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  1. I think the math proves that it is something that exists. You're correct, it isn't a dimension but a relation.
  2. It works for equations with a multiplicative ability. The values have to be quantifiable by a variable. It has to be very well proportioned.
  3. It only works for certain science equations. It doesn't work on all equations.
  4. It helps to show the difference between chemical processes. As well as this it can show the difference between two celestial objects. Example the gravitational process on mars and then on earth. Examples You can calculate the speed of a falling object with the value of the gravitational process of the earth. (Gravitational process of earth)(mass of object)(ability of object)=speed of object The ability of an object has three units (m^4)/(s^4)(g) meters to the fourth power divided by seconds to the fourth power multiplied by grams You can calculate the ability of a reaction to become a product in chemistry. (Chemical process)(mass of chemical)(ability of chemical)= rate of chemical reaction ability of chemical has units of (M^4)/(s^4)(g) moles to the fourth power divided by seconds to the fourth power multiplied by grams With the ability of a falling object you can calculate the ability of an object to cover a distance. (ability of falling object)(mass of object)= Ability of object to cover a distance. The units of this is meters per second to the fourth power. (m/s)^4
  5. The equal sign is a third dimension to the equation. It is the exchange of the reaction to become the product. example 1+1 = 2 exchange Gravitational energy example Potential Energy = Kinetic Energy PE = KE mgh = (1/2)m(v^2) The ability to change or the equal sign (2)/(v^2)(g)(h) This is 2 divided by velocity of of object squared multiplied by gravitational acceleration of earth multiplied by height of the object This third part of the equation is what I call the Gravitational process of the earth. It is the thing reacting upon the conversion between Kinetic and Potential Energy of a falling object. Other examples: The equal sign is another dimension yet to be explored. The conversion or process can be used to calculate the process of a chemical reaction and process of a mechanical spring. These values will be highly useful in finding new values associated with the study of physics and chemistry. I think that the calculation of these values is highly important. It is another dimension of mathematics and science that has yet to be explored.
  6. We are all aware of the four fundamental interactions of physics. They are called strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, and gravity. However there is a fifth force that many have speculated about. The following explanation demonstrates the possibility of the proof of a fifth interaction. The fifth interaction is proven by the precession of the equinox. The precession is a cycle that not many people understand. If you do not know what it is here is a link that describes this cycle: https://www.britannica.com/science/precession-of-the-equinoxes As a result of the precession the seasons begin to occur while the sun is in a different constellation. Nobody truly knows why the earth has a precession on an axis of rotation. The reason is as follows. There is a fifth fundamental force that interacts with gravity that makes the earth behave in this manner. While gravity holds the earth in its orbit the fifth force makes our celestial body wobble on its axis. The force that gravity is interacting is what I will label for now as the STELLAR FORCE. The Stellar Force is caused by the constellations that the precession travels through. We now know these constellations as the 12 zodiac symbols. The constellations exert an influence that makes the earth preceede on an axis if you may. The Stellar Force makes all celestial bodies preceede on an axis. This is done by exerting an invisible influence that possibly attracts or repels the earth and makes it move in a certain direction. The Stellar Force is larger than gravity so this means that the constellations are the bodies that exert the influence. Stars are not large enough to exert this interaction.
  7. This is a new theory describing the states of matter There are states of matter beyond that of plasma -One of these states has yet to be named and is directly a state higher than that of plasma. For now we will call it "Energetic Material." -Energetic Material includes a number of substances. An example of this material includes kinetic energy. Kinetic energy can indeed be labeled as a substance. Like how water is an example of a liquid, kinetic energy is an example of Energetic Material. -Kinetic energy can be held within processes like chemical reactions. It has a quantity and is measured by joules. The state above Energetic Material is "Light." -Light is a state of matter. Light can be described both as a particle and a wave. The particle aspect thus denotes a hypothesis that light is a state of matter. All matter contains particles. -However, there are different types of light as well. This leads to the hypothesis that Energetic Material and Light are substances. Like how water is a substance of liquid, kinetic energy is a substance of Energetic Material and infrared light is a substance of Light. SOLID--->LIQUID--->GAS--->PLASMA--->ENERGETIC MATERIAL--->LIGHT
  8. I have a mathematical study of a magnogravitational force upon a falling object in my other post upon the Tripartite Equation and the Inverse Cube Law.
  9. This is a theory on the equal sign of an equation. It is a theory developed by Kenji McKinstry around November 2017. Anyone who wishes to expand upon it must contact me.
  10. This theory was developed by Kenji McKinstry around October 2017. It is a theory that expands upon the fundamental forces of physics. It is novel and will revolutionize the way scientists study magnetism and gravity. Anyone who wishes to expand upon this theory must contact me. This is my own idea and it cannot be stolen and reproduced under another person's name. I expect this to develop a new type of physics research. The explanation is completely put forth in the file attached. Gravity waves do not look like grooves of circles in the fabric of space that circulate around the earth. Instead they actually look like waves within space as drawn in my diagram. You must read the whole file in order to understand this new theory. Please look at file now before continuing to following information. Strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force: electron field
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