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  1. I was just thinking that this post might be more in line time wise, today... every time I read it I think “well, yeah!” then I start laughing. Sorry - it is still a little too soon after the brain surgery, so I occasionally laugh at the most inappropriate times. I also have developed a fear of trees that might drop, well, actually will drop branches, somewhat scientifically based on my own observations of where I’ve parked my car and the number of dents on the hood and roof. Statistically, speaking I should never venture under a tree. Especially after the surgery. On a somewhat serious note I used to fearlessly wander amongst the flying fist of fury, but there is something about having one’s skull intentionally split That seems to have given me a certain respect for this head I was born with and I’ve started to think that just maybe violence wouldn’t be so easily legitimized by those who have a point to prove if there wasn’t a sense of heroics implied by the act of knocking someone out. It’s just a game. It’s just a sport. It’s just a rap song. It’s just a question. It’s just an opinion. It’s just politics. Apparently, violence is a justifiable means of winning period. The world right now is an example of an argument carried to a ridiculous extremes. If I thought eliminating every violent sport in the world would help I’d say go for it, but it won’t, and I’ve already listed the reasons why. Hmm, I may have gotten a little too serious So, I’ll try to lighten the mood by pointing out that if it were up to me. I’d call in the National Guard and have them cut down every tree in the neighborhood.
  2. I have read that Asymptomatic people are making others sick. The term seems simple enough, but the I apparently don’t have a clear understanding of what it means. In specific, one no symptoms appear And the disease goes through its natural course. 2nd the person is sick allowing the spread but symptoms are delayed. The disease goes through its natural course. 3rd the person is a constant carrier never showing any symptoms. This to me would seem to be an unnatural corse? The earned immunity person? A bus driver told me the other day he had had Corona already so he shouldn’t have to bother with a mask. His thinking being, that because he has developed an immunity that he can not infect others through transference should he be around someone who is infected then comes in contact with someone who has not. Another driver told me he tested positive, but never got sick. Now that he is immune he shouldn’t have to worry about the mask. I suspect they were making conversation looking for a sympathetic ear from a patron with a similar view. I don’t argue with bus drivers, but I don’t understand why someone would think that I would have nothing to fear simply because they are immune. Unless, their, or maybe my thinking is wrong. I’m just trying to figure out why it is so easy for apparently everyone to be so absolutely confused this late in the day? I’m also wondering how Corona Effects interactions Between electrical Devices, because my virtual Apple keyboard keeps capitalizing Seemingly every other word. Apparently, all that is required for capitalization is a pause to think.🤔😒😂😒
  3. Here is a link to a somewhat lengthy report put out on March 17. I know that there are a lot of brilliant people in the world who are capable of producing such a report in a very short order, but I have my own reasons for wondering if this novel virus isn’t so novel it’s little things like certain attentions paid to detail, and one annoying detail listed on my chart that I couldn’t seem to get anyone to pay attention to when I would ask why the reference was there. Specifically a reference linking me to Diabetes Mellitus on my chart which was news to me. Now the reference is gone, but I should have a hard copy somewhere. It was almost like some were looking for something, and expecting to find it. I think of it as somewhat of a novel mystery. Not a conspiracy. It is a pdf link... https://www.tnmgrmu.ac.in/images/2020/doe/COVID19_Report_24March2020.pdf
  4. The potential vaccine candidate reported on April 23 in several articles? if I manage to get the link right this being one of them? https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/coronavirus-mgr-medical-university-develops-vaccine-candidate/article31410701.ece
  5. A failing of the Economic System, or of Humanity? There used to be a chant that was made that went “No child left behind.” One would think that to accept that philosophy a human being might recognize that you don’t just hand out t-shirts then assume that the child is not starving. It is dangerous to ignore any possibility that could contribute to a dangerous state.
  6. It is all a little confusing. We may or may not develop a vaccine. There seems to be differences of opinions as to whether or not it is the virus that kills, or it is the underlying conditions that kill.. Hmm, I had angina, they placed three stints in me, and the plan was to send me home that day, but I rapidly developed a cough while in the recovery phase of the procedure. I don’t know why I developed the cough, but the result was they did not send me home. Instead they admitted me and presumably treated the cough. I’m glad they did I got better. This may not seem related but I wonder had they sent me home and had I died what exactly would have been the reason written on my death certificate? This was in early November so, I highly doubt coved 19. Even so, I don’t know what they would have written but I am sure they would have had to write something. However, they admitted me and treated me until I was well enough to go home. Maybe it has effected my view? I don’t want to read that anyone has died from coved 19, but if I have to read it I would rather read that the patient was receiving treatment in a hospital were they could deal with underlying conditions. I don’t want to read that the patient was treated then released, then died days later of an underlying condition. Which, I have read was initially generally being recorded, until someone said no, count the virus as the cause. Apparently for reasons I don’t understand the difference is of importance. It should be clear by now. Yes we need a vaccine, but we also need to get a whole lot better at dealing with underlying conditions, and damn the monetary cost of either. Honestly though, after spending the last six months trying not to die, for my life, I cannot understand why anyone likely to get the virus because of susceptibility would volunteer to test the vaccine.
  7. jajrussel


    I don’t think about it at all. Usually. To me it would be like sitting around trying to decide if murder can be an ethical issue so long as it is approached from a scientific view. Which in itself is not all that unusual because science is used to kill and or murder all the time. If we revert to class systems of old it might in someway be seen as genocide. Unless one insists genocide must be limited by strict definition. To date there are seven pages on my device on the ethics of murder in the guise of Eugenics. Though, it can be argued that sterilization is not murder, still some might say it is. The argument Eugenics assumes that no right to life exist, so why start with humanity?😒 Intellectually Eugenic, can I have someone arrested and shot for saying something stupid? What happens when the person I want arrested and murdered kills me first? Does it prove he or she is smarter than I am? It could then be argued that the one with the fastest most destructive weapon is the intellectual. Hmm. I would rather imagine a moon or mars colony without designs on murder... Most of the people who the world considers to be smart generally avoid paying taxes. Imagine a moon or mars colony, perhaps even the planet earth where no one pays taxes, because we are too smart for that. We wouldn’t even have to worry about special ed classes, or moon and mars colonies, because there would be no money to spend. Eugenics? In the end it would not stop stupidity, nor would it save the world along with, presumably, the smart people. In the end overpopulation will kill us all, and essentially population control by murder is basically all Eugenics is. Honestly, I think some really smart people will do something really stupid that kills us all, long before population control becomes necessary, and they will probably start by legitimizing some sort of, Eugenic thought. Then they will salute each other, while congratulating each other, for how smart they are all being, as everyone dies.
  8. I read an article that says they noticed that Chinese peasants dealing with covid seemed to be doing better than their rich counter parts the aparent difference being famotidine. So, now they are going to do a study. Apparently, where they use 9 times the usual dose. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/27/health/famotidine-coronavirus-northwell-trial/index.html It explains the study to a small degree. Maybe I should not question it in the ethics section? Maybe I should not question it at all. I take meds that help and I take meds that seem to have side effects to the effect that I pick up my tablet then stare at it trying to remember what it was I wanted to do. There are times when my mind seems okay. Which is when I start to question. Yet when I question I am told that I am not thinking clearly. For instance Keppra can lead to aggressive behavior. There is another word or two for it but at the moment aggressive is the one I remember. Luckily, there is a med for that. The problem being that I already take meds for high blood pressure and taking meds that calm also tend to lower blood pressure, and then well that can be a problem. The thing is I have a tendency to question medications not to the extent where I throw them all away wait three days then go buy a decent bottle of Irish cream. Not yet anyway. Yes I have thought about it. I mentioned it once, and the remark was made well that is one way to commit suicide to which my thought was well, that is stupid, why would I wait three days if I wanted to commit suicide. Essentially, it remained a thought unexpressed because something's said are taken so seriously that further conversation is pointless because the drugs make my mind wonder and the humor I was trying to convey would be wasted on the mood brought about by my attempt at humor. Hmm, I'm wondering. I think I understand why my mind is working the way it is , I think it is the drugs prescribed for my well being, so I tend to question. My first question would be why nine times the normal dose? Followed by, how many Chinese peasants, if the reason they take famotidine is, because they are peasants, would be taking nine times the normal amount. Why would they state normal dose giving no indication of what normal is. Then they stress not the pills don't run out and buy the pills off the shelf, then more cautions, followed by more cautions. I am to the point of being afraid to question. Am I the one asking the question, or is it just the pills? To me this kind of article written in this manner seems unethical with a purpose. I certainly hope that famotidine is an answer to life opposed to dying, but I would think that suggesting that nine times the normal amount might be the difference, would be just as unethical as suggesting that injecting or ingesting Lysol simply because under the right conditions it acts as a deterrent to the virus. Am I wrong?
  9. Here is a video that seems made to order... Maybe? Well at least there is no math. There is lateral movement and various objects dimensionally different. His method of launch is somewhat simple to the point of antiquated and not always entirely accurate, but it may better answer your questions than anything I could find in writing. Note it doesn't say a word about which object would go furthest, but you might be surprised about what it says about your lighter object if the reason it is lighter is because it is hollow.
  10. I'm trying to understand this? Didn't the eagle feather and the hammer accelerate equally and didn't they hit the ground at the same time? Honestly, it's the easiest way I believe to insure that the acceleration force on both objects is equal. I believe that if you look it up experiments were done in the 17 or 18 hundreds where balls dimensionally equal except for their mass were dropped into clay then the impression depth was measured. Actually, I think several considerations were considered. One being each ball dropped from the same height, so that acceleration was consistently equal for each ball, and if memory serves the ball with greater mass left the deeper impression. So if equal amounts of force are applied in the stopping, the object of more mass goes further. Remember that the balls were dimensionally the same except for their mass. Each presenting the same surface area upon contact with the clay. Of course you can complicate with the need for math and lateral movement, and all other things considered, if you want to. Note. If I have completely misunderstood your question, my apologies, but it did seem that you wanted everything equal except object masses.
  11. When he said 360 I pictured a single pebble tossed into a puddle that produces a ring where potentially an infinite number of observers in line with the ring produced by the single pebble. The next step up in thought would be spherical where again that word infinite seems to neatly fit in since the potential for observation points is infinite. This possibly being a misunderstood perception of particle-wave duality. The infinite number of potential observation points would imply the need for an infinite number of of photons, but though there can be an apparent infinite number of observation points, well not even stars shine forever and the laser emitter generally comes with an off switch and a limited power supply, so an infinite number laser photons being emitted isn't likely to occur. Bringing to the forefront one of the problems with the word infinite. Often it is used wrongly. Of course my reasoning almost always tends to have plenty of weaknesses as opposed to an infinite number of weaknesses. Actually, I used to think that the reason we see things was because as they absorbed a photon they would then emit a photon of the proper wavelength thus explaining color, so believe me Tim I am not attempting to be critical in any way, I have enjoyed the thread. Attempting to figure out where you are coming from is as much a learning experience as the answers you have been given 🙂.
  12. I got the courage up to go out into the world. Made the paratransit travel arrangements. By the new world definition I am not paranoid. Something I already knew, but now it's official. According to the world I am a walking target. Note - they moved the appointment date back two weeks. Today the phone rang it was their office but they left no message. Honestly, I am now actually starting to feel a little paranoid... laughter plays a huge part in getting my courage up, but it's hard to laugh when simply going to the Doctor's office can be deadly. Neither, an angina caused heart attack, stint surgery, two mini strokes, nor brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of my fist all occuring within three months has yet to kill me. I shouldn't be afraid of anything.

    But, the government didn't need to make it official, I was already pretty certain of my target status. Personally, considering the definition of paranoia, I would rather be paranoid.

  13. I was reading reply that Mordred wrote the other day and it could just be that I misunderstood but I started trying to create the universe starting off with plank dimensions. Assuming that time is like an apple and that you either have an apple or you don't, so in some crazy sense it makes sense that you either have a plank unit of time or you don't, so not being able to attribute time to anything between t=0, and what was it? t=10-34th? Because, if it ain't a defined unit of time then it ain't time, kinda makes sense, well at least it does to me. Sort of, kind of. Then I proceeded to build the universe one plank unit of time at a time... Right away I realized I had a small problem having to do with the fact, well it starts out small, and since I'm assuming a somewhat spherical creation of expanding plank units, well it just gets worse. The problem being what appears to be a natural geometric phenomena occurs. As my imaginary expanding universe expanded outward from the singularity in order for each layer to maintain the necessary plank values each layer had to get smaller, really fast. Then I thought that it would be much simpler, maybe, if the original plank unit singularity dimensionally was really really huge and it now being, what 14 billion years later having finally achieved the values assigned by Plank. I'm kinda convinced that if I live long enough I'll be able to use relativity to explain exactly how this happens... or, not? Well, I'm convinced I could, but don't really think I'm gonna live that long. Now perhaps, your wondering why not just have a bunch of little tiny plank units that just start spewing from the singularity in a somewhat spherical fashion haphazardly, and now that I'm thinking about it I'm wondering the same thing? But, another problem seems to occur, assuming that each plank unit is of equal value a rigid geometric shape seems unlikely unless it is square? And unless we can get some really serious relativity going the casual observer might notice the shapes emanating from the singularity in a spherical order aren't exactly square no matter how you calculate it, unless there are parts that don't fit within the Plank definition of time. The blurry parts that seem to fall within t=0 and t=10-34th, but for one thing. Unless we can randomly choose where t=0 and t=10-34th actually is the whole thought gets blurry. So, it's back to the enormous singularity to the now present Size Plank Units. Well, that is my preference anyway... I just need to think about it some more. 😊 Mordred do you see what happens when you start making sense to me? Only joking 😂 Not about the part where you said something that made sense to me... But honestly my short term memory is still a forever a problem. Maybe, I should have started with something smaller than the universe. But damn, I did start with Plank units... Is there anything smaller? And Mordred, I'm not actually talking to you so there is no obligation to answer. The truth is I'm ...Just thinking...
  14. My left hand went numb twice. A tumor putting pressure on just the right place will do that. I can't believe anyone would want to do it on purpose just to play a game. Really, if your goal is a really cool game do it the old fashioned way make it a really good game. That way the only thing that goes numb is your mind and your behind cause you can't quite sitting around playing the game.
  15. Maybe this seems odd to me because I am not a Doctor, but I get the impression that Blood Pressure is treated more like a disease rather than a symptom. Is high blood pressure a disease? Is it both? I lived from August 2018 to October 2019 assuming that the chest pains and shortness of breath etc was normal, if you have high blood pressure, all the while faithfully taking my high blood pressure meds and daily checking my blood pressure which always read just a little low most of the time. The symptoms I presented in 2018 and 2019 were exactly the same, yet this time the test they gave suggested that an exploratory catheterization was in order where they would fix anything they found wrong. I received three stints and a freaking miracle at the same time. If you don't count the brain tumor found in January 2020. Apparently, I'm blessed and feel slated to be the next Methuselah if the two arteries they decided not to repair because the other three places where of more importance don't trigger the attack that kills me, but it may be apparent or perhaps it's the Keppra that has me annoyed that they originally treated the sudden, really high rise in blood pressure like it was a disease rather than a symptom. I can't say that the pills didn't help cause when all I was doing was lying around the hospital doing nothing but eating and resting I actually started feeling pretty good. Note the blood pressure always tested low, and I would say yes it's always low. Then they gave me that nuclear test which I am not that familiar with but apparently it there is a problem they can give you the antidote which prevents them from having to save you from an inflicted heart attack that can happen, if they actually test you on a treadmill, apparently there is no antidote for a real heart attack. I passed, but two weeks later I was muttering to myself as I ran behind a walk behind lawnmower because I couldn't figure out where the middle setting which apparently defines walk as opposed to complete stop, or run, they should have let me do the treadmill. Why didn't they let me do the treadmill? Yes I am venting, or maybe it is the Keppra, but if someone can convince me, or point me towards an article that suggest that high blood pressure is actually, more than just a symptom, maybe I'll be better able to accept blood pressure pills as a treatment for what may turn out to be angina in much the same way that a pill for a runny sniffly nose, you got a cold, medication is used to treat the flue. You know! I don't remember having a runny nose the whole time I was taking lasix 🙄, but then I didn't have a cold either. Finally, convinced the cardiologist that the sudden dizzy spells every time I bent over, wasn't from the brain surgery, and he took me off the lasix, and losartan. Now, I'm tempted to try and talk him into at least reducing the carvedilol, but am afraid that I might be pushing my luck. Mostly because carvedilol apparently does more than just lower blood pressure, which is now presenting in the acceptable low readings, and the other things it does sound like a good thing when you have three stints and could probably use a couple more. Or, it could just be that they were remarkably, well written articles. I kinda miss the lasix now, because I have this internal left sinus problem, which I'm probably making assumptions about. Anyone who has ever had to take lasix knows that the initial constant trips to the bathroom which I would normally blame on old age, is kinda annoying, and probably more so than a slight sinus problem that only occurs when I'm sitting up, and isn't always noticable. Okay, I'm feeling better now, but I really would like to know is sudden oncoming high blood pressure accompanied by really aggressive chest pain, cold sweats, can't stand it, wish it would stop, please make it stop, sound like the symptoms of high blood pressure? Is high blood pressure a disease in itself, or should it be thought of as a symptom first? I keep wondering...
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