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  1. Hmmm, no,no I'm pretty sure that is not what meme means...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_meme
  2. I am still not getting how the word realm figures into this in any scientific use of that word...
  3. What is it with Iran and UFOs? One of the most celebrated UFO reports came from Iran before the islamic revolution but evidently the Glowing lights have both increased in capabilities and aggressiveness? This video, contains some Iranian claims that are just out of this world and point to either aliens or some secrete US drones with some wild capabilities, either real or deceptive. Makes you wonder if the Nimitz sightings so talked about are part of some US drone capabilities we have yet to hear of and maybe just out of this world enough to even fool experienced pilots.
  4. Hmmm... spell check maybe? Sorry, I have the quarantine blues...
  5. What is a quantum realm?
  6. As long as they are not eaten raw you are good to go, being a natural born hillbilly anything that moves slow enough to catch is potentially on the menu... Swamp rabbit was always my fav! I have large nets I use to catch grasshoppers for fish food...
  7. I keep hoping he is just stupid... I keep thinking maybe the real devil in the dark is Moscow Mitch...
  8. H2O2 is and or has already been touted as a cure for covid 19 when injected into the blood stream. This has been a practice for decades for other things but some of more gullible acquaintances have been suggesting this...
  9. Back to the drawing board...
  10. Nuclear light bulb rocket would cool the quartz reactor jackets with the propellant in much the same manner as metal rocket nozzles are cooled by propellant .https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/17266/how-are-rocket-engine-nozzles-able-to-survive-very-high-temperatures-without-mel Transparent aluminum melts at a much higher temperature than quartz which is the current material of choice would transparent aluminum be a better choice?
  11. Does Transparent aluminum breath new life into the concept of a nuclear light bulb rocket? https://www.azom.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=8095 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_lightbulb
  12. I honestly don't think that is possible... Would you describe "the right" as in : irrational identity politics pro Trump no matter what right?
  13. Lazar's very premise of element 115's nucleus being so large that it allowed access to the strong nuclear force which he claimed was just a form of gravity he called short range gravity. Should be enough to give him the status of Hawking or shame him to the closet of conspricy (sp?) theorist forever!
  14. Even back in the day his claims were outrageous, he claimed to have seen a film or a book with actual pictures of the aliens trying to train neanderthals 50,000 years ago. Crazy stuff...
  15. Moontanman

    Bob Lazar

    A couple of recent threads have been discussing Bob Lazar and element 115, I happen to have tape of his original interviews and unless you guys are ignoring the really juicy stuff his story seems to have been toned down more than a bit. Lazar either broke the biggest story in human history, is the grandest part of the supposed disinformation campaign, or has an imagination Heinlein would be proud of. His details leave no doubt about the choices... Among the claims he made, human were created by the aliens whose space craft he saw, element 115 allowed access to the strong nuclear force which he claimed was just gravity, 115 gave off antimatter as it decayed, the space craft he saw were out of date models given to the US Gov in exchange for allowing them to probe redneck anuses on dark country roads. The list hardly stops there and is or was downright silly even back then...
  16.  I don't have Covid 19! test came back negative! Looks like just plain old viral pneumonia! That 104 fever was a bitch! Feeling better now! All I need now is a flight back to NC, CA is nice but home is nicer!


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    2. Moontanman


      They did tell me it was paramount that I avoid the covid 19 virus while sick.

    3. MigL


      Only you could manage to catch a flu in sunny California.
      In the midst of a different kind of pandemic...

      Glad you're better; stay safe.

    4. Moontanman


      I'm in the bay area, not that sunny, but orange trees grow in peoples yards!

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  17. Good find I also saw where they found a sugar or is this the same thing?
  18. Hi guys, I am in sunny California where oranges grow on trees in people's yards and evidently it never really rains! I flew out here to see my son and grandchild and help them get their house upacked and set up. 

    My dad died days before I arrived andIfound out I had inherited al of his properties... Sort of... But he didn't leave a will so everything is in "probate" and all his properties will be sold to settle his debts and I have to make sure this gets done. 

    I named my son executor of his estate, my son volunteered btw. 

    I feel like I went on vacation only to find the sword of damacles floating over my head. 

    Fun fun in sunny CA! 

    1. zapatos


      Good luck to you Moon. Nothing better than a grandchild to raise your spirits!

    2. MigL


      Don't get too used to the 'beach' lifestyle.
      We'll have to start calling you SUNtanman.

    3. Moontanman


      The ocean is probably a coule hours from where I am, I live close to the ocean in NC!


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  19. This short TEDx talk should be watched by anyone with even a passing interest in the UFO phenomena.The speaker puts quite well what I have been trying to say for years... Science should be interested in UFOs and should be trying to study them by doing more than there is no evidence as though evidence should fall from the sky. I am in CA right now hence the chance in IP address...
  20. WOW! Citation please! Project much? I'm not sure what you mean, your sentence makes no sense... Who says they did? Prove it... Prove it...
  21. A TEDx talk that brings up some wild points. https://youtu.be/_HytJn6uaRk https://youtu.be/Qx7FDGpZQsQ
  22. Bad news, my step mom suffered a home invasion, not only did they beat her up they burned down her house. Onlookers were able to drag her out of the house. To make matters worse my dad died, I'm having problems getting information at this time since my step mom and my dad were my only source of info... 

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    2. jimmydasaint



      Have just read this now


      Sorry to hear of your loss and the invasion of your stepmother's house. As long as there is breath in a body and a will to carry on, people inevitably do...

      We can only give our good feelings to you and I will pray for your troubles to decrease.  Please realise that there is always light at the end of this tunnel. 

      Keep hope alive!


    3. koti


      Read just now. Please accept my condolences Moon. It was only a couple lines but it was a very hard read.


    4. Ghideon


      I am deeply saddened by the loss that you have encountered. 
      And I am moved by the fact that this forum is a place where such bad news can be shared in an open and honest fashion.

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  23. I think they must have misreported, they never did talk about a second attack again but kept referring to waves of missiles...
  24. MSNBC was talking about how those two bases had been attacked when they cut away to announce yet another wave of missiles had been launched...
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