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  1. Well, I have to say, after my week of delving into the scientific research and philosophy that has been done on free will, I’ve come out of it with a more confident belief in free will. I’ve also come to reject the notion that “billiard ball”, newtonian determinism can account for everything in the universe, which it clearly cannot, and no one disputes this. I’ve also done quite a bit of looking into this “backward time referral” phenomenon, and it sure enough is very real, and has been replicated in probably a dozen different neuroscience studies that I’ve read so far, including the famo
  2. No, I convinced myself. I fought the harsh feelings.
  3. I’m basically over it now. I thought about it, and I decided that this thought having control over me is depleting my free will. If I have free will, then I can will myself into feeling better. I DO genuinely believe in free will. Like I said before, will is not the same as ability. Throughout this funk I’ve been in, my will was to stop the funk, but I lacked the ability for a bit. But eventually I started overcoming it. I actually don’t think determinism in itself means there is no free will. I could be consciously deciding my every thought/action, but it could still be determined b
  4. I’ve been watching and reading a lot of stuff on this, and I conclude (for now) that it’s an axiom and a dead end topic. It leads to tons of riddles and paradoxes we don’t seem capable of solving. I just have to figure out a way to get this topic off my mind, because it’s literally driving me crazy. I’ve been in an existential crisis and funk for the past three days that has probably been the most uncomfortable of my life. I want it to end.
  5. I believe we have conscious free will. I believe that if the lights are on, and you’re conscious, not impaired by a tumor or physically bound or held captive in some way, then you are a free agent. I don’t believe deterministic physics explains the universe. It clearly doesn’t, because we’ve discovered different things since Newton’s laws that tell us it’s not the full picture. For me, determinism is like saying race car drivers are just doing a futile thing because the cars are just deterministic objects doing what they were always determined to do. Anyway, at some point I’ve got to get
  6. I’m feeling slightly better today. I found some videos and studies last night that sort of eased my fears of fatalism. I’m also interested in this notion of backwards time referral of conscious experience. Apparently it has been demonstrated in studies more than once. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3470100/
  7. This is what bothers me, and why I have to basically ignore science for the sake of my own mental health, because the notion that I have no freewill basically, to my mind, invalidates everything about me. It reduces me to nothing. Nothing but atoms, neurons, and particles moving around deterministically. It basically means that everything I am is an illusion, and is not real. My mind cannot handle this conclusion. I have to believe that my thoughts are real, and that my actions and decisions are my freedom to make. This topic is literally driving me crazy, almost to the verge of a mental break
  8. Obviously, I don’t believe that humans have control over everything that our bodies do, or everything that goes through our brains, but I do believe that humans have some form of free will. I’ll just give some of my defenses for free will. You can tell me if they’re coherent... First, just because they may be able to predict decisions we make before we are consciously aware of them does not mean we don’t make decisions, and does not disprove free will. Besides, I don’t even think those experiments have ever been done with any more than 65% accuracy, which makes them unconvincing. Als
  9. Okay, so I’m new here. Hi everyone. So I’m not sure why this is affecting me this severely, but I recently discovered the whole “free will vs. determinism” question, and I’ve realized quickly that I should’ve never been introduced to this idea, because I’m finding it almost impossible to deal with the notion of not having free will. It has sent my mind into this state of extreme shock, agony, and despair that almost seems insurmountable. It’s like my whole world and everything I believed has been flipped on its head. I’m serious in saying that this has sent me into a straight panic and sh
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