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  1. I should have said brain to size ratio, an elephant has a huge brain to size ratio compared to a triceratops but I've not seen anything to indicate either built dams with any intent or future planning. Beaver do how ever build dams specifically to make their lives better, whether or not they actually have the future in mind is debatable. The phrasing of the OP indicated some intent to build a dam not accidentally dam up a stream. Are you suggesting that triceratops pushed down trees with the intent to dam up a stream? I am not saying this is a hoax, people mistakenly attribute intent to things all the time without justification but not to intentionally mislead. I'm not sure why you brought this up but dimetrodon was a synapsid like you and me, triceratops and every other dinosaur were diapsids like crocodiles, lizards and birds.
  2. I've never read that, do you have a citation? Triceratops was large enough to down trees like an elephant of today and it's not unreasonable to think they may have done that but the idea of dam building by an animal with such a small brain and the mental capacity that is thought to go along with that small brain would make such long range planning unlikely IMHO. Has there ever been any evidence to suggest dam building among dinosaurs? I think "may have" is the key in this sentence.
  3. Watch out for the ones with fuzzy butts!
  4. A nuclear bomb, currently that would be a max of around 3 megatons if an asteroid like Apophis his it would be around 1000 megatons. https://www.planetary.org/articles/will-apophis-hit-earth What would happen if Apophis hit Earth? Apophis would cause widespread destruction up to several hundred of kilometers from its impact site. The energy released would be equal more than 1,000 megatons of TNT, or tens to hundreds of nuclear weapons. BTW a pop up ad just wiped out what I was writing in response to this post.
  5. It would depend on the size of the initial object but the transfer of energy to the atmosphere from a large object would be devastating even if dispersed.
  6. Dispersal could be a double edged sword, the asteroid represents a huge amount of kinetic energy, even dispersed the fragments would transfer the same amount of energy to the Earth as the solid object. Changing the objects orbit so it doesn't hit at all would be the best outcome, IMHO.
  7. It's interesting that there exists an asteroid with a ring,I wonder if a strike from a solid asteroid on a rubble pile asteroid gives some validity to to your idea?
  8. I provided a link that explains why we can't see asteroids coming in from the glare of the sun.
  9. https://www.livescience.com/space/asteroids/the-sun-is-blinding-us-to-thousands-of-potentially-lethal-asteroids-can-scientists-spot-them-before-its-too-late
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