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  1. New information about the history of Mars... https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiecartereurope/2020/08/04/was-mars-once-the-white-planet-ice-sheets-not-rivers-created-martian-valleys-say-scientists
  2. Moontanman


    Wait!!! You mean we could have fixed this POTUS thing that plagues us by simply stopping that Homo sapiens from having sex with that Pongo noselfestemii???
  3. Yes, yes we have on a tiny scale on the ISS https://www.nasa.gov/oem/inspacemanufacturing There you got me,it was an assumption on my part that using in situ materials instead of hauling them up of earths grvity well would be less expensive. I asked string junky about the speed of drones, he answered me. No, a distorted take on a dyson sphere was popularised, he was talking about a swarm of small objects in space that could harvest all the energy of the sun, O'Neil cylinders were part of what he envisioned... Again dyson's vision was of a swarm not a solid shell covering a star... others came along later and didn't understand his Idea. It is an orbiting space station but anything functioning in space around the sun can be defined that way. A dyson swarm has to start with the first object. I would not expect the objects on film to be manned nor would I expect them to have traveled from another star. Either a manned mothership sends them or an AI machine... if indeed they are anything but military drones testing our technology. evidently not In all honesty i had forgotten but thank you for reminding me. Thank you or pointing that out. https://www.nasa.gov/centers/langley/news/factsheets/Bldg-structures.html https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2020/astronauts-robots-and-the-history-of-fixing-and-building-things-in-space Thankyou.
  4. That girl really plays that 6 string guitar!!
  5. Perhaps I should learn to speel as welll
  6. What I am saying is that once we establish a manufacturing base in space that uses in situ materials the economics of space flight will change. Right now everything has to be dragged out of the Earth's gravity well, the economics of that is truly staggering but building a brobdingnagian object in space using materials already there will cut costs considerably. Perhaps I dumbed down the concept a bit, I am trying to avoid as much typing as possible since I almost sliced off my thumb a few days ago. Yet trying to type fast to avoid the boss, my wife my wife hits me in the head with a ball bat, plastic thank god, when she catches me... Actually, if you on a slow boat fuel requirements are smaller and a solar sail could be used to slow down at the end. I am honestly unaware of where I made any claims about speed, please let me where and I'll either defend to admit i was wrong. See above... An actual dyson sphere consisting of a solid sphere covering the sun violates all known and hypothetical physics... https://www.space.com/38031-how-to-build-a-dyson-swarm.html Sending small objects in orbit to build larger structures is currently being done, the international space station is an example. ???? I was answering the idea that physics prevent star travel when in fact it does not.We currently have two space craft on the way to doing it. Time and energy are what it's all about, which do you have the most of? "To say anything is impossible you must point out something about it that supports that idea. Neither space travel, dyson swarms, O'Neil cylinders, or star travel has any impossible or even yet to be invented aspects but controlled fusion would be a nice touch for star travel.... If you did not say these things were impossible I apologize Please show me were I am tap dancing around anything? Building things in microgravity redefine scale... I cannot find where I claimed much of the stuff you are asking about,sadly there appears to no way to tell what number post I said these things, I feel overwhelmed swansonT but I will say,and please take note of this I am hear to learn not to convince people of things not true but answering this post makes me feel like you have mistaken I said either out of context or attributed to me something someone else said. I need help here, please show where I claimed these things. I have labeled them with question marks for your benifit...
  7. Wasn't my claim... First I am going to assume you mean a dyson swarm and not an actual sphere which is beyond any known materials physical strength, actual or theoretical. A dyson swarm is just physical application of known materials and physics. Orbital insertion requires technology much the same way a dyson swarm does as does a O'Neil cylinder. To say anything is impossible you must point out something about it that supports that idea. Neither space travel, dyson swarms, O'Neil cylinders, or star travel has any impossible or even yet to be invented aspects but controlled fusion would be a nice touch for star travel.... An O'neill cylinder is well within the boundaries of current technologies much the same as sending something into earth orbit is, just on a larger scale...
  8. Yet they can exist unlike ftl star ships? Who says astronauts have to be involved? The cost of setting up a place to manufacture them is costly, once you have that infrastructure the cost falls off. Can you think of how costly building a modern car would have been in the 19th century? Why is it too expensive and too slow? I have not suggested any impossible technology and only fusion has yet to be invented and you could do it with nuclear power, it would just be more difficult... So if something hasn't been invented yet it's impossible? Tell that to Einstein... The economics will be a problem but not forever. I honestly don't know how to answer this, it's like you are asking me to prove physics doesn't prevent space flight... I'm not sure what you mean Other than fusion, which I admitted wasn't a thing yet, I think you need to elaborate about what you mean by "science that is not currently confirmed" and "conjecture"... Until you do something it's conjecture but as long as the conjecture isn't impossible I think you are incorrect. I can conjecture from a knowledge of physics that orbital insertion of a satellite is possible without doing it...
  9. You've been watching too much star trek, ever hear of generational ships? Or exploration by AI machines? Slow boats are perfectly good and of course some think that Oneal cylinders are the best way to colonise the solar system. All you need to do is add a fusion drive and you can slow boat it to alpha centauri. It would be possible to colonise the entire galaxy in the time it takes the sun to rotate once around the galactic core...
  10. Now that is word! Sorry, just poking a bit of at you... Umm, which claim? I can't find anything confirming the aircraft radar but then I never claimed it... How about the speed claims?
  11. I've got an idea dudes and dudettes, lets drop the alien idea and see if we can just discuss if a unmanned drone would be capable of such maneuvers.... Please elaborate...
  12. It's a joke! But the Pentagon has this week declassified these films and admitted publicly they have no idea what they were but just between you and me the Pentagon would lie if their agenda required it. I can say for a fact the incident showed on the radar of an advanced system destroyer, Arleigh Burke class I think. As for the aircraft radar, I'll try to dig it up if you are really interested. Come on swansonT, you can do better than that, physics in no way prevents star travel... https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/27/politics/pentagon-ufo-videos/index.html https://www.militarytimes.com/off-duty/military-culture/2020/04/27/pentagon-releases-videos-of-encounters-between-ufos-and-navy-pilots/ https://www.wired.com/story/does-it-matter-that-the-dod-released-those-ufo-videos/ Different view points, guys I didn't post Caspers video to prove alien spacecraft are visiting but to show they were not bugs on the lens. Personally I think this smells a lot like a weird military exercise that was exposed and the pentagon is more than willing to let people's imaginations run wild about the Tic tac...
  13. You're a hard man swansonT...
  14. It's official! The UAP seen in these videos are not bugs on the glass! The air force has publicly declassified and admitted they don't know what is in the short films but what was seen are UAP!... The damning report starts at 88:20...
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