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  1. Light propagation in water

    How does light propagation in water works?
  2. Did Christianity start with a real human Jesus?

    Not really.The Gospels don't make an narrative more convincing. They basically create the narrative. The nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem and Jesus living in Nazareth are only told in the Gospels.
  3. Did Christianity start with a real human Jesus?

    The strange thing...many people believe in Jesus' existence because the stories of Jesus are written in great detail...….this is the main reason the stories are made up.
  4. Difference Between Evidence and Proof

    You are wrong. Evidence and proof used in science are not necessary 'scientific'. The meaning of evidence and proof changes depending on the context the words are used in.
  5. baptism in Georgia is child abuse

    I don't know what happens in the video. All there is is your assessment as shocking. No, that's not enough. I see, then move this to the trash can
  6. baptism in Georgia is child abuse

    Isn't this enough text? "The baptism in Georgia is shocking. What's wrong with those people?"
  7. The origin of DNA via natural means is not proven but it's very well understood. The collisions of atoms you can call 'random'...but the molecules that survive are not random. Have a look at this paper: There is a massive amount. They are called 'transitional fossils'.
  8. The baptism in Georgia is shocking. What's wrong with those people?
  9. bosonic behavior of entangled particles

    Quantum field theory is a theoretical frame work... Uncertainty is a main concept in QM, Einstein tried to debunk H U. The absence of hidden variables(bell's theorem) is also a main concept in QM. Einstein created a hidden variable theory but did not publish it. Relativity is created from a completely different point of view then QT.
  10. Understanding the "God" Concept

    Most theists think they have some form of interaction (by praying, serving, talking with God in dream or hallucinations) with their god, which causes people to ascribe human properties to their God concept...the same for people that belief in heaven/hell.
  11. What is the strongest animal of prey?

    the Grizzly–polar bear hybrid is called Grolar bear (or Prizzly bear)and it occurs in the wild. It's an intermediate between Polar bears and Grizzly bears.–polar_bear_hybrid#Characteristics If Polar bears are bred with larger brown bears like Kamchatka brown bear or Kodiak brown bears, I can imagine that would be the strongest land dwelling animal of prey. This is about Ursid hybrids.
  12. What is the strongest animal of prey?

    I heard the same thing about the aggressiveness. But I think that depends on their diet. Many bears (in South-Alaska),British-Columbia and in East-Russia(Kamchatka ) gain most fat in the summer due to the salmon(or other fish) run or are adapted to eat sea food...while more continental bears are more omnivorous and eat whatever is present. In general, the more fatty food a bear has, the bigger his size but the lower his aggressiveness. They have for example noted that bears in Kamchatka are less aggressive then bears in Siberia. The biggest bear in Eurasia is probably the Kamchatka brown bear, he is slightly smaller then the Kodiak bear but the breadth of the skull is much greater.
  13. What is the strongest animal of prey?

    I think Polar bears are on average stronger then Brown Bears. They are nearly 100% carnivorous and hunt mostly for seals or other marine mammals. But they can also hunt for fsh.
  14. What is the strongest animal of prey?

    Maybe a male moose?