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  1. Hmmm, are you sure about that? I checked, you are correct but permits can be obtained to produce distilled spirits, not sure how much they cost. I was skeptical because I know several people who do it or have done it small scale. I know a guy who makes some great rye whisky!
  2. I can hear them as well... or at least i have, it's been quite a few years since i saw a bolidide but you never know.
  3. You insult us all by suggesting all we need is god and a good talk with a priest, you also suggest we do not know the origins of belief in a god or gods. My wife and I volunteered at a church as cooks, we cooked every sunday for the homeless, actually my wife was the cook, I was just her sioux chief, but we had a great time attending that church. Great people, I particularly liked the Pastor, we cooked up some really fantastic meals for the homeless until the city shut us down. My point being is that Atheists are part of this world, we, quite often, are atheists due to our understanding of the origins of belief in god or gods and your remark is insulting. Now... your near death experience is indeed yours, no one else's and until you can actually show your experience to someone else your personal experience is just that... personal. Personal experience is not evidence of anything. For me it is sad you were so easy to sucked back into religion... to me that would indicate your understanding of religion is flawed but your mileage might vary.
  4. I regret the change to plastic packaging! Glass bottles and metal tins were the best!
  5. There is the problem of radioactive isotopes being released into the flue glasses. I have read that over time a coal fired plant releases significant amounts of uranium and thorium into the air. If you are flowing flue gas through a greenhouse would it not result radioactive contamination over time?
  6. Best car commercial ever! Why we really never went back to the moon!
  7. Put your computer in a metal trash can and ground the can to the earth. Actually modern military equipment is hardened against EMP.
  8. No they do not, that is what I am trying to figure out... but in the spirit of full disclosure the paper doesn't say that STL warp drive do not use impossible things like negative mass or negative energy. In fact it specifically says STL warp drives do indeed need these things. So I am back to square one, Sabine Hossenfelder did indeed include this paper with her Video, she always does, I just didn't read far enough. So the hunt for the possible STL warp drive goes on.
  9. Bingo! That is what I am trying to find out! I did send a question to Sabine but she has yet to answer.
  10. Then again I am not talking about the Alcubierre FTL warp drive. I am seeking info on the possibility of a slower than light warp drive.
  11. In the OP I pointed out that Sabine mentioned it in the video posted with this thread. I have looked high and low for some info on this but so far only vague mentions about STL warp drive not needing the impossible things that FTL warp drives need. I am hoping that enough of our fellows here at SFN will help me in this endeavor to find out more about this STL drive. Everyone is fixated on FTL but we are not even close to having a reasonably fast way to travel within our own solar system. I am looking for more than just a dismissal... I am looking for help in investigating this idea of STL warp drive... I find it odd that it is mentioned by some scientists but the focus on FTL warp drives is so dominant that any info about STL warp drive, possibility or impossibility, is difficult to find.
  12. Evidently no one is interested but I think it's a mistake to concentrate on FTL warp drives that need things like negative energy and mass to operate and ignore slower than light possibilities. A STL warp type drive would revolutionise travel within the solar system and allow for the system wide exploitation of resources, reasonable travel times within the solar system, and possible STL travel between the nearest stars in years instead of thousands of years.
  13. I have to admit my apartment is almost like it was designed to be a fallout shelter! I live on the bottom floor, the floor above me is concrete, my bathroom is in the center of the apartment, it is big enough to hole up in for a couple weeks, I could fill the bathtub with water to run the toilet, I have 6 cases of bottled water already stored there, I could set up shelving units to hold canned foods and my apartment faces away from potential strike zones ie the state ports, a military terminal, and a nuclear power plant.
  14. I was going back through my posts and found this one, evidently I was distracted by "life and death" and forgot to follow up on it. Anyone have any ideas about slower than light warp drive?
  15. I think this illustrates just how many nuclear bombs have been detonated since their advent in 1945.
  16. Around here they give funerals for civil war graves and they also played at military funerals.
  17. hey... at least the sun is real 🤪
  18. My allowance was being allowed to eat and have a roof over my head. I worked for neighbors for free but generally they would give me a quarter an hour or something like that. I bought my first gun from putting up hay one summer when I was 12 and my first motorcycle from working at a grocery store and my first piece of pizza from working for myself. I did give my sons money from time to time for helping but they both made money by playing trumpet at funerals and later working in grocery stores.
  19. I live near a state port, a military terminal and a nuclear power plant... so long, fair well, al vita Zein.
  20. O hope you guys are right, I now live in an apartment and would probably not survive a 1st strike.
  21. I am beginning to hear serious concerns about the possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia in it's invasion of Ukraine. Is this a serious threat or is it just more war mongering by Russia in it's desperation to take over Ukraine? Some people whom I respect seem to think this is a likely endgame for Putin others seem to think nukes would not make much of a difference at this point since the troops are so widely dispersed. This would seem to put a target on cities if they were used at all. Russia seems to be in chaos after the drafting of civilians was instituted with hundreds of thousands of men leaving the country. Are nukes and the threat of nukes Putin's last chance at winning the war in Ukraine and would this drag the rest of the world into an exchange of nukes?
  22. I actually restart it once a week seperate from those things.
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