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  1. Yeah, I am trying to bring SF.com back up to some sort of reasonable standard but it's difficult to do alone.
  2. "I bought a box of powdered water... I didn't know what to add." Steven Wright
  3. I prefer Ophiuchus, the serpent bearer, has to be an inappropriate joke in there someplace.
  4. Could it be that watching naked girls dance around a bonfire is more fun than listening to a preacher tell you how badly you are going to burn in hell if you don't stop watching naked girls dance around a fire?
  5. I honestly only watched a couple episodes of X files back in the day, I didn't like the show.
  6. Well for one thing the landing "circle" in the back yard can be shown on google maps to have been there weeks before the "landing".
  7. Personally I think this "sighting" is a hoax, the fireball was real but the aliens are flat out a hoax.
  8. More video has been released, some of it cell phone footage of the aliens themselves! I can't see them but maybe you can.
  9. No living things printed out or even grown in artificial wombs. BTW I'm not a big fan of the whole EBEs visiting earth, drones and robots... maybe even biological robots are far more likely. This is true and one of the oddest things, we can't really pick up "radio leakage" from the closest star, only a deliberate signal could be picked up as easily as is often reported and yet we don't send out intentional repeating signals but we expect aliens to do so.
  10. Distance and time are moot points when trying to figure out some reason why they can't be here. Technology can overcome both problems, machine/AI probes could cover the distance and then use technology to recreate their own creators. No reason why this wouldn't work, printing out EBEs along with all their technology... piece of cake! The real problem we are facing is the quality of the data, Science is all but useless in trying to determine the solution to this problem. No one, not even the military, is actually gathering data in a way that would facilitate scientific investigation. The problem with chain of evidence is enough to knock science out of the ballpark. Randomly gathered data by just about anyone with no standards past "I know what I saw" will not matter to a scientific investigation. Data gathered by the military, while possibly relevant, is simply not shared by the military. The military being so compulsively secrative that a method of "secrete writing" labeled top secrete during WW2 is still top secret even though the method is widly known and used by tennagers to writing messages to each other (well maybe when I was a teenager, before cell phones and "The Internets" 🤪) but it still shows how attached the military is to its secretes. This is one of the actual complaints NASA has with their recent investigation into the UAP phenomena... leave it to science to cut things back to their minimal state! I'm going to have to come down on the side of skepticism on this one, I think the "Military Secrete Complex" will stop this one in its tracks because letting the scientists in on this one aspect of "secrets saved forever" simply isn't going to happen. Whether or not the "secretes" support aliens or not will not determine if we get to see the data. For those of you who rightly pointed out my status update had gone further than I meant here is the relevant post. Actually there is considerable confusion over what is really going since NASA threw it's hat in the ring and congress has promised whistleblowers protection from prosecution for revealing classified info pertaining to UAPs. It has come to light that at the very least the military has been hiding behind "classified" as an excuse to prevent scientists from gaining access to some evidently very interesting "things" some of which evidently include craft and parts of crafts not of this earth but the are still being a bit cagy with the idea of "extraterrestrial" Interesting videos for those who have the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOSEDRWXZZw https://youtu.be/wd3LeWJS1go https://youtu.be/IyMbXXXoulo 00:37 to 01:54 is an old VHS tape of a UFO but very interesting, several very interestings tapes in this video.
  11. Thank you for the links, I'm not sure how much this guy should be believed, so far he does seem to have to credentials!
  12. I didn't post this because it was unusually accurate, I posted this one because it was outside the box when it comes to reports. When was the last time anyone reported aliens who were anything but about a meter tall with grey skin? Definitely an anomalous report about a UAP. I doubt this will be the defining moment of UAP sightings.
  13. A large round depression where the craft landed. This just happened, more video is claimed to exist from smartphones that were present. That green light is... IMHO... extraordinary!
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