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  1. You mean he's anti-semitic? https://www.washingtonpost.com/made-by-history/2022/12/13/its-important-take-those-calling-fourth-reich-seriously/
  2. I'm not exactly "pro-X" or "support X" but I kinda wonder what the heck else the world is supposed to do about all the people who are single-mindedly "working" towards rolling back the world to the age of Caliphates and eliminating anything and everything that could stand in the way? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caliphate
  3. Hi, new hard determinism convert again. I'm in a bit of a pickle. I couldn't really say "I did [this and that]" anymore, since it's not really me, right? It's everything that went in and through my body. How can I keep saying "I did [anything]" at all without being a complete bozo? Help me out here.
  4. One thing is abundantly clear to me. Neither side is fighting "for Palestinians." Godwin's law.
  5. Nothing beats good ole fashioned enforcement. When there weren't enough cops in SF, large groups of hoodlums just smash and grab all over the city. They still do, just a whole lot less. https://www.sfchronicle.com/sf/article/shoplifting-retail-theft-store-18523023.php
  6. As a brand-spanking new convert to hard determinism (as of this thread), I feel awesome. I'm not responsible for a darned thing. I couldn't be. I have no qualms in joining the meat robot army because well, I have no choice.
  7. Not sure if any group of people would "support" those who directly lords over them through a sort of "terror governance..." https://theconversation.com/gaza-war-how-representative-is-hamas-of-ordinary-palestinians-218080
  8. Observing without the observer effect. Certain interpretations of the observer effects would be shown correct, while others debunked. (probably already done both through other means, but could add this on top. I'm not well-informed on this subject.) I don't know. Let's take something in my field. If you use an oscilloscope to measure a signal waveform, the scope necessarily becomes part of the circuit it's measuring. I don't know the quantum physical interaction is between the measured and the measuring apparatus, but it may have something to do with how the act of measurement is fusing observer+observed into one system.
  9. I stated its impossibility multiple times:
  10. I know there are many of us who are waiting for the LLM hype cycle to blow over so the AI field can finally move forward again. Yes, LLMs are "empty calories" as far as the substance of their mechanisms are concerned. I see AGI and AI consciousness as two completely separate topics, because the "AI" in "AGI" is a technical denotation with a performative meaning. While conscious machines are impossible, AGI to me as inevitable; It's just a matter of getting all the behaviors in. If behaviors is all people look for, then sooner or later they're just going to get those behaviors. Some people equate behaviors with consciousness, and that's bad. It also bothers me that basically all the literature out there frames the problem as a problem with understanding minds, instead of understanding what a machine fundamentally is and does (...hello? We're building a machine, right? These things don't build themselves you know...) p.s. Someone please do something about Anthis and his crackpot "Institute" https://thehill.com/opinion/cybersecurity/3914567-we-need-an-ai-rights-movement/
  11. Thanks for mentioning gauge invariance. Again I agree we can't measure the wave. I'm not going to pretend to know all that much in this subject, but attributing that aforementioned big chunk of the wave disappearing to a "collapse" just feels to me like a case of the tail wagging the dog; The "collapsing" to me is just a description of what's seen (because that's the only thing that could be seen) instead of something "being collapsed."
  12. Yes, you asked me "what's the point" and that was all I could say to it. Plenty of scientists came up with non-verifiable theories because they're about non-verifiable things that's beyond human reach. (One thing being black holes being "dark matter stars" and another being white holes are results of dimensional collisions- Forgot who coughed up that one, maybe Tegmark)
  13. We measure things we can measure. Just because there are things outside of measurement doesn't make the measurement pointless.
  14. If, as I've mentioned earlier, we can do the absolute impossible and measure all values of this wave instead of one, then it's not going to be a dot. How? You can't. It's impossible. (Can we end up wit a cat that's both dead and alive? Not really. That's the limitation of a cat and the rig that's supposed to kill it.)
  15. You can only get a dot if you use a detector screen. That's all you could get. "What other thing could we even use to detect?" Nothing, I suppose. This "collapse," is a limitation.
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