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  1. I disagree, clusters of small pipes would do the trick if the walls were supported by the pressure...
  2. I'm pretty sure that at one hundred feet you need about 45 psi... I am an open water scuba diver, pressure increases at the rate of 15 psi per 33 feet..
  3. Off the coast of south america cold water wells up naturally and supports a wide ecosystem from sardines to humboldt squid. A series of solar powered pumps could use thin tubes in clusters to carry the air. The thin tubes are more resistant to pressure than one large tube and the air pressure would support the tube against the water pressure. Over time you could establish a similar ecosystem. Unusual currents have brought the humboldt squids as far north as washington state in recent years temporarily creating a new fishery for the huge squids. Hmmm squid steaks on the grill! Ecosystems can be manipulated and appropriate species will move in...
  4. I've grown sargassum weed in an aquarium, water movement is important as are nutrients. If you really wanted to increase the nutrients you could anchor a bouy in very deep water and pump down air to make a rising current to bring up nutrient rich water. This is easy to do but it changes the local environment and that might not be desirable...
  5. I understand that, I am not thinking of humans, but life in general.
  6. Think of it this way, totally speculation, take the continent of Africa, divide it in half, one half is the peak of modern ecosystem (before people fucked it up) the other half is the cretaceous at it's peak. Would the cretaceous animals wipe out the modern mammals? would the modern mammals wipe out the cretaceous animals or would they merge and form a unique combined ecosystem?
  7. If we could move Venus, adding water should be child's play and that would be the Key. Earth has about as much CO2 as Venus but most of ours is locked up in carbonate rocks. Add a few comets, spin Venus up to a more reasonable day thength and you would, probably in a rather long time,have a habitable planet. Water is the key! Recent research points to Venus having oceans up until as recently as one billion years ago...
  8. Besides the concept of large rocky planets with atmospheres dominated by hydrogen and water oceans there is the possibility of large ice planets with dense hydrogen atmospheres and oceans of methane. Imagine an ice world 20,000 miles in diameter due to being mostly ice it could have a gravity of one gee due to the cold it could hang on to hydrogen. They may be more plentiful than earth like worlds.
  9. The series of novels is quite long, I like to find good stories that play out over several novels and The World War series has at least 6 or more novels in two different but connected series. The best part was there was no star trek fantasy technology, the aliens had pretty much our current 21st century tech and like humans they have some serious character flaws, drug addiction, lust for power, sexual problems, and they introduced their own native animals who began to wreak the ecosystem much like humans did when they traveled the world. The addition of real people places and conflicts added to the realism.
  10. Yet another take on this. https://www.livescience.com/navy-ufo-videos-authentic-classified.html
  11. I think you've watched him enough, Tucker said it, he indicated the Navy said it but his veracity is always in question. I'd actually like to see the Navy report before I would accept it as anything but sensationalism on Tuck's part... The time stamps I provided should have been spot on...
  12. I did make that clear in a previous post.
  13. I was paraphrasing, I think we can assume that beyond our understanding of physics would be beyond our capabilities? 00:10 to 00:30 beyond our understanding of physics. 01:45 to 01:55 Defying the known laws of physics.
  14. 00:10 to 03:30? I'm not sure what you are asking for, what did I claim that you do not see in the video?
  15. Well yes, but tell the general population that... I put this here not because I decided it was true but because I thought it might be interesting to track this through the media. It has popped up several times already and even in Science News since this report by Fox News...
  16. Well the guy in the video did say the Navy claimed those things, gee SwansonT don't you believe them? This is starting to pop up all over the media, it will be interesting see how distorted it becomes over time. Last time it got really weird quite quickly... I do wish they would get the nomenclature figured out. Originally, back in the 40s and 50s, maybe even later the term UFO in a military reference didn't mean simply something that had been seen and not identified immediately. A light in the sky or such, the label UFO wasn't applied unless after some investigation the object couldn't be identified. Later anything seen that you didn't immediately know what was labeled UFO then it became synonymous with alien spacecraft. Now they have a new term UAP Unidentified Aerial Phenomena... JUST TELL US WHAT IT REALLY MEANS!!! Umm sorry got carried away... I am becoming quite sceptical in my old age but still sarcastic as hell..
  17. Thank you all very much, she is already smiling!
  18. My son holding my grand daughter!
  19. It is what the Navy supposedly said, still seems more probable that this is just a cover up of friendly drone activity nothing more. Just another case of the military yanking our chains. Of course if the Navy expands on this in detail... well we'll see if they do..
  20. Human influence on evolution in some species can be predicted. Wild Fish populations tend to get smaller and smaller as individuals when fishermen put pressure on them by keeping the biggest ones. This results in smaller individuals becoming mature and reproducing causing the population to become composed of smaller fish. This was predicted and observed and is beginning to change fishery rules in some places. Is this what you were talking about?
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