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  1. You are right. But for instance if I am right, then science (as you explained it) would say the universe is a virtual reality machine. So while science currently isnt able to explain what the universe is, it maybe able to in the future. So philosophical questions are useful, because they probe what we don't understand. They try to make sense of the mystery and turn it into knowledge. And there is a mystery, it is what drives scientists, I have heard them talk about it.
  2. But is that just because we don't have the science to answer it?
  3. I have come to believe the universe is effectivily a virtual reality machine, but the administrators say its pie in the sky without explaining why, the thread is always closed just as we are getting to the critical juncture. Anyway, if you think I what I am suggesting is fairy tales, fine you are entitled to your own beliefs, but what does science say the universe *is* exactly?
  4. I know you stopped my thread but this is infuriating. The poster said I should go back study the books and what not, but as has been already pointed out that is pointless, reading more will just produce the same result 'We don't know'. How the laws of the universe are everywhere is a mystery of physics and that is not my belief that is what I am being told. Now this mystery of how the laws are everywhere might not seem important to people on this forum and you can dismiss as something that is just not that important. But it might just be key to understanding the universe and reality.
  5. Its the same people answering the posts so I just want to say my final piece. When I say magic, I don't mean God magic, I mean the magic a street magician does. You can see the trick being done (the laws of the universe are everywhere) but you don't know how the universe is pulling it off, so it occurs as if by magic, that is the explanation of modern physics. I have looked at the theories, they are sophisticated, I am not trying to dismiss them as nonsense. Its just that you want me to accept 'we don't know' and then wait until someone works it all out. As I say, I don't think you are stupid, but I don't think I am stupid either.
  6. The magic I meant was like magic a street magician does.
  7. I am not insisting it is God/fairy magic, but in a way it is a kind of magic, you can see the trick being done, but you don't know how its actually pulled off. I am saying, this is maybe how the trick is done.
  8. I don't think its run on magic, I think there is a logic behind it. Its modern physics that seems to accept that they don't know and its just the way it is.
  9. I was probably unwell when I wrote that, I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, I was likely manic when I wrote it. I don't think its going to change anything at the moment. Well what does modern physics say about it exactly?
  10. Ok, but we are in agreement that the universe is not run on magic, however physics answer to the question 'how do you actually get the laws of the universe everywhere' is basically 'well it just magically occurs'.
  11. I don't think people are stupid, how can you look at modern physics and think people are stupid? I am not interested in fame and status, I just want to further human understanding of the universe.
  12. What do you mean? Of course I have, it does explain a method of getting the laws of the universe everywhere. Its essentially like a holographic plate where you embed the whole image in every part.
  13. But have I not provided a solution that explains how to get the laws of the universe everywhere? I have looked at modern physics and it one of those God did it things (its just the way it is). I don't believe that the laws of the universe magically appear everywhere which is where physics leaves you, I think there is a logic behind getting the laws of the universe everywhere. That is why I ask the question how do get the laws of the universe everywhere, because physics has no answer, to them, its just occurs, as if my magic.
  14. I ask that question because you may have never thought about it, it is a very interesting problem. But if I am right, then I actually have an answer for it, I can explain how you get the laws of the universe everywhere. Its simple, the universe extends in all directions for ever, it has and will always exist, it is immortal. The first thing is space. Space is composed entirely of tiny virtual reality machines, about the size of strings from string theory, which took collectivily make a virtual reality machine of infinite size. So a giant virtual reality machine composed of tiny virtual reality machines, each tiny machine has all the laws of the universe embedded in it. This is how you get the laws of the universe everywhere. That is space, now time. All the tiny machines follow a fixed cycle, they create reality, then they destory reality, over and over again. The absolute reality is the machines, the relative reality we see is virtual, its flicking in and out of existance billions of times a second. Each new generation of the universe is slightly different to the last, and hence everything in the universe moves slightly. All movement in the universe is governed by these tiny machines, these tiny machines are moving everything about according to the laws we know. This is what I mean by space moving things about, not things moving about space.