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About Me

I am a Taoist philosopher and polymath. I have several philosophical works in progress including:


- Turning To God - The Universal Universe

This is a framework for a theory of everything based on the idea the universe is composed entirely of microscopic units of polymorphic spacetime.

- In Tune With Intelligence - A Global Strategy

This is about the nature of consciousness and strong artificial intelligence.

- Alien Economics - A Cashless Society

This looks at the economy in the age of digital currency.


I am also the head of three organisations.


The first is a very ancient martial arts school with its roots in China and I have what would be considered in academic circles (its not quite the same) a PhD in the science of martial arts. This martial arts school has remained hidden for thousands of years but I am going to make it public in the form of The Synthesis Academy. The aim of The Synthesis Academy is to become the worlds first university dedicated to the science of martial arts.

The second organisation is a political party called The Provident Party. The Provident Party is a new global political movement to combat divisive forces and bring people together in a final push for world peace to honour the sacrifice of generations that have given their everything so that we may live in the way that we do. The Provident Party is hoping to take the world by storm with a bold, striking, brilliant plan to end war and hunger creating nothing less than a paradise on earth. Its ultimate objective is to ensure every child on the planet has food in their stomachs, knowledge in their minds, and courage in their hearts.

The third organisation is part of The Provident Party's vision for a big society and is a bank formed as a social enterprise. Its aim is to become the largest bank in the world in five years time.


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