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  1. My parents had 100 acres in the country with an old farmhouse and we'd have a party the whole weekend with lots of friends. We would just dig a pit in the ground for the charcoal and have the pig on a spit, turning it every once in a while. We'd usually have a keg, horseshoes, frisbees, weed, guitars, and it would run from early morning till late at night. Everyone would then crash inside or in tents. Brings back fond memories.
  2. Mmm. Looks good! I haven't had a pig pickin' in years. It's an all day party that can't be beat!
  3. Thank God that's all it is. Um, I mean, thank goodness.
  4. Was that in response to my question? If so, that did not answer it.
  5. Can you provide your definition of "Business"? People were engaged in (what most people would call) business long before medieval times.
  6. Money was typically buried in the floor or somewhere similar. People who had money would often pay taxes with money. Poor people would typically pay taxes with goods or labor.
  7. Oh my! You mean you don't actually have data on 'unfair review frequency' but are instead falsifying data in order to support your desired conclusions?!?! No wonder you are having difficulty getting your paper accepted.
  8. The sun does not have enough mass to form a black hole. It would need to be roughly at least five times more massive than it is to form a black hole.
  9. Can you please provide your sources?
  10. You should open another thread for that topic. This thread is about smashing fossil fuels. Whatever that is.
  11. There is nothing you can offer me that is worth walking through hell. Thanks anyway.
  12. Quarter inch is probably right, but you need to check the router as it will tell you what size shanks it accepts. Cheap router bits work great; they just don't last as long. If you look at the pic of the router bit in your link you'll see a wheel on the tip of it. That turns on ball bearings and runs up against the edge of the piece you are working on. You set less than half the base of the router onto the piece you are working on (so the bit extends down past the edge of the piece), turn on the router, then move the router into the piece. That wheel will hit the edge of the piece and keeps it from moving past the edge. You then slowly push the router along the edge, keeping it flat on the piece and with enough pressure on the side to make sure the wheel maintains contact with the side of the wood. The direction you move is so that while the bit is turning it 'bites' into the wood, rather than the bit pulling the router along as it turns. With a bird's eye view, if the router bit is turning clockwise, then you would move the router around your piece in a counter-clockwise direction. You need to be sure to set the depth of the bit in the router correctly. If it is not perfectly set up you will not get the profile cut you are looking for. So make sure you set it then test it on a scrap piece of wood to get it right. I don't think I've ever got it right on the first try. Hope you can picture what I've said above. I'm sure Youtube has many videos.
  13. What percentage don't perform a fair review? I'm curious where you got that data.
  14. I don't know that brand so have no personal experience with it. I suspect for small jobs it will get the job done just fine.
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