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  1. Flip a coin. Will a fire burn near your house in California, or will an earthquake hit.
  2. Your houses look like they'll fall apart with the least bit shaking. 😁
  3. Where have you found houses made of "paper and sticks"?
  4. Why don't you just open a thread telling us about all the things and people you don't like and get it over with? If you do this one thread at a time it will take forever.
  5. Is there a connection between the type of verbal gaffe you mentioned and one's inability to do the job of Presidency? From my rather limited view I don't think I've known a mother (mine included) who didn't regularly call their children by the wrong name.
  6. And I suspect she figures that if he does end up in jail then she will be next in line for the nomination.
  7. The trick to moving to another planet does not lie with finding a new propulsion system, but with finding a way to sustain life indefinitely in the craft making the trip. If no one who starts the trip is going to finish the trip then it really doesn't matter much how long it takes to get there.
  8. That is kind of what I am getting at. What type of symptoms (if that's the right word) is he showing that would indicate he cannot be fully competent as POTUS? Is it more than memory lapses? I ask because as I said, I'm not sure that memory lapses indicate a lack of competence.
  9. The actual subjects are anyone running for President. That is what prompted this branch of the conversation; the suggestion that a candidate for President must be less than 65 years old.
  10. What has been obvious to me with Biden is his memory issues, as opposed to, say, critical thinking skills. I don't find memory issues to be much of a problem as long as when corrected they recognize their mistake. I myself will on occasion use an incorrect name, but it in no way reflects my memory of who I was actually speaking of; it is more like a slip of the tongue. Is Biden showing 'mental decline' (which I suppose is an inability to properly function in society) or are we primarily seeing memory lapses? I'm curious because they seem two very different things to me.
  11. But until it does affect ones ability to do a job it is irrelevant. Thus to eliminate someone from consideration for a job simply due to age is bigotry. People can show mental decline well before age 65. Why should we allow people under 65 with mental decline to hold office while those over 65 without mental decline are denied that right? You should address the heart of the matter. If mental decline is the problem you want to eliminate, then you should ban those with mental decline. Don't pick a different category to ban just because that category has a higher likelihood of mental decline. That method seems to trade off effectiveness for expediency.
  12. I guess ageism is alive and well. Nothing magic happens between the ages of 64 and 65. We don't advocate prejudging people around here based on skin color, sex or religion. Why should we give up the right to be judged as individuals when it comes to age?
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