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  1. To the best of my knowledge it's a lawsuit once you file the papers, which then requires the selection of a judge and a response by the defendant. You are being "sued" whether the case makes it to trial or not.
  2. What are you reading?

    The Disappearing Spoon -- by Sam Kean "...Kean rectifies that in this amble from element 1, hydrogen, to element 112, copernicium. Attaching stories to a human-interest angle, Kean ensures that with his elaboration of the fixation a chemist, physicist, industrialist, or artist had for a particular element comes clarity about why the element behaves as it does. The soft sell about proton numbers and electron shells thus closes the deal for Kean’s anecdotes about elements of war, elements of health, and elements of wealth, plus the title’s practical joke of a spoon (made from gallium)."
  3. Time machine

    Where did you get the image of the time machine?
  4. Presidential Alert system
  5. Gun Control - Topic

    When I was younger and dumber I had no idea what women and minorities had been putting up with their entire lives. I didn't see it or experience, and I certainly didn't participate in overt bias. I was therefore confident that it wasn't nearly as bad as many made it out to be. I was shocked when I finally understood how blacks are treated every day in the US. From being followed around in stores, to being ignored as if they are not there. And that's your vantage point. My point is that when one thinks they are right, there is nothing dismissive or assumptive about those statements. They are simply making a statement of fact (as they see it). It is very difficult to change someone's mind simply by using words, when that person already "knows" they are right.
  6. Gun Control - Topic

    Yours is a response I tend to see from conservatives. "I'm not racist, I just have an opposing viewpoint, and it's your fault we cannot talk because you keep yelling at me". Of course the liberal shouting at someone is convinced that person is indeed a racist. You say 'crying wolf'. I say 'hitting the nail on the head'. We all see things from our unique vantage point. In my mind the problem is not so much use of terminology or lack of dialogue. It is that people generally see themselves as clear thinkers who understand what is really going on, and are justified in their beliefs. In other words, everyone thinks they are right and anyone who disagrees with them is wrong.
  7. Never be afraid

    Fear is a good thing. The problem arises when we let fear make decisions for us, rather than using it to recognize a situation that requires especially vigilant thought. When you see the snake, don't just run and possibly injure yourself or fall off a cliff. Instead use your higher brain function to quickly decide upon a course of action. Easier said than done since fear arises from that lizard part of our brains, but we can train ourselves to do better. "Never take counsel of your fears." --Stonewall Jackson
  8. CAN there be too many engineers?

    I'm having a hard time believing this actually occurs. Presumably it would be the engineers doing the trash-talking. If so, do you really want to spend the rest of your life working with these people? I'm not sure you understand the role of government.
  9. Would anyone like to win a bookshop?

    Burgess loves to read. That's how he would like to spend his life if he only had the time. He even has super thick Coke bottle eyeglasses. Can't remember the details, but some apocalypse causes the end of the world and only Burgess survives. He goes to the library and gathers all the books he's ever wanted to read, sorts them by category and the year going forward that he intends to read them. A life of reading bliss awaits him. He couldn't possibly be happier. Then he stumbles, his glasses fall off and shatter. Oops!
  10. Harnessing the power of hurricanes

  11. Gun Control - Topic

    Actually I wasn't addressing this case in particular. I was responding to a post that made an observation about our overall system, and I was responding in kind. My follow up comments were meant to be about the overall system as well. If that's your objective then as I said, judge everyone under the same set of rules. And let's not stop with police vs civilian. Surgeons, accountants, lawyers and trash collectors should all have the same rules too.
  12. Gun Control - Topic

    Fine, have it your way. Hit someone in the head if they refuse to let you put cuffs on them, and we'll treat you the same way we treat a cop who does the same thing.
  13. Gun Control - Topic

    Yet you keep saying that they should both face the judge given the same circumstances. Fine, then make my second example (e.g. the cop shot a black man because of an unconscious and subtle change of perception) My point is that sometimes police are doing exactly the right thing when they shoot someone, and we shouldn't assert it has anything to do with race unless we have evidence it has something to do with race.
  14. Gun Control - Topic

    Then you should change the law, because right now the police are not required to face the 12 under all the same circumstances that a civilian must face the 12. Everyone does face jeopardy, it is just that jeopardy is different for different people. Read the regulations and laws. You don't seem to accept there are different laws and rules for different classes of people.
  15. Gun Control - Topic

    First of all, I was not talking about this case in particular, just in general as a response to dimreepr, Second, she was a police officer, not a civilian. You do not lose your authority as an officer when you go off duty.