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  1. Holograms

    I don't know really, would have to look at the source code. Scientists use computer models to simulate the universe. The universe has rules and it follows them quite precisely. The rules are enforced, if nothing was enforced we wouldn't have physics and so on, everything would just be arbitary. I don't think they are being enforced by a whom, I think they are enforced by a physical process, which endlessly repeats itself. I have answered them, I only really came here to find out the status of answers to certain questions because they change over time and depending on who you speak to. I don't think anything can break the laws as such, they are fixed. I said in my first post that I don't think people have really thought about this problem much, I know if you are doing a Phd it is likely to be on something else. But if you do ever ponder how the universe is actually enforcing all the rules we have mathematical models for, starting with empty space, there are not very many options (if we say God or magic is not an option). Einstein said 'Imagination is more important that knowledge'. The 'Rebuilding Americas Defences' report in too 9/11 said it was 'a failure of imagination'. In a presentation to the Queen of the UK about the economic crisis it was reported to be a 'failure of imagination'. The universe is evolving, adapting, but we only see a bit of it, when you see the whole of it, it is already at its maximum level of evolution, its never been less evolved, its only us that is less evolved. You have to imagine the whole universe moving as one, with all the different things going on simultaneously, and look at what is common to everything. Then you get a picture of what underlies it all. The laws of nature, of the universe, are enforced and that must be based on something, something physical.
  2. Holograms

    Continuing on from universes from nothing. When Laurance Kluass talks about his theory he plays a God type role introducing and enforcing quantum mechanics with his will alone. But I don't believe in God, I think there must be a scientific explanation. So what happens when we put our model in a computer to test? If you look at the source code of the simulation you will see there is more than quantum mechanics, this extra stuff explains how we enforce quantum mechanics in the virtual world. This extra stuff may actually shine some light on how the universe is doing it for real.
  3. Universes from nothing

    I have studied scientists and have listened to people like lawrence krauss and there is something missing. lawrence krauss says all you need is quantum mechanics to create a universe of nothing. First, he doesnt say where quantum mechanics comes from. Second, he doesn't explain how the rules of quantum mechanics is enforced, as far as I can tell the only thing enforcing the rules is his will (making him a God like charecter in his theory). I have searched long and hard for information on this. My basic question is, is it true that despite all our mathematical modelling (which we have got very very good at) we still don't know how the universe is actually enforcing all the rules we model?
  4. Holograms

    How can can you know (have the knowledge) that the universe was created in a big bang when you dont know (dont have the knowledge) how it came to be in a hot dense state. If you could tell me how the universe came to be in hot dense state I might believe you, but you don't so I can't, I am being skeptical.
  5. Holograms

    On one hand you are saying we know, on the other you are saying we don't know. Which one is it?
  6. Holograms

    I know you consider me a crackpot or whatever, that is fine. I am not arrogant enough to think you are crackpots, I just think you are normal people. No, I think its wacky the universe comes out of nothing. There is no explaination for how or why the big bang happened, we just have to accept that it did (sciences God did it) because that is what the evidence says, there is no foundation, everything is just magically happening in apparently empty space according to maths with no explaination as to why? Why have we got these sets of laws and not others, there must be a reason for it, a logic behind. I am trying to explain the logic behind it because it is profound and sublime, but its also quite abstract and deep. What does it say then?
  7. Holograms

    I will probably leave it here for the moment, I know you have already considered me a crackpot or what ever but I am ok with that, if I am honest I think people who believe (because you have to believe) in the big bang are pretty wacky. If you want to solve the theory of everything all our knowledge is very good, but you have to look at what we don't know, those are the questions that need answers. Thats why you are a bit preachy, you are so convinced the big bang happened you are not willing to look at another perspective. All I am trying to do is put forward a straight forward, objective spacetime theory, but you cant even agree with me on the basic facts because you are so opinionated. So I will leave you for now so you can to get back to other posts, its only the same few people answering the threads. What I don't understand is (I do understand this) is that you have absolutly nothing to lose from listening to me, to entertain what I am saying. The big bang is going nowhere, it will still be the same tomorrow and the day after, a week, a month from now. So in the mean time why not look at things from a fresh perspective? What have you got to gain from insisting to me that the universe was created in a big bang?
  8. Holograms

    Ok, so the universe comes out of nothing and laws of the universe come out of nothing? There has to be some sort of foundation upon which everything is based, it can't just arbitarily exist, there has to be a logic behind it all. Saying we dont know something basically means we don't have all the facts, if we don't have all the facts, its opinion. I want to share my theory but you can't seem to agree with me on some of the basics because you are so highly opinionated. You seem to want to push me to accept the big bang/heat death by preaching the gospel of the expanding universe at me, I have read it, I know what it says. It says we don't know.
  9. Holograms

    Yes, this is what I have sensed through our conversations, I think you want me to accept that, and that is the key, you want me to believe, that we don't know answers when I do. I think my time on here for the minute is coming to a close, but I want to leave you with this. The consequence of my theory is that the universe is eternal, spatially infinte, immortal, this is the paradigm shift. It is going to have a profound effect on the world because this theory is going to unite people around the world in joy at the simple beauty of the truth of science. And to celebrate this unity I am going to suggest the introduction of a new global calender. This calender will have new names for the days of the week and the months of the year and everyone, regardless of what language they speak will use the same words for the days and months, so in a very small way we are all speaking the same language. And the year, that will go back to year one and instead of saying its 2018 years since the birth of Christ we will say it is 1 year since the dawn of eternity. I have thought about this alot, the world is going to become a profoundly different place, religion I am afraid doesn't have much of a place. Can you imagine that (remembeing that imagination is more important that knowledge), no more Mondays because Monday is now called something else?
  10. Holograms

    Well why are you here on my threads? I can't tell if you are being sincere or have come to the conclusion I am a crackpot and are having a bit of fun, I kinda suspect the latter but it could be a mix of both. I want to know how the universe came out of nothing, I want to know how the universe came to compressed into a point, what was constraining the universe prior to the big bang, why did it stop constraining the universe suddenly and let it start evolving. Wheres the reasons, wheres the logic? Look, say I release my theory in a month, do you want to talk about it in the mean time, or shall I just stay off the forums until I release it?
  11. Holograms

    Yes, that is right, and there are 64 tiles. Therefore you put all the possible 26 combinations in one tile, and just repeat it.
  12. Holograms

    Look, I am aware of current science, but its story is basically big bang/heat death, and that its, its pretty final. Do you have anything more to say on the matter?
  13. Holograms

    Please explain more thanks.
  14. Holograms

    CAn you tell me a bit about it please?
  15. Holograms

    A hologram works by having the whole image embedded in every part. In games programming there is a similar idea called 'tile based worlds'. For example, to create a chess board you create a single tile with all possible combinations then just repeat it 64 times. Is it worthy idea, an innovation, in applying these principles to the physics of the universe, or has someone already done this? Just for example, saying the universe is composed of mini-universes that just go through a big bang/heat death cycle billions of times a second, creating not the whole universe but just a small part.