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  1. Do we have any evidence that black holes actually emit radiation? If not, how can we prove it? If so, is Hawking radiation the best way we have to explain it?
  2. But the singularity isn't "inside" of the event horizon? And I was thinking that the event horizon is just the limit which the light can "scape" from the black hole, and if its right, this place (event horizon) does not suffer the same time alteration in comparison with the singularity. (I may have been confused by the concepts) Sorry about that, if more people reply I can start a new one.
  3. A thing that I want to know, using this topic which comes to this subject, is: If in a singularity, the time passes so slowly that for us (out of it) it would be infinite (since the singularity has infinite density) how can we observe the effects of the black hole angular momentum? (if you don't understand something, please ask me, my english isn't good)
  4. For me I've already thought about this, but I think using only a light frequency is a low amount of energy for the plant to make its photosynthesis. That is reeeally good idea... thank you, but I need a capital which I don't have now, when I get one, for sure I will make videos... That is a good idea but is a big trouble for me learn programming. Or Arduino for this use is easy to program? I do not know anything about... I was rereading your commentary and I think, that is a good idea for people that have a lot of space to make a vegetable garden, and I live in
  5. I was thinking of finding the best plant species (I'll try more vegetables I guess) to survive a temperature inside a box with a lamp in my room (I'll put a thermometer inside the box), and I'll try to find out which plant can survive with low insolation as well. I'll also try to make a spreadsheet (I think that's the name) of all the time I run the plant. I did a little research on the subject, I think I'll start planting vegetables that grew inside the soil, like beets or turnips, because they need less light. it's better now? (I used some help). Cool ideas, but I th
  6. I was thinking about finding the better species of plants(i will most try vegetables I think) to survive at a temperature of inside a box with a bulb in my bedroom (I will put a thermometer inside the box), and I will try to find which plant can survive with low insolation too. I will try to make a spreadsheet (i think that is the name) of all time that I water the plant. About what I researched, I will start to plant vegetable wich grown up inside the ground, like beet or turnip, because they need less light. (i had some difficulties typing this in English, so if you don't understand somethin
  7. I'm not a scientist yet, but I want to be, so I'm trying to do a cool experiment at home. I want to do a plant grow up inside a box with an artificial light and a solar panel, using the sunlight to turn on a light bulb. But I think this idea has a lot of problems, for example, energetically speaking the artificial light will be weaker than sunlight, so on cloudy days, a plant doesn't will have so much light. If you guys have any suggestions for how I can make this, like the type of plant, of solar panel, of the light bulb, or anything, please tell me your idea. I am in this forum to le
  8. Thank you Stringjunky, your answer was really helpful, mainly this part: And Itoero, I usually use "Grammarly", its a google chrome extension that helps when I write on forums. (I think they have a windows app too)
  9. I know it's maybe a stupid question, but I am a layman about this topic. Why are this fishes species translucent? If that is to survive the predators or something, why all fishes aren't? (sorry about my English, I'm learning it too)
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