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  1. “I may have missed some of the details, but is this essentially a three page discussion between those ho think nothing moves and those who think "The nothing" moves?” No. This is a discussion about: can you move a part of space(time) or not. Can you quote please the section, where from you got the conclusion, that somebody think, that nothing moves. Everything is in progress, even space(time)…
  2. I haven’t been specifically religious until I turned around 30. Coming with the heritage of Luther, today I am a strong believer of, that Nature is One entity and it is fundamentally lead by information. I can not grab this information exactly to understand, so there are some beliefs around it. I could call it fate, that Nature is Real. I call myself today a strong believer, which changed significantly in the past 13 years. Would be interesting to see scans of my brain from 15 years ago and today. Would be there different brain areas active during religious thoughts or the same area but more a
  3. 1: Not a thing (no-thing) is better than eternal happiness, so eternal happiness is the Best. 2: A ham sandwich is a thing, it is better than nothing, but it is not the best. 3: Therefore a ham sandwich is better than nothing, but it is not better(less), than the best eternal happiness
  4. Time is a boundary point. The moment you recognise the 0 set (space now). Why? How? What about this:
  5. One empty set with a finite number of members. I tried to visualise what I mean:
  6. 100%. There are a very large number of fundamentally empty dots of space out there. Still finite if it starred by Time. I imagine it as a 4D matrix. Basic information. True from every point you observe in it, that it’s physically value is 0. Just information.
  7. Yet that something(basic information) is physically nothing. 0. You can not hand a bucket of it to me. That is why I think the nothing in the box, the empty part of space, does not move when the box moved. When I move the box, the emptiness will move with it, but the new empty space is a different part of the universe than the space of the original position. If you look at the atoms of the closing electrodes, do they fuse or they still maintain some “quantum” level of space in between one another? I think Space is continuous because of Time (1D vector p
  8. Good question, I would say it is still space in between on the Planck level with eventual recognisable energy distribution. Space with the information of 0 is there. Like signing One Planck unit of Space with 0 and everything is measurable in proportion to this fundamental information.
  9. I do not think that you can have a different perspective on space(time) than Reality. As far as I understood it started from Nothing and it’s limit is our current common moment of Now or in other words Time ticks in every spot of space independent from the observers perception.
  10. What I tried to express is that the volume of universal space(time) is the physical null set and the empty box would be a subset of this set. If we move the empty box it will be a different subset of the empty set. I know that I do not have the most sophisticated mathematical knowledge but since you have a much deeper mathematical understanding could you give an other/better example for a physically recognisable null set? From the perspective of spacetime, how future times are available in our current moment of existence? Like a 10 billion years older solar system? Space w
  11. The difference is that without hosts the virus is not airborne, with hosts the virus is few meter airborne. In this case the restrictions to control the movement of the hosts help. Note that global co-operation have been established on the level of information sharing, vaccine distribution, travel controls etc
  12. Hopefully we won’t waist our capabilities to build borders against an airborne global alien threat. If we would react like that instead of global and universal co-operation, we really deserve to parish as a civilisation
  13. As small as a bit of information can be. The first bit of information(dot of space-time) from the laws of nature appeared. How? God, I don’t know! This evolution at the beginning sure looks a bit supernatural but not unnatural to me. An empty dot of space(time) still today maintains the Informational content of t0.
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