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  1. That's exactly why we avoided buying one. Things get lost in my regular freezer. When you haven't seen that pork roast in the freezer for six months you forget it is there and just buy a new one when you get the craving.
  2. So Dyson shouldn't take the taxpayers money if they cannot build the current design. I don't understand why but I get your point. It just seems a shame to pass up any offers of help if they do indeed have a design that will do the job. Same goes for all the other designs JCM has been showing us.
  3. Is it acceptable for someone involved in the thread who wishes to continue, to simply open the same (or a similar) thread?
  4. Sorry but I missed your point. Do they have the capability to build the current design or not? What is the issue? They were asked to build ventilators then the govt. changed their mind. How does this relate to Dyson? Just read on Quora (so can probably be taken as hearsay) that today's machines based on the original 1983 design cost between $60k and $140k. That is because of redundancy, testing requirements, intubation requirements, and all the other bells and whistles. What is needed now are fast, simple, cheap machines that can be quickly produced and meet basic functionality needs (which is mostly what is needed now). Hence, the need for a new design.
  5. Is it possible his factories were not equipped to manufacture the current design? Is there only one current design? Is it difficult to learn the new system? I have no idea and am just curious if this was in part a publicity stunt as you suggested. A quote from Dyson suggests a new design may have been in order.
  6. Good point. With the work-from-home rules we are following my wife asked if I could work from someone else's home! ūü§™
  7. Couldn't you have just used more women to make up for the difference in strength the men contributed?
  8. Ever heard of anti-depressants? Psychiatry? Red herring. If you are going to invoke God then we are done here. You can't invoke God when it helps your argument then deny God to discredit someone else's argument.
  9. It causes death so I think an argument can be made that it is a "problem". We tackle other factors that cause death.
  10. While I don't care for spiders they don't really bother me any more than big centipedes or other creepy looking creatures. Many years ago I let my boys both have aquariums with snakes. I was fine looking at them in the tank, and when the boys handled them it was a little creepy but no big deal. Then they talked me into holding their corn snake (see stock image below). It was a bit tense but fine while it was just wrapped around my fingers, but then it looked me in the eye and started moving toward my face. Boom! I couldn't get that thing out of my hand fast enough.
  11. When I unexpectedly see a snake I kind of freak out for a moment. In an instant my heart rate and breathing spike, I can feel the adrenaline surge, and I immediately start looking around for all his snake buddies who must be waiting in ambush. One time my wife was concerned as I stormed into the house cursing a blue streak and locked the door behind me. For the next couple of days every stick, crack in the concrete, or elongated shadow makes me think of snakes. I'll often have bad dreams afterwards. I am fully aware this is irrational but I have no control over it. This near instant reaction I have to snakes makes it feel like it is much more visceral than intellectual.
  12. I don't think anyone is sneezing 12 cups of water in Enthalpy's face. Surely a few droplets of water will be caught in the fibers and not just drip into his nose.
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Z-Man-Games-ZM7101-Pandemic/dp/B00A2HD40E?th=1
  14. Thanks for conceding you were incorrect. The government CANNOT erase a person's academic and work history. It obviously exists in many more places than just a couple of files easily identified and accessed by the government. And since all files are not online that would also require the government to somehow have access to various onsite and offsite storage facilities.
  15. What exactly are their capabilities and how do you know that information? And how would one erase their memories? How does the government locate a yearbook I have in my basement?
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