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  1. Dystopian for sure! My son gave me the book to read and it prompted us to see the movie. We both cried at the end of the movie!
  2. Why not just put a sunshade at Venus' lagrange point 1? A thin reflective mylar type sunshade would drop the temps very fast and result in a planet covered in frozen CO2!
  3. I studied the bible and other religious works to come to the conclusion that lack of belief is the only reasonable stance to take on the issue of gods.
  4. I'm a nudist, I never saw any reason to reveal that here, never really seemed relevant to any issues I was discussing. But now that we have a nudist thread i would say that my username is associated with my nudity and that I love to walk around the beach in the nude but nude swimming is heaven on earth! I am, btw, an atheist and see no way to connect my love of being nude (naked means you are nude and up to something) of course these days i supplement my income via paypal donations by people who want me to keep my clothes on!
  5. Methylene blue can be used as a rinse to clean off nets, When I ran a petshop I kept methylene blue in containers near the fish bagging station to keep nets soaked in why waiting to be used. I've also used peroxide in the net dip containers and I use peroxide to clean equipment like filters and other accessories. Drying the plastic parts out over night will remove the peroxide. "in the aquarium" is tricky, most people would use antibiotics instead of disinfectants, few disinfectants are any better at killing bacteria than they are at killing fish. Palmolive or any soap is a bad idea in aquariums, it's difficult to really rinse off but it's deadliness to aquatic life is less than it used to be but still not low enough to be used in an aquarium.
  6. I think you have forgotten that the OP is talking about aquariums. Things like "Lysol" and Palmolive are quite poisonous to aquatic life and would be worse than the bacterium.
  7. There is a local page for the Cape Fear Site, but I know of no company wide pages for Dacron.
  8. Oh you don't know the half of it but most of them require some knowledge of the process to really make any sense. Having a tube core explode next to you while you are up close to rotating and or hot equipment and can't let yourself move at at all is a classic. I'm not sure about that, it was never discussed, DuPont pretty much claimed they invented it. I worked there from 1973 to 1998, we had a worldwide computer network going there by the early 80s, I loved to surf the other DuPont sites around the world. We used computers to monitor our processes in real time and they were linked to all the dupont sites around the world. I remember really enjoying talking to DuPont in Australia! I never thought of that but it makes sense. I prefer natural fibers as well. We made polyester that was like spider silk and some that was almost like rope, good times for all !
  9. I worked for DuPont, the Cape Fear site, we made Dacron polyester, the way fibers can be manipulated on the manufacturing level is mind bending. And physics is a big part of it. But we made clear polyester all the way up to what we called "dull" fibers that were so full of titanium dioxide they looked like double white or something, hard to really describe, but the properties of the polyester determined how it would take dye and feel when you wore it. We had a large lab and engineering section and we made experimental fibers some of which were silk like to fibers that looked like aluminum foil threads. Polyester is made from plastic that is stretched and otherwise manipulated to resemble other fibers. Dacron is just one of many fibers bother natural and artificial. I have a small video that shows parts of the process, it can be amazingly complicated, but it's on tape and I am not supposed to share it anyway.
  10. I always use hydrogen peroxide to clean my fish tanks when I take them down, it must be rinsed well and allowed to dry for a few days. Sodium hypochlorite has the advantage that commercial aquarium products are sold to neutralize it.
  11. What you said is true but some photos suffer from the "To good to be true" syndrom. Personally I think Bigfoot is misidentification of black bears, but that is just my opinion. Also there is the road kill hypothesis, everything, even humans eventually end up as road kill... even humans, but no bigfoot road kill ever...
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