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  1. Sriman Dutta

    Differentiability of the acceleration

    Thank you for all the help.
  2. Sriman Dutta

    Differentiability of the acceleration

    If I consider x=Asin(wt) ??
  3. Just back from Sikkim tour.....

  4. Sriman Dutta

    New changes

    Hi, Can there be no friends in this new version of SFN?
  5. Sriman Dutta

    The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    Fill in the blanks: f__k s_x boo_s p_n_s Here's the answers: fork,six,boots,pants. How many of you got them correctly ??
  6. Sriman Dutta

    Differentiability of the acceleration

    x isn't a function of any variable. It's the position vector of the block from the mean position.
  7. Sriman Dutta

    Differentiability of the acceleration

    Hi, I'm back after a lot of days...... Just came back with a thought... Suppose there is a block of mass m that has compressed a light ideal spring having spring constant k. Now, if we write the equation of motion for this system, then ma=-kx or a=-kx/m It's evident that a is a function of x. So we can differentiate it wrt x to gt the jerk j. So, j=-kv/m. But v is variable and still differentiable. And continuing it, we have an endless chain. So is it infinitely differentiable??
  8. Sriman Dutta


    Law of conservation of mass only applies to a closed system where there is no conversion of mass to energy. In case some energy comes into account, we have to consider energy and mass together, because E=mc^2.
  9. Sriman Dutta


    Suppose it's like this: F <--- |eng|= |wg1|=|wg2|=|wg3|=|wg4|=|wg5| So this is the train (or wagons). Assuming that each wagon weighs m and the engine is of mass M, then net acceleration a = F/(M+5m) So force exerted by wg2 on wg3 is = 3ma
  10. Snell's Law states that the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of angle of refraction is a constant for a given medium.
  11. Sriman Dutta


    It is probably based on the concept of similarity of triangles.
  12. Sriman Dutta


    0/0 is undefined and that is why we evaluate such functions using limits.
  13. Sriman Dutta


    For the first question, total distance covered = length of train + length of bridge. For the second one, draw a displacement time graph.
  14. Sriman Dutta

    average speed

    Average speed is equal to total speed by total time. We can assume the total distance as d in the above question and proceed.
  15. Sriman Dutta

    Question about a hypothetical situation.

    Such fantasies can be a part of a Hollywood movie. No idea, what would happen except explosion and wiping out of the life.