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  1. I think you've watched him enough, Tucker said it, he indicated the Navy said it but his veracity is always in question. I'd actually like to see the Navy report before I would accept it as anything but sensationalism on Tuck's part... The time stamps I provided should have been spot on...
  2. I did make that clear in a previous post.
  3. I was paraphrasing, I think we can assume that beyond our understanding of physics would be beyond our capabilities? 00:10 to 00:30 beyond our understanding of physics. 01:45 to 01:55 Defying the known laws of physics.
  4. 00:10 to 03:30? I'm not sure what you are asking for, what did I claim that you do not see in the video?
  5. Well yes, but tell the general population that... I put this here not because I decided it was true but because I thought it might be interesting to track this through the media. It has popped up several times already and even in Science News since this report by Fox News...
  6. Well the guy in the video did say the Navy claimed those things, gee SwansonT don't you believe them? This is starting to pop up all over the media, it will be interesting see how distorted it becomes over time. Last time it got really weird quite quickly... I do wish they would get the nomenclature figured out. Originally, back in the 40s and 50s, maybe even later the term UFO in a military reference didn't mean simply something that had been seen and not identified immediately. A light in the sky or such, the label UFO wasn't applied unless after some investigation the object couldn't be identified. Later anything seen that you didn't immediately know what was labeled UFO then it became synonymous with alien spacecraft. Now they have a new term UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomena... JUST TELL US WHAT IT REALLY MEANS!!! Umm sorry got carried away... I am becoming quite sceptical in my old age but still sarcastic as hell..
  7. Thank you all very much, she is already smiling!
  8. Thank you, she is my first!
  9. My son holding my grand daughter!
  10. It is what the Navy supposedly said, still seems more probable that this is just a cover up of friendly drone activity nothing more. Just another case of the military yanking our chains. Of course if the Navy expands on this in detail... well we'll see if they do..
  11. Human influence on evolution in some species can be predicted. Wild Fish populations tend to get smaller and smaller as individuals when fishermen put pressure on them by keeping the biggest ones. This results in smaller individuals becoming mature and reproducing causing the population to become composed of smaller fish. This was predicted and observed and is beginning to change fishery rules in some places. Is this what you were talking about?
  12. Taken at face value, which of course you can never do, this short video seems to be saying something profound. The Navy, who at first poo pooed the whole thing as drones or other unusual but explainable objects, is now admitting these sightings are of objects that at least appear to be beyond the capabilities of our technology. The Navy's assertion that these UAPs are being taken serious and that they are investigating this phenomena is a bit suggestive all by itself. The involvement of Nick Pope is a double edged sword. I've never been able to pin him into a category and sometimes he seems to be genuine and at others he appears to be just another hangeron in the UFO industry. I'll have to see more info before I jump on the bandwagon but watching it go by is becoming more interesting.
  13. Liquid water would have been under the ice sheet. As I said the antarctic ice cap while much smaller does have lake and rivers under the ice. Tectonic activity would have raised volcanoes under the ice sheet, caused Mars quakes and other activity to move a this layer of water around under the ice. I am not suggesting a layer of water many miles thick like Europa and as the ice sublimed the water beneath would have frozen deeper until finally contacting the surface at the high points with basins retaining ice covered water longer. There is an area on Mars around the equator, if I remember correctly, that appears to ice covered by dust and regolith so some of this primordial ice may still remain. As the surface of Mars moved water could have flowed from one basin to another under the ice.
  14. Yeah I know, and it has to come from Fox News!
  15. The Nanvy today announced that recent UFO sighting are of something they have no idea of what it is!!! If it were anyone but Fox News damnit!
  16. The Ice cap on Antarctica has chains of lakes and even streams flowing from one lake to another. I honestly do not see how your links negate my idea. Young sun paradox would seem to be just another way to explain away the Frozen Mars, such enormous solar winds should have had devastating effects on the inner planets and their atmospheres leaving them with little or no gaseous envelopes. A somewhat thicker atmosphere could have saved the Earth from freezing over, methane is thought to have been a large component of Earths early atmosphere and methane is a powerful greenhouse gas. Poor Mars would have been more like Europa although with a somewhat thinner ice shell. Geologic activity could have kept a layer of liquid water under the ice for quite sometime before the sublimation of the ice cover exposed the water. The High levels of peroxides on Mars could also be explained as a response to the UV from the sun and it's effect on ice. This is thought by some to have been at least partly responsible for one of the great oxidation events after snowball earth.
  17. Thank you Mordred, I'll check them out.
  18. Are you thinking of glaciers? I am thinking more of a complete ice shell that doesn't move and if my idea has any merit at all the high places should sublime first leaving any remaining ice in lowlands.
  19. My idea is there was never a warm wet balmy Mars, the Mars we see today is the end result of an ice world that has evaporated into space. As opposed to an Earth like world that froze and then evaporated into space. At the time Mars was supposed to be warm and balmy the Sun was significantly dimmer and colder than it is today, Venus is thought to have had oceans and warm temps, Earth waffled between warm and ice and Mars should have been frozen.
  20. I am well aware of the warm wet Mars hypothesis, and the water flows are thought to be brine from aquifers which in no way negates my idea.
  21. Considering that far more than 1 degree of temp difference stands between the orbital temperature of Mars and Earth and that Earth at the same distance as Mars would be an ice ball... Check your grammar next time, It certainly read that you were saying mars was closer to the sun then than is it now... But my point is that Mars would have had to have considerably more atmosphere than earth to be warm and balmy at it's distance from the sun, than the Earth had or has and the Earth froze over at least twice...
  22. No, a dim sun would indicate colder planets, Mars is even further from the sun than earth and earth froze over ergo Mars would have been colder. Actually much colder, Earth in the orbit of Mars today would be an ice ball! I suggested it based on logic. Mars was closer? Citation please... You might be right, senility is a terrible thing..
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