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  1. What "truth" would be found during an impeachment that we don't already know?
  2. Isn't that just tricky word play to get around the rule of "no guesses"? 🤪
  3. You could pump some gas like butane into the pipe and then walk around where you believe the pipe to be with a gas detector.
  4. Why did the chicken cross the basketball court? He heard the referee was blowing fouls.
  5. How dare you trash the bond I had with my father in such a way. I'm not prone to violence but if you said that to me in a bar I imagine you'd be picking yourself up off the floor right now. You are despicable.
  6. So you aren't eating bleached shit... Chlorine is not used to wash shit off chickens, it is used to kill pathogens.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough. Is there shit on it after all processing, including the chlorine wash? Again, I'm saying there was once shit on it. You know, from the birds flying overhead. Bottom line is you seem to be saying that they don't wash the shit off the chicken but simply chlorinate the shit and then ship it to you. I am trying to determine if that is correct or not.
  8. I'm voting for appallingly cynical. Just because you feel that way doesn't mean the rest of us do.
  9. Is there really chicken shit on the chicken or do you object to the fact that shit once touched the chicken? Does the FDA allow shit on chicken that is sold to the public? I realize there may be some minimal amount of residue, but you also cannot eat a sandwich without eating grasshopper guts, or a salad without some bird shit on it.
  10. Isn't chlorination part of hygienic practices? Sort of like washing your hands after using the bathroom. It may be better to clean yourself such that washing your hands afterwards isn't necessary, but it's also possible that it is just two different methods that accomplish the same goal. (Just playing devil's advocate as I don't know that one is better (hygienically) than the other.)
  11. Interesting but I didn't see the connection to food standards between the US and the EU.
  12. How many minutes will it take? What formula do you use to calculate that?
  13. We like to say Earthkind, not peoplekind. Hopefully if we ever travel the stars we'll have learned to stop being speciesist. We can't even do that right yet.
  14. Sounds similar to not wanting to teach children about contraception due to the concern that it can tempt teens to be sloppy with their behavior, who may act that way on the basis that any sperm will be captured by condoms anyway. 😀 Is there any evidence that American poultry workers are indeed sloppy in their methods, or that any sloppiness translates into poor health outcomes? Yep, that looks pretty damning.
  15. I hear this argument about American food standards versus European food standards often and was wondering if anyone knows if the difference translates into health differences for consumers.
  16. Thanks! I didn't know there was a name for it.
  17. I find this to be true, and I find that both parties are responsible. Some people of science tend to forget how long it took them to get to where they are now. Understanding a concept or readily being able to discern science from pseudoscience is a skill that is developed over many years and with a lot of effort. It is easy to get frustrated with someone who seems oblivious to a concept that to a scientist is so obvious. It is often difficult to determine if someone is closing their ears to science or if they are just not experienced enough yet to process the information they are being given. I find that lay people often respond out of emotion instead of reason, and therefore find people of science to be arrogant. People generally do not like being told that they are wrong, sometimes spectacularly, and that they are often wrong because they were duped. That is tough on the ego. It is easier on the ego to get angry at the person correcting you, than to acknowledge that you were a fool.
  18. Still seems like an unfair statement to me. I'll buy that the Trump voters got what they deserved. Maybe even those who can't be bothered to vote. But what about the rest of us? Sounds like I deserve Donald Trump for making the mistake of choosing to be born in the US instead of Canada (or Italy as the case may be).
  19. That statement seems a little unfair. The majority of the US did not vote for Trump. The majority of 'voters' in the US did not vote for Trump. And that is just looking at the US. Surely the people of North Korea don't 'deserve' Kim Jong-un. The list of despots goes on and on.
  20. I think the scientific general consensus is that Sweatman is smart enough to be able to develop excellent pseudoscientific theories which he turns into best sellers. For the layman his ideas seem sound, but to the scientist who actually studies what Sweatman is writing about it is all nonsense. Sweatman develops a plausible scenario (I purposely did not use the word "theory") but is not interested in investigating any of the obvious next steps to support his conjectures. He's not a scientist in these cases; he's a writer. Therefore once the book is done, from his perspective there is nothing left to do. Sweatman is similar to Asimov in that he uses his scientific knowledge to be able to write believable fiction.
  21. Stop putting houses in the middle of fire prone areas. No different than not putting houses in flood plains.
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