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  1. Moontanman

    What is faith?

    You guys are right, my response was almost exactly the opposite of what I meant to say. I missed it even rereading it. I must be getting senile. My intent was to ask for something the supernatural had taught us that superseded science. I remember the exchange but why I wrote what I did I cannot explain. I apologize for the quote mining accusation...
  2. Moontanman

    What is faith?

    Quote mine much? You guys left out the qualifier of faith I used... Not to mention I was answering someone who stated what we think of as woo will be science... You guys also left out the rest of the conversation I was replying to where it was said woo will become science.
  3. Moontanman

    How does the Trump era end?

    I think it will end in mushroom clouds but hey I'm an optimist...
  4. No, I am just as popular off line as on... no.. wait..
  5. Moontanman

    Genetic engineering

    You guys are making is very difficult to cosplay to john varley's gaea trilogy....
  6. Moontanman

    Genetic engineering

    Thank you... I guess i don't get to be a centaur...
  7. Moontanman

    Genetic engineering

    Possibly I was a bit to vague, can we do genetic changes in animals by manipulating their genes to cause them to have things like extra limbs that actually work rather than just stick out at random.
  8. The non Hebrew slave could also be beaten as long as he didn't die in a day or two.. The non Hebrew slave could also be passed down to the masters children...
  9. Moontanman

    Genetic engineering

    How close are we to making animals to order, something like a hexapod salamander? Impossible? Or just no incentive to do so?
  10. I just posted a story, here is the link....


    1. MigL


      So is the Hulk your 'residual self image' ?
      ( the mental projection of your digital self )

      Morpheus quote, from The Matrix

    2. nevim


      Who is the benign, rogue incognito based on?

      i liked your story!

  11. Moontanman

    What is your favorite tv series at the moment?

    The Orville...
  12. Moontanman

    Fluorine vs hydrogen

    Thanks, for the answers, just something I have long wondered about...
  13. Moontanman

    Fluorine vs hydrogen

    I'm gonna ask a stupid question, fluorine lacks one valence electron hydrogen lacks one electron yet hydrogen is not considered a halogen... yet helium has two electrons in it's outer shell and is a Nobel gas...why?
  14. Moontanman

    Interplanetary/Interstellar Travel

    I, of course, have a different take on interstellar travel based on the Winnebago! Large O'Neill cylinders or torus type space habitats will eventually travel to other stars by hoping from one small icy body to another, slowly spreading out like a new animal in a deserted habitat. Controlled fusion would be the key and we all know it's only 10 years away... Rendezvousing with icy bodies would mean the travelers would take thousands of years to get to another star but each icy body rendezvous would be a chance to top up on volatile elements and if the icy body was big enough use it to build more habitats. Using this method we could occupy the entire galaxy in a few million to tens of millions of years and never even visit a planet. Planets would not be needed anymore than a Winnebago needs cities...