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    I live near the ocean, I am a science junkie and just another bundle of ignorance trying learn.
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  1. Moontanman

    Help with building a planet

    I used to have a site I could go to and plug in various variables and figure things like mass, radius, gravity, density but that site has closed and I can't seem to find another that allows me to plug in data and get back real world figures. Does anyone know of a site where I can do that?
  2. I'm gonna be a Grandpa! 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. DrP


      Congrats sir. I'm sure it'll have fine antlers.

      Enjoy the love!  :-)

    3. MigL


      Congratulations, Moontangrampa.
      ( If it's a boy, will his name be Rocky ? )

    4. Silvestru


      Congrats Moon! New fishing buddy coming up.

  3. Moontanman

    Sex and Your Religious Beliefs

    You have claimed that animals are instinctive beings, humans are animals, in fact humans are one of the animals that have sex for fun, dolphins would be another, bonobos, I'm sure there are others, what are you trying to say? Humans are not animals? Please clarify...
  4. Moontanman

    Plate Tectonics: A Modern Myth?

    Until he shows some mechanism for the expansion he is just spinning his wheels...
  5. Moontanman

    Could the Earth have two moons?

    I was hoping for a stable orbit inside Earth's moon, any chance of that? Maybe a resonance orbit?
  6. Moontanman

    What are you listening to right now?

    I think Rachel does it much better! I'd almost be willing to just watch Rachel wash and comb her hair..
  7. Moontanman

    How does the Trump era end?

    I think it will end by Trump allying with Putin to repulse the alien invasion and in return for Russia's help they will turn Alaska back over to Russia. No trace of the aliens will ever be recovered due to the immense weapons of the Russians which destroy the aliens completely. I forgot, due to Trumps brave stance in the face of alien invasion Trump will receive the Medal of Honor and will be named president for life by Putin and the US will become a satellite state of the Russians...
  8. Moontanman

    What are you listening to right now?

    Yeah, I'm a sexy senior citizen... A new thread could probably be started on the morality of a woman having this woman's hair!
  9. Moontanman

    Animal carcasses found in buried Antarctic lake

    Makes me wonder if one a very cold planet could like evolve into large forms under very cold conditions..
  10. Moontanman

    Proving another genesis

    Other bases are being used in artificial life forms, the scientists call it XNA. Silicon might work under very cold conditions, Silicone might work in very hot conditions, maybe with sulfuric acid as a working fluid, I'm betting any life will be based on carbon or maybe and I mean a very small maybe, Boron.
  11. Moontanman

    Are all matter/anti matter living, in some sense

    Now your reasons for that would be interesting...
  12. Moontanman

    Proving another genesis

    It would depend on how similar the life found off earth was to life on earth... If for instance life was found on Titan it would be so different from earth life it would have to be a second genesis of life.
  13. Moontanman

    Are all matter/anti matter living, in some sense

    Where exactly is all the antimatter?
  14. Moontanman

    Red Yin Yang evolution theory

    I think you need to clarify this and give your evidence for it. It reads like a nonsensical rambling... How can antimatter figure into it? Why does non life need to consume anything? How can life consume everything? Please clarify...
  15. Moontanman

    Sex and Your Religious Beliefs

    We are animals, how can we be better than animals? Please define what you mean by better than animals... Religion is a way? A way to what? How can belief in fairy tales be a way to rationality? What do you mean by impartiality?