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  1. Really cool how they have finally captured an image of a black hole https://www.google.ca/amp/s/dailygalaxy.com/2020/03/the-black-hole-larger-than-our-solar-system-unveils-history-of-the-entire-universe-weekend-feature/amp/
  2. It was an article that popped up on facebook
  3. This was the edited version of the original particle I read https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/science/1249990/Asteroid-warning-NASA-tracks-4KM-killer-asteroid-hit-Earth-end-civilisation-asteroid-news/amp
  4. So this is real then? sorry fat fingered was I was typing. what I meant was so this is real then in your mind airbrush?
  5. I am trying to find the articles, I saw them a few weeks ago while I was suspended. i guess I am looking more for information on this specific asteroid, and how trajectory is calculated and how much can we trust those numbers
  6. Hi all some questions for the asteroid on April 30. According to NASA it will be 16 times further than the earth to the moon. 1- How can they know this for sure? 2- How do we know they are being honest with the distances? 3- are they the Only ones able to make these calculations? 4- Several news sites had articles that it would hit and this was secret info from NASA? 5- another site claimed that the Coronavirus was brought up to keep people isolated because of this asteroid to avoid mass panic, so how do we know what’s real vs fiction on this? These things make it hard to determine what is right dosent it? thank you
  7. Can you see it with a good digital camera, which area would you look in
  8. I do know that at one point Betelgeuse was dimmer than Bellatrix and now it seems to be brighter than it. i guess no supernova just yet
  9. I assume the brightness phase is also about 420 days?
  10. I am sure I can figure it out now that I know where to look thank you
  11. I think I saw that somewhere
  12. Is there any way on a router to set a specific device to have primary bandwidth on wifi?
  13. That would be awesome to see that, last election I actually thought Hillary would take it. Does anyone feel that the whole impeachment puts a damper on trumps possibility to take a second term?
  14. I totally understand that but when push comes to shove will she have enough to be trump for presidentcy
  15. Yes but with the women in the mix, I am all for a women president but is the USA ready for that. Trump still seems to have a good stronghold
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