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  1. Yeah, someone posted on youtube the other day something about how many slaps does it take to cook a chicken.
  2. I can provide evidence that Odin is real! He promised to get rid of all the ice giants... Seen any ice giants around? No? Then Odin at least fulfilled his promise.
  3. We are not talking about the average of the entire batch of distillate only the first gallon or so. Take a big swig of it, I know the moonshiners wouldn't, if they won't it's pretty good bet you wouldn't want to either. Thanks but I think I'll get my tequila at the liquor store, quite a bit cheaper and tastes better than anything I would be likely distill. I have considered making cherry moonshine... but lack of money for good distillation equipment keeps me from it.
  4. I had a personal experience tuesday morning at about 05:00...

    I was driving to the Walgreens pharmacy due to an intense sinus headache, planning on buying some Nyquil. I knew I was sick but all of a sudden i became severely nauseous and stopped the jeep to get out and lose my cookies. I woke up lying on the pavement beside a huge puddle of upchuck, i looked up at the sky and saw the beautiful stars but I was too weak to get up. 

    I was on my back in the middle of the busiest intersection in my city, I slowly got up and scanned my surroundings. I was in the middle of the intersection of two 4 lane streets, strip malls and street lights all around me where shining bright... but no cars, no humans, nothing but neon lights and sodium vapor lights as far as the eye could see!

    This was one of the oddest experiences I ever had made even more surreal by the total lack of other humans. Suddenly I felt like i was at the start some sort of apocalyptic Science fiction movie. Really strange, As I slowly stood up to climb back in my jeep I thought how great it would be if a cop showed up. 


    really odd to wake up laying in the city's busiest intersection and see no other humans.     

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    2. Moontanman


      It was weird! I used to spend a lot of time fishing at night and coming and going to the beach at all hours of the night and I never saw the streets this deserted. Wilmington, NC has 117,000 people, the county has 229,000 people including Wilmington, not exactly metropolis but it seemed like no one was home the morning of the 1st. 

    3. MigL


      Even more troubling if you woke up to find Rod Serling standing over you, saying ...
      "You're travelling through another dimension, a idmension not only of sight and sound, but of mind ..."

      Get yourself checked out, and get better.

    4. Moontanman


      I'm fine now @MigL, weird experience for sure. If I had seen Rod Stirling I think I would have vapor locked! 

  5. Great minds think alike my friend! 

  6. How can you tell which ones were invented and which ones are real?
  7. It is evidence that humans created god in their own image.
  8. Lacking evidence the logical choice is to withhold belief until such evidence is produced.
  9. Because god always seems to forbid the very things the person who worships it thinks should be forbidden.
  10. I can't find a conversion to allow me to see how 27mg of methanol compares in volume or weight to 30ml of ethanol. Or how much methanol is contained in the first run off of moonshine made from corn compared to ethanol in the same run. https://toxedfoundation.org/methanol-toxicity/ I'm not a chemist John, neither was my grandfather, I did get some high school chemistry but my grandfather only got the 6th grade. He was lucky considering the state of the WV school system in the 1910,s. But considering your cavalier attitude to methanol I think I'd rather drink my grandfather's shine than any you would make.
  11. I only know what I was told while helping out the moonshiners. Where do you get that methanol shouldn't be there?
  12. So the fear that Ukraine might defend itself by counter attacking Russia via conventional missiles fired at, oh say Moscow, to give the oppressors a taste of their own medicine cannot be done because Russia is too powerful allows Russia to pretty much invade any country they want? Hey if Biden launched an attack against cuba it would be wrong to say the USA did it? If i remember correctly the missiles to reach Moscow are being sent by Iran. I think that allowing Russia to be immune from attacks on their territory only emboldens them to attack other small countries. This precedent would increase the danger of nuclear war IMHO!
  13. All I know is that when the first run starts methanol is the first liquid to come off and the moon shinners know how to tell the difference. It was shown to me as a difference in the way the fluid looks when you shake it up. I was a kid and I have no idea if what I was being told was true but it certainly looked that way. I watched them collect the fluid and shake it up to see how much methanol there was compared to the ethanol, the methanol laced fluid was poured out on the ground. What you say makes a lot of sense but having been there done that something is wonky, methanol is claimed to be removed in the first few quarts of distillate. Moonshiners say they can tell methanol from ethanol by observing the liquid while shaking it up. I was under that impression that ethanol was the antidote for antifreeze specifically ethylene glycol https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324807#what-is-antifreeze https://diydistilling.com/how-to-avoid-methanol-when-distilling/ I may very well be mistaken on the shaking up thing, in fact I am almost certain I am, it has been more than 50 years for me but now that I have given this some serious thought I think the shaking up thing is part of testing for the level of ethanol to water. Not really sure, I spent a lot of time around stills but never really ran them. I did use my dirt bike to ferry supplies to the still occasionally... um what is the statute of limitations on this?
  14. Cooking beef stew today! To bad you guys aren't hear to enjoy it! 

  15. So... Russia invades Ukraine, destroys population centers and Ukraine is supposed to just confine the war to their territory? Russia knows any use of nuclear weapons will bring down hellfire on their own cities so they use this threat to stop Ukraine from defending itself?
  16. As any good moonshiner knows the first quart or so is methanol but after that it's ethanol. You can see the methanol in the first quart or so by the density differences in the two liquids. I have been there done that.
  17. Has the possibility of Ukraine firing missiles into Moscow been discussed in this thread?
  18. The first quart or so of the first run is poured out because It can contain methanol after that it is almost pure ethanol.
  19. There are ways around that. Here is the law as i could find it, interestingly only New Zealand and Russia allow for home distilling for personal use and some US states have laws set up that would legalize distilling for personal use if it became legal Federally but here is the law in my state NC. https://www.distillate.org/laws/North Carolina#:~:text=It is illegal to distill,and not for personal use.
  20. Hmmm, are you sure about that? I checked, you are correct but permits can be obtained to produce distilled spirits, not sure how much they cost. I was skeptical because I know several people who do it or have done it small scale. I know a guy who makes some great rye whisky!
  21. I can hear them as well... or at least i have, it's been quite a few years since i saw a bolidide but you never know.
  22. You insult us all by suggesting all we need is god and a good talk with a priest, you also suggest we do not know the origins of belief in a god or gods. My wife and I volunteered at a church as cooks, we cooked every sunday for the homeless, actually my wife was the cook, I was just her sioux chief, but we had a great time attending that church. Great people, I particularly liked the Pastor, we cooked up some really fantastic meals for the homeless until the city shut us down. My point being is that Atheists are part of this world, we, quite often, are atheists due to our understanding of the origins of belief in god or gods and your remark is insulting. Now... your near death experience is indeed yours, no one else's and until you can actually show your experience to someone else your personal experience is just that... personal. Personal experience is not evidence of anything. For me it is sad you were so easy to sucked back into religion... to me that would indicate your understanding of religion is flawed but your mileage might vary.
  23. I regret the change to plastic packaging! Glass bottles and metal tins were the best!
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