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  1. Usually asking people to support their assertions or define their terms doesn't meet with such hostility. I'll leave you alone now. Sorry if i offended you. Agreed. I was just wondering about how wide spread it was. It seemed to me that mind control was way out there on the fringe and not generally common in the non-vaxxed population.
  2. I think I want you to answer the question rather than asking questions in return. Just say you don't want to answer the questions I ask. We don't need to have a discussion. All true, but it didn't really answer my question about these people believing in mind-control and conspiracies.
  3. How do you know that? How are you using the term 'anti-vaxxer'? Does that refer to people who are against all vaccines or those who are only against the COVID vaccine?
  4. So you ARE saying he is an anti-vaxxer? How do you know all of those people are anti-vaxxer and believe the government is involved in mind control or conspiracy? Most of the articles I see describe them as NOT anti-vax, just not interested in this vaccine, and more akin to people who don't want to be told what to do.
  5. Sorry, since the thread was about him I thought you were referring to him. Who exactly were the anti-vaxxers you were referring to who pretend "that vaccinations are some sort of new form of non tested or researched, insidious government attempt at mind control or conspiracy."?
  6. How did you come by that diagnosis?
  7. How was Novak being childish?
  8. I don't think the comparison was humans to other living organisms, but humans to other components of the universe. If we know smallest and largest, we know where we fall. Don't we?
  9. Interesting. Did you get your starter 'handful' from your aquarium?
  10. I've always thought the universe behaved like a myopic halibut. Either way I'm not sure what the analogy buys us.
  11. My wife said I never listen to her. That is what she said, right? I never knew what happiness was until I met my wife. But by then it was too late. A guy is out golfing with his buddy when a funeral procession drives by. The guy lays down his putter and lowers his head. The buddy says "Say, you really are a sentimental kind of guy, aren't you?" The guy responds "Well, we were married for 20 years after all."
  12. We're doing pretty well. Compared to our fellow countries we are in the top 90% for vaccination rate.
  13. I don't know. Nitrogen is fixed in the soil. Is there a net gain, loss, or neutral result due to adding leaves to the soil? I'm still unsure of the significance of "traces". Doesn't the overall impact depend on how much is used, not on whether it is in an amount considered "traces"? Does "traces" imply it is insignificant for the plants? Or only that it is in very small amounts? Aren't "trace amounts" more than enough under certain circumstances?
  14. "Cool cat"?!?! I'm in my 60s and people quit saying "cool cat" before I was a teenager. 😄
  15. It was disputed because it was too broad of a statement. Adding too many leaves depletes the soil of nitrogen; adding the correct amount of leaves adds nitrogen to the soil. https://homeguides.sfgate.com/good-add-shredded-leaves-garden-soil-till-103390.html
  16. Correct. it specifically mentions country level response, which can include government, individual, private, public, etc. It also mentions the "general public". But nowhere does it say: I think it is pretty clear that in America our results are heavily influenced by personal response to the pandemic. When Trump recently promoted the vaccine he was booed then attacked on right wing media.
  17. Still don't see anything saying this is limited to government responses. Would you mind explicitly showing me the words that say it is limited in that way, instead of making this some sort of reading test?
  18. No, this is about success stories and failures. The OP did not limit the discussion to government responses.
  19. My niece and her whole family got it, as well as my son's FIL. All were also vaccinated and boosted. But I guess I also don't know that many people who have not been vaccinated. Not the type of people I tend to be around a lot.
  20. If you don't mind me asking, were you vaccinated and boosted? Just wondering about some first-person stories as I've only known a couple people to get COVID.
  21. Sounds like legislators should be illegal in your state.
  22. Sorry to hear that. Hope it doesn't drag out too long for your family. Did it likely come from daycare?
  23. I read a book in 2020 on pandemics that was written several years prior to COVID. In it they described different pandemics and the reaction to them. Governments tried to enforce lockdowns. Foreigners were blamed. Businesses minimized the impact so as to not lose revenue. Individuals complained about loss of freedoms and government overreach. You could easily have changed the name of the pandemic described in the book with COVID-19 and no one would have noticed.
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