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  1. The same applies to aircraft carriers but they still make them.
  2. What are you expecting? discussion of quantum physics? Pheromones' were used to influence the ants behaviors. I can't find the specific article so I'll withdraw the claim, I apologise.
  3. The fermi paradox can be explained many ways but few of them are really a solution. IMHO time that a civilization is detectable is short, our own planet is slowly becoming very quiet due to our communications becoming digital and less energy is wasted on newer networks. Distance is another problem, it is said that Arecibo could detect another telescope like it's self all the way across the universe or some vast distance but that is misleading. Due to em inference, interstellar dust, and other problems it's doubtful Earth's radio leakage could be detected at the nearest star, military radars might be an exception but the wow signal, one short but powerful series of pulses imitate what receiving a military radar might look like but that is just speculation. The truth is unless someone is sending a powerful beam pretty much directly at us it wouldn't be seen by us nor would we be seen by them.
  4. I googled it and found several relevant studies but not the one I was referring to, too many to sift through but this one is similar. https://www.jstor.org/stable/43599398
  5. We, humans, try to talk to ants, yes we actually make giant ant colonies and try to communicate with them via pheromones. Just because you wouldn't do it doesn't mean someone wouldn't be interested. Fermi's paradox has many different potential answers, far too many to be adequately discussed here.
  6. There are possibilities, slow boat ark type ships are possible, even probable. I'd look in the oort cloud or the kuiper belt, given controlled fusion, colonising planets become unnecessary. see O'Neil cylinders I only assume controlled fusion. Everyone knows controlled fusion is just 20 years away. What unconfirmed properties of the universe are we talking about? Another take on space habitats. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McKendree_cylinder
  7. Why do you say interstellar travel is not feasible? Slow interstellar arks could work, no need for "Clark Tech"
  8. I see no reason to assume aliens exist but we can never meet them, care to elaborate?
  9. Actually way back in the day, some abductees claimed that the little grey guys were biological robots, or so the abductees were told.
  10. I forgot to add I'd like to see why of your choices discussed. I chose time travelers due to the resemblance the reported entities have to humans. I wouldn't expect aliens to resemble humans so closely.
  11. Just as a thought experiment lets say that on June 25th the Pentagon confirms that UAPs or UFOs are indeed crafts of some sort from another place driven by the little grey guys so often described as being their pilots. I am going to add a poll for the four possibilities that cover what is being reported by people who see and or interact with the crafts.
  12. You say dead people then say NDEs, do you understand the two are not the same thing? A NDE does not mean someone died and came back. The key is "Near" no one who is dead has ever come back to tell the tale. You say you have studied NDEs for 30 years yet you keep mistaking NDEs for actual deaths.
  13. I think we need a citation for this. Unless of course the brain was hallucinating. Citation please. Citation please. Again, citation please. Citation please, you keep making sweeping statements with nothing but your own assertions as evidence.
  14. Mollies mating display. Hmmm, having some problems here, this file is much smaller that the OP but it won't let me download this file because it's bigger than 3.91 megs. Ther OP was closer to 58 megs. A little help?
  15. Ok, it's official, UAPs are bullshit, Glenn Beck has weighed in and he says they are aliens. 

  16. 13 days until the great reveal!

    1. MonDie


      Missed that, heard old Diana Ross songs.  How many years left?

  17. Moontanman

    On tact

    I wrote it.
  18. Moontanman

    On tact

    I respect people not beliefs.
  19. I was going to get my mail a couple days ago and a couple misguided youths had placed a (very realistic) rubber rattlesnake in the sidewalk to the mailboxes. They rolled out of a car across the parking lots reveling in laughter saying "you might be white headed but you still have the moves!" I must admit I found a few old moves real fast.
  20. I think my coal object was formed by coal dust that had settled in between the staves of the boats cargo hold and when it sank the coal dust formed the "loaf of coal bread" I have. The pot in the above example didn't fall out of a coal mine but was found later in the place where coal was being shoveled into a furnace. An old pot dropped in the coal dust accumulating in a corner or some other place and allowed to sit for years could explain the pot in the lump of coal.
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