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  1. I think they must have misreported, they never did talk about a second attack again but kept referring to waves of missiles...
  2. MSNBC was talking about how those two bases had been attacked when they cut away to announce yet another wave of missiles had been launched...
  3. So far they have launched two flights of missiles according to MSNBC. The fist one was launched earlier today and in the middle of talking about that attack they said another flight has been launched. Should have hit by now.. I think I'll go watch some TV before the EMP knocks out the power grid...
  4. A second flight of Missiles was launched about an hour ago to the US air bases...
  5. How is a second attack "now lets go back to normal"?
  6. I just saw a breaking news announcement, Iran has launched another wave of missiles against US air Bases and is threatening our smaller allies in the region.
  7. Who drew first blood... asking for a friend... well not a friend, some sweaty muscular guy with torn clothes just kicked my door down to ask... Um he has a very large... knife.
  8. I just loaded part one of a serial story, I hope you enjoy! 


  9. It is not a secret, the title of the book is "the UFO encyclopedia" by Jerome Clark and Angela L. Williams , the video is "UFOs the secret history" the relevant section is 37:45 to 40:15 . There are several books with this title but only the one by those authors is said to be the source of the video by the producer of the video. I was thinking of going to the book store and seeing if I could tract down paper back versions since the dates on the book and the film do not exactly match but as the moment I am without transportation but I will get around to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDb1oyVKnP4
  10. The link spoke to the idea that a cover up was going on. The Coyne link was an example of a sighting that has been dismissed as a slow moving meteor. I got the quote from a video, the man being interviewed claimed it. I searched for the quote and or source material for the video and after google and contacting the producers of the video I found the source material for the video was a book currently costing $155, the book is not exactly new so I am hoping the library will have a copy. The video in question has been quite accurate so far in it's information I have been able to check on so I think it would be constructive to track this down but not if my efforts are going to be dismissed as untrustworthy... And yes I was told I could not be trusted on this subject due to my "beliefs"
  11. SwansonT and Strange I practically covered Page 4 of this thread with citations backing up my statements. It took considerable time and effort to do so the least you guys could have done is commented on them. The quote about the Airforce offering Condon more money is in a book that costs $150 as are the source material for several others. Not something I am going to buy but when I get transportation back I do plan to go to the public library and see if they have a copy meanwhile I would appreciate some sort of answer to my citations for the things I was able to track down. Especially after being accused of dishonesty...
  12. Back when I was young I held quite a few pig pickin's, getting pulled pork trucked in by a caterer is not even close to being able to dig into that whole pig! I had a charcoal cooker on wheels and all the big pots and pans. I did it for fun at friends houses and mine. My only requirement was that my buddy Pepe bethere for moral support...
  13. This looks so good! I am currently building a grill, this looks like a good debu cook!
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