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  1. Please define what you mean by natural and designed, how do you tell the difference?
  2. Mirror Matter that was aware of is evidently not the same as the Mirror Matter being referred to here. At some point some standardization of names will surely come into play...
  3. I happen to have it on good authority that the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about...
  4. In the background of this video something really odd sems to be going on before this point they were making mercury spin with a magnetic field and interviewing some odd people but at 09:22 they start doing something really odd ,the spinning mercury is odd, but this seem to be a object that rises on a magnetic field to a quite high level, even outdoors. Anyone want to take this one?
  5. Is the US space program being stabbed in the Back? Howard Bloom thinks so and the Chinese are taking advantage it!
  6. They came here with that goal. they would send probes to inhabitable planets, they prefered planets that already had intelligent species. Their civilization was based on conquest and domination on their home planet and they just continued that when they found nearby aliens. I think in the book Humans were the third or forth race they had invaded. They had long lives and there technological progress took 100,000s of years to get to the point we were from the medieval civilization the probe found. The other races they had conquered so far shared that slow progress. They thought we would as well.. That is basically what happened to them Their biology made sleeper ships much easier for them, they were reptilian and naturally hibernated for long periods of time. They only traveled at a small fraction of the speed of light, several thousand years travel time was what they were used to and saw no reason to advance it any further. Footfall was interesting, not one of my favs but still a great read...
  7. A couple of spoilers is necessary, this would be an alternate time line series of Novels, the invaders only high tech that we do not have today is Fusion, they invade during WW2 and for various reasons expect an easy victory. Their ships are sleeper ships taking centuries to make the journey. The essentially show up with technology comparable to what we currently have now but at the beginning of WW2. Expecting a medieval society and only having a limited number of high tech weapons (high tech means comparable to our current tech) and hijinxs ensues...
  8. I keep seeing this pop up on youtube, scientists are trying to find a mirror universe and open a portal into it... What is going on if anything? I keep seeing this news blurb in various forms, some quite extreme others not so much but none seem to be exactly the same and the idea is provocative but is it true? I know about Mirror Matter, Dark Matter, and even antimatter and all of these are being connected in some way to this. I don't see how this can be since these things exist or are hypothesized to exist within our universe. The whole idea is beginning to sound like bad science fiction...
  9. Ok, I watched the video and it was impressive but non informative. How about some conversation about what is happening, this is a forum where we talk about things and your video really could be of anything if the person watching cannot understand the language or the context of what is going on...
  10. What is your fav alien invasion novel, series of book or even short story and why? Mine is It is unique and hauntingly realistic IMHO!
  11. Citation please... Citation please.. None what so ever. I had sex with Madonna in a dream last night, I wonder if it was good for her... I doubt you know what the word Atheist means, in fact I think you are a troll, you spew nonsensical gibberish as though it means something. No in fact the universe looks exactly like you would expect it to if there was no designer, order arises from chaos, I've actually seen it and it can be demonstrated to work on both micro and macro scales. You are the puddle, science is the sun, have a happy delusion... Both your proofs are nonsense even if they pointed to a some sort of cause for the universe why must it be a god? Perhaps a mindless being consumes space time and excretes universes and has no clue to it's own shit... Science has no bearing on atheism, if you could prove magic works and science is false that would not prove a god. Atheism is not a belief system any more than not collecting stamps is a hobby...
  12. Trolling trolling trolling Keep those goal posts moving Godfly!
  13. Now you are just preaching nonsense, against the rules even in the religion section...