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  1. Thank you very much for googling and providing a link. Do you see how this paper explains how lungs evolved? hhehe this paper says that the first cell came from space... maybe the lungs also come from space.. This is what you people do, provide an abundance of redundant data, and then claim that the proof is somewhere there... I'm pretty sure no person here on the forum can read that paper and understand how lungs have evolved. It's just bunch of data. It's the same if I provide you a paper with many blueprints of different smartphone models, from Iphone 1 to Iphone 10, and then I will claim that it proves that Iphone 10 evolved from Iphone 1 by random changes. And if you can't see it, then it's your "personal incredulity".
  2. I just told you that evolutionists can't explain anything... how lungs evolved, how heart evolved, how flagellum evolved... what "personal incredulity" has to do with anything? the only thing that you evolutionists really evolved, is fancy phrases that you use as defence mechanism... "personal incredulity", "strawman", "fallacy", etc... put more dislikes to my post more, more... i want 1000 dislikes. a dislike from evolutionist is a compliment to me.
  3. There is a concept of "irreducible complexity". Meaning that some biological systems could not be produced by incremental steps. Evolutionists really can't explain an evolution for almost any of internal organs. Go look for yourself. How 2 chamber heart evolves into 3 chamber heart, how lungs evolved, how bactrium evolved a flagellum. This is very simple stuff, and yet evolutionists can't provide an evolutionery path to any of that. And yet they manage to live in small illusion that they got it all figured out. Actually evolutionists have nothing. They can't explain anything really.
  4. yes, intelligent design has a case, it's more scientific than all the evolution nonsense.
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