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    Mostly, just about everything. Then there are the things I seem to foget on a daily basis. Losing my cell causes a panic because I have forgotten just about every bit of information that I have stored on it.
  1. Mass= ?

    When I think the word mass I invision a blob that can be large or small, which is not very discriptive, and probably has little to do with mass. Is the more specific meaning, mass = (The resistance to change, in motion.) ?
  2. It would seem to me that removing weight should be as simple as becoming an astronaut. Get away from gravity. If my understanding of black holes is correct, it would seem that what is needed is a lot of mass in a much smaller area, so I’m curious as to why things like atoms would get bigger? Actually, even atoms getting smaller sounds a little strange, but I am making the assumption that atoms need a certain amount of area in order to exist as atoms. Hmm? Is kinetic energy similar to fictional force? I once thought of the gravitational effect on a photon as a virtual effect, can the same sense be applied to kinetic energy to the effect that an increase in mass is a virtual effect? But, virtual or not I would think that by displaying mass a photon would present a change in acceleration displayed as a curve which when observed would appear as slowing down since a curved line between two points takes longer to transit than a straight line, but what do I know? My understanding is that if you add mass to a photon through a medium it slows down. It doesn’t go faster, so there’s no reason to think that FTL can be achieved by loosing weight and applying energy, but like I said what do I know?
  3. This conversation started off like a science attempt at improvisational Jazz. Then seemingly turned to an example of order from kaos. I keep thinking that Dobie Gillis is going to step in any second now and explain the inner genius workings of Maynard’s mind. At the minimum this thread does seem to be in the right category...
  4. Philosophy question #1

    Apparently, one can only guess, is the answer to both questions.
  5. Philosophy question #2

    Why nonlinear?
  6. What scriptures?

    The memories of people from that time period were apparently somewhat astounding. I would think that as a prisoner of Rome. The abilities of Paul to tote around a bunch of scrolls would have been somewhat limited. It is said he had eye problems so reading scrolls would seem to add to the difficulty, so I’m thinking Paul the possessor of a phenomenal memory. The scriptures likely Jewish. Though according to the phenomenal story he had an epiphany somewhat within Jewish scripture as to fit within the norm. As in, as a story it fits just enough, but there are aspects that also fit within traditional local beliefs to the extent that even today arguments are made that Christian beliefs are an extension of Zoroaster Even if he was allowed as a prisoner to have servents to pack and carry his things, which to me seems a little far fetched. As a Roman athority do you arrest a man then allow his servents to tag along as you move from one province to another. Where is the money coming from? Who feeds the servents.? Who’s handling the money? As a Roman authority do you arrest one man then allow his friends to just tag along? Feeding them? Worrying? Do I trust that they do nothing to interfere with the duties I’m charged to complete. Or do I arrest the man, confiscate his posestions, and sell them to pay the fare. Making it clear that no one just tags along on Rome’s dime. The only scribe tagging along would be keeping a strict accounting of the money, to be presented at the end of my tour to Ceasor lest Ceasor judge me more harshly than the prisoner I’m hauling around. My point being it has the sound of a good motivational story. Believable only to those wanting motivation, and even then only if they are somewhat removed from the truth. People believe what they want to believe. Some are even 99.99% certain they are going to be persecuted for their beliefs. Let me think. Wrapped in animal hide, painted with pitch then set to torch. A thing credited to those Romans who according to the story accorded Paul all hospitality, or banning? The imagination is being stretched. You are not being asked to reject your religion. The ban is against preaching. Getting swept up by the ban is a matter of choice. The Gospels certainly would not have been part of the scripture known or carried by Paul given his initial occupation, but its possible he was aware of local traditions. Once again assuming the story is based on a real person that existed. A record of a name of a man executed by the Romans isn’t proof that the story is actually the executed mans story. It doesn’t really matter how many times the story is repeated. It doesn’t become more real with repetition. It’s the kind of thing that even Islam requires. A belief in things unseen. A thing Christians call faith. When we are taught that only God is good. It is little wonder that we have so little faith in men, but all good things are done by men. My opinion, good things generally occur when people get tired of other people insisting on doing things in name of God. Note, when a person gets banned the conversation can continue. I noted in another thread that in this section moderators can be to quick to close a thread. I can be empathetic, but banning doesn’t necessarily mean a decent conversation ends. I’m about 99.99% percent sure that’s the truth of it.
  7. Particle motion ?'s

    Okay I watched this video My question is how did they observe the photon? Is there any chance that the method of observation created a polarizing effect?
  8. Particle motion ?'s

    Thanks, I forgot about field excitation. I also read something I didn't know, yesterday. To the effect that it was waves first then Einstein introduced the Particle idea. But now I'm wondering why anyone would have been surprised by waves. Isn't that how air behaves? Isn't that how water behaves? Why be surprised if you point a light at a photo electric plate when things start getting knocked around? If I have a ping pong ball on a table then blow at it and it moves what moves it? The wave I created by blowing, or the molecules I set in motion by blowing? So, I seem to be wondering why Duality is needed?
  9. Particle motion ?'s

    My Thanks to both you and Strange. I doubt I would have ever noticed the tree for the Forest. I would like to think I would have, but I didn't. Whenever anyone starts off by saying first you have to understand, my gaurd immediately goes up. My first thought was, okay; why would de Broglie say this and what does it have to do with what I'm reading. It's like saying I'm going to hijack your thread so cleverly that you won't even notice. I did discover some interesting reading about de Broglie though. So it is okay, I have slight attention disorder, but maybe I'll even try to figure out what he is talking about and why he thinks what he thinks, hoping that his misunderstanding about electrons actually is the reason for the presented very wordy forest.
  10. Black-holes, gravity, and vacuum?

    Okay, so if I had said perfect vacuum would that have been enough, because my thought was that by simply introducing Mass to a vacuum that that Mass would interfere with any other Mass introduced. I'm gonna guess that a perfect vacuum has been defined, so I would have still had to gave been more specific. Where can I read about these clocks? I'm wondering? If they require a specific atmosphere to be accurate could thethe effect of various places on time be simulated by by simulating the atmosphere of the place? Hmm, I'm guessing you would still have to account for the normal gravity of that place... But, if the clock was moved to a place that might simulate that places gravity then it would effect the clock because the pressure required for the clocks accuracy would change in the moving. I'm just guessing here, cause I am clueless.
  11. Photon emission

    Thank you...
  12. Particle motion ?'s

    Thanks I need the distraction. Reading it now...
  13. Photon emission

    I have read that when an electron drops an energy level a photon is given off. Are there any other conditions were a photon is produced? Any other Particle? I'm going to search. I'm just hoping for a shortcut. A point in the right direction.
  14. Black-holes, gravity, and vacuum?

    We seem to be entering the Ludacrous Zone. I give up... But you are right it is Fermilab... Okay maybe I haven't given up. The concept of apply action at a distance sounds ludicrous, and yes he mentions it, but at about 5:40 he explains why the concept needs work. I find it hard to believe that you watched the video and came away thinking he championed the concept. It the concept that I have trouble accepting, and believe me if I thought he championed the concept. I would at the minimum be questioning the statement if he made it, by trying to understand why he made it rather then inferring that the whole vid is crap just because he seemed to be saying something I don't understand. There are vids that actually do make the statement rather convincingly with intent. I don't believe that anywhere in this video that he implied that entering the Startrek zone was anything but ludicrous, but yes under certain conditions things do move faster than light and he gave the perfect example with Cerenkov radiation. Now I give up...
  15. Black-holes, gravity, and vacuum?

    Really? I apparently need to watch the video again. I missed the part you describe. I have always found Cern videos to be decent videos. Perhaps the link was highjacked on the way to your device? Or, perhaps I should have just watched half the video then made an assumption?