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  1. An Na-channel is a membrane protein that conducts Na-ions through a cell's plasma membrane. Depending on the trigger that opens the Na-channel, it's called voltage gated (when the channel opens because of a voltage-change) or ligand gated (when the binding of a ligand opens the channel). The Na-channel mediates fast depolarization and conduct electrical impulses throughout nerve, muscle and heart, thereby enabling co-ordination of higher processes ranging from locomotion to cognition. Docosahexaenoic acid (Omega-3)(DHA) suppresses the activity of Na-channels. That's the main reason why Omega 3 lowers the heart rate and causes many of the beneficial effects.. Clinical and experimental data indicate that changes in the expression of voltage-gated sodium channels play a key role in the pathogenesis of neuropathic pain and that drugs that block these channels are potentially therapeutic. Clinical and experimental data also suggest that changes in voltage-gated sodium channels may play a role in inflammatory pain, and here too sodium-channel blockers may have therapeutic potential. In another paper they compared the working of ibuprofen with omega-3 EFAs on arthritic pain. They found an equivalent effect in reducing arthritic pain. So it seems that Omega 3 might be a good/safe alternative for NSAIDs. If you have some interesting information concerning this subject you can back up....
  2. What does melatonin do ?

    The hormone melatonin helps regulate sleep and wake cycles. It's often used by people with insomnia or that just want to sleep 'better'. What does melatonin do on a biochemical level with skeletal muscles so they feel 'sleepy'?
  3. about humour

    Jokes are to make people laugh, they don't need to be morally correct. If you don't think it's funny, you just don't laugh with it....don't go reacting because you think it's morally incorrect. Something that's morally correct in your opinion can be offensive for someone else. It's imo necessary to make jokes about serious stuff, it's a property of a healthy/modern society. It's all about freedom of speech. A forum of course doesn't have freedom of speech. Take for example Rowan Atkinson's sketch about immigration. He says that all immigrants are black and some of them can do some jobs almost as well as white people...This is morally not correct but what does that matter? It's to make people laugh...nothing else. What do you think of this?
  4. Would the world be a better place without religion? I think it would. Religion creates groups, it forms boundaries between people...that causes many problems.
  5. helium-experiments

    I bought a small helium tank. Are there interesting/cool experiments I can do with Helium? (other then the voice exp)
  6. about humour

    So it's ok to insult someone when he deserves it according to your opinion? If you think someone acts like a ***, his feelings don't matter? Forgive me for making this forum such a dirty place.
  7. about humour

  8. Stop spreading your emotional inclined nonsense. The Jews did not kill themselves, they are not to blame. But if they were not there then hey could not be killed so the holocaust could not have happened.
  9. about humour

    Why do you insult me? Immigration and racism is an issue in many countries you know... I have to get used to the concept but he's funny I mean we don't laugh at rape in the video of the seal. Rape is also a relative word in the animal kingdom. Males often force their gender inside.
  10. about humour

    A joke is a display of humour. You call something a joke when you feel its fitting to call it a joke... In Flanders(Dutch part of Belgium) and Holland we obviously laugh at stuff other people find offensive. My dad once read somewhere we tend to laugh at more because we were (through history) as a country often suppressed . Thanks for that comment, you have indeed a lot of class...especially after my reply. There is this video about a seal fucking a Pinguin. We laugh at the fact that a big mammal is fucking a bird. We don't laugh at rape.
  11. I don't blame the Jews for the holocaust, I blame Hitler and the nazi's. it's historical science. If Judaism didn't spread to Europe then they could not be killed in Europe could they?
  12. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    I was never in an hurricane but I have been in an Irma.
  13. helium-experiments

    This sounds interesting. Are there cameras made for such an experiment? When helium in a balloon is warmer then the air outside, it has more E and E=mc² so does that mean helium-balloons are heavier when it's warmer?
  14. It's true you can't scientifically disprove god. But most major religions believe in a personal god, which is a God you can relate to as a person, which is scientifically impossible. The idea of a personal god goes in against evolution.
  15. relevance? You keep reacting on things I didn't say.
  16. The Official JOKES SECTION :)

    What do you think is important on a first date? -That my wife isn't there.
  17. Yes I am. The evidence shows that the spreading of religion is not a good thing. You are not getting it. If islam did not spread then there would be no Islam countries. You obviously think good things (hospîtals and universities) are due to religion but bad things are not. R Hitchens' title was well chosen.
  18. If Judaism did not spread to Europe (by crossing boundaries) then the Holocaust could not have happened. If islam did not cross all those boundaries then there would be no Islam terrorism. The spreading of religion caused the religious wars like Crusades. It depends on the country and religions involved but what does that matter?
  19. If Judaism did not spread to Europe (by crossing boundaries) then the Holocaust could not have happened. If islam did not cross all those boundaries then there would be no Islam terrorism. The spreading of religion caused the religious wars like Crusades.
  20. I will never say religion has to form boundaries for it to be a religion.
  21. Crossing boundaries to spread religion is negative. Crossing boundaries to soften religious boundaries is positive but this simply doesn't happen.
  22. Why does religion have to form boundaries for it to be considered a religion to you? It doesn't and I never said so.
  23. Ok, but then 'crossing boundaries' is not necessary a positive thing. Your examples are about the spreading of religion...geographic. Religion doesn't cross boundaries in the sense that the boundary between Sunni Islam and Shia Islam remains...
  24. But then what is religion? Can you give an example of religion that crosses boundaries?
  25. That's mostly correct but religion is not only about supernatural belief. It implies a cultural system. Your examples, politics, ethnicity, neighboorhoods and, social class are often intertwined with religion.