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  1. In my experience Everclear leads to a propensity for bad behavior and projectile vomiting. I get nauseated just thinking about that devil's brew!
  2. LOL! Kids are the same everywhere. I hadn't thought about it in years but I remember sucking Jello through my teeth. 😃 Speaking of kids... I didn't realize it as a kid but finally saw it as a parent; jokes are sort of free floating entities that hover around kids of a certain age. I remember my older son coming home with a joke he heard in the second grade, and it was the same joke I had told when I was in the second grade. Then my younger son gets to second grade, and he comes home from school to tell the same joke! All through grade school as my boys were growing up I would first hear a joke from my older son that I heard as a kid, followed two years later by my younger son telling the same joke. It made me wonder how those jokes managed to stay with a certain age of kids over the years.
  3. That helps! Now you've added some tasty fat to the mix! 😄 Another popular version is the Jello shot! Just add a little vodka!
  4. Whoever thought of putting veggies in Jello should have been whipped. It's innocuous enough plain and as it is sweet it will certainly pass for dessert to a kid. But when you put shredded carrots or other such nonsense in it the eating experience goes from meh to bleh.
  5. https://www.mvfarmmarket.com/blogs/news/16861488-whats-the-difference-between-jams-jellies-preserves-spreads-and-butters We've been making jelly, jam and butter since as long as I can remember. Varies by year but this year alone we've made both apple and peach butter, wild grape jelly, and jams from strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, and probably some I cannot remember. The ONLY ingredients that ever go into jellies and jams when we make them is fruit, sugar, lemon juice and dairy butter. A batch will typically be 1 c. smashed fruit or juice, 1 c. sugar, 1 tbsp lemon juice, and 1 pat of butter. Boil until it is the right consistency (about 6-7 minutes but varies based on water content of fruit). That's it. Getting the right consistency is a matter of experience and a little bit of luck. If when cooled it turns out too thick we just add a little bit of apple juice, and if it is too thin we just boil again for a short while.
  6. Did you analyze this area of luxury spending? I'm pretty sure there are more people involved than mine workers, dock workers, and interior designers. Are you really suggesting that anyone making more than minimum wage is wasted money when it comes to luxury purchases?
  7. I'm going to guess it is easier to spend $1,000,000 ethically. Not necessarily that they would do so, but simply that it is easier. When you are rich you can afford to be picky, or even over pay. The lower your wealth the fewer options you have choose ethics over immediate needs.
  8. Yes, there are indeed more and less ethical ways to spend your money. I'm not at all clear why people are so convinced some random rich guy is less ethical than some random working class guy. Yes, a tax system can reflect that. I'm all for taxing the rich at a higher rate than others. What I object to is the suggestion (evidence free) is that luxury spending means 'money barely reaches the bottom of the economic food chain', or that rich people have the pervasive idea of "Anything I own this, nobody else can. ", or whatever this hint of evil was implying; "It's hard to measure the collateral damage from luxury spending, or trace exactly who gets stuck with all the bills and cleanup."
  9. Can you stop with the innuendo already? If you think wood or plastic or brass on a yacht is different than wood or plastic or brass on a cabin cruiser please provide some evidence. All you do is bitch about the rich without providing any evidence.
  10. Didn't realize you were still trolling me with straw-men. Lot of people out there with soiled pants courtesy of the working class. If we denigrated brown people as a whole like the rich are being disparaged as a group everyone here would be screaming foul. It seems to be okay to lump some groups together but not others.
  11. The same as was done for every other fucking boat. What is it with you and rich people?!?! Did some rich kid make you pee your pants when you were a kid?
  12. It's a boat. Made by people who make boats. Luxury spending is not some dark-net side of the economy that operates outside the bounds of regulation and the law. These yachts aren't made for Dr. Evil.
  13. Trump (reluctantly) sort of (half-heartedly) told his followers at a rally in Alabama that they should get the vaccine. He was booed. Seems it's hard to give up the lie once you are fully committed to it.
  14. I am not convinced there is a growing movement to deny reality in America. There have always been people who didn't believe what many of consider reality but I don't know that number has been increasing. Certainly there seems to be growing distrust in authority which is not the same thing as denying reality. Many people who will not get the COVID vaccine are doing it because they don't trust the people who are telling us to get it, not necessarily because they don't think vaccines work.
  15. It takes 3-4 years to design and build a yacht. That's a lot of workers for a lot of time. Unlike your house, with a super yacht comes a crew of 15-20 people earning a salary. In addition the working class must build, maintain and repair these yachts. There is no question that some investments support the working class more than yachts, just like there are some investments that support the working class more than affordable housing. If that is what Sensei meant, then that is what he should have said. It is simply an overreach to say that "If a billionaire spends money on luxury items, the money barely reaches the bottom of the economic food chain". The billionaire does not have lowly millionaires building the furniture, maintaining the engines, mopping the floors, or fixing the plumbing.
  16. Yes I see the difference. What I don't see is the similarity.
  17. I talked about jobs involved in creating a yacht. You talked about an economic theory involving taxes.
  18. No, the problem is that you are confusing what I said with and economic theory.
  19. Be specific. What part of my statement was incorrect?
  20. Sorry to be obtuse but it kind of seems like you are straddling the line when it comes to whether or not a professional is needed on board. Can you answer definitively yes/no to whether or not "a professional should be on board". I'm unclear why you would like a professional on board if their only role is to die with you in the event of a catastrophic failure.
  21. I'm trying to get you to defend your position in the OP that a professional "should" be on board; not just that he could hold your hand to make you feel better. Can you do so?
  22. So let's assume you go up on the next flight and they send up a fully trained astronaut with you. What type of emergency on the space craft will the astronaut be able to respond to while sitting next to you?
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