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  1. Aren't we entering the age of Aquarius? Age transitions[edit] Many astrologers consider the entrance into a new astrological age a gradual transition called a "cusp". For example, Ray Grasse states that an astrological age does not begin at an exact day or year.[18] Paul Wright states that a transition effect does occur at the border of the astrological ages. Consequently, the beginning of any age cannot be defined to a single year or a decade but blend its influences with the previous age for a period of time until the new age can stand in its own right.[19] Many astrologers believe that the world is transitioning from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius,[20] which is claimed to explain that developments in the world today can be aligned to Pisces (i.e. continuing strong religious influences especially from Christianity) and Aquarius (traditional archetypes associated with Aquarius include electricity, computers, and democracy).[21] A few astrologers consider the last c. 10 degrees of a given age (c. 720 years) as the time period during which the new age starts to make visible its influences, also called "orb of influence". In Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes there are six pages listing researchers and their proposed dates for the start of the Age of Aquarius indicating that many researchers believe that each age commences at an exact date.[22] Albert Amao PhD states that the transition period between any two ages occurs over a one degree (1°) orb to either side of the point of intersection of two adjoining zodiacal constellations. As one degree is approximately 72 years, Amao has a transition period between ages of 144 years.[23]
  2. I am building  a large styrofoam background for my 75 gallon aquarium to allow me to use plants as filters. Can I post the picture on here and if so where? 

    1. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Engineering, or Other Sciences if you think that's broader. Depends on where you want the conversation to lead. I look forward, Moon, it sounds ambitious.

    2. Moontanman


      Thanks, it's going to take quite a bit of time and glue and "great stuff" as well. I'll be growing hair grass above water... 

    3. MigL


      Hope to see those pictures soon.

  3. Biggest Joke I know of: The Donald...
  4. ROFLMAO! You beat me to it...
  5. Chemist Phil Mason, known on you tube as Thunderf00t, has released a video explaining in detail why life cannot exist in the clouds of venus based on the lack of hydrogen and how the phosphine would have to be attributed to some other process. He also explains the paper citing the possible discovery of phosphine and how it has been misinterpreted buy many. The video is 37:08 minutes long but is very interesting and flies by (in my estimation) For a concise view on this discovery feel free to watch.
  6. I haven't forgotten about you guys, it just hasn't done it again. It did it every day for a month and now it just stopped.
  7. Will do, doesn't do it all the time. Umm how do I do that again? Where you would expect https it just has a image of a closed pad lock. It usually happens when I pass the cursor over the script, sometimes it goes away but sometimes it doesn't until I switch pages.
  8. You might have hit the nail on the head, I have an aquarium beside the tower... But no, HTTPS is not in the address...
  9. My computer seems to be having problem with the letters on screen, sometimes the letters will be broken up in random places and sometime letters will disappear completely. Facebook and youtube is especially bad for it but even happens here on sfn occasionally. Anyone else have this problem or have any ideas about what might causing it?
  10. Moontanman

    Political Humor

    Best one word joke ever told! Trump!
  11. This is getting out of hand, can this be a real move on Trump's part to disrupt the election and become dictator? Is he really trying to kill people or is he just a psychopath and this is all about him?
  12. Ahmet and jimmy dasaint... Coming from the mountains of West Virginia this cultural music...
  13. The morning after Trump tweeted out his "sickness" I saw a woman drive by my house in a flashy convertible with a skeleton/manikin in the passenger seat wearing a mask but the woman driving had on no mask. Made me wonder if she had seen the news yet. Lot's of Trumpers and Trumpettes around here, usually less than 50% are wearing a mask and if they are wearing a mask more likely than not they leave their noses out of the mask. I haven't seen any change since Trump announced his diseased status but I am keeping "them" under observation. Of course this is the deep south and lots of high income people live around here in gated communities and it makes sense so many trump supporters are supposed to be rich as I have been informed. Lots of big pickup trucks with american and confederate flags flying from the bed of their trucks here too...
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