does dreaming brain serve or do that is needed? If sleep main role is the memories in your brain is being filing away or organized? Some auto immune system, repair or organizing? If that is why we sleep? Why does it require dreaming? What does dreaming serve or do that is needed? People ponder why we need to sleep and dream. Even if dreaming is memories being organized, clean, dumped, stored or filing away!! Why such strange dreams of things I have never seen or strange dreams?
  25. You talking about survival of the fittest. How a species must survive to live. Such basic instinct and subconscious playing big role or some what of a role. But you did not say there been cases humans do things not beneficial to survive. Sure there been cases person done human cannibalism when starving but there case humans do not do cannibalism when starving. So where is the basic instinct here kicking in? Or humans that smoke a pack a day or drink alcohol like fish everyday or speeding or drinking and driving!! Or driving recklessly on the road or skydiving or mountain climbing so on. None of these are beneficial to survive. Some people that steal when starving and have no water and others just die on the street. If you are saying humans are just animals with basic instinct of survival of the fittest why are there overlaps.
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