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  1. I bet Boebert wishes the Beetlejuice video one was a deep fake.
  2. She might claim a different version but it's all on tape!
  3. They looked so fake to me I was stunned to see them presented as real. This whole UAP thing has gone from a sometimes interesting dog and pony show to the "Greatest show on Earth circus" The Garush guy who came out gave me "lying sack of steaming monkey shit" vibes from the beginning. Once they included Skinwalker ranch in the earlier "revelation" and the ultra rich guy who was running the investigation on the government's dime I knew it was just another layer of BS. Then the right wing politicians began to glom onto the idea... nothing but a feeble attempt at distraction from the crazy republican agenda. I am surprised that MTG and Lauren Boebert aren't dancing in circles around a bonfire howling at the moon over this one. And yes... I am ashamed to have been sucked in by this.
  4. The government of Mexico has on put on public display what they are saying is "alien bodies" not sure what to make if this. The Bodies don't look real to me, what do you think?
  5. I love this quirky independent music, I hope this is the direction music takes away from what is currently known as pop music.
  6. Now that was funny! Took me a few seconds to get it.
  7. Or using UAPs as a political distraction or to justify more money for "the space command". It bothers me that the very people we know are dishonest sacks of steaming monkey shit, ie Trumpers, are now suddenly telling the truth about something as ethereal and in need of real study as UAPs. I don't buy it, nothing but smoke and mirrors, keep your eye on the money!
  8. I didn't mention dimensions, I said plane of existence... get with the program 🙃 and don't forget the time travelers. Yeah, I'm having a crisis of faith in UAPs, this whole "gush" of sudden info about UAP just doesn't ring true to me. Unicorns are real, it's our image of them that is wrong.
  9. On the other hand the idea of aliens is not the only explanation on the table and the way the idea of aliens is often danced around has made many wonder if the explanation is something else. From secret Earth technology to travelers from other planes of existence to even time travelers (wouldn't it be ironic if we found out that travel to other planes of existence is easier than star travel?) since this is all speculation by definition why leave out these possibilities? Since all evidence so far presented is just eyewitness, hearsay, and or of unknown or undocumented origin why bother? It's no better than myths about fairies, trolls, angels, and or gods, in fact Jacques Vallée, protege of J. Allen Hynek had caused Hynek and others to begin to consider that UFOs were a manifestation of the same conditions that brought about mythological beings like fairies, trolls and such. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Vallée Personally I don't believe the guy who has been made famous by his disclosure of UAP information, David Grusch, is either a pawn or a liar or both. He comes across like a bad used car salesman to me. Just IMHO.
  10. Because they hit us sometimes... I hate hurricanes!
  11. I watch them but for more practical reasons.
  12. Here is a link to the design of thermonuclear weapons. Deuterium and Tritium are used as lithium deuteride instead of solid or gaseous Deuterium and Tritium.
  13. Cool Worlds Is a great channel and he giving references as well.
  14. Yeah, I am trying to bring SF.com back up to some sort of reasonable standard but it's difficult to do alone.
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