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  1. What about women who have transitioned to be male, are they competitive?
  2. I can remember playing sports with girls when I was young, got my clock cleaned by a girl playing football when I was 13, she was 13, by the time I was 15 she was no longer able to dominate me physically, in fact we went to several dances together and she was significantly smaller than me by then. Base ball might be a different thing, girls were completive with boys, in sand lot baseball, all through high school.
  3. I'm not going to read all 1200 posts in this thread but I would like to ask if anyone has thought of the idea of letting trans kids participate in a order by themselves? This is all above my pay grade, maybe i will skim through the posts after all.
  4. Oh shit it's those sparkly shoes again, send you straight to hell! Must be a great car!
  5. Any bio markers seen by telescope would have some doubt attached to them. Right now there is a biosignature on Titan and a pretty good idea of how life could be possible in liquid methane/ethane. We will have to visit Titan either by robot or in person to be sure.
  6. That is a very good point, but when asked about this it was said that aliens are not being ruled out. I think it would be a step to far at this point to name aliens as a probability but the ones that are inexplicable, and not from lack of data, are being labeled "unknown" at some point the label "unknown" becomes quite provocative of something extraordinary. I think we may have crossed that line, only a continuing investigation will sort out the wheat from the chaff.
  7. I over stepped, out of 400 current sightings being studied one was ascribed to a partially deflated balloon... many pilot reports contained the info that the objects were traveling against prevailing winds and or were reacting to the jets and maneuvering at high speeds and therefore could not be balloons. this was not part of the hearing. I had seen these from other sources and mixed them up, I apologize.
  8. This is true, the sensors are not ideally suited for UAP's but they are suited to identify other aircraft and have detected the UAP and have given enough info to warrant more study simply because they cannot identify the UAP. This has resulted in the admission of a need for further study. I would have to assume these tests/comparisons have been done since most of these UAP's currently under study lack any explanation. Balloons are specifically mentioned as being ruled out and birds seldom appear as hollow clear spheres with opaque cubes inside them that can fly among the jet aircraft and exceed their speeds.
  9. Point taken. UFOs/UAP's were in a similar category of vague and hard to study, now they are being studied from more than just vague reports. I think there is a comparison to be made, it was often said UFO's consisted of nothing but anecdotes but now there is evidence in the form of radar and other sensors as well as human eyes and videos made by the military, not just civilians with polaroids. https://www.avweb.com/aviation-news/report-no-explanations-for-uap-but-they-threaten-flight-safety/ The congressional hearing describes the investigation.
  10. Come on man, just because I was caught exposing my genitals to the Moon light before it was popular in conservative circles.
  11. Good link, it should however be said that meteorites were poopooed for a long time and although it was eventually solved it wasn't solved by people who refused to even look at the evidence and tried to ridicule anyone who did try to investigate the phenomena. I doubt it's reasonable to require possession of an actual alien space craft for analysis before realizing we might have something extraordinary going on. Right now we have recent photos of objects that simply cannot be explained by conventional means. Sightings by qualified observers, radar contacts, interactions with military jets, and professionals who are saying these objects actually pose a danger to military aircraft. I have to admit that the idea of some type of military hardware that most people are unaware of should still be the main go to but this cannot be said to be true of all present or past sightings. At what point to the contradictions between what is possible for us and what is not begin to point to something extraordinary? Luckily it would appear that a real investigation is going on and results could be forthcoming soon, let us hope it's not adversary technology and turns out to be ours. One thing is, IMHO, misidentification of conventional aircraft is getting less and less likely as the evidence mounts. https://nypost.com/2018/08/07/hundreds-of-school-kids-who-saw-a-ufo-and-their-story-was-ignored-for-50-years/ https://nypost.com/2018/08/07/hundreds-of-school-kids-who-saw-a-ufo-and-their-story-was-ignored-for-50-years/ There is another sighting that is new and little info is available that I know about as of yet but a triangular craft was seen and photographed leaving the ocean, soaring into the air and up and out of range of the super hornet that was witness to the craft, it was recorded on radar as well. I am investigating this and as soon as I get a link to the info other than a you tube video I will share it.
  12. I agree with you in spirit but in the reality it is far more complex than kids making something up. Adults were involved and witnessed the same events the children saw.
  13. I thought I did, I did see the video you recommended and I was impressed. Did you know there is two other school kids sightings that were very similar? One of them at least was in Australia, I'm not sure where the other one was. Being cynical because most are explainable, while a very human response, it much like the idea that if a million fly's eat excrement how can they be wrong? The numbers do not suggest resolution. In the recent congressional hearing they show a quick video that can only be a hoax or something extraordinary. There are lots of those and to assume they are all hoaxes due to then being a small percentage is, in my mind, not an honest path to knowledge. I know people are tired of my fav go to but the 1952 Washington dc merry go round is IMHO very important. The Air Force at the very least intentionally mislead people as to what happened and gave an explanation that is silly at best and a intentional deception at worst. . https://nypost.com/2018/08/07/hundreds-of-school-kids-who-saw-a-ufo-and-their-story-was-ignored-for-50-years/
  14. How small are we talking about? Only one has to be real for it to be a civilization changing event. I understand what you are saying but i question the idea they would want to contact us directly, observing from afar or at least maintaining distance seems reasonable for many reasons. Of course I have my own dog and pony show on that aspect. It would seem that as high as 10% are unexplained and not because of a lack of data. I keep coming back to the stupid explanations like slow meteors and comets, or glowing orbs caused by inversion layers in the air.
  15. You are of course correct, no extraordinary evidence is forth coming. There are some that were so sloppily explained by the air force it reeked of incompetence at least. I often wonder just what would extraordinary evidence look like? Is it reasonable to think we could acquire such evidence on this subject with out intent from the source? I honestly wonder if this subject is going to be limited to circumstantial evidence unless the source, what ever that may be, decides we get such evidence. The comparison to meteorites comes to mind. In the beginning of "science" the experts were quite sure that rocks did not fall from the sky. Even rock falls witnessed by people were dismissed as rocks blown by winds or thrown out of volcanoes. Even a collection of meteorites that was on display at a famous museum were taken off display because the prevailing wisdom decried they could not be extraterrestrial. Of course today we know better, but did the evidence suddenly become extraordinary? No the same evidence was all we had at the time but it became apparent that the debunkers were just that, debunkers, and that rocks falling from the sky could only be explained by rocks falling from the sky. All the other arguments of mistaken eye witnesses, wind blown rocks, and volcanoes simply served to muddy the water for the real explanation. When we see something that, while unknown, is inexplicable by by all other evidence do we really require that the object land on the Whitehouse lawn?
  16. Evidently a new hearing about UAP's is happening, this is a short synopsis of the hearing by CNET. I thought some of us might be interested in discussing this latest chapter in the on going investigation. Congressional UFO Hearing https://www.npr.org/2022/05/17/1099410910/ufo-hearing-congress-military-intelligence https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/pentagon-reports-400-ufo-encounters-tells-congress-theyre-investigating-video/story? Complete hearing.
  17. Just curiosity on my part about how metal alloys are made, or more accurately, why certain elements are used as alloys but not others. I know carbon isn't a metal, poor choice of words on my part really. Iron and carbon make steel, I have to assume the combination was accidental on the part of iron smiths since the very idea of an element wasn't really clear at the time. I am assuming that some other alloys were also accidental or maybe more accurately experiments of trying to combine properties of various elements. I wondered if it is a hit and miss process or if there is more of a science behind it and if so could the properties of such combinations be predicted. I'm not sure if we were starting from scratch if someone could have predicted iron and carbon would make a better alloy or if it would still be mostly hit and miss experiments? In other words do we have a reason to combine certain elements or would it be as a wild a shot in the dark as adding lead and tungsten to see what happens? As for recovering... I'm not sure it is possible to do anything more than deal with the profound sadness I feel. Hasn't diminished any, I am just learning to accept what I can't change. Oh yeah, I have been giving this alloy question some thought for a couple weeks now. I had seen a show where an alloy was being touted as unknown to modern science and it got me to thinking how such a assertion could really be made.
  18. Is it possible to predict the properties of metal alloys? I think many of the first alloys like iron and carbon equal steel were probably accidental but can we predict this now days?
  19. I'm going to have to disagree, the Earth rotating as the Moons tidal effects slow down Earth's rotation has to result in some heat. Not as much as other sources but it has to be a significant source of heat/friction.
  20. I have more than a six pack, I have a keg!
  21. Believe it or not the melancholy is mostly a look, they are lazy and the look contributes to the profound dignity/silliness of the breed.
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