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  1. Is the Universe infinite?

    I thought we were speaking hypothetically. If we are talking about two universes that expand like the Big Bang in all directions then I agree it cannot happen.
  2. Is the Universe infinite?

    Imagine a number line starting at zero and moving right to infinity. Now start at zero and move left to negative infinity. Two lines that end on one side and are infinite on the other.
  3. Is the Universe infinite?

    I agree that if the building blocks must interact, that they cannot occupy the same space. However, you can have two infinite universes that are adjacent to each other and do not overlap.
  4. So who's going to win the world cup?

    They showed it in slow motion right after it was called. The attacking player lost his footing and began to fall before he was touched. The announcers agreed. If only the referee could see in stop-action super slow motion! Not that either of us can prove it, but I felt like the goalie would have had the ball if not for the last second deflection.
  5. Is the Universe infinite?

    I thought I did. If the building blocks of Universe A do not interact with the building blocks of Universe B, why can't the two universes occupy the same three spatial dimensions?
  6. So who's going to win the world cup?

    From my perspective they convincingly won 2-1. The first French goal came after a mistaken foul call at the top of the box, followed by an own goal. Luck plays a part in the game and are of course valid, but only two of France's goals were the result of strong play by France.
  7. Is the Universe infinite?

    Multiple universes need not be composed of the same building blocks and so could coexist in the same space. As an analogy, a room could be a 'universe' of light, while at the same time being a 'universe' of sound.
  8. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    IMO that is a possibility. I don't know enough about what the different judges feel about Roe vs Wade, but if they were all shaking their heads in disgust when the decision came down, I suppose they could overrule. People have the right to an abortion because of the Right to Privacy, which itself is not explicitly granted in the Constitution. However, I suspect that the right to an abortion will remain, even if it is allowed to be further restrained. Roe has been threatened before, and the political parties always play up the doom and gloom.
  9. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    Both. Precedent is very important to judges and could likely result in a different ruling than might be made if the case broke new ground. On the other hand judges do overturn their predecessors. While less talked about, they are also very cognizant of public opinion. The Supreme Court will often times refuse to take a case until an issue has been debated in the public sphere for several years, and multiple cases have been ruled on in lower courts.
  10. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    I'm not sure that is true either. For example, a judge might be chosen because they have a history of narrowly ruling on abortion issues or Right to Privacy, but that does not really help the government (other than goodwill from their constituents for selecting such a judge); there is no quid pro quo. I don't believe judges say "I'll vote for that because the Republicans want me to". I think they are selected by politicians in the first place because politicians have a good idea how they'll vote in the future based on their history of previous decisions and opinions.
  11. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    I'm not convinced they are politically partisan. For example, I don't see a belief that the Constitution should be "interpreted" rather than "applied as written" as Democratic vs. Republican. Just because Republicans or Democrats prefer a specific judicial philosophy does not mean those judges with the same philosophy are being partisan.
  12. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    He can. I read it in a book written thousands of years ago. He can also turn pine cones into beef jerky.
  13. Is there a rational reason for religion?

    Just because I feel like stirring the pot a bit... koti said the Yeti was a miniature. If small enough, it doesn't have to be invisible to be unoberservable.
  14. Explain how taking a horse from Michigan to Texas is easier than taking a plane, train, or bus.
  15. So who's going to win the world cup?

    It's just a flesh wound!
  16. So who's going to win the world cup?

    Me too! That's why I said it was the most coveted.
  17. So who's going to win the world cup?

    No, I did not wish to be goalie in soccer. As I said, I wanted to be a goalie in hockey. No, I did not know any forwards who wished they were goalies. Typically the way it works is if you want to be a goalie, you try out for and train to be a goalie, not a forward. The most coveted position is sweeper, not center forward. Goalie was a position for those nearly being cut from the team? Where did you play soccer? What coach in his right mind would put one of his worst players in goal?
  18. Okay, so tell me what method you would take to get from Michigan to Texas after society collapses that is easier than getting from Michigan to Texas using current methods.
  19. So who's going to win the world cup?

    I think you are underestimating the diversity of athletes. While in soccer I was a defender and not a goalie, but in hockey I LOVED playing goal. Nothing more exciting than being the keeper when a player has a breakaway and it's mano a mano with the game on the line... Talk about a rush. Bottom line is that people train to be goalies, pay money out of their own pockets to get better, just so they can try out for the position on the local team. Plenty of people want to be goalie. I coached youth soccer for years and I always had kids who wanted to play goal. One-nil so far! Much better match than we saw yesterday.
  20. So who's going to win the world cup?

    Of course it is. It's in the rule book.
  21. Just so I'm clear, you think it would be easier to get from Finland to Africa after society collapses, than it is now? Can you describe how you might take that trip?
  22. Shield

    Bruce Lee had the same idea, which is a part of Jeet Kune Do. If your opponent moves toward you with his fist, you strike his fist. If he moves toward you with a kick, you strike his foot.
  23. What is this moving light in the sky?

    By what mechanism are you able to aim your laser accurately enough to make it shine on these objects at some significant distance? I'm wondering if they are indeed reacting to the laser of if perhaps the optics are simply making it appear that the objects are moving in response.
  24. Explanation of the killings in Exodus

    Looks like God's omniscience only extends so far, otherwise he would have put a stop to those evil people before they caused any damage at all. Seems more likely that God was asleep at the wheel and screwed up by letting that batch be born in the first place. Then instead of using his power to change their hearts for good to make up for their evil deeds, he was embarrassed that people would be constantly reminded of his mistake by their presence so he just said 'fuck it' and cut his losses.