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  1. Hynek was the USAF's resident sceptic and debunker for Project Bluebook in the beginning but later became an advocate of scientific study of UFO's. Agree, but what if it is genetically identical to life on Earth? We are left in the same place we are now. More interesting would be life on Saturn's moon Titan using liquid methane and ethane as a solvent. Such a discovery, two separate genesis's of life in our solar system, would indicate that life is quite common in the universe. Seems to have, still trying to figure out why I keep getting pneumonia, but that will be sorted out I am sure now that they have become aware. Me too, be a hard opportunity to pass on for sure. J. Allen Hynek
  2. Both my sons play trumpet, they are quite good at it and made significant money as teenagers playing them.
  3. If I remember correctly that was one reason why J. Allen Hynek was considering the "Parallel Universe Hypothesis" say that that could explain how they do seem to flit in and out of existence but it doesn't really explain much more than aliens or magic really. Almost certainly true but if intelligence is rare then we might be more interesting than we think. It should be noted that we study ants quite closely and even try to influence them by using their own communication methods, ie pheromones. I really don't think we can necessarily assume that, I've even seen some ideas from real scientists about this and they were interesting at least, both slow boat colonization of objects in the outer solar system by aliens and even previous civilizations from Earth have been suggested. This has a name, the "Silurian Hypothesis" Not a serious suggestion really but it highlights the limits of our knowledge. I waffle back and forth on this, our own rise to "Glory" involved some amazing coincidences, then again intelligence is strongly selected for in evolution and arguably has occurred several times in the history of the Earth from octopus to dolphins to elephants intelligence seems to have some real survival benefits. Technology is not unknown either, from birds to octopus to dolphins some primitive tool use is not unknown either. Use of fire seems to be limited AFAWK to hominids but several species of us have used it as well. Yes, this is true, I have often wondered if this bogs us down sometimes but I see no real way around it. Me too, a cancer scare this year kinda made me wonder if I would be around much longer to see these whishes answered. “There are a lot more sightings than have been made public,” he told host Maria Bartiromo. “Some of those have been declassified.” You are correct, this is where I got it.
  4. I'd give you a plus but evidently my ability to do that has passed the daily limit. I'm not sure I would believe it if the military admitted aliens were anal probing rednecks because they can. I think it will be interesting to see what happens, I really think it will go away or simply be classified but this will be telling. To me this would suggest the military is making it up. It would be extremely cool if it turned out to be some sort of natural phenomena all along! Did anyone check out this link in the article? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/astronomer-avi-loeb-says-aliens-have-visited-and-hes-not-kidding1/ I'm not sure who this guy is, SwansonT you might be able to answer that better than me.
  5. Good point but the process of elimination has been used to limit what they can be unless as the article states the military knows and is not telling. Still doesn't make them alien of course but the real question here is does the military know or not. It has come to the military having to officially lie to congress/public or tell the truth, I think they will lie. The trick will be trying to figure out which they are doing.
  6. Is there a difference between not telling something and lying to hide it? My brother outed me to my elderly mother, a extreme fundie christian, as an atheist. There was no good reason to do so other than his own peevish need to try and hurt me. My mom immediately confronted me, and I do mean confronted, and has caused a huge rift between us, not to mention several other family members, for three years. She is in her 80s and in poor health, I was too taken aback to think about whether or not to lye and choose to tell the truth. I have wondered for sometime if I made the wrong decision, my stance on god was not a big deal to me but to her it was devastating and results in me hearing her beg me to believe to avoid hell every time we talk. An intolerable situation that should never have happened and the truth hurt people in both directions. Sadly I think I may have to agree with that. Not always, sometimes others control the truth and use it to cause harm. Yeah, the jeans make you look fat.
  7. I was listening to the three legged chicken joke the other day, Dom Deluise on Carson I think. I think the military gas lighting the media is most likely, possibly the sightings are part of training programs of some sort. Some of the evidence is mostly electronic in nature which lends it's self well to this type of thing. The kicker is the supposed demands by the gov for the military to reveal exactly what is going on by june or july. If that happens I'll eat my hat, the military admitting to not being able to control the airspace around their own equipment would be quite an admission. I think it was J. Allen Hynek, an early sceptic and employee of the USAF's UFO "investigation" Project Blue Book, who in his later years before his death was talking about some sort of "interdimensional" or "parallel" universe hypothesis as to the origin of the objects and or lights. It may or may not be telling he died of brain cancer.
  8. I littered your topic? You have done nothing but talk trash from the OP, your entire topic is trash, it makes no sense to anthropomorphize animal behavior yet you continually do so. You kill animals simply by breathing, ever hear of fairy flies? BTW, feel free to comment in any topic I make, I may not always be right but I at least have the integrity to admit when I'm wrong.
  9. This appears to be disputed but I see no reason to say they kill lions much less eat them or not. Please do so!
  10. I disagree, you keep making these assertions you cannot justify, these might be the least of them but their ease of checking them calls all the rest of your baseless assertions into question. I am calling you out, please justify your assertions.
  11. Again please provide a source for these assertions.
  12. You asserted that monkey kill lions but do not eat them, I do not believe you have substantiation for this assertion, BTW monkeys and chimps are not the same thing either. Say what? You made a positive assertion, you are required to back this up or admit you have made an assertion that is not evidently true... Time to reread the rules dude.
  13. Again, if it's chimps then a quick google search should turn up the link to the info as well as the baboon. I simply do not believe you, please provide proof.
  14. Ok, which species of monkey kills lions but does not eat them? BTW, you can quote any language you want, I can use google translate.
  15. I'd like to see some confirmation on that assertion. Actually both assertions.
  16. Ah, the old when you lack the intelligence to continue or the integrity to admit defeat you use personal attacks.
  17. Ok, thanks for the correct info, I know chimps hunt and kill small animals even other primates.
  18. Accidentally? I think? Not sure... But Altaylar2000 eats them as well. You are not answering some important questions here.
  19. A 4,000 year old tree may have thoughts we cannot even begin to comprehend. Get too close and argue that with the gorilla.
  20. Gorillas are vegetarians, does that make them innocents? It's widely assumed, but I don't see how you can show it to be true, maybe plants are the truly sentient beings and animals just assume that plants are not because they do not complain.
  21. Actually I suggested at least two. The Military has restricted the possibilities here not me.
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