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  1. I disagree, you keep making these assertions you cannot justify, these might be the least of them but their ease of checking them calls all the rest of your baseless assertions into question. I am calling you out, please justify your assertions.
  2. Again please provide a source for these assertions.
  3. You asserted that monkey kill lions but do not eat them, I do not believe you have substantiation for this assertion, BTW monkeys and chimps are not the same thing either. Say what? You made a positive assertion, you are required to back this up or admit you have made an assertion that is not evidently true... Time to reread the rules dude.
  4. Again, if it's chimps then a quick google search should turn up the link to the info as well as the baboon. I simply do not believe you, please provide proof.
  5. Ok, which species of monkey kills lions but does not eat them? BTW, you can quote any language you want, I can use google translate.
  6. I'd like to see some confirmation on that assertion. Actually both assertions.
  7. Ah, the old when you lack the intelligence to continue or the integrity to admit defeat you use personal attacks.
  8. Ok, thanks for the correct info, I know chimps hunt and kill small animals even other primates.
  9. Accidentally? I think? Not sure... But Altaylar2000 eats them as well. You are not answering some important questions here.
  10. A 4,000 year old tree may have thoughts we cannot even begin to comprehend. Get too close and argue that with the gorilla.
  11. Gorillas are vegetarians, does that make them innocents? It's widely assumed, but I don't see how you can show it to be true, maybe plants are the truly sentient beings and animals just assume that plants are not because they do not complain.
  12. Actually I suggested at least two. The Military has restricted the possibilities here not me.
  13. Who says they are broken? Why is it ok to eat the helpless plants?
  14. If I kill a Tiger am I evil? If a tiger kills you is it evil? If a tiger kills another predator... say a crocodile, which is evil? If i kill either or both to save you who is evil?
  15. The alternative in the lastest cases is that some nation on Earth is feilding aircraft that can pretty much run rings around our hardware. I still think there is the possibility the military is gas lighting the media but evidently the truth is going to have to be revealed later this year.
  16. The Military doesn't say they are aliens, but some are hoping they are evidently because the alternative is even more disturbing.
  17. Seems not to be the case according to this article, I'm not holding my breath but... evidently something has put a bee in the militaries bonnett.
  18. I really don't know what to make of this... I had assumed all was said and done about this subject. https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2021/04/01/we-need-talk-about-ufos-again/
  19. Some will. Some won't. I always held my nerdism as a badge of honor.
  20. What exactly is a "Walkers Casket"? This casket might work to preserve bodies although I'd rather have a tree planted on me buried in a thin wooden box. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisk_metallic_burial_case
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