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  1. zapatos

    A small problem with the whole of physics

    All you did was substitute "PrimalMinister did it" for "God did it". If those are my only two options I'll choose God (and I'm an atheist). MigL's explanation is as likely as yours. And I really doubt you've looked at 'modern physics' in any meaningful way.
  2. zapatos

    A small problem with the whole of physics

    Are they available on Amazon?
  3. zapatos

    A small problem with the whole of physics

    So ultimately you believe we are in a virtual reality machine? And if you are right, it is possible to find evidence of this machine? Did I understand you correctly?
  4. zapatos

    What is faith?

    Yes, you've shown that to be the case.
  5. zapatos

    What is faith?

    Faith is belief without evidence. Are you sure you have "faith" in our scientific methodology, or is it possibly "trust/confidence" based on actually seeing its success?
  6. zapatos

    Game of Thrones

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue associated with court intrigue, politics, etc. Using magic to solve problems feels like cheating to me, as it is much easier than solving problems in real life. I've also never been a fan of dragons and dead people walking around. Season 8 feels like they realized they couldn't possibly wrap up all the open threads and so just decided to kill everyone off in the easiest manner possibly and call it a day.
  7. zapatos

    What is faith?

    I asked for evidence of your assertion that faith does not inspire suicide bombers. The idea that "not all hate is the result of faith" is so obvious as to not be worthy of discussion. Your dishonest approach to this discussion makes it a waste of my time.
  8. zapatos

    What is faith?

    Yes, I am suggesting that an anecdote is not what is considered evidence in any meaningful way. My father smoked for 50 years and never developed lung cancer. Do you also believe that anecdote about him is evidence that smoking does not cause lung cancer?
  9. zapatos

    What is faith?

    Nice anecdote. Thank you.
  10. zapatos

    What is faith?

    While I appreciate the humor I was hoping for something a little more worthy of a science site.
  11. zapatos

    What is faith?

    Perhaps it would help me if you could provide some evidence that it...
  13. zapatos

    What is faith?

    Sure you did. Moon: "Possibly, but faith also inspires suicide bombers..." dim: "Faith doesn't do that..."
  14. zapatos

    What is faith?

    Pretending faith never has anything to do with radicalization is disingenuous. Not all radicals kill because of hatred. Radicalization is done for political, social and religious reasons, and isn't even necessarily violent.
  15. zapatos

    What is faith?

    Yes, and guns don't kill people, people kill people. But it's a lot more likely if the person has a gun, or in this case, faith.