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  1. Duality & Non-locality Unified

    My understanding of 'interpretation' in this context is a description which gives the same results as other interpretations. So it's impossible to distinguish between e.g. a version of the Copenhagen interpretation and the many worlds interpretation by prediction or experiment. If you can distinguish it's not an interpretation; it's a theory. I would interpret that as saying other people do not share your preference for a particular interpretation. BTW as interpretations are in practice imprecise rather than rigorous, I've never found a rigorous, generally accepted version of the Copenhagen interpretation. Measurement is an interpretation based concept; It's questionable that measurement has any causal influence. From
  2. I made no such claim. I added another suboption to your "An eternal existence without beginning" option but nothing I wrote has any relevance to the beginning of the universe. Your evidence for 2) is it "has had much support since pre-historic time. That, in itself, provides some small amount of reason and logic. " Really? Would you agree that the concept that the sun circles the earth has had much support since pre-historic time? If that isn't evidence that the sun circles the earth why is the common but never universal belief that the universe "has an eternal existence without beginning" evidence? This too... Following post was auto merged by forum software. Your "Motivated, directional, conscious Being" seems very like a creator in "an eternal existence without beginning." You need to explain your inconsistency. Or if you're being deliberately ambiguous, why are you posting on a science forum?
  3. or an unmotivated universe with at least a few billion motivated, directional, conscious beings who've been aware of each other since prehistoric times.
  4. Fields and ether

    In the bad old days leeches were used very unscientifically for letting choleric or stagnant blood etc, with Robin Hood allegedly the most famous victim of this quack treatment. Nowadays they're used to scientifically exsanguinate people because it's better than alternative treatments. It's perhaps significant that the only recipe, for a stye treatment, in the 10th century Bald’s Leechbook that has been tested and found as effective as modern treatments had nothing to do with leeches. From "It's not off topic if a mod introduces it."
  5. Fields and ether

    Or maybe not. From
  6. Voyager II reaches Inter-Stellar Space.

    I was exaggerating about the moon, but I recall discussion about diverting both Voyagers; [religion] the decision makers did not have faith that the Voyagers could survive another planetary encounter[/religion]. Amazing spacecraft....
  7. Voyager II reaches Inter-Stellar Space.

    Seems a bit pointless to have a once in 176 years Grand Tour and give up halfway. If Voyager 2 had failed it would still be possible to claim that moon was more interesting than Uranus or Neptune.
  8. Voyager II reaches Inter-Stellar Space.

    Voyager 1 skipped a few planets to look at a not very interesting moon, which might be considered cheating.
  9. I'm not sure of the relevance, but I just looked at a £10 note which states "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ten pounds." If I redeem the promise at a bank I'll be given a note with "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ten pounds." Money, to governments, is basically an I.O.U. note which will never be redeemed. I don't think the idea of taking the same percentage of everyone's cash income is better than the current bad system. It would be even easier for rich people to (in effect) avoid paying tax through legal but dodgy companies or investments.
  10. effects of Global Warming

    Nothing I'm aware of.
  11. effects of Global Warming

    Plants do that, with oxygen as a byproduct.
  12. Really? Most of the (mild or nonexistent) pain is at the time of vaccination. A painkiller after vaccination would be IMO overmedication and I've certainly never been offered paracetamol or other painkiller for anything so trivial. Have you any actual evidence this happens?
  13. You can keep the capacitor charged by feeding back to it a little of the power you've created.
  14. Get a secondhand 1 Farad capacitor, charge it up to 3V and use it to power your device. You won't have to wait long for it to stop working.
  15. effects of Global Warming

    Smog varies with the weather and ~60% solar power on high smog days is better than none.