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  1. What is Time?

    I thought clocks measure other clocks.
  2. Energy, Cost and Subsidy in Power Production

    ! Moderator Note This thread has become nothing but Trolling/counter-Trolling/bickering. It is now closed.
  3. How is energy conserved when length contracts?

    Energy is conserved, but not invariant. Within a frame, energy in equals energy out, but between frames, energy need not have the same sum.
  4. Italy invented the compass.

    ! Moderator Note This thread started off in a grey area and isn't going anywhere. Upon staff review, this thread is closed.
  5. Could be a great idea!

    ! Moderator Note Link in the OP removed. If you want to discuss your speculations here, present them here.
  6. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    Theoretically, improved quality means more up votes, so increased quality over time will "get rid of" the negative reputation. It's not an insurmountable task like it would be were we using the old system where a downvote from somebody with enough positive reputation *cough* swansont *cough* would have such a strong effect that the damage to the reputation would be effectively infinite. And we have both natural and artificial buffers to reputation abuse. Posters notice abuse and often upvote to counteract the unnecessary downvote. Also, we have a special user group that habitual rep abusers get put into. That being said, staff don't read all threads, so we don't notice all abuse. If you think somebody is abusing the reputation system, report a post that was abused and tell us about it. A great way to help with both issues is to be very generous with positive rep. A post doesn't need to win a Pulitzer prize to deserve some rep. The problem there is that it could lead to feuds of reputation abuse. Iirc, we had that sort of problem when you could leave a comment with your rep. Though, that was before I became a demigod. Just so you know, staff *can* see who reps what posts, and it's not always who you think. For example, a few posts above, one poster got a negative rep and the immediately following post is replying with a snide comment. One might reasonably think that the poster making the snide comment left the rep, but they didn't (I checked).
  7. Scientific Method in climate science

    ! Moderator Note Upon staff review, this thread will remain closed.
  8. quantum mechanics related problem

    ! Moderator Note Homework Help Rules A simple reminder to all: this is the "Homework Help" forum, not the "Homework Answers" forum. We will not do your work for you, only point you in the right direction. Posts that do give the answers may be removed.
  9. Yeah, as far as I can tell, it's because x is being treated like a constant instead of a function on the right hand side in the first step.
  10. x^2 = x + x + ... + x (x times) d/dx x^2 = d/dx [x + x + ... + x] 2x = x 2 = 1 Enjoy. Now, can you find the problem?
  11. Greatest Possible Beings and Posets

    I don't actually agree with that assumption. It's part of arguing a fortiori. An argument has more force if you make assumptions that make it harder to make your point, but support the point against which you're arguing. In this case, specifically, denying this assumption in the argument would be tantamount to circular reasoning. It would be arguing that there is no fact of the matter that there is a Greatest Possible Being because there is no fact of the matter that there is no Greatest Possible Being. While logically valid, it's not persuasive, and is in fact an informal fallacy.
  12. graviton / space / dark matter / dark energy ?

    ! Moderator Note Everybody play nice. Don't make me turn this car around.
  13. Greatest Possible Beings and Posets

    Newton Medal award? I don't know what that is, but it sounds shiny, and I just can't turn down shiny things.
  14. The definition of nothingness exactly

    Despite how often apologists with no understanding of physics make this claim, it's not true. Fyi, two of the three have publicly stated that the above quoted claim is false, while the third, afaik, has not commented on the subject. Pro tip: Don't get your science from people who are paid to lie to gullible people
  15. A discussion of heathen religions

    ! Moderator Note I'm not sure why this wasn't closed months ago and I'm not sure why OP necroposted it yesterday, but it's closed now.