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  1. Trump Calls Comey "Untruthful Slime Ball"

    I glanced at and noticed they were referencing FAKE NEWS sites like CNN etc. Surprisingly, neither Trump nor his supporters have realised that Comey must therefor be telling the truth...
  2. The Second Lightest Color

    If I look at an orange in daylight, or under artificial light with a different spectrum it always looks orange coloured to me because evolution has enabled me to see colours largely independent of the quality of the illuminating source. If I photograph the orange under both these conditions with no colour filtering, the orange in the photos looks to be different colours. Which if any of these colours is 'scientifically' correct?
  3. Quantum gravity idea

    pt and ps appear to be defined by you as constants. Therefor se is also constant. I presume this isn't what you intend. More clarity required.
  4. How to detect your computer is hacked?

    Every Windows system I've ever used slows down substantially as 'updates' are added. Unless you're willing to run Windows without protection from recent viruses the only solutions are to buy a newer Windows version or run a free OS such as Linux. (Mint is good for beginners.)
  5. Schrödinger cat problem

    There doesn't seem to be any generally accepted definition of the Copenhagen interpretation. This is as good as any. (From ) In other words you could have an atom as the observed system and the rest of the universe as the measurement apparatus. Or you could have the solar system as the observed system and the rest of the universe as the measurement apparatus. (Voyager 2 would do as an observer.) This seems to me rubbish but it's the best version of the Copenhagen interpretation I'm aware of. Can anyone clearly describe a better one?
  6. I don't get it. A cushy office job involves putting your jacket on a chair in your office in the morning and collecting it in the evening. Definitely no sitting down.
  7. It is a complete description of rest mass. Momentum etc is not included. As there is no universal equation of everything, every equation is incomplete in that sense. e=mc2 is not a shortcut in finding the equivalent energy of a mass at rest. You could add 0 momentum and 0 unicorns and 0volts/second if you wish.
  8. e=mc2 is dimensionally consistent...
  9. The tables are pretty useless, but a voltage erg(e.s. system) is pretty clearly different from an energy erg. I don't know much about c.g.s., but I'm certain it was dimensionally valid if you use its peculiar conventions. [edit] There seems to be a mixture of three different conventions on p.330 col3.
  10. Why do you claim inductance is a length in CGS. Why do you claim voltage is energy in CGS? Is jumping from 3 metres below ground level to 2 metres below ground level possible only in maths, not in the physical world?
  11. Ultra violet catastrophe and Plank's theory

    I can't see why not, in principle. A photon (say in the CMB) could continue going through space and missing the hydrogen atoms and stars, which are few and far between. That's the fate of most photons in most cosmological models. It's still possible that yet unknown physics may mean we're in e.g. a cyclic universe where all photons eventually interact in the future so there's no direct evidence that (no second interaction) photons exist. Momentum is transferred from the source to the photon. It doesn't then need to be transferred to something else, does it? I suggested a photon is an instantaneous transient of an interaction between objects separated by a lightlike interval. I'm not convinced that such an instantaneous transient in one object can give rise to a photon which never interacts with another object. I suppose the only way forward is to have a good look at the maths.
  12. Ultra violet catastrophe and Plank's theory

    I was guilty of anthropomorphising earlier.... I don't think a photon 'experiences' anything. It's just an instantaneous transient of an interaction between objects separated by a lightlike interval. Any valid reference frame infinitely 'stretches' this instantaneous transient into what's called a photon. The photon is just an artefact of any valid frame. I'm just wondering if you can have a photon sourced by one object but with no interaction with a second object. There is no momentum etc transference. I suspect at most only a virtual photon could be created. I can't find any good reference on this (non?) issue.
  13. Ultra violet catastrophe and Plank's theory

    If all of the physics we know requires a valid frame of reference, is the description of gravitational redshift, Doppler shift etc of photons without valid reference frames not physics? Indeed, without valid reference frames, are photons completely unknown physics? Length contraction is a function of reference frame; a reference frame can be chosen for no or any desired contraction. I only meant that it is a function of frame choice. As with e.g. photon energy, which has no upper or lower limit, the reference frame is chosen for convenience in calculations involving interactions. I'd be interested in any response you have to this rather informal description. (I don't see how a photon could experience duration without having a valid reference frame. The claims I've seen to that effect violate well established physics.)
  14. Ultra violet catastrophe and Plank's theory

    "You have a destruction/creation (depending on which way time is running) which does not reflect the actual conditions of the problem." "Photons are created by the blackbody." In what way is the creation in the second sentence different from the first? You can't analyze this from the photon's frame of reference, because it is not a valid frame. We have no physics to apply to it. I was anthropomorphising a bit. I think it's pretty generally accepted photons cannot experience duration, which is implied by there being no valid frame. A lack of a property is still physics. I would say a photon is simply a transient which occurs instantaneously as two objects in the same place at the same time exchange energy, momentum, spin etc. Necessary if a photon doesn't experience duration. This transient is infinitely stretched from the viewpoint of a valid frame and can be inferred to be a photon travelling a frame dependent distance with some frame dependent properties such as energy and at frame independent speed c. This photon is no more or less 'real' than the length contraction of a massive object with relativistic velocity w.r.t. some valid frame. The issue is how does this transient occur if there is only one object - in this instance a black body in an otherwise empty universe. Can't delete this. $^%"%&**(##@ forum software.... If it's just an interpretation it should be easy to solve this problem without assuming antiparticles really travel back in time.
  15. Ultra violet catastrophe and Plank's theory

    Given that photons are their own antiparticles, whether observed photons go from the future to the past or vice versa is an arbitrary choice. (See earlier post.) The fact that future photon destruction/creation is problematic is not IMO adequate justification for saying photons must go from the past to the future. I offered an alternative with no boundary conditions. Photons do not have a conservation of number law associated with them. And it's trivially observed to be true in any number of reactions. True, but rather ignored my point, which from context was that photons cannot be created or destroyed in empty space without violating conservation laws. Photons have infinite range and do not experience any sort of time or duration. If a photon is created and destroyed elsewhere, those two events are entangled. If a photon is created and never destroyed or vice versa the photon is 'aware' of the asymmetry. I suspect this would prevent such a photon existing as anything but a virtual particle. I've DuckDuckGone quite extensively, and can't find any discussion of this issue. In cosmology there are theories which avoid this possible issue in the real universe.