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  1. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    Everyone I know takes a toke or two and then saves the rest for next time. In fact that is one of the oddest things about pot. You smoke enough to get the buzz you want then put the rest down for later. It lends itself very well to one hit bongs due to this. I have no idea about coke, I've never used it but pot is no doubt a drug you only use a small amount and save the rest, whether it's part of a bong hit or part of a joint. I honestly know of no one who doesn't do this...
  2. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    Yeah I've had people do that, it doesn't work, in fact it always made me much sicker...
  3. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    so you don't think you can slowly reduce the dose to avoid the extremes of withdrawal?
  4. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    Do you have a link to those studies?
  5. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    I was never a recreational user, that is an important distinction as well.
  6. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    Who would be the best source? Someone who had never experienced it and had no clue?
  7. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    Yes they are indeed withdrawal symptoms but they are personally irrelevant. It took my three tires to go cold turkey off oxycontin, each time was two weeks of vomiting, diarrhea, bone aches, sweats and extreme chills, severe depression, it felt like a super flue. Made me worried I might continue to live like that... Doctor wouldn't help, he insisted i needed to take the drugs but the panic attacks and hallucinations were more than I could take...
  8. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    If you stop smoking pot suddenly you might experience some mild irritability about two weeks after your last joint, lasts a day or two and is so subtle most people miss it completely. oxycodone begins to make you feel like you are dying an hour or so after your next pill is scheduled and gets worse from there.i have extreme chronic pain and i would rather die than risk getting addicted to oxy again...
  9. What are you listening to right now?

  10. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    I am sorry I thought you were trying to say that THC withdrawal is a thing...
  11. If (illicit) drugs were legal.

    THC withdrawal? Really? I've never experienced such a thing, but I have experienced opiate withdrawal, hell on earth, cold turkey is the best description possible...
  12. An Idea for a Paradox

    There are other schools of though that do not include a "BB"
  13. A secret that all scientists in the world should know.

    I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard this baseless assertion...
  14. Did Christianity start with a real human Jesus?

    No they were not real people, in this case science can be used to prove they did not exist, could not have existed and were nothing but mythology....
  15. Mammals turn to night life to avoid people

    Where do you park your squad car sherlock? Yes! I can read! What a concept! How about a bit less snarkiness when criticising someone who simply asked for info and acknowledged all the info he had was "anecdotal" Then again from your own link: