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  1. Here is a video that seems made to order... Maybe? Well at least there is no math. There is lateral movement and various objects dimensionally different. His method of launch is somewhat simple to the point of antiquated and not always entirely accurate, but it may better answer your questions than anything I could find in writing. Note it doesn't say a word about which object would go furthest, but you might be surprised about what it says about your lighter object if the reason it is lighter is because it is hollow.
  2. I'm trying to understand this? Didn't the eagle feather and the hammer accelerate equally and didn't they hit the ground at the same time? Honestly, it's the easiest way I believe to insure that the acceleration force on both objects is equal. I believe that if you look it up experiments were done in the 17 or 18 hundreds where balls dimensionally equal except for their mass were dropped into clay then the impression depth was measured. Actually, I think several considerations were considered. One being each ball dropped from the same height, so that acceleration was consistently equal for each ball, and if memory serves the ball with greater mass left the deeper impression. So if equal amounts of force are applied in the stopping, the object of more mass goes further. Remember that the balls were dimensionally the same except for their mass. Each presenting the same surface area upon contact with the clay. Of course you can complicate with the need for math and lateral movement, and all other things considered, if you want to. Note. If I have completely misunderstood your question, my apologies, but it did seem that you wanted everything equal except object masses.
  3. When he said 360 I pictured a single pebble tossed into a puddle that produces a ring where potentially an infinite number of observers in line with the ring produced by the single pebble. The next step up in thought would be spherical where again that word infinite seems to neatly fit in since the potential for observation points is infinite. This possibly being a misunderstood perception of particle-wave duality. The infinite number of potential observation points would imply the need for an infinite number of of photons, but though there can be an apparent infinite number of observation points, well not even stars shine forever and the laser emitter generally comes with an off switch and a limited power supply, so an infinite number laser photons being emitted isn't likely to occur. Bringing to the forefront one of the problems with the word infinite. Often it is used wrongly. Of course my reasoning almost always tends to have plenty of weaknesses as opposed to an infinite number of weaknesses. Actually, I used to think that the reason we see things was because as they absorbed a photon they would then emit a photon of the proper wavelength thus explaining color, so believe me Tim I am not attempting to be critical in any way, I have enjoyed the thread. Attempting to figure out where you are coming from is as much a learning experience as the answers you have been given 🙂.
  4. I got the courage up to go out into the world. Made the paratransit travel arrangements. By the new world definition I am not paranoid. Something I already knew, but now it's official. According to the world I am a walking target. Note - they moved the appointment date back two weeks. Today the phone rang it was their office but they left no message. Honestly, I am now actually starting to feel a little paranoid... laughter plays a huge part in getting my courage up, but it's hard to laugh when simply going to the Doctor's office can be deadly. Neither, an angina caused heart attack, stint surgery, two mini strokes, nor brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of my fist all occuring within three months has yet to kill me. I shouldn't be afraid of anything.

    But, the government didn't need to make it official, I was already pretty certain of my target status. Personally, considering the definition of paranoia, I would rather be paranoid.

  5. I was reading reply that Mordred wrote the other day and it could just be that I misunderstood but I started trying to create the universe starting off with plank dimensions. Assuming that time is like an apple and that you either have an apple or you don't, so in some crazy sense it makes sense that you either have a plank unit of time or you don't, so not being able to attribute time to anything between t=0, and what was it? t=10-34th? Because, if it ain't a defined unit of time then it ain't time, kinda makes sense, well at least it does to me. Sort of, kind of. Then I proceeded to build the universe one plank unit of time at a time... Right away I realized I had a small problem having to do with the fact, well it starts out small, and since I'm assuming a somewhat spherical creation of expanding plank units, well it just gets worse. The problem being what appears to be a natural geometric phenomena occurs. As my imaginary expanding universe expanded outward from the singularity in order for each layer to maintain the necessary plank values each layer had to get smaller, really fast. Then I thought that it would be much simpler, maybe, if the original plank unit singularity dimensionally was really really huge and it now being, what 14 billion years later having finally achieved the values assigned by Plank. I'm kinda convinced that if I live long enough I'll be able to use relativity to explain exactly how this happens... or, not? Well, I'm convinced I could, but don't really think I'm gonna live that long. Now perhaps, your wondering why not just have a bunch of little tiny plank units that just start spewing from the singularity in a somewhat spherical fashion haphazardly, and now that I'm thinking about it I'm wondering the same thing? But, another problem seems to occur, assuming that each plank unit is of equal value a rigid geometric shape seems unlikely unless it is square? And unless we can get some really serious relativity going the casual observer might notice the shapes emanating from the singularity in a spherical order aren't exactly square no matter how you calculate it, unless there are parts that don't fit within the Plank definition of time. The blurry parts that seem to fall within t=0 and t=10-34th, but for one thing. Unless we can randomly choose where t=0 and t=10-34th actually is the whole thought gets blurry. So, it's back to the enormous singularity to the now present Size Plank Units. Well, that is my preference anyway... I just need to think about it some more. 😊 Mordred do you see what happens when you start making sense to me? Only joking 😂 Not about the part where you said something that made sense to me... But honestly my short term memory is still a forever a problem. Maybe, I should have started with something smaller than the universe. But damn, I did start with Plank units... Is there anything smaller? And Mordred, I'm not actually talking to you so there is no obligation to answer. The truth is I'm ...Just thinking...
  6. My left hand went numb twice. A tumor putting pressure on just the right place will do that. I can't believe anyone would want to do it on purpose just to play a game. Really, if your goal is a really cool game do it the old fashioned way make it a really good game. That way the only thing that goes numb is your mind and your behind cause you can't quite sitting around playing the game.
  7. Maybe this seems odd to me because I am not a Doctor, but I get the impression that Blood Pressure is treated more like a disease rather than a symptom. Is high blood pressure a disease? Is it both? I lived from August 2018 to October 2019 assuming that the chest pains and shortness of breath etc was normal, if you have high blood pressure, all the while faithfully taking my high blood pressure meds and daily checking my blood pressure which always read just a little low most of the time. The symptoms I presented in 2018 and 2019 were exactly the same, yet this time the test they gave suggested that an exploratory catheterization was in order where they would fix anything they found wrong. I received three stints and a freaking miracle at the same time. If you don't count the brain tumor found in January 2020. Apparently, I'm blessed and feel slated to be the next Methuselah if the two arteries they decided not to repair because the other three places where of more importance don't trigger the attack that kills me, but it may be apparent or perhaps it's the Keppra that has me annoyed that they originally treated the sudden, really high rise in blood pressure like it was a disease rather than a symptom. I can't say that the pills didn't help cause when all I was doing was lying around the hospital doing nothing but eating and resting I actually started feeling pretty good. Note the blood pressure always tested low, and I would say yes it's always low. Then they gave me that nuclear test which I am not that familiar with but apparently it there is a problem they can give you the antidote which prevents them from having to save you from an inflicted heart attack that can happen, if they actually test you on a treadmill, apparently there is no antidote for a real heart attack. I passed, but two weeks later I was muttering to myself as I ran behind a walk behind lawnmower because I couldn't figure out where the middle setting which apparently defines walk as opposed to complete stop, or run, they should have let me do the treadmill. Why didn't they let me do the treadmill? Yes I am venting, or maybe it is the Keppra, but if someone can convince me, or point me towards an article that suggest that high blood pressure is actually, more than just a symptom, maybe I'll be better able to accept blood pressure pills as a treatment for what may turn out to be angina in much the same way that a pill for a runny sniffly nose, you got a cold, medication is used to treat the flue. You know! I don't remember having a runny nose the whole time I was taking lasix 🙄, but then I didn't have a cold either. Finally, convinced the cardiologist that the sudden dizzy spells every time I bent over, wasn't from the brain surgery, and he took me off the lasix, and losartan. Now, I'm tempted to try and talk him into at least reducing the carvedilol, but am afraid that I might be pushing my luck. Mostly because carvedilol apparently does more than just lower blood pressure, which is now presenting in the acceptable low readings, and the other things it does sound like a good thing when you have three stints and could probably use a couple more. Or, it could just be that they were remarkably, well written articles. I kinda miss the lasix now, because I have this internal left sinus problem, which I'm probably making assumptions about. Anyone who has ever had to take lasix knows that the initial constant trips to the bathroom which I would normally blame on old age, is kinda annoying, and probably more so than a slight sinus problem that only occurs when I'm sitting up, and isn't always noticable. Okay, I'm feeling better now, but I really would like to know is sudden oncoming high blood pressure accompanied by really aggressive chest pain, cold sweats, can't stand it, wish it would stop, please make it stop, sound like the symptoms of high blood pressure? Is high blood pressure a disease in itself, or should it be thought of as a symptom first? I keep wondering...
  8. I enjoyed reading this and it did sound as if he meant an antacid tho as described maybe a strong diuretic. I can make guesses as to why a diuretic might help to alleviate his symptoms since he stated the problem was his throat. But, if he insisted to the Dr. that the root of his problem had to be due to something like acid reflux the explanation of exactly how the drug worked may have been a misunderstanding. I’m also accepting that in some populations drugs are given as a liquid thus possibly a mixture of drugs presented as singular. Based upon his presentation and belief his latter reasoning sounds completely reasonable. Personally, I never had allergies in my life until one day a Dr. smiled and said if I would just take the damn pills he prescribed then at bedtime take a liquid antacid attempting to only swallow once before falling asleep then at least the symptoms that were making me the most miserable would likely go away. Then if my gut was still bothering me we would deal with that... The conclusion? Personally, I had allergies well over most of my life and was clueless...😒
  9. The Drs seem pleased. I haven't noticed an improvement in short term memory using the coffee test, but then my life situation has changed. I’m in a whole different environment. Generally, I can walk to the kitchen to get coffee successfully, but when I get into a conversation it can get cloudy, simple words right on the tip of the tongue that refuse to present. Occasionally whole sentences that I have repeated over and over because of the endless repeated questions I know what they did and why. It is like I am trying to carry a two story ladder around a house in mud sinking to my knees. I’d rather just pack the truck up and go home. For one thing mud gets on everything, secondly they then want all the mud cleaned off of everything. It is better to wait until there is no mud then do the job. I’m hoping it is the medications. Keppra specifically, since it is the only really new med, it apparently comes with a lot of unpleasant side effects. Then maybe it is the brain adjusting to the void. There was a hypersensitivity to electrically induced stimuli, as in conversation was fine. A squeaky wheel on a food cart was fine. But, the racket coming out of my phone or tv was extremely irritating. It got better, but the other day I was given a ride to a store and all I wanted was out of the place. It was like I was trying to watch a movie right after surgery, way too much input. Which oddly didn’t occur in the store I visited first. I’m guessing it was the lighting overkill in the second, but closing my eyes didn’t really help. I don’t believe light sensitivity is generally associated with Keppra, but there was a few meds that I was already taking that are known to cause light sensitivity, so maybe again it is the brain adjusting to the missing meningioma due to fluorescent overkill. The place practically crackled. I have been told that I had been showing signs of a mental problem long before the meningioma was discovered, soon followed by okay, now it all makes sense. I have accepted to some degree, yes paranoia was becoming a problem, along with all the issues it leads to, but I never felt that too much empathy and almost laughing myself into a seizure was a bad thing, and that seems to be gone. Well, not exactly gone. It’s like some of life is being viewed through a window. I remember what it was like but that isn’t my life anymore. It was not my intention for this to be a personal blog, so I will ask a question. Has anyone experience with brain surgery patients coming out of their surgery with a heightened sense of apathy? It’s actually a hard question to ask. Maybe it isn’t apathy, maybe indifference is the better term? Even in this mental smog that I hope someday will go away, it seems a safe place to be, but I worry that someday someone not knowing my past will take exception and hit me right in the forehead. Considering my worry maybe neither term is accurate, but now I am at a loss?
  10. The mass has been removed☺️ Occasionally it feels as if my head has been removed the pain suggest otherwise not to mention that using my cell phone finding my head is not that difficult somewhat ugly but not difficult to do. the fact that I am using my cell phone and am not just sitting here staring at it wondering what to do next in my opinion suggests good days to come. they were gonna give me another 3 months before the procedure but had to move it up. Doing well.
  11. Tried to find a cartwheeling emoji, but couldn't so, it Ain't gonna happen.😞😞 Sorry. Then I'm also, assuming my common sense will come back when they are done. Then it still ain't gonna happen😊.
  12. Okay actually in this case the ER doctor showed me a reverse image so the Hyperdense mass is actually in the right Hemisphere pushing over to the left, and now it make more sense. And after the examination the nerosurgeon did not see any reason to rush into things. He said he would prefer to allow me to recover from the original cardiac problem first At which point if not for the fact that i am an old man and hurting I would have done cartwheels I know they mean well but an old man can only take so much at Once.
  13. I just faced one of those of course you have a a right to choose speeches. I did not say no, exactly.what I said is that I want to wait and think about it. Their response I assume was a standard legal response. They changed the wording from chose to refused so I felt pressured to change this apparently foolish choice I had made immediately. They also, started citing policy that prevented me from participating in a program I was already participating in. They talk a good game, but there is only a similitude of free will designed to please the masses. Which can,so will be manipulated to control the individual. There is no free will in that manner. You can make choices. A teacher once taught me that. You might not have control of the choices,but you can choose.
  14. Pain is animate matter responding to external stimuli's, generally a learned response that animate matter can physically adapt to as in as a child and young man I ran barefoot and dealt with emotions much more easily than I do now. Evidently the receptors/ sensors need to be present and in good working order. Perhaps the term good is a little too optimistic. Pain as a term should be considered very broadly as in inflammation is an external stimulus response as is communication. This is a science forum so I expect to read a lot of smart things here, but I think String-junky exceeded the norm with this post
  15. How can there be a large mass in the left hemisphere that has no effect on the right side of the body yet as it pushes its way over into the right hemisphere there is effect to left hand namely a noticeable slight tremor while occasionally dropping something not enough time to worry me but the other day while trying to put the leash on the he dog the hand just quit working and started feeling numb not cold just numb. I was wearing a device on that arm that takes pulse every two minutes during the event the pulse was recorded so I’m assuming that since there was a continued pulse and that my hand did not get cold that my brain over reacted to a painful pinched nerve in my wrist and shut the whole hand down. Unless it can be done by simply pinching a main nerve in the wrist. Actually I would prefer that kind of possibility. it resulted in a trip to the ER and my discovering that there are things more scary than angina anyway it explains, maybe, some of the anger issues i have been having, maybe. I kinda hope so. but it doesn’t explain how such a large mass can be growing in the left hemisphere without effecting the right side yet cause problems to the left side. Suspect that the only reason I can ask this question and possibly talk about this now is because when they said they wanted to transfer me immediately to another hospital that specializes in neurosurgery my irrationality due to recent medical events I said no but agreed to an appointment tomorrow to talk and then it will go from there. The problem with talking to specialist doctors is that they have programmed speeches to imply the need for instant action so they don’t listen to the questions. No Doc you didn’t answer my question nor have you reassured me it’s just that I have had time to think about it and I trust that you know what you are doing even if you can not answer my questions without giving your its really important that we do this thing now, speech. The truth is I just wanted to talk, and i would prefer to be sitting down and not looking up at the bright lights this time for the talk, and note this time if you are not going to put me to sleep you might want to at the minimum partially secure my arms so that this time i don’t try and show you where you are working by touching the point where whatever tool you’re using is touching me and be warned in advance that if you don’t knock me out I will talk your ear off, it’s called Captive socializing . Okay, most of this is i just nervous chatter, but it just about time for me to go on vacation again and I’m hoping that when i get back Someone who knows something about neuroscience will have answered the left hand mass not effecting the right hand question? Or at least point me in the direction of something a layman can read. who knows maybe when they are done I will once again be able to walk to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and remember why I’m in the kitchen when and if I get there. Oh well, if not. I have gotten used to cold coffee
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