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  1. I must have missed something. When did we "totally disregard the responsibility of the 'victim'"? Shouldn't we let the justice system play out first before we accuse them of doing a shoddy job?
  2. Yes, I agree in full too. As always an individual case doesn't buy us much. Either the officer or the driver could have been completely in the right or completely in the wrong. Knowing exactly who was responsible for what doesn't get us any closer to solving the problem. We already have enough overall data to tell us that both the officers and the black people they are encountering have reason to believe that ANY encounter could turn out bad for them and thus both are prone to making bad decisions. It seems clear that something has to change and IMO the biggest change must come
  3. Haha, that is a pretty cool inlay in the floor. I love when craftsmen show off a bit. And yes, it is solid pieces. I seem to have an affinity for making projects that can't be moved without at least two people. 😁 I'd love to see them! I cut some dovetails once but only to see if I could do it. I've not yet used them on a project.
  4. Really well done sir! I'm duly impressed. 😁 Here is my latest project. A simple bookshelf made of birch. The joinery is primarily biscuits.
  5. Very nice! Can you provide some construction details please? Wood species, how you built it, and especially how you put in that central vein?!?! I hope there is some tricky technique because it would be hell to make separate cuts match up like that.
  6. When I was young I used to see those giant flocks of starlings all the time. I was always mesmerized by them. I still see them occasionally, and while they are much smaller flocks they still do that dance in the sky.
  7. Today I learned that the term "naked apes" referring to humans is a misnomer. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/article/the-semi-naked-ape-or-why-peach-fuzz-makes-it-harder-for-parasites
  8. I suspect ballistic missiles and cruise missiles from submarines are not very cost effective and will be limited in number. Artillery shells are cheap, accurate, plentiful and effective.
  9. It is akin to adding a deadbolt to your front door after you've recently installed a chain door guard. Makes things better, not worse. Your title, "Covid overload", makes me think you might be under the impression that receiving the vaccination is the same as contracting COVID-19. It is not. The vaccination does not include injecting you with SARS-CoV-2 and it does not result in you contracting COVID-19.
  10. Are you getting all of your ideas from movies?
  11. I find that a proportional response to violence is often the best course of action. I alway told my children to walk away if possible but they should not stand for being abused by another. It's always going to be a judgement call, and things can turn out badly, but unfortunately the world is not a fair place and it is important that we look out for our own best interests.
  12. If you want this conversation to go anywhere you are going to have to be a bit more free with the details.
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