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  1. Digital information every electron has we might just not be able to account every single (1) of them. Not because I applied some laws. The only goal can be to understand how is it working so I can not apply some laws. I can apply the laws align with what we (bio)Physically can preceive, observe, approve. The system seems to support the mathematically recognisable notion of nothing(0) and anything(1) and yes, I expanded a bit the envirnoment but I play within Space(Time), Energy, Matter and Information. What I see in our Relative Reality is that, we could maintain digital information recei
  2. Could you elaborate which meaning you do not sense? Space and time can not degrade. Can they? How do you interpret otherwise the notion from the first law of thermodinamics that Energy can not disapear it can be transformed? That is true, so Energy will exist in different forms forever. Or? Even it is a broad thought, since we speak about the whole Energy content of our Universe (within any photon, electron, wave...), I think it is perceivable.
  3. Energy can be transformed but can not disappear so in some sense the source of Energy is eternal. Space(Time), the medium Energy is existing in, will never degrade.
  4. What is Immortality? When and How could we achive that? Are we digitally already Immortal?
  5. The question should be when Humanity could possibly reach immortality and how. I would say Digitally we are already immortal at some sense.
  6. 0.1 mm urinstones, 1mm in diameter blod vessels. 0,1 mm thick urinblader and gall blader walls, tricuspidal valves. It depends a lot from the resolution of the Ultrasound machine.
  7. As far as I am able to perceive anything is existing in Space at a moment of time. Could you give an example what is able “existing in time” without space?
  8. Space and Time do not exist the same way as physical objects, true, but they do exist. Further more they exist for anything ever have been existing in the past, present and future That is what I said as well...
  9. If something is existing, it will be, independent it plays a role in somebody’s life or not. Like a photon from the edge of the Universe we not yet detected but we will in a half a year time. Something to be.
  10. Rage against the machine: Killing in the name of
  11. Theoretically go to intergalactic space, recognize the shift of the Universe (if there is any in the intergalactic space) and adapt to it to be able to observe just one particular area. Create a vaccum and detour any incoming photon, wave etc with magnetic fields from the area. Than observe every point of this area. The question I wonder would electrons still pop into existence in an area like this or that is absolutely impossible?
  12. If we count space as an object yes. If we count space as a physical entity yes. We can recognize the lack of light in the given space where the spadow appears. Could you hand me gravity or a magnetic field? Are they physically absolutly non existent concept as well? So space is a physically absolutely not existing concept too? Wiki: Flames consist primarily of carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen. If hot enough, the gases may become ionized to produce plasma.[3] Depending on the substances alight, and any impurities outside, the color of the flame
  13. True, Time is not a physical object but still a physical entity. If it would not be, there would be nothing to measure. Why the option to be able to hand over something, makes a thing physical? Why the ability of measurement and observation is not enought to say that something physically exist?
  14. No. But I can measure and observe any point of it. If space would not be a physical thing I would not be able to observe and measure it. Can you give me a photon? Does a photon still exist even you are not able to hand me one?
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