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  1. I read that the nervous system can be trained to lift heavy weights instead of muscle, is this true?
  2. Can a person be muscular on the inside but the outer appearance of the body is not muscular? Also I remember when I was a kid in high school and we had rugby game against this other team, at that time weight around 220 pounds, and there was this skinny guy half my size and bony as hell (I could feel it when ever he tackled me) who seemed strong as hell for someone his size. Every time I ran at him he would lift me up with his strength and put me down, I don't know what the hell he was on but he was one hell of a kid. My second question is, why are some people who are skinny really strong for their size when they don't have muscles that show?
  3. John Harmonic

    Best excercise: HIIT, steady cardio or weight training?

    Based on the previous answers, I think various forms of running is the best type of workout for the heart muscle. Any other type of movement should be good for anything else you desire in terms of health.
  4. John Harmonic

    What kind I do to cause evolution?

    Yes good idea, a hairy strong and muscular spouse. That should kick things off.
  5. John Harmonic

    Are mutations ALWAYS random?

    Can mutations that are able to be handed down to your offspring be caused by environmental factors and your lifestyle? Can you somehow cause mutations (which are favorable to you) to occur in your body?
  6. John Harmonic

    What is the strongest animal of prey?

    What about land animal?
  7. What is the strongest animal of prey, I have Googled this but it only shows birds of prey. What about the animals?
  8. John Harmonic

    Is ancient Greek history grand?

    Ok you proven me wrong, thanks for the information.
  9. John Harmonic

    Is ancient Greek history grand?

    I thought Christianity was the foundation of modern society and culture as we know it. Well for white man since it is through the Bible/Christianity that laws were established.
  10. John Harmonic

    Is ancient Greek history grand?

    Yeah I read that Polynesians have a gene that allows them to store lots of fat so when they go on ocean journey they don't starve.
  11. John Harmonic

    Is ancient Greek history grand?

    Is ancient Greek history as grand as movies portray to be? The whole warrior culture thing, the Spartans and the Myrmidons from Homers Iliad as well as other stuff I have no idea about. There is a new game that came out called Assassins Creed: Odyssey and it has a lot of this warrior stuff and people wearing warrior clothing and all that stuff, lots of fighting lots of sailing. My question is really, is ancient Greece really "all that"? Also how comes Greeks now days are not not that good at sports if they had such a culture, Polynesians also had a warrior culture in the past and they are some of the most successful sports people.
  12. John Harmonic

    What is your philosophy in life?

    My philosophy in life is to survive. Well that is how I have lived most of my life anyway, simply trying to survive and enjoy it. I haven't lived up to the standards of my belief system.
  13. John Harmonic

    Who were the first Polynesians?

    Who were the first Polynesians and where did they come from? One article says it was Tonga then on Wikipedia it says most scholars lean more towards Samoa. Who is the original Polynesians and where did they come from?
  14. John Harmonic

    Universes from nothing

    The universe doesn't enforce the rules we model. We only model our rules and math to how we perceive the universe. We basically enforce our rules on the universe.
  15. Do you have any examples of what are epigenetic?