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  1. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/02/covid-vaccine/607000/?utm_medium=offsite&utm_source=yahoo&utm_campaign=yahoo-non-hosted&yptr=yahoo
  2. Might just be a translation issue. You ever read assembly instructions for products that come from china?
  3. zapatos

    Canadian Protests

    The world is a messy place. In the entire world you would be hard pressed to find two people who agree on all issues. What is worth killing a person for you might be unknown or totally fair to me. The acceptance of protests changes with time, who is in charge, and which way the wind is blowing. Something that is critical today may be a minor annoyance tomorrow, simply because something more critical now has our attention. We will try to set levels of acceptability for protests, and those levels will change over time. From my perspective I don't get bothered by much. I accept that I will like some things and not like others; that I will be inconvenienced on occasion; that people will disagree with me; and that I may not like the final outcome. Debating generalities may be useful but it is not very practical. All you can really do is decide how you and like minded individuals will react to different situations.
  4. Externet lives in the US. For him to be so worried about his well being indeed likely causes more risk for him than the actual virus does.
  5. "Zero tolerance to pollution" buddy. Don't be a hypocrite.
  6. You mean you keep thousands of people in close quarters and a virus spreads? Shocking!
  7. Then I suggest you end your bloodline.
  8. That was very helpful Mordred. Thank you.
  9. You were probably clear but I was not able to understand it. Does that mean there was no t+10-44 seconds? And if there was that point in time, why wouldn't it be considered 'prior' to t+10-43 seconds? (I recognize that perhaps I am mistakingly trying to apply simplistic logic to a more complex situation.)
  10. When.. at a smaller time increment than...
  11. Snow after an avalanche is quite solid. People don't dig themselves out of an avalanche. The snow will maintain its shape even if a door or window is opened.
  12. I'm unsure why the universe would stop being the "universe" simply because its characteristics are different than "we know it". Is there some accepted definition of the universe you are referring to that excludes what existed prior to the beginning of the BB?
  13. Yes. But of course whether I can or not is irrelevant to what question was asked in the OP.
  14. Which hook do they claim they are getting off? With the law? God? The wife they are cheating on?
  15. Not on this planet. AFAIK arguing determinism has never gotten anyone off the hook.
  16. Increasing population and decreasing resources does not lead to annihilation, so technology is not needed to avoid being wiped out. Populations of species wax and wane all the time. It is self regulating.
  17. No. The question is 'what that is MISSING from the Star Wars universe does not make sense?' You are missing the point of the OP.
  18. Sounds like we are working our way through our homework questions.
  19. It would make no sense if they did not have some modes of transportation other than walking, or if they had no housing, medical care, or sources of energy beyond fire.
  20. Here is a suggestion. https://www.hunker.com/13424503/types-of-gravel-for-driveway
  21. It can't be. That should be obvious if you are even remotely aware of what the "universe" is.
  22. That's perfect! Thanks! I'll pass it along. Even he admits the jelly tastes like crap. I have no idea why he keeps making it.
  23. My brother-in-law won't waste anything. Every other year we make a large batch of apple butter (yield is about 60 quarts). He can't stand to throw away all the apple peels so he uses it to make some really disgusting apple jelly then gives it out to all the relatives. Then it is up to us to throw it out...
  24. Most of our food waste comes from our garden. We grow much more than we eat, can, or give away. We have a beautiful compost pile. Our chickens do a good job of eating a lot of our over-ripe produce too. Fortunately I'm happy eating the same thing multiple days in a row which also helps keep waste to a minimum.
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