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  1. Of course. But that doesn't mean we should vilify the person who came up with the term. We had to call it something and "murder" was not accurate, being only a subset of what 'collateral damage' refers to.
  2. Calm down friend. Collateral damage does not necessarily mean death or even injury. It also refers to damage to non-combatant property. And "murder" is hardly the term I would use to describe the death of a non-combatant due to things such as technical limitations, poor intelligence, or just damn bad luck.
  3. zapatos

    The inconvenient truth about genetics

    Great point. My understanding is that thermal energy primarily what moves things around in a cell, and they move very fast. I don't know how good this source is but it is line what I had previously understood to be true.
  4. Perhaps we need to imprison people like you. Anyone who advocates prison for what people think should not be walking free.
  5. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    I think you misunderstood. THIS conversation is not the "investigation". The concern is with using possible implementation issues to stop the investigation before it even begins. Otherwise how will we know if the implementation issues mentioned now are even something that will come up?
  6. zapatos

    Spacetime is doomed.

    Is the origin of time predicted by the BB Theory? I was under the impression that was unknown.
  7. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    Of course we'll never know that for sure, or know how close we can get to doing reparations well, or know if the courts are the best avenue, without studying the issue. Which is why I don't understand the opposition to at least looking into it.
  8. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    I'm disappointed for two reasons. One reason is that someone of your intellectual capability would EVER take a stand against investigating pretty much anything. And two, and I don't mean to be offensive, but refusing to even look into whether a human rights violation should be compensated for in some way for fear of the consequences, sounds like a decision made from fear.
  9. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    Wow. I can see this conversation is going to go nowhere.
  10. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    Do you find that to be a comparable situation?
  11. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    I may be mistaken, but you also seem to be implying that for the above reason we should not investigate or implement reparations. Do I have that right?
  12. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    Speaking only for myself of course... No. This is not about all wrongs to all people. This is about slavery and the continued impact on blacks. If you want to talk about other people and other issues, that should be taken up outside of this discussion.
  13. zapatos

    Discussable Topics

    I've seen a number of good threads where God was part of the discussion. Of course I've also seen people lose their minds. It seems me that people lose their minds when those mentioning God do so with no regard for logic or rationality.
  14. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    I'm not sure what your point is. Why does it matter if I "take" responsibility? If the government buys some goods from Canada I have to pay. I don't get to say "I'm not paying that part of my taxes because I didn't want you to buy those staplers." Do you really think the whole purpose of this discussion is to come up with a tool with which to bash people? Well, I don't see iNow, CharonY or me bludgeoning anyone, or calling them racist, intolerant bigots. Did I miss something?
  15. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    We are not talking about compensating those who are dead. We are talking about compensating those who are suffering harm today. One of the perpetrators is the US government. Just as the company keeps responsibility for the person who was negligent when building the faulty ladder (even if that person is now dead), the government keeps responsibility for the acts of slaveholders who were sanctioned by their government. As a stockholder of the ladder company I will see my dividends go down when the company pays the person who was harmed, even though I had no participation in the past misdeed.
  16. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    Certainly an examination of the wound, how it occurred, and what might be done to treat it isn't likely to help the person who inflicted the wound. But the patient/victim is usually better off. And of course the victim's well being should be paramount.
  17. zapatos

    The case for reparations

    Reparations is a corner stone of our civil legal system. If you steal from someone, you make amends. If you slander a restaurant and they lose business because of it, you are required to pay them damages. Wrongful death? Reparations. Fell off a faulty ladder and can't work? Ladder manufacturer pays. And it doesn't matter if the faulty ladder was an ignorant mistake or done maliciously. Is it you position that none of these reparations should be made either? If not, then why aren't blacks also entitled to reparations for harm they've suffered?
  18. But why? What is the basis of your opinion? What was wrong about it?
  19. So my wife and I were wrong to hire a surrogate when we were unable to conceive? Why? How many parent/teacher nights have they missed?
  20. All of them?!?! He bid against millions of people?!?! How does this auction work? Homosexuals don't desire to bring the sperm and egg together in order to have a child?
  21. zapatos

    Hijack from How did homosexuality evolve?

    Who did he bid against?
  22. There are also zero children produced by heterosexuality. Children are produced by the fertilization of an egg. Doesn't matter if the egg or sperm came from a homosexual or a heterosexual. I was unaware that being homosexual stopped people from wanting and/or having children. And yet we are not going extinct. Lousy analogy.
  23. zapatos

    Chernobyl and the After effects:

    Seems like people want to troll you rather than talk to you. Very strange.
  24. zapatos

    Well, I emailed CERN

    I think at some point we need to entertain the idea that we are being trolled by a professional.
  25. zapatos

    Is my dad my real dad

    Have your DNA compared to your dad's DNA.