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  1. It is akin to adding a deadbolt to your front door after you've recently installed a chain door guard. Makes things better, not worse. Your title, "Covid overload", makes me think you might be under the impression that receiving the vaccination is the same as contracting COVID-19. It is not. The vaccination does not include injecting you with SARS-CoV-2 and it does not result in you contracting COVID-19.
  2. Are you getting all of your ideas from movies?
  3. I find that a proportional response to violence is often the best course of action. I alway told my children to walk away if possible but they should not stand for being abused by another. It's always going to be a judgement call, and things can turn out badly, but unfortunately the world is not a fair place and it is important that we look out for our own best interests.
  4. If you want this conversation to go anywhere you are going to have to be a bit more free with the details.
  5. What is the significance of removing the fertilized egg? Couldn't you just place a skin cell in the location without having first removed a different cell from that location?
  6. Since you are opposed to redefining words I can only surmise that you believe people are literally being launched beneath the wheels of large, multi-passenger conveyances.
  7. Agreed. In the US people are referring to their Rights guaranteed under the Constitution. The claim is frequently made by the same people who discuss their Right to bear arms. "Freedom of Speech" is a direct quote, and people in the US know the phrase from the Constitution. It is taught beginning in early elementary school. There are certainly other legitimate uses of the phrase, but if asking how it is generally used in the US, the answer is as a violation of a Constitutional Right.
  8. It varies from individual to individual, case to case.
  9. Are we then still inside the black hole? Or are you suggesting that some things can indeed escape from black holes?
  10. As someone who has dealt with mice for years, I can assure you they can get that high up.
  11. You are expecting us to go look for the evidence? You don't seem to know how this works.
  12. Doesn't it take individuals deciding that is their purpose?
  13. Completely ruins the game of peek-a-boo.
  14. The evidence rather strongly implies otherwise.
  15. I think the anger comes from our country being represented by people who make what are obviously polarizing statements that hurt, rather than help, our overall situation.
  16. Strictly speaking, it is the south, not southeast. When speaking of the south in the United States, the reference does not include southern California, New Mexico, etc. It refers to the southern states in roughly the eastern half of the country. It's a history thing.
  17. So you are saying that television news sources are "pro-milk", so to speak? They approve of milk subsidies and are against foreign dairy?
  18. Does the "mainstream media" have a spokesperson, who made some kind of declaration? What exactly does it mean that it is "not accepted"? And while we are at it, who exactly is in this "mainstream media" group you speak of? Can you please provide specific names?
  19. And don't even get me started on swabian kartoffelsalat!! User Tip: Not all posts on this forum are a request for a recap of your Master's thesis.
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