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  1. Cryoprotectant found in some Insects and Amphibians to survive the deep freeze!! In the news say Insects and Amphibians survive the deep freeze by Cryoprotectant!! They say scientist are looking into Cryoprotectant as holy grail of Cryopreservation turning Cryopreservation science fiction into reality. Where one of major problems with Cryopreservation today that make it science fiction is when you freeze the human body you get ice crystals that damage cells, tissues, organs, brain cells and DNA. So the body is very damage and not preserved in the state was before freezing. Where despite billions dollars put into Cryopreservation to date they have not found the holy grail to stop ice crystals!!
  2. So you are saying people that see ghosts or entity beings that are not made up up matter and passing through hard solids like wall or concrete is because of brain hallucinating? Same thing people that are reporting near death experience where body floating up in sky and see the paramedics or doctors work on them? Or people had near death experience saying they where in heaven?
  3. A focused ultrasound may be? New way of looking at ultrasound. treatment of a variety of medical conditions https://www.fusfoundation.org/diseases-and-conditions-all/overview
  4. Also may times leaders in the world will create an enemy to distract people from the real problems and to get military and political support. The trash talking is to make North Korea look big and powerful and to get support by the people and army. But leader has to walk fine line if the comes across as too crazy the military generals could remove him to seizure power. But looking at history when dictators are removed by force they are normally replaced by other dictator.
  5. In perfect world yes!!! But China, Iran and Russia to name some countries hate the US they are not alliance with US. So North Korea get lot of goods from China, Iran and Russia. The UN embargo does not do much of any thing to stop North Korea fro getting goods into their country.
  6. Well unfortunately medical science is not that advance when comes to things like getting taller, no gray hair, lack of hair loss, wrinkled and looking old. You best finding a cosmetic doctor deal with things like that. So the doctor is limited because of the knowledge and treatment when comes to getting taller, no gray hair, lack of hair loss, wrinkled and looking old. Rich pop stars and rich movies stars paid lots of money and they still look old, gray hair and lack of hair and wrinkles!!! Well cosmetic is billion dollar industry we still have no cure to gray hair, lack of hair loss, wrinkles and just looking old!!! Being tall is mostly how well you eat being baby, kid and teen and your parents if they they are tall. Yes there some hormones that can make you taller but you will not be able to get this of the internet legally as you will need to see your doctor to get it. All ads you see on the internet are that, ads that claim to work but do not work.
  7. OP what do you mean by satellite-based brain stimulation causing mental illness? Are you saying there are satellite in space now the government does not know about causing mental illness? Some secret society or secret group above the government and military that have satellites in space causing mental illness?
  8. OP where are the tools, machinery and technology? All we have found is primitive tools!! Even if some group took all the tools, machinery and technology away, so we cannot find it!! Yes some major cover up!! Where are the paintings and drawings showing such tools, machinery and technology? Where are stories mom and dad tell the kid to tell his or her kid of this amazing tools, machinery and technology? why was physics, biology and medicine so primitive?
  9. Consciousness is the results of neurons. Damage can lead to brain dead, coma or injury leading to death.There is no soul or life force that holds consciousness or the results of brain injury or concussion would not effect consciousness. Any medical disease effecting speech, memory, thought, IQ, motivation,wants and needs and reasoning would not be effected because the soul or life force would hold and have consciousness not part of the human body. Such medical disease would not exist..And also brain injury or concussion would not exist. If by you mean spirit or soul nothing more than life force energy aka spark life not part of consciousness like speech, memory, thought, IQ, motivation,wants and needs and reasoning and million other things that effect the brain. Than neuroscience have not found it. And no medical test or scan have found any life force energy aka spark life. And no one seen this life force energy enter baby and leave dead body.
  10. Also India and Pakistan seem to be more stable than the other countries close to Israel that always in the state of war.
  11. Not always been the case. Doing ancient Egypt they where very advance and more stable. I would pick ancient Egypt over the middle ages to live in if I had no choice.
  12. North Korea has hundreds and hundreds if not over a million sites! The US would have to send up over million artillery every day!! It would be way too much for the system the US has today.
  13. The use of acoustic or frequency have any known effect to effect cell division or cell healing? I know in the past they used some frequency device, acoustic device or ultra-sound devices with mixed results with effect on cell division or cell healing. I also hear that cell signaling could be effected by it too. I wonder what been done to see the effect it has.
  14. There was a article I read today that said it going to change the medical books on when they can legally say the person is dead. In old days it was base on if the person was in cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. No heart beat or lung function the person is dead. In the modern world it is base on brain activity. No brain activity the person is legally dead. Now they are saying some pet scan can show no brain activity but there still some very small activity they pick up for x amount of time. This could change medical books as better and newer ways to pick up small brain activity. It also goes on to say some electrical stimulation to the brain can jump start brain activity. This could be major profound change like the invention of the CPR that changes the way doctors and EMT deal with people who have no brain activity.
  15. May be so but why do hear less hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine these days.
  16. North Korea nuclear bombs are very crude so I'm not worried.
  17. Well Americans can shoot down rockets and missiles they cannot shoot down hundreds of rockets and missiles hitting Seoul every minute. It would overwhelm any modern anti-missiles or ant-rockets system.
  18. I really hardly hear hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine these days. Drug addiction and overdose has been around for years but never like fentanyl. There are hundreds of people that overdose on fentanyl every month. Like I say small speck of sand of fentanyl can kill you. Fentanyl is worse than heroin. The overdose of fentanyl is astronomical that many communities people are protesting. I don't know what the government and FDA things why they are pushing fentanyl and why fentanyl is not banned. If some how they think hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine been tarted as drug people use to get high. I mean it would would be safer for them doctors to give out heroin than fentanyl. There where people overdose on heroin but nothing like fentanyl. I hardly heard of fentanyl before and now every day I hear of fentanyl!! Well before it was hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine and heroin and sure there where people using it to get high, addicts and overdose but nothing like fentanyl.
  19. I'm not sure what you mean by it? They use to give out hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine like candy before and sure there was people getting addicted to it or people using it to get high and not really in pain. But now Fentanyl is major epidemic now days with skyrocketing overdose. That why I said why don't they go back to use hydrocodone, oxycodone, and morphine and ban Fentanyl.
  20. What I'm saying is in beginning doctors where prescribing it for every thing and giving it out like candy. This is what the feds started to stop. The media had field day. There even signs posted on the roads in Florida. Every thing was Oxycontin/Oxycodone and hyrdromorphone AND morphine back in that time line!! In news people abusing morphine or Oxycontin/Oxycodone.!!! Now every thing is Fentanyl and overdose and more overdose every month in hundreds. There was people getting hooked on Oxycontin/Oxycodone and hyrdromorphone AND morphine and people using it to get high back in that time line. But now they replace it with Fentanyl that is causing skyrocketing overdose.
  21. There where many doctor's getting arrested by police and DEA in some of pill mill states. Some doctor's where giving out like candy some people where doctor shopping to try to get pills. This lead to media hype of pill abuse and tighter restrictions when doctor can and cannot give to you. More federal guidelines and pharmacy monitoring More monitoring and oversight of doctors.
  22. I think has more to do if you had sport injury, car accident or surgery or some thing they would give Oxycontin/Oxycodone or hyrdromorphone. Now they seem to give fentanyl. The media all over Oxycontin/Oxycodone and hyrdromorphone is dirty drug and people using it to get high thus try fentanyl some thing new and safer. But fentanyl turn out to be much worse. That why they should just ban fentanyl and go back to Oxycontin/Oxycodone and hyrdromorphone to some thing is safer out there.
  23. The government and DEA putting pressure to subscribe fentanyl not Oxycontin/Oxycodone or hyrdromorphone. Because of the abuse of Oxycontin/Oxycodone, hyrdromorphone or morphine.
  24. Sorry I should of clarified of saying not how long they will do CPR before calling it end and saying enough is enough that stop there is no point doing CPR any longer. But how long person can be in cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest before the EMT saying no there is no point doing CPR the person is gone? If you been in cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest for over minutes than there is no chance bringing you back thus the EMT will not do CPR? But if you been in cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest for under 30 minutes they will?
  25. Why are they pushing Fentanyl these days? I know before they where pushing Oxycontin/Oxycodone and hyrdromorphone and so on and there was people getting addicted and people overdosing!! But now it seems to have done the opposite and now there are hundreds of people overdosing on Fentanyl every month. It is now a major epidemic. And small speck of Fentanyl like size like a speck of sand can kill the person. Why don't they ban Fentanyl and just go back to Oxycontin and morphine or some thing else to there is some thing safer?
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