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  1. I do not agree with that, if you do then why can it not be that the universe is eternal, merely changing form ? No you need to explain why the universe cannot be eternal, why add another layer of unsubstantiated complexity? Having looked back to the last few posts I might be confused about who i am answering, are we talking past each other?
  2. What explains the creation of a creator?
  3. choose gender option

    I am going to have to come down on the side of keeping gender as one of those things that should only be revealed if the person wants it to be. I admit to being prejudiced in the matter, I generally like women better than men, I have more close female friends than male and seem to have more in common with them. At the very least it's nice not have to deal with someone to who everything is some sort of macho challenge. I know, I bit of a rant, this was a major issue for me growing up where I did. Anyone who wasn't a jock was treated rather badly and I never forgot it..
  4. choose gender option

    No, why should it? If the current situation in the US get worse you may have lots of us hanging out... Ooo Ooo Ooo legal weed too! I can honestly say I never visit a profile before submitting a reply, I occasionally visit is the person starts to show signs of trollish behavior or just figure out what is making them tick if their replies get weird...
  5. choose gender option

    There is no need for a gender option, it easy to tell who is who, women are always smarter than men and write better I happen to know I-now is a bigfoot...
  6. Bacteria power

    I'm going to post this here, it is a short video about bacteria movement and super fluids but I have seen something similar in real life. I used to culture euglena as a food source for rotifers, in the culture barrels the euglena would swim around and round the barrels and almost always they would all go the same direction actually making a visible current that would carry small floating particles on the surface around visibly moving at several inches a minute. These microscopic protists creating this current as long as the sun shone on them I think was similar to what is being said here.
  7. Order can and does arise from chaos. this can be demonstrated in real life.
  8. Water on Asteroid.

    NASA reports hydrated clay like minerals have been detected by the OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft on the asteroid Bennu. This could mean the asteroid was once part of a larger object.
  9. Helium Exo-Planet:

    That is interesting, a warm neptune like object is especially interesting. I wonder if it would lose it's hydrogen before the helium? That could result in a water world with a basically helium atmosphere...
  10. Ransomware problem

    I will cut a roosters throat during the waning of the moon spread one half the blood over my monitor and have my wife drink what is left... I am going to pursue this until it's gone thanks for all the iceas...
  11. Ransomware problem

    Thank you guys! It would seem this is some kind of ad to get you to down load more virus program gone wild! It is supposed to dupe you into buying the anti virus program. It doesn't do anything but bother people. It really pissed me off when I saw it was only showing up on my wife when she logged in.
  12. Ransomware problem

    I am confused, I don't know much about anything beyond click on what it asks.
  13. Ransomware problem

    It claims to be "system defender" I'm not sure I understand the link you just gave me...
  14. Ransomware problem

    I am having a problem with ransomware, it doesn't lock up my computer every time I log in, in fact it only affects my wife when she logs in and only every few day. I have to go task manager and stop the computer but it goes away for a while before coming back. I have the web address of the ransomware. So far McAfee has been unable to find it or malwarebytes or spy bot search and destroy. Any chance you guys can help?
  15. What are you listening to right now?

    Their style is both unique and reminiscent of heavy metal from the old days, they do a great cover of Ballroom blitz. They have a lot of music out, all over you tube, not sure how well their latest album is doing but I'll post some more of their stuff. This is a cover but they do it better than the original. IMHO. Sara's big sister can play that six string bass like nobody's business, I love it! This one is original.