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  1. Ask all the questions you want, stop trying to make excuses for people who only want to limit your personal rights by making you conform to books of ancient mythology. If the banks need to be reformed do so but giving ancient fairy tales as a guide because a supposed god said so is madness.
  2. Why would any of this matter? The number of people who accept something as true has no bearing on the actual truth of it.
  3. When are we going to realize that living our lives in accordance with ancient mythology is a bad idea? Sadly the fundies that think their book has to rule the lives of everyone and that their particular fairy tale has to be the law of the land.
  4. I think it's important to point out that Islam allows its followers to lie to non believers and that Dr Zakir Naik is one of the most prolific liars in the apologetic game. All the stuff that has been asserted here is nothing but baseless claims, before you start trying to use the koran to dictate reality you need to establish the that a god of any kind exists then you need to show that your god exists then we can (maybe) begin to debate the truth of the koran. BTW, good luck with the whole flying horse and splitting the moon in half.
  5. Hello, my name is Samantha but I'm not an aardvark!
  6. Thank you, I was unaware of that decay path, particle physics and other related things are not in my area of expertise in any way but it still fascinates me. I read about it every chance I get. There is always something new to be learned and it's reasonably clear how it works... just facinting!
  7. Watching Resident Alien on TV, hilarious show! 

    1. TheVat


      I noticed NF had picked it up this week.  I had a trial sub to whichever streaming service had it about a year ago, watched the first season and loved it.  So am looking forward to catching S.2.  Have been a Tudyk fan since he accidentally ingested hallucinogens in Death at a Funeral, and I discovered Firefly.  He is a great comedic talent.  As is most of the cast of RA.


  8. So we can observe these particles actively disintegrating atomic nucleus or are you saying we can detect the tiny amounts of this high energy radiation when it reaches the earth? The "oh my god particle" was not a gamma ray, cosmic rays are atomic nuclei accelerated to within a tiny fraction of the speed of light. Get back to me when you figure out the difference between cosmic rays and gamma rays.
  9. Thank you sensei, I was unaware of the photodisintegration via high energy gamma rays... exactly where in the natural environment would you expect to see such high energy gamma rays? While I acknowledge that you are correct I was going by what the atomic energy commision says about nuclear fallout, em radiation doesn't cause radioactivity in stable atoms. BTW do protons disintegrate into neutrons under this extreme gamma ray flux? Again, this is not true, only very high energy gamma rays can photo disintegrate a nucleus... Not "any of radiation", no matter how long exposed. Under normal Earth conditions only particle radiation can cause a nucleus to become radioactive.
  10. This is not true, EM radiation cannot make any atom's nucleus unstable, it takes particles like neutrons or protons to actually make another atom radioactive.
  11. No, in fact there is no hydrogen 2 isotope, Hydrogen has one proton not two, hydrogen can have one or two neutrons (becoming deuterium and tritium respectively) but once it has two protons it becomes helium, two protons and one neutron is helium 3. The lack of neutrons and the effects of what happens when you remove the two neutrons is far outside my wheelhouse but I would think you need to show how to remove those two neutrons from a helium atom or alpha particle.
  12. The protons in an alpha particle are already fused... into an alpha particle. What do you think they would fuse into?
  13. I've been watching so much Outlander I understood what you said!
  14. WHAT? You don't wear a kilt? Talk about no true Scotsman!
  15. Positions of authority often lead to people who like to dominate others being in those positions. The addition of cameras on police officers and the ability to film the police has resulted in a huge number of charges being filed against the police for violating the rights of the people. This is a good thing in my estimation, malice may or may not be the source of the problem but the abuse and intentional escalation of police civilian encounters is real. The data we have obtained from police body cams is enough to show the police are in great need of oversight, if the police are so broken they to carry out their job in secrete then they need the light of inquiry to fix them.
  16. Well then, I guess that makes Islam golden!
  17. You stay lubed up, I'll continue to try and change the deal.
  18. 50 years ago being gay was reason enough to deny a person a job, a house, even a spouse. New laws stopped that travesty but the culture hasn't completely caught up as of yet. When slavery was abolished was it because the culture wanted to fight a war to change the laws or did two separate culture parts have to fight a war to force a law change? Yes but the grand leader uses those tools to control his people and religion plays into this in a big way. All the dear leader has to do is convince the people he serves god then he can do and get them to do anything under threat of hell fire. Religion is the most powerful tool a leader can have on his side. I am fine with "them" deciding for themselves it's when they decide for others that I have a problem with.
  19. You seriously don't think laws alter cultures? True not all muslims follow the laws of Islam any more than all Christians or Hindus follow those laws however... I am i no danger of being "officially" killed due to my lack of belief as I would in many countries who follow Sharia law. It should also be noted that in many islamic theocracies leaving the religion is dealt with by the death penalty. It is indeed everyone's "we" just because you don't know you don't need a sky daddy to tell you how to live doesn't mean you do need a god to tell you how to live. Religion is at the core of most of our problems in this day and age. Far too many people rely on nonsensical advice from greedy grifters who claim the moral high ground while quoting scripture from a book that can be shown to be wrong about nearly everything that can be tested. This "book" is being used to garner support for converting our country into a theology run by oligarchs. Religion is being used to destroy our country by a man who comes damn close to qualifying as the antichrist, if I was a believer I would be quite certain of this. The Quran is no better nor is the religious writings of any other mythology.
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