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  1. I have an idea to propose

    So there is no tidal locking occurring between the sun and the earth?
  2. Question about Rotation

    Do you mean like Olympic divers do?
  3. Killing Animals and Spirituality?

    I don't think I've ever come across anyone expressing that perspective before.
  4. Killing Animals and Spirituality?

    Say what?
  5. Oprah as a Presidential candidate

    Can you expand on that thought a bit?
  6. The Baddest Bridge Near You

    The favorite bridge near me is th Eads Bridge, financed by Andrew Carnegie. It opened in 1874 and is still in use today. It was the first all steel bridge, the first to exclusively use cantilever supports, and still has some of the deepest caissons ever sunk. Fifteen people died from "the bends" during its construction. To prove that the structure was safe they walked an elephant across it, because as everyone knew at the time, an elephant would not walk onto an unsafe structure. Science at its best!
  7. Is space itself conductive?

    There is nothing I like better than to offer an answer to a question, then to be called a bastard because the answer didn't meet the standards expected.
  8. It's a very pleasant feeling to have the right tool for the job at hand, but it is surprising what you can accomplish with some imagination. Using ropes for clamps is a new one, but I have used 2x4s and boxes of rocks.
  9. Okay, I get it. So any guesses? Are we likely to ever know how life began on earth? Or will we likely only know how life could have began on earth? I realize this is speculation, but I'm wondering if the clues to our origin are likely to be found in our chemical makeup.
  10. But that's the point I'm getting at. Saying it was chemical is the same as saying Dark Energy fuels the acceleration of the expansion of the universe. It is such a broad term that it means almost nothing. That is why I questioned beecee when he said "Abiogenesis appears to be really the only scientific answer as to how life arose." Abiogenesis is NOT the answer, it is a field of study LOOKING for the answer. Which is my understanding...
  11. And at this point we have no data which allows us to say "we think life began this specific way", right?
  12. Is space itself conductive?

    My understanding is that 'conduction' is a term that describes material objects. Since space is not a material object, it cannot "conduct".
  13. But abiogenesis doesn't tell us how life arose, does it? Isn't abiogenesis more of a hypothesis, or a framework for investigating how life began? Saying abiogenesis is the "answer to how life arose" seems similar to saying Dark Energy is the answer to the acceleration of the expansion of the universe. It may be technically true, but it doesn't really clear up many questions.
  14. You must have made this argument a couple of dozen times by now. A shitty world is not proof there is no God. Please move on to something else.
  15. The entire table was made of clear pine and we only used 1 inch nominal thickness boards with various widths. Where we needed thicker boards we would just glue up two boards. And to make the overall job easier, we kept the width of all pieces at the width of boards we could buy at Home Depot. That way we didn't have to rip any boards. Because pine tends to look splotchy when you stain it, we used a pre-stain wood conditioner, a brush on stain, and applied several coats of polyurethane. In between coats we rubbed it down with 0000 steel wool. Part of the reason for framing all four sides of the top was to add rigidity, and also to give the illusion of a thicker top than we actually built.
  16. This past summer my son decided he wanted a farmhouse table for his dining room. We made this with hardware that allows him to easily take it apart for transport.
  17. IMO, in order to build a table that you will be happy with you first must have patience, attention to detail, and recognition of when those attributes are slipping (due to fatigue, being in a hurry, etc.), so that you can step away before you screw something up. If you do each individual step to the best of your ability, your overall project will be the best you are capable of with your current experience, and will generally be something you are happy with. Assuming the above is true the next thing you need is a plan. Not just the look and dimensions of the table, but an idea of how you are going to accomplish cuts, glue up, joinery, finishing, etc. That will come from either a plan you are following, someone to guide you, or your own knowledge. If you've got the two items above covered, go for it! It really doesn't matter if you've done the techniques before because if you have the right approach (paragraph 1) and know what you have to accomplish (paragraph 2) then you will be successful. May not be perfect, but it will at least be good enough, and no one will likely notice any imperfections except for you. The average person will not look that closely. When I build things I often do a lot of the tasks twice. Once for practice or to see how it will go, and once for real. I'll cut a rabbet on a piece of scrap before I do it for real. I'll dry assemble before actual glue-up to make sure I have enough clamps and time to get it glued before things start drying. I'll sand/stain/apply polyurethane on a sample to see how it looks. That way when I do it on the piece I'm making it comes out the way I want it to. When you get down to it, all you are really doing is cutting wood into smaller pieces, then putting the pieces together in the shape you are after. Since you are still fairly new to this game, you may want to consider making it out of, say, pine rather than something like oak. Much cheaper and easier to work. I vote you make it.
  18. Virus Vaccine

    What is the virus you are referring to? Do you have a link? Thanks.
  19. Hardest word for you to spell

    I'm embarassed that I can never seem to remember how to spell embarrassed.
  20. Finger Pointing Debating

    You are right, with respect to rangerx anyway. His behavior has been appalling. I almost called him out in the other thread but held my tongue.
  21. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Perhaps someone can tell me why my specific suggestions (five post back) are not the types of suggestions we should be focusing on as that may help me understand the position of those who are in disagreement with me. In addition, a summary of what suggestions have been made that don't involve requests that women must/should take some particular action would be helpful.
  22. Oprah as a Presidential candidate

    For the record, Oprah is not a pop singer. But to address the question, I guess I'd vote for her over Donald but that is not saying much. I think we've shown that people unqualified are not a good choice, whether we agree with their thoughts or not. No, I will not vote for Oprah.
  23. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    I did present some suggestions earlier. Here is some of what I said: "Many people, young ones in particular, and not educated on how to deal with these complex situations that lead to assault. Look at the the US women's gymnastics team for example. A doctor molested dozens of young women, who by their own admission did not understand or know how to respond to the situation. Educating young people like this who are removed from the protection of their parents to recognize and avoid situations where that can occur is likely to have a positive impact. A more complex situation is the mixed signals sent out by some celebrities. Telling women to not allow themselves to be treated like sex objects, might be followed the next day by going out in public without underwear and flashing your hoohah. How do men react to that? How do young women react to that? Is that unknowingly putting young ladies at risk who might be tempted to do the same?" "Young girls should not have to decide whether or not a doctor's 'treatment' is appropriate; maybe something more concrete, like requiring a woman appropriately trained to be there for all treatments. You shouldn't have to count on someone with a vested interest in the alleged perpetrator decide how to deal with a sexual harassment claim. " I addressed this earlier too. Here is some of what I said: "Personally I wish everyone would get away from the "dress modestly" theme as I find it to be a waste of time as well as a misrepresentation of what I've suggested. Putting mechanisms in place to educate young gymnasts and other women in similar circumstances, clear and effective ways to report abuse, understanding who is most vulnerable, support for those who choose to speak out, a public debate on sexual messaging in the media, etc. will in my mind address areas of weakness and deliver concrete results." So if I say "murderers are going to kill" do you feel that also is acceptance? Stating that a behavior occurs is not the same as accepting that behavior.
  24. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Jeez, am I really going to get into this again?!?! Apologies ahead of time... Some of us keep talking about it because women are still getting hurt, and we think it can help. That's all. It doesn't feel like wasting time. To me it feels as helpful as talking about how to stop men from committing the crimes.
  25. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    It does. No one I've seen is saying that having a tendency to do something makes it acceptable. Did someone say otherwise?