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  1. I used to think religion was the great filter, it was easy to think that religion would eventually kill us all but I've changed my mind. IMHO information will end up ending our civilization, information without conformation given in quantities so vast that conformation is impossible and the tendency to accept what we want to be true. At first information is a good thing but as it becomes a vast quantity of randomness coupled with the human tendency to try and make sense of the input you get outrageous conspiracies that need to make sense so we don't feel stupid. The more outrageous the information the greater the need to make the info make sense. I was genuinely surprised number 45 didn't go for broke and say aliens were threatening us and he was the only one who could stop them.
  2. This short video details the idea of a nuclear saltwater rocket. This rocket is pretty much a continuous nuclear explosion propelling the space craft. The vid is short and informative not to mention wild! Should development of such an engine be pursued?
  3. One thing that has become apparent after watching the Capital be over run by insurgents seeking to tear down our government is that across this great land a great many towns and villages are missing their Idiots...

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      Arnold Shwarzenegger said in his emotional video clip yesterday that American democracy is like this Conan sword he's holding, that US democracy will get stronger with each tempering (Capitol raid) just like this sword gets stronger with fire and water. It was a very good video and much needed in light of current events but he forgot about one crucial thing which renders his clip a scary cliche - the sword is a movie prop.

  4. Who else likes to listen/watch mini documentaries?
  5. I watch some of them, exposure to new music can be fun.
  6. Crank up your subwoofer! Sunbathing on Mercury or jammin' on Jupiter which do you prefer!?
  7. My level of confidence on this is low, too many wolf cries ....
  8. A new signal has been detected that passes at least some of the tests for being an ET signal. The "problem" is that the signal is coming from the nearest star Proxima Centauri. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/alien-hunters-discover-mysterious-signal-from-proxima-centauri/
  9. The Silurian hypothesis has to do with the ability of modern science to find evidence of a past civilization from a stone age to a civilization equal to ours. What would we expect on earth and in the rest of the solar system? https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/267855-silurian-hypothesis-what-if-humans-arent-the-first-civilization-on-earth https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/international-journal-of-astrobiology/article/silurian-hypothesis-would-it-be-possible-to-detect-an-industrial-civilization-in-the-geological-record/77818514AA6907750B8F4339F7C70EC6
  10. I think it was a macho thing to toy with something so powerful in front of students...
  11. Sorry Bufofrog, I did say it killed two scientists, but yes as StringJunky said it was a plutonium nuclear bomb core meant for use in an atomic to be dropped on Japan but it wasn't needed and was used to experiment on neutron reflectors. Hands on experiments stopped after this...
  12. Called that because it killed two scientists...
  13. They were killed because they were convicted of witchcraft, sometimes just suspected...
  14. You asked when did it happen, this article says that tens of thousands of people were killed for witchcraft, it lists several specific individuals who were burned for witchcraft..
  15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_executed_for_witchcraft
  16. Check out the kerosine can guitar! Check out the legs ur I mean voice!
  17. Your denial of Darwin is meaningless considering Evolution is a fact supported by mountains of evidence. If someone were staunchly non Heliocentric theory would you still respect their views? You are wrong, your stance on science shows us you lack the expertise to even discuss the topic of trace elements. Until you produce lab results that list the trace elements that are lacking you are wasting our time and yours. Trace elements is not some box you can just dump out, there are many trace elements, some minor and some major, some are used by all plants and some by just a few. Talking using scientific terms while denying science itself shows to me you are at best simply ignorant of your problem and just trying to use some catch all terms to excuse poor harvests or at worst you are a troll... Oh and BTW scientists know they don't know everything, if they did they'd stop..
  18. I'm not sure I buy that, the one in Utah seemed a lot bigger, two men standing beside it are what I am using to gauge it's size.
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