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  1. Doing the dark age Europe lost science it learn from Greek, Rome,Egyptians and Arabs . Most science came from Greek, Rome, Egyptians and Arabs. Doing the middle age people where society base on working on the land and going to church and fighting of enemies. There was no time for science learning and church had answers where medical illness , medical disorders and physiology being sinners or evil spirits in the person body. Pray and go to church and problem gone or get a church exorcism or cut hole and allow evil spirits out . And the earth was flat and the center of the world and universe. It was not to the renaissance people got interested in science and had to relearn every thing and progress. And say the church was wrong. Now in the US we going from renaissance to dark age base on the government dumbing down education and anti-science.
  2. Yes but what is the driving force? Why does metabolic processes of sleep need byproduct of dreaming? What does dreaming brain serve or do that is needed? If sleep main role is the memories in your brain is being filing away or organized? Some auto immune system, repair or organizing? If that is why we sleep? Why does it require dreaming? What does dreaming serve or do that is needed? People ponder why we need to sleep and dream. Even if dreaming is memories being organized, clean, dumped, stored or filing away!! Why such strange dreams of things I have never seen or strange dreams?
  3. You talking about survival of the fittest. How a species must survive to live. Such basic instinct and subconscious playing big role or some what of a role. But you did not say there been cases humans do things not beneficial to survive. Sure there been cases person done human cannibalism when starving but there case humans do not do cannibalism when starving. So where is the basic instinct here kicking in? Or humans that smoke a pack a day or drink alcohol like fish everyday or speeding or drinking and driving!! Or driving recklessly on the road or skydiving or mountain climbing so on. None of these are beneficial to survive. Some people that steal when starving and have no water and others just die on the street. If you are saying humans are just animals with basic instinct of survival of the fittest why are there overlaps.
  4. No one know knows why people dream. Some say when your sleep your consciousness is not like when you where awake. So you dream because your brain cannot have thoughts of nothing. Others say your dreams are memories your brain is filing away. I think he or she is getting confuse what lack of consciousness is vs brain dead. I think he or she is getting confuse what lack of consciousness is or means. It like saying I want you to picture or think of nothing. Your brain has hard time thinking or picturing nothing.
  5. Probably the diseases is really hard to diagnose base on symptoms why the doctor is hard to find diagnose of it. Or diseases not common. Meaning in 50 years being doctor he or she only sees the disease one or two times. If country supports specialist payments some times they better than family doctor. Like you have pain in knee and you see the family doctor he or she does test and cannot find the problem. Next step is to get your pay OPT to see specialist that deals with knee or hip if that is what is causing your problem. If your country does not cover the cost to see specialist than that is break down of healthcare in your country. Like you have knee or hip problems but cannot see specialist that not covered under your healthcare plan.
  6. Any studies say people are less sick, miss less work, have less heath problems and less stress and less burn out? I think some EU countries have 6 hours a day? Where in the US it is 8 hours a day and some even 10 hours a day in the US. In Japan and China it normally 10 to 16 hours in a day.
  7. On side note ( I found this interesting article today) countries spending the most on health care. Is any of this going to research and development spending to find cures? Or is that other thing? What is the countries spending the most on health care going to and mean here? what countries that spend the most on healthcare ( top 10) https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2015/11/14/24-7-wall-st-countries-spend-most-health-care/75771044/ http://247wallst.com/special-report/2015/11/06/countries-spending-the-most-on-health-care-2/ What is this? Where is the money going? Paying doctors and staff? Getting MRI's and CT machines? Most of the money going to pay hospital administrator staff? Countries not on the top 10 list will be less than 10% of the GDP and less than $4,351 ?? The article is not clear. Not saying if where the money is going? I'm thinking the US spends massive amount of money going into research and development to find cures every year and eating up big parts of the GDP than any country in the world!! Making all other countries look like they are spending is major joke!! But many poor people and low income in the US that does not have healthcare plan to cover the cost. And have to sale the home or car to pay for treatment. Where these other countries are coughing up a free healthcare but are spending hardly any thing on the research and development to find cures. The article is misleading?
  8. I see you used the word concept number of times here and you said in past post I'm confusing concept with word. What do you mean by that? I did the same thing with all my posts here in this thread. Is concept of evil some how different than word evil. Or you can't change word base on concept that changes. Or the use of word evil should match the concept of what evil is? That not how English language works?
  9. So if I understand what you are trying to say to me the dictionary does not tell you what words to use or how to use words but socially the culture the people in group dictate. You use word awesome being missed used or people using word awesome for things not really awesome but okay or great. So where does this communication problem break down that 100 people have own views what evil is? If there was ever alien contact from other world how would you ever communicate if English language is so loosely that only being culturally emerged where just a misunderstand of a word could cause space war with alien race or major problems. An other poster here said the word evil is a subjected word and well it is, so is word good or evil because philosophers debate what is good and evil or what should be good and evil and people have different views what is good and evil. Laws and culture norms dictate good and evil so does religion!! Some things that where evil are no longer evil. Under some laws where things are not evil under religion it is evil. The word evil is messy word that means different things. And well just about everyone on earth agree killing, torture, pain, suffering and illness and violence is evil. Where theft, burglary, stealing, public intoxication, shoplift can be more messy where some places on earth call it evil and punishment by hanging or cutting the person hand off!! Other places call it more a public ordinance crime on property. Most people don't go back to old school of thought the person soul is evil and that what cased the theft, burglary, stealing, public intoxication,drunk, shoplift and the only way is to kill the bad person. Where there is no such thing as what caused the crime only good people and bad people. No science studying crime or cause of crime. And these people will keep doing crime because well they have a evil bad soul. Some of this comes from religion making the word well more confusing if mean evil bad soul a evil person that done theft, burglary, stealing, public intoxication, shoplift. They called sinners thus evil. A bad souls is reason for the crime and only answer is to kill the person. Where morality and culture norms are always dictate by norms of group, laws and religion and many ceases always changing. Saying okay Son or Daughter the word evil may also say morality is pointless because morality is not define. What is immorality on city x on earth may not be immorality on city y on earth. What was immorality may not be immorality now. What is immorality in religion x may not be immorality under religion y. So the word immorality under evil is really messy. May be the problem with the word evil was translating it well from other language and thus is why English language the way it is because under language x the word evil means this word and if we don't have this word that well mean we cannot understand.
  10. Probably because there are lots of other things in the human body that do not regenerate like heart cells or spinal cord. Injuries to your spinal cord do not heel. There some case the brain learn to bypass the injury site if other parts of the spinal cord are not damage. That why I think they are trying turn it back to stem cells because babies in womb can regenerate any thing even grow new limb. But after birth for some strange reason the body know longer knows how to regenerate like it did before.
  11. What is the difference of low level consciousness vs high level consciousness? I hear the terms like low level consciousness and terms like high level consciousness what is it and what is the difference? I can only guess they mean low level consciousness like say a baby vs high level consciousness like teen or an adult. Or low level consciousness like a Dog and high level consciousness like a person. Can consciousness change? Can some one explain the two.
  12. Are you saying people are nothing but drones that are nothing but run on emotion chemical drones with no free will and not responsible for action. Can you point me to some research studies and sources. Can you give us some examples in case where the person has no free will. Also are you confusing free will and nature. Where life forms on earth that face danger run and hide or fight. If some one has no free will why is it some people can go on strict diet or days with out food or hunger strike. There no chemical overriding this. Why is it some people live in poverty do crime and other do not. Should chemical or nature override animal survival. You need to be more clear what you mean by lack of free will and give example.
  13. What do you mean by chemical reactions? Are you saying some people are lazy because of chemical? And some people work really hard because of chemical and thus there is no free will? Or some people love lots and lots of junk food or have eating problem and get really obese because of eating too much because of a chemical problem and other people have very little junk food and are skinny because of chemical? Some people eat two times day because of chemical and other people eat 6 times a day because of chemical and get really obese? Some people love booze because of chemical and other people have very little booze in a week? And thus there is no free will?
  14. You would no nothing else and no outside world. You have nothing to compare it. It like people born in North Korea they have no concept of democracy or freedom. This is why when people leave countries like that and move to countries that have democracy and freedom they have a hard time fitting in.
  15. The problem is if evil is not define and just subjective word than if you put 100 people in room they all would have their own view on what evil is. If what is meaning of evil change when laws change and culture change than meaning of evil really as no meaning. If word evil was toss around and used more in past and not used that much today like in far old days than meaning of it has changed does not have much meaning. There people that justify action base on fighting evil. I don't think you will find too many people justify killing adultery people, homosexuality people, drunks, alcoholic,drinking too much booze, petty criminals, kid stealing candy, female going court for divorce, kid broke window of house or car, graffiti so on in most post war sociaty. Because than the meaning of evil got changed. Base now and the way it was in old days. Unless may be go some 3rd world country. Or doing Middle Ages saying earth at center of the universe and earth is flat and any one say otherwise is evil. Or the black death is caused by evil people and if you go to church you heal and not be sick. Or people justifying war or terrorism in the name of fighting evil. Clearly there must be some problem that the word evil is not well define and lead to confusion.
  16. But I feel the word evil is just being toss around to mean every thing like the kid stealing candy, guy that had too much booze or serial killer or homosexuality in country x or homosexuality in country xy . The dictionary is not clear on what word evil is like some other words. If English native speaker is having hard time communicating to other English native speaker why did they not define word better. Like kid stealing candy called bad kid and the serial killer called evil. But does not mean the same thing. Or the guy that had too much booze called weak guy or voice but does not mean bad or evil.
  17. What type of free will are we talking about? When scientist talk about free will they are more to the point. Are you saying people have no free will at all in every thing and nothing remotely to free will at all in anything.
  18. No don't think people understand what I'm saying here. Some one in country x looking at adultery may view person as evil and punishment by stoning. Country y looking at adultery and cheating may view it as a misdemeanor offense or nothing. Some one having too much booze or always drunk may view as evil or wicked. Some one stealing loaf of bread may view as evil theft and punishment by cutting of the person had or hanging in country xx well in country xy a misdemeanor offense. Country x may view homosexuality as evil well country y as not evil. Well speeding may be view even if you only going 5 over as evil or criminals may be view evil even if no harm came person. My question is talking to other English speaker how do you determine what evil is or what type of evil you mean when talking. Well surly you don't apply evil theft stealing stuff as evil as say killing or torture. How do you communicate to other English speaker when one country some thing is evil and other country it is not? All those words where listed in the dictionary not just meaning like say killing, torture, pain, suffering and illness, violence, harm to others as evil. All these words are listed in dictionary as evil like morally wrong, bad, immoral, wicked, harmful, injurious, misfortune, suffering, unfortunate, disastrous, bad conduct or character, wicked or immoral, anything causing injury or harm, pain, profound immorality, sorrow,vice,bad, or distress so on. It does not just mean killing, torture, pain, suffering and illness, violence, harm to others as evil. But how to you communicate to other English speaker when surly don't mean example say serial killer vs drunk or alcoholic or some one stealing or social taboo so on. You world not go to court say that serial killer evil like the kid stealing candy and both should spend 200 years in prison. Otherwise court have 100 years in prison for every offense and there would be no distinction of crime.
  19. When you look up the word evil in the dictionary you get morally wrong, bad, immoral, wicked, harmful, injurious, misfortune, suffering, unfortunate, disastrous, bad conduct or character, wicked or immoral, anything causing injury or harm, pain, profound immorality, sorrow,vice,bad, or distress so on. This can make communication problem with other English speaker a problem, because word is not define be it Philosophy problem or English language problem. Also each of these words like wrong, bad, immoral, wicked,misfortune so on can also be looked up of proper meaning. Or do these words meaning change with the sentence. A evil theft took candy from the store vs evil serial killer that killed three people. Does the word change with sentence? When do you use the word evil when speaking? Yes the general public view killing, torture, pain, suffering and illness, violence, harm to others as evil. But seems English scholars added words like wrong, bad, immoral, wicked,misfortune so on to the word evil. So than any thing can be evil!!! To make it even more complicated some countries base on culture things could be evil and other countries some countries can be not evil!! So any thing not part of group conformity is than evil!! Why would Philosophy or the English language not define the word better? How do you communicate to other English speaker when one person has meaning of word evil different than other person? With word not define any thing can be evil!! Not having shower on a hot sweaty day is evil or coming to late to work is evil because it is bad character!! Or say nose picking is evil because it is bad character. Eating too much junk food or having too much booze is evil because it is bad character or vice. But no one in good mind view this word same level as killing, torture, pain, suffering and illness, violence, harm to others. Why would English scholars not define word better to stop this confusion?
  20. Scientists say they have located the parts of the brain that control religious faith... Was there not some news stories going around where some one was really religious zealous going to church every day than got a brain injury than stop believing in God? And other case an atheist got a brain injury than out no where started believing in God?
  21. It just that some people are really good at drawings and paintings!! Some people are below average, poor and other people really good!! So I was wondering if the Visual Spatial IQ is part needed for doing drawings and paintings!! And the Visual Spatial IQ plays the part why some people are below average, poor and other people really good at doing drawings and paintings!!
  22. It harder to learn human anatomy if you cannot pronounce the words. If you talking human anatomy class and pharmacy knowing the pronouncing of the words.
  23. How does this help with doing drawings? Some people have geographic memory and can remember lots of detail and these people are really good at doing drawings and picking out images that look almost the same. Other people are terrible at drawings. I think drawings, painting, arts, architecture, autocad program, computer graphics design are all art of the visual-spatial ability IQ.
  24. Is Visual Spatial IQ test to test how well you can remember shapes? A person that does well on Visual Spatial IQ test will do well drawings, art and architecture drawings. A person with low Visual Spatial IQ test will do really bad with drawings, art and architecture drawings. Why are some people really bad at Visual Spatial IQ test? And other people can remember lots of detail and really good at shapes in their head? Some people are really good at doing drawings and art work. Can Visual Spatial IQ test be improved by teaching your brain to remember detail?
  25. I read there are some anti aging drugs and gene modification going on now in clinical trials now!!! But I'm not going to try any thing even if there are some major breakthrough if you live to say 120 or 150 and look like a really old person like gray hair, thin hair, bald hair and skin that makes you look like a 70 old. What is point of living so long and prolonging life if you look so old and not like a 20 old or 30 old?
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