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  1. roku streaming problems

    I've done all the plugging in and out and tried to log back in. It just stopped streaming in the middle of a show...
  2. roku streaming problems

    I need some advice, how do you tell if your roku box is bad? My computer help desk says my computer is broadcasting but my roku box says it's not. I don't have any other streaming devices so I am left with a puzzle. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. What is faith?

    Statement was off topic
  4. New page has been added to the new story.

    1. nevim
    2. Moontanman


      I hope you liked it, much more to come!

    3. nevim


      I’ll definitely read the next instalment :)

  5. Can the study of UFOs be scientific?

    This is an interesting video on colonising the oort cloud, doesn't agree with me completely but it is a very comprehensive coverage of the idea.
  6. New story on my blog, finally I am posting an entire story. I will serialise this over the next several days. NSFW! Should only be read by adults! 


  7. What is faith?

    Considering that the vast majority of problem caused by religion comes from monotheistic religions I would have have some doubt about less gods equal more reason...
  8. True Meaning of Life

    Yeah but tell him that...
  9. True Meaning of Life

    I think Conan said it best!
  10. Si-Based Life

    Well if it was native to the Earth it wouldn't be alien... but still an exciting discovery. Very little effort has been put into checking for a deep super hot biosphere of silicon or carbon. Closer to the surface the idea of checking the Earth for shadow biospheres is a possibility that should be addressed as well....
  11. Si-Based Life

    Isaac Asimov wrote about the possibility of Silicone chains with Carbon linked to the Silicon and the Silicon attached to each other via Oxygen atoms. The chains would be very stable at our temps, too stable, but at high temps they might just be the ticket. Sulfuric acid would be stable at some of those temps and pressures but Azimov seemed to think that liquid silicones might be a better solvent for silicone life... Thomas Gold proposed silicon life on earth deep underground at the very high temps and pressures that exist there. In fact he proposed that Gold deposits connected to carbon deposits (called carbon leaders by prospectors) might be left by life that uses gold as chemical energy source. Deposits of Quartz and Gold, according to Gold, could be the result of silicone life that used gold as a source of energy as well...
  12. Si-Based Life

    H2SO4 at high temps. Lot of possibilities but I take them all with a grain of salt. Water is superior in nearly every way at temps we are familiar but chemistry would seem to allow other possibilities at other temps but the question is do these other temps have chemistry to support them... The best replacement for carbon might be boron or boron nitrogen pairs but boron suffers from a lack of abundance in the universe...
  13. Si-Based Life

    How about sulfuric acid as a solvent?
  14. What are you listening to right now?

    Original song by Motion device... A piece of rock and roll!