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  1. The mass has been removed☺️ Occasionally it feels as if my head has been removed the pain suggest otherwise not to mention that using my cell phone finding my head is not that difficult somewhat ugly but not difficult to do. the fact that I am using my cell phone and am not just sitting here staring at it wondering what to do next in my opinion suggests good days to come. they were gonna give me another 3 months before the procedure but had to move it up. Doing well.
  2. Tried to find a cartwheeling emoji, but couldn't so, it Ain't gonna happen.😞😞 Sorry. Then I'm also, assuming my common sense will come back when they are done. Then it still ain't gonna happen😊.
  3. Okay actually in this case the ER doctor showed me a reverse image so the Hyperdense mass is actually in the right Hemisphere pushing over to the left, and now it make more sense. And after the examination the nerosurgeon did not see any reason to rush into things. He said he would prefer to allow me to recover from the original cardiac problem first At which point if not for the fact that i am an old man and hurting I would have done cartwheels I know they mean well but an old man can only take so much at Once.
  4. I just faced one of those of course you have a a right to choose speeches. I did not say no, exactly.what I said is that I want to wait and think about it. Their response I assume was a standard legal response. They changed the wording from chose to refused so I felt pressured to change this apparently foolish choice I had made immediately. They also, started citing policy that prevented me from participating in a program I was already participating in. They talk a good game, but there is only a similitude of free will designed to please the masses. Which can,so will be manipulated to control the individual. There is no free will in that manner. You can make choices. A teacher once taught me that. You might not have control of the choices,but you can choose.
  5. Pain is animate matter responding to external stimuli's, generally a learned response that animate matter can physically adapt to as in as a child and young man I ran barefoot and dealt with emotions much more easily than I do now. Evidently the receptors/ sensors need to be present and in good working order. Perhaps the term good is a little too optimistic. Pain as a term should be considered very broadly as in inflammation is an external stimulus response as is communication. This is a science forum so I expect to read a lot of smart things here, but I think String-junky exceeded the norm with this post
  6. How can there be a large mass in the left hemisphere that has no effect on the right side of the body yet as it pushes its way over into the right hemisphere there is effect to left hand namely a noticeable slight tremor while occasionally dropping something not enough time to worry me but the other day while trying to put the leash on the he dog the hand just quit working and started feeling numb not cold just numb. I was wearing a device on that arm that takes pulse every two minutes during the event the pulse was recorded so I’m assuming that since there was a continued pulse and that my hand did not get cold that my brain over reacted to a painful pinched nerve in my wrist and shut the whole hand down. Unless it can be done by simply pinching a main nerve in the wrist. Actually I would prefer that kind of possibility. it resulted in a trip to the ER and my discovering that there are things more scary than angina anyway it explains, maybe, some of the anger issues i have been having, maybe. I kinda hope so. but it doesn’t explain how such a large mass can be growing in the left hemisphere without effecting the right side yet cause problems to the left side. Suspect that the only reason I can ask this question and possibly talk about this now is because when they said they wanted to transfer me immediately to another hospital that specializes in neurosurgery my irrationality due to recent medical events I said no but agreed to an appointment tomorrow to talk and then it will go from there. The problem with talking to specialist doctors is that they have programmed speeches to imply the need for instant action so they don’t listen to the questions. No Doc you didn’t answer my question nor have you reassured me it’s just that I have had time to think about it and I trust that you know what you are doing even if you can not answer my questions without giving your its really important that we do this thing now, speech. The truth is I just wanted to talk, and i would prefer to be sitting down and not looking up at the bright lights this time for the talk, and note this time if you are not going to put me to sleep you might want to at the minimum partially secure my arms so that this time i don’t try and show you where you are working by touching the point where whatever tool you’re using is touching me and be warned in advance that if you don’t knock me out I will talk your ear off, it’s called Captive socializing . Okay, most of this is i just nervous chatter, but it just about time for me to go on vacation again and I’m hoping that when i get back Someone who knows something about neuroscience will have answered the left hand mass not effecting the right hand question? Or at least point me in the direction of something a layman can read. who knows maybe when they are done I will once again be able to walk to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee and remember why I’m in the kitchen when and if I get there. Oh well, if not. I have gotten used to cold coffee
  7. So it would be safe to say that if we live long enough to see it we would be safe from a Neutrino boiling death in the qickterm. What about long term Life changing possibilities? Possibly, new stars forming, etc?
  8. Thanks much clearer. Described as accurately as I remember it on Halloween night while passing out candy. He/we agreed to wait. 90 days for the meds and rehab to work then test again then decide if I want what looks like. Cell phone implanted. I haven’t had a lot of luck with cell phones which do not seem designed to last even as long as the ride home The doc is going to be the final say if the insurance doesn’t stop the process. Again thanks
  9. With the new setup they have I generally see the reports before they do maybe the confusion comes at the question in the first place, if he wasn’t expecting me to ask it? it’s pretty much straight forward in what it says Nothing to interpret. I will ask him again and go over it line by line if needed , and you got it right away, what I was expecting from the stents and I do feel remarkably better.the reading just doesn’t match thee way I feel now, or it was initially much worse and the initial number would have been lower than the stated 30-50% and the reading that now presents would be capable without me feeling any pain initially. I’m thinking I had the wrong conversation with the surgeons who put the stents in they probably had a better view than I and didn’t really need me telling them where the end of the Catheter was in play by play. It’s just that when they got to the part where the pain wa I seemed important to tell them yes that the place exactly. I’ll write it down for him. Maybe he wasn’t expecting me to have any information since that part of the system is fairly new here ,and now I am just making conversation. So thank you once again. I’m new to this language so was EV a typo? You didn’t mean EF? The window for talk is tiny. The New app that connects the patient to their Reports has an ask questions feature not sure how it works, but I’m gonna give it a try. the order of events is difficult to remember but I’m pretty sure someone told me they were shipping me up to another hospital because the EF was less than , or between 30 and fifty percent and they could test and repair at the same time. Maybe that is where I got the impression that the EF was an important indicator. Now if it has little to do with it , it changes everything . The indication changes because I was wondering why they would want to jump start a car with a clogged fuel line? So, to speak. Thank you both
  10. Then it gets confusing, the latest echo shows the same.presumably the meds and rehab will eventually in the next 90 days raise it above 50% or I am to get an implanted defibrillator The window of opportunity is small. I'm guessing that my question was confusing to the cardiologist. I sensed confusion when I asked. I realize that senses are are a poor indicator of reality maybe he needed time to think about it. The whole process was confusing and still is, but I am reluctant to let them to implant a device the size I of a small cell phone when the explanation is that basically it is designed to simply jumpstart the heart apparently I have 90 days to accept the need if the echo doesn't improve so I was wondering about echo grams? How they work and why after New plumbing is installed the reading would be the same. When I have asked all I have gotten is a look of confusion. Anyway thanks... I'll l ask him again and probably again until I have to make a decision. Thank you.
  11. Had a casual conversation with three Surgeons about Poor  life choices and How they can effect your plans it’s amazing what they can do while casually having a conversation.😅

    1. MigL


      It's too bad we usually have those conversations AFTER the bad life choices have led to dire consequences.
      And it's too bad that we don't listen to older wiser people when we are young enough to avoid those consequences.

    2. jajrussel


      Your right

  12. This article seemed in line with a couple of interesting threads here https://theconversation.com/shape-of-the-universe-could-it-be-curved-not-flat-126721
  13. The question and answer may hinge on weather you have a choice. I recently faced an event where I willed an outcome knowing full well that consciously l had no choice I would liken it to a coin toss I didn't care for it either. Post theory is that I had plenty of choices but made all the wrong ones, so maybe it wasn't as simple as a coin toss? Maybe it never really is? Now I presumably have free will again, but they keep underscoring that at any second now, maybe not! Hmm...
  14. Apparently I am not holding my mouth right it’s not a big deal but first it leaned Left then it leaned right. should i try again with the original being completely upside down? Is there a trick to it? Apparently changing the original orientation just reverses everything left right?
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