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  1. For any scientists who are skeptics of Bigfoot. It's not that we don't understand Occam's Razor. We just disagree on what is more likely. Bigfoot exists or every single report in the past 200+ years is either a hoax or misidentification. Take into consideration that reports of Bigfoot throwing things at people, dates back to at least 1849, but it wasn't a known behavior of apes until the 1960s
  2. I recently saw a documentary about a serial killer who claimed his stomach would be tied in knots and he'd be very fidgety until he killed someone. Is there any documented mental illness that causes such physical symptoms?
  3. Why do you think some groups of people have progressed while others have remained in primative stages?
  4. Are Whitetail does with antlers, shunned by the rest of the herd? I'm asking because yesterday, I saw an 8 point Whitetail all by itself. Twice. This time of year in my area, the bucks should all still be together, or chasing does
  5. I know water contaminated with raw sewage causes disease, but don't know exactly why. Human waste is made up of food & beverages we ingest & various enzymes that are already in our bodies. Where does the disease come in?
  6. Welcome to SFN, I see you got pissed off with ScienceForums as well! - I've been banned for calling BIologisat an Idiot and Dishmaster 'Dishwasher' - All pretty hilarious really, that place has gon down the tubes now it's been filled with a bunch of self-important little hitlers. Moderators used to ignore personal insults. Anyway good to see you here!

  7. You're right, I don't understand what you're saying in any technical detail. But I believe you're saying there is a logical explanation for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) Right? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Last night they mentioned that sometimes the source for a thermal vision hit is an animal inside a wall. I think a grief stricken mind can manifest things as well. Some noticeable only to the grief stricken person & some noticeable to others. Back in 1995, a friend of mine was killed in a car accident. For a couple months, I could occasionally smell her perfume & once in awhile, my door would slowly open, I would say "Close the door please Brenda" and it would slowly close. This happened in front of witnesses. The thing is, Brenda was never in my house. So there is no reason for her "spirit" or "ghost" to be there either. And after a couple months, everything stopped
  8. Where are electromagnetic fields usually found? I mean around what natural features? Streams, rocks, etc...
  9. You obviously haven't watched "Ghost Hunters" recently & didn't pay very close attention when you did watch. They generally are able to debunk about 90% of the so-called "Paranormal activity" But last season they repeatedly asked an alleged entity to adjust the room temperature by specific amounts in both directions & according to their temperature gauges, the temperature changed accordingly. They also now have something they call a K2 Meter that flashes when there is supposed to be a spirit in front of it. Time after time, they ask a spirit to light it up & it does
  10. wvbig


    I haven't ignored anything. The fact that you don't like the form my references come in isn't my problem & the fact that you refer to my last link as a video only proves you didn't even have the courtesy to click on it. You people are ridiculous. I'm outta here!!!
  11. wvbig


    Here is a history of attempts at debunking the Patterson/Gimlin film. Along with some interesting questions for the skeptics of it. http://www.bfro.net/ref/theories/pgfdebunkings.asp
  12. wvbig


    And how is one explanation suppose to account for hoaxes AND misidentifications? Two possible "logical" explanations that skeptics give to explain sightings & other evidence. And what is this "moving the goal post" BS you keep accusing me of? As far as hair samples are concerned, that was covered in the youtube videos I gave the links to. But obviously you didn't bother to watch them.
  13. wvbig


    Obviously the lighting in this photo is too washed out to know what detail the foot does or doesn't have. So to say, based on it alone, that this foot has no arch & no toes is purely conjecture. A combination of proof of an elaborate conspiracy of hoaxes spreading over the entire continent for hundreds of years & definitive specific explanations for the unidentified vocalizations, hair & scat samples, and stick structures. It's not enough to say there must be a more logical explanation or explanations for these things.
  14. wvbig


    1)Actually, if you check again, you'll see that I did respond to the youtube video links you posted alledging proof that the Patterson/Gimlin film is fake. 2)I never said I don't believe Bigfoot exists. I said I do believe but realize we have no conclusive proof & am willing to admit I may be wrong about it existing. 3)I also never said no scientists are looking. In fact I've listed several who have and/or still are investigating it. I merely said it would be nice to get more scientists involved. Having words put in my mouth is really getting old. One instance where scientists being part of a research party would be a big help would be if a biologist & an expert in outdoor acoustics was along & a vocalization was heard. The Biolodist could probably identify it & if not, the acoustics expert could likely determine the point of origin so it could be investigated for signs of people or animals.
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