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  1. Hijack from Can you believe in evolution and in god?

    Thanks for sharing.
  2. Just to help clear up your confusion, on this forum calling someone a "troll" is considered a personal attack. I'm sure he's relieved. How would he ever replace the income!
  3. A safe propane storage?

    Lack of funding, lack of interest, special interests, economics, politics, inertia...
  4. Working out my holiday/vacation entitlement

    Unfortunately I don't think anyone here will be able to answer that question for you with any certainty. I suspect it is an HR rule, and different companies have different rules.
  5. Is Atheism Dead? An Interesting Read.

    I just now asked God for a sign and my dog licked herself. I wasn't sure that was how God would present himself to me so I asked for another sign, and my OTHER dog licked herself. If that isn't proof of God I don't know what is.
  6. Is Atheism Dead? An Interesting Read.

    Sounds like you are at a pulpit.
  7. I have a swimming pool and have used test kits myself and also use a pool company. We have never been able to accurately address chlorine and acidity on the first try. I get the impression that factors that can affect acidity include the interplay of water temperature changes, type of chlorine and its ingredients (often acid) added to the pool, status of the chlorine in the pool, how much the pool is used, and the type and status of the filter used. Meaning that acidity is a bit of a moving target.
  8. Sorry, I misread that as being before Christ. My mistake.
  9. Any good Catholic knows that only when the pope speaks Ex Cathedra is his word infallible. Anything else is an opinion. I'm surprised you didn't know that. The Catholic Church existed prior to Christ? Hate to bother you but a citation would really help me out with that claim. So if the Church doesn't have a definite interpretation of the talking snake, then why did you say it shouldn't be taken literally?
  10. If one is cherry picking themselves, they shouldn't refer to 'cherry picking' by others as the use of an illogical argument. At least not if they want to be taken seriously. You realize the church is made up of people just like you, right? They are not the word of God. Their interpretation is no more valid than yours. Can you provide a citation that shows where the church actually interprets a talking snake and 6 day creation as figurative? I've seen members of the church argue both ways. Who is the authority I should believe.
  11. So then we still to believe that the sun orbits the earth?
  12. So what is your criteria for deciding what is literal and what is not? Saying something took six days is meant to be figurative, but saying a virgin birth is meant to be literal? Sounds like you are cherry picking to meet your needs.
  13. They would be stupid for... admitting to a mistake? And you wonder why people think religion is indeed stupid.
  14. Agreed. They don't sound literal at all. And neither do virgin birth, rising from the dead, the Holy Trinity, turning bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, or heaven and hell. Do you also agree those were not completely literal?