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  1. Political Humor

  2. Planets Magnetic fields
  3. Planets Magnetic fields

    The theory of gravity is called relativity, written by Einstein, it's not based on an observation of light although it did predict the bending of light by gravity... which has been confirmed many times...
  4. Planets Magnetic fields

    The effects of heat rising or gasses or glass is a medium, they interact with light by reflecting it in some way, those things are matter. Gravity bends space time, light follows space time even though there is no matter there...
  5. Planets Magnetic fields

    damn man do you not pay attention? Gravity can bend light without a medium, a magnetic field cannot...
  6. Planets Magnetic fields Not without a medium... Gravity can bend light because gravity is the warping of spacetime, a magnetic field cannot bend light...
  7. Planets Magnetic fields

    No I am not talking about rpm, I am talking about actual surface speed...
  8. Planets Magnetic fields

    The gravitational pull of a large rock sitting still in relation to you can measured quite accurately and in same cases has to be measured to insure accuracy of instruments...
  9. Planets Magnetic fields

    Again you are incorrect, in fact satellite positioning systems have to take gravitational forces into account, those forces are calculated with gravity as a warping of space time..
  10. Planets Magnetic fields

    That ball can spin much faster than the earth or any planet. The surface of a steel ball could exceed the earths rotational speed by many orders of magnitude...
  11. Planets Magnetic fields

    To scale it should but you need to establish that chemical composition or density has anything to do with it...
  12. Hurricanes

    You would do better with hurricane resistant buildings but it's not an us or them problem, ruining the environment can kill billions...
  13. Planets Magnetic fields

    So what? This is another thread about something else...
  14. Planets Magnetic fields
  15. Planets Magnetic fields

    Planets are smoother than marbles to scale, the Earth is smoother than a billiard ball, you really need to back your baseless assertions up with something more than your baseless assertions. Exactly how does drafting cause a magnetic field?