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  1. Today I learned the concept of hashing and hashmapping.
  2. Just back from Sikkim tour.....

  3. Hi, Can there be no friends in this new version of SFN?
  4. Fill in the blanks: f__k s_x boo_s p_n_s Here's the answers: fork,six,boots,pants. How many of you got them correctly ??
  5. x isn't a function of any variable. It's the position vector of the block from the mean position.
  6. Hi, I'm back after a lot of days...... Just came back with a thought... Suppose there is a block of mass m that has compressed a light ideal spring having spring constant k. Now, if we write the equation of motion for this system, then ma=-kx or a=-kx/m It's evident that a is a function of x. So we can differentiate it wrt x to gt the jerk j. So, j=-kv/m. But v is variable and still differentiable. And continuing it, we have an endless chain. So is it infinitely differentiable??
  7. Law of conservation of mass only applies to a closed system where there is no conversion of mass to energy. In case some energy comes into account, we have to consider energy and mass together, because E=mc^2.
  8. Suppose it's like this: F <--- |eng|= |wg1|=|wg2|=|wg3|=|wg4|=|wg5| So this is the train (or wagons). Assuming that each wagon weighs m and the engine is of mass M, then net acceleration a = F/(M+5m) So force exerted by wg2 on wg3 is = 3ma
  9. Snell's Law states that the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of angle of refraction is a constant for a given medium.
  10. It is probably based on the concept of similarity of triangles.
  11. Sriman Dutta


    0/0 is undefined and that is why we evaluate such functions using limits.
  12. Sriman Dutta


    For the first question, total distance covered = length of train + length of bridge. For the second one, draw a displacement time graph.
  13. Average speed is equal to total speed by total time. We can assume the total distance as d in the above question and proceed.
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