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  1. I take Xylometazoline (adrenaline-like)to open the bloodvessels in my nose. After maybe 6 months of use I started to be warmer when I went to sleep then when I woke up. This was causal related to if I did sport/excercise. My heartbeat is also 'a lot' higher when I go to sleep then when I wake up. Logic dictates this warmth is related to a 'problematic metabolism', increased blood circulation/high hearth rate. How can an adrelanine look a like like Xylometazoline cause this?
  2. effects of Global Warming

    On Wikipedia but I can't rediscover it. I just read this on quora: "Carbon monoxide (CO) is not considered a direct greenhouse gas, mostly because it does not absorb terrestrial thermal IR energy strongly enough. However, CO is able to modulate the production of methane and tropospheric ozone."
  3. effects of Global Warming

    I've read CO absorbs infrared 3 times 'better' then CO2, how is that possible? Does the binding between C en O enable more radiant energy absorption because there is more 'vibrational space'? CH4 is also more potent then Co2...why? Is it correct to say that basically, vibrational nuclei are necessary for absorption/emission infrared?
  4. I bought dry yeast and blood for Elephant toothpaste experiments. Where should I store yeast and blood to keep the catalase intact? Can I put it in a freezer?
  5. You do understand that 'knowledge' is an evolved property? A while back, when we were still african apes, there was no 'knowledge'.
  6. Could all diseases start with the head?

    Obviously not. But you need the neurons in your brain to 'regulate' the rest of your body....If a piano falls on your leg then you probably break a leg. You need the neurons in your brain to translate the information into pain and to heal the broken leg.
  7. effects of Global Warming

    What structural property enables the absorption/emission of radiant energy in certain molecules (greenhouse gas) and disables it in other molecules?
  8. effects of Global Warming

    Yes but can't we form chemicals to 'vaporize' in the atmosphere and block the greenhouse effect of CO2 by reacting with those chemicals?
  9. effects of Global Warming

    Is it possible to create a molecule that binds with CO2 and blocks its greenhouse effect?
  10. Your sexual orientation is already set at birth. But external factors can have an influence. In many societies there is a homosexuality-discrimination. That's why many people suppress there natural needs which causes many people to show homosexuality on a later age. If a certain hair color is discriminated then you colour your hair until your society is 'ready' to see your natural hair color. This is in a sense analogous to people covering up homosexuality.
  11. Many scientists are religious…. Homosexuality is present in many animal species. An homosexual animal has generally no offspring which enables him or her to take care/protect offspring of friends or family. Homosexual members can strengthen the family which causes evolutionary succes. Homosexuality is caused by the hypothalamus which is created in prenatal development.
  12. What do you think about creationism? If those data are correct (they can't be that far off) then it's frightening how many people deny evolution. (most of them believe in creationism) "According to the PEW research center, Afghanistan has the lowest acceptance of evolution in the Muslim countries. Only 26% of people in Afghanistan accept evolution. 62% deny human evolution and believe that humans have always existed in their present form" "The theory of evolution is a 'hard sell' in schools in Israel. More than half of Israeli Jews accept the human evolution while more than 40% deny human evolution & claim that humans have always existed in their present form"
  13. What do you think about creationism?

    Kent Hovind was in prison for 10 years.