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  1. Carrock

    Shamima Begum

    You have attributed to me a view I have not stated and do not hold. Still, that's better than quoting part of a sentence to change its meaning. You haven't broken any forum rules and your opinion of due process is clear.
  2. Carrock

    Shamima Begum

    So... I pointed out you have contradictory opinions, you ignored that and every other point, selectively quoted my post to change its meaning, and responded 'Diddums.'
  3. Carrock

    Shamima Begum

    None of these were issues when she chose to go out there. She went of her own accord (or so it has been reported - unless the press made that up). Maybe she was lied to and was disillusioned when she got there - some things are a little hard to come back from though (like ISIL/ISIS). She may have been lied to but understood the law and the situation and may have been disillusioned when she discovered the situation was as she expected ... really. From No criminal charges so far....
  4. Carrock

    Shamima Begum

    One more response as you quoted me... Such people don't have executive privilege and could be tried and convicted. The government can do what it likes with no fear of legal sanctions for those who made its decisions, even if unlawful. About 20% - 50%(depends on source) of US death row inmates exonerated by improved DNA forensics had made false confessions. No worries about informal, probably edited interviews as evidence of her guilt? Several of these factors probably involved in her 'confession:' By the same logic every criminal you can't be certain won't commit another crime should be locked up for life. Should there be one law for patriotic criminals and another for politicals? As the child of a political I suppose you don't want due process for him either. Criminal citizens can freely enter even if 'we' don't want them back here.
  5. Carrock

    Shamima Begum

    etc etc This whole thread seems to be basically about whether due process, e.g. innocent until proved guilty etc, is a right or a privilege granted at the discretion of the government. I'm done here.
  6. Carrock

    Shamima Begum

  7. Carrock

    Shamima Begum

    Not in every legal sense. She' still young enough to be punished as a child in this context. If she's an adult, why doesn't Bangladesh assign final (non)citizenship status at 18? It's actually depressingly common for children to be punished as adults for crimes only children can commit. Do you really think individuals' responsibility to accept the consequences of their actions should reduce with increasing age?. Just saw your edit. Indeed. In some countries fifteen(or nineteen) year olds can be executed for crimes similar to those which she has allegedly committed. I doubt you want her executed, but that's where your logic seems to lead.
  8. Carrock

    Shamima Begum

    Or saying children should not be punished more than adults. If she'd been 21 her citizenship couldn't be revoked, according to legal precedents.
  9. Carrock

    Shamima Begum

    I knew you'd pull that one... so predictable. Yes. She must experience the full weight of her actions. And of course, if you're suspected of being complicit in your daughter's actions, you'd be happy to have your own citizenship, like hers, revoked based on secret evidence. You must experience the full weight of your suspected actions. Or not? Don't trivialize it. Is life as a stateless person trivial? Do you really think any country would grant her citizenship?
  10. Yet another way to look at this.... The distinction between classical and quantum objects is purely arbitrary. See e.g. Heisenberg cut. Evidence of e.g. a macroscopic decoherence field or a consciousness/observer field has been looked for and not found. When/where/if a measurement is made is therefor an arbitrary choice, generally based on convenience. Since measurement/nonmeasurement is arbitrarily defined, any observation effect during measurement would have to be nonexistent to be consistent with measurements.
  11. Carrock

    Why is war morally wrong?

    From the verse and bible you selectively quoted: Would it be fair to summarise that as 'Two eyes for an eye, two teeth for a tooth?' or acquisition of wealth as the Lord God's justification for mass murder?
  12. You may find this quote from your own reference on quora helpful.
  13. A reference would be good; can't find it accepted anywhere ... edit: maybe taeto had better luck
  14. How does melting ice result in less water in rivers? It doesn't, if averaged over a year or more. If a glacier eventually thaws completely, then the following year, after snow melts in spring, there will be no meltwater during summer, at the time it is most needed. i.e. the water in rivers will mostly flow during winter/spring. I presume itero did not feel it necessary to go into this much detail.
  15. You could consider various types of white paper which can't be directly burnt with your glass, only charred. You could brown but not overly oxidise a sufficient area that you can then take advantage of increased absorption to ignite the paper. Some skill required, at least for an eight year old, IIRC.