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  1. If Mordred or Markus have EVER gotten pissed off in a thread on this site they sure do keep it under their hats. They never seem to react to any comments as if they are anything other than honest discussion or honest misunderstanding.
  2. Thanks. I often use laymen's terms as, well, I'm a layman. 😁 Thanks again! Learning these details are why I skulk around the science threads. 😀
  3. zapatos


    Yes, I agree with you. I didn't mean to imply the rights were mystically granted. I just meant that a parent should no more be allowed to sterilize a child than a state should be allowed to sterilize one of its adult citizens (under most conditions). Once born, there are (or should be) rights bestowed upon all humans, regardless of age.
  4. zapatos


    Well, I wouldn't necessarily say I wouldn't have a 'problem' with it. But if the state told me that someone MUST have a fetus aborted I would find that to be unacceptable. If someone decided on their own to have an abortion and the child's handicap was the motivation, I wouldn't try to stop them. Having low IQ children sterilized would be a problem for me. Once a child is in this world they have rights of their own.
  5. zapatos


    One major difference is that on the one hand you have (presumably) a government body deciding and enforcing that a particular potential person is not worthy. On the other hand you have an individual deciding what is best for her and her unique set of circumstances. The more personal the impact, the more the decision belongs to the individual.
  6. Given that the universe experiences entropy, wouldn't it be safe to say that everything will NOT repeat itself? Since we know the universe of today is different than the universe of 1 million years ago, and since the universe can never return to the state it was in 1 million years ago, then given that different condition it seems the chances for an exact repeat are zero. Doesn't matter if the universe exists for an infinite period of time or not.
  7. What does the term "die" mean in relation to a virus. Does that mean 'no longer able to infect' or something similar? How is that state of a virus determined?
  8. I can't answer your question, but to save you some time, you will be requested to show what you've tried thus far before anyone works with you on this. This model here is to help the student solve the problem, not solve it for them. Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay. 😀
  9. Wow. Great article that is spot on. And as is now so common, it seems that those with the means are taking advantage of those who don't have the wherewithal to avoid being manipulated.
  10. Whenever I see these kinds of discussions it makes me wonder how a person gets to the point where they are out of step with reality. Is their internal compass broken? Is it organic? A lifetime of disinformation? Weaned too soon? And I'm not talking about differing interpretations of the data, but of 100 people looking at the numbers and 99 of them seeing that the numbers add up to 3,256, and that one person sees that they add up to "halibut". I should have spent more time studying psychology.
  11. I don't usually see these types of nonsense threads running this long. People must be getting a little stir crazy.
  12. Citation please. Again, what were the results of the viral and/or antibody tests? Did you get tested?
  13. Believe it. The first spacecraft was propelled toward another star and the galaxy at large 43 years ago. It's not like driving on a highway. Once you get up to speed you can turn off the engine and coast for the rest of the trip. https://www.space.com/22783-voyager-1-interstellar-space-star-flyby.html
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